Martial Mythology Chapter 957

Chapter 957 True God

Looking at the Sky Academy that has gradually grown into a huge monster, Zhang Yu has a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

The Sky Academy cost him a lot of hard work. Although it is not his own credit, his credit is undoubtedly the biggest!

The growth of many Sky Academy students and Tutors also made him very happy.

The current Sky Academy, even without him sitting in town, with the abilities of many Tutors and students, is able to occupy a place in this infinite time and space!

The only regret is that, so far, Sky Academy has not yet born True God Realm powerhouse.

Whether it ’s All Heavens Myriad Realms, the Transcendent Upper Realm powerhouse with super seven-star battle strength, or many experts from the Sky Academy ’s General Academy, including Bai Jie, it seems to be blocked by the eighth order, always Can’t cross that door.

Zhang Yu’s avatars were also stuck in Transcendent Upper Realm, as if there was an invisible wall in front of them, blocking their progress.

Although the development of All Heavens Myriad Realms and Sky Academy is extremely rapid, almost every day, but so far, the highest person in the Culture Base, still staying in Transcendent Upper Realm, no one can break through The eighth-order barrier, Bai Jie, Ao Kun, Chen Gu and the others ca n’t, All Heavens Myriad Realms powerhouse ca n’t, Zhang Yu ’s doppelgangers ca n’t.

“Others don’t have breakthrough, but it’s understandable, but Bai Jie has already reached Transcendent Upper Realm, and now cultivated Extreme Martial Arts, should have already touched the eighth-order barrier?” Solution, “Why didn’t she break through?”

Is the eighth-order barrier really so powerful, even Heaven’s Chosen like Bai Jie, can’t help it?

After thinking about it, Zhang Yu feels that there is a kind of very great probability, that is … At present, Sky Academy and even All Heavens Myriad Realms can not meet the conditions and standards of Transcendent Upper Realm powerhouse breakthrough!

Perhaps, only in the eighth-order God World can breakthrough barriers be achieved and achieve True God.

When the Wilderness World had not yet advanced, did Ao Kun and the others also get stuck in the supreme powerhouse realm?

Zhang Yu vaguely feels that perhaps the eighth-order True God Realm has similar conditions. Only by breaking away from the original constraints and entering the eighth-order God World, it is possible to break through to True God Realm powerhouse.

He does n’t know whether his guess is correct, but maybe someone knows.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yu went directly to Sky Academy, stepped out, and then teleported to a canyon in Desolate Abyss Dark Abyss.

At this moment, Bai Jie sat on a vine and watched Bai Ling playing with a group of Small Fox by the waterfall, a relaxed and self-satisfied look.

As soon as Zhang Yu appeared, Bai Jie was keenly aware of his arrival.

“Dean!” Bai Jie quickly jumped off the vine and shouted respectfully.

Bai Ling and a group of Small Fox are also aware of the movements here. After seeing Zhang Yu, they immediately led a group of Small Fox and came to Zhang Yu saluted: “Dean!”

Zhang Yu said with a slight smile: “How about this time, can you still get used to it?” , But she is still nodded: “habit!”

Bai Ling and Small Fox are also replicated: “habit!” The Upper Realm is at its limit, and the law perception is already Perfection. Why has n’t it yet broken? “Zhang Yu asked.

Hearing this, Bai Jie froze for a moment. She did n’t seem to expect that Zhang Yu would ask this question.

But she did n’t think much, obediently and honestly said: “To break through to True God Realm, you must first enter the eighth order God World … You also know that outside the fairy field, not at all eighth order God World, therefore, if I want to break through to True God Realm, I have to go to Immortal Realm. However, Immortal Realm is too far away from Wild World, and it is very likely that you will encounter the evil spirit five clan … “In the end, She blushed a bit ashamedly.

The dangerous encounter when she returned is still vivid in her eyes.

Before she is sure, she does n’t want to take risks again!

Someone might laugh at her timidity, but she has no other choice.

She has to consider not only for herself, but for Fox Race.

Zhang Yu nodded, there is no expression on his face: “so that’s how it is.”

Bai Jie mistakenly thought that Zhang Yu looked down on herself, and quickly explained: “Dean It ’s not that I ’m afraid to go, but I really do n’t need to take risks. According to my guess, you should soon get through the eighth order God World channel? By then, I will be able to break through to True God Realm, Why not stay close? Instead of going to the fairyland, why not stay in Academy and wait for the eighth-order God World to connect while comprehending the Illusion Technique … “

Zhang Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh And waved his hand: “No need to explain, I understand what you think.”

Bai Jie is somewhat suspicious, but also a little relieved.

She does n’t care about other people ’s opinions, but she cares a lot about Dean ’s attitude.

“You guessed it right. Soon after, Sky Academy will indeed connect several eight-order true God World. You did not go to Xianyu. It is undoubtedly the right decision.” Zhang Yu praised: “I have to Say, you are very smart! “

Bai Jie was praised as somewhat guilty, and coughed and said,” Actually, the people of All Heavens Myriad Realms almost know this, not I am smart. “


“Uh …” Zhang Yu stayed for a while and asked, “Does All Heavens Myriad Realms know?”

Bai Jienodded, said: “For so long, everyone has found a Regularly, before Dean wants to open a World channel, he will spread the history of this World in advance, let everyone understand in detail, the more powerful the World, the wider its history spreads, Journey to the West World, Journey to the West World, etc. Wait, that’s all true. “

Paused, Bai Jie continued:” And that Great Desolate World, Witch World, Fengshen World, Eternal Star World, Panlong World have spread widely, and the time is more For three years, but Old has not yet opened, showing they are more powerful than God tomb Great World and other top of the 7th grade Great World, a large probability eight bands really God World! “

Zhang Yu mouth twitching slightly.

He discovered that All Heavens Myriad Realms has too many smart people, he thought it was well kept secret, and no one knew it. However, smart people have already guessed everything and guessed his actions clearly. in vain.

As the Sky Academy Dean, the Master of the Heavens Supreme, his every move and every move has been followed by countless people. Every word and every action of his will be noticed by intentional people, and then interpret a thousand kinds. , Ten thousand meanings, one of which is close to the truth.

“Too important!” Zhang Yu couldn’t help smiling secretly.

After all, he still underestimates the people of the world before he can make such a low-level mistake and be so negligent.

Fortunately, no one knows his true ability, and no one knows what magical power the enchantment technique has. Otherwise, he, Dean of aloof and remote, is afraid that he can no longer maintain that sacred and great shore image of.

“Forget it, don’t mention this matter.” Zhang Yu shook his head, no longer saying much, so as not to block himself.

He glanced at Bai Jie and said, “Okay, you continue to be busy, wait for me to open the channel of the eighth-order true God World, and I will inform you.”

said When he was finished, he was ready to leave.

Bai Ling is a bit reluctant, but all the words can only be hidden in the heart.

A group of Small Fox looked at Zhang Yu curiously, his eyes were full of innocent and unaffected, and there was a trace of awe.

As Zhang Yu was about to leave, Bai Jie seemed to remember something, and hurriedly shouted: “Wait!”

Zhang Yu silhouette was stagnant and his eyes fell on Bai Jie On his body, he asked, “Is there anything else?”

Bai Jie is hesitant, and she looks like hesitant.

“Say anything if you have anything.” Zhang Yu indifferently said.

“Dean.” Bai Jie hesitated and whispered: “There is something, I want to tell you in advance!”

Zhang Yu looked at her calmly, motionless.

Bai Jie took a deep breath, brave enough courage, and said: “I want to wait for breakthrough to True God Realm, take a leave with you and go to the fairyland.”

“Please leave that’s all, and it’s not a major event, why should it be so serious?” Zhang Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “What major event do I think it is!”

“But … … “Bai Jie bit her lip and said,” I hope to bring Bai Ling this girl with me! “

Zhang Yu startled, Bai Ling glanced and asked,” You take her What do I do in Xianyu? “

Bai Ling was born in Wilderness World and has never been in contact with the outside world. He has never been in Xianyu and has no intersection with the outside world. Zhang Yu is a little confused, Bai Jie Why did you want to bring Bai Ling?

He said curiously: “Can you tell me why?”

He does n’t worry about what Bai Jie will do to the detriment of Sky Academy. After all, Bai Jie signed Sky Contract Book, it is always impossible to betray Sky Academy. He just wants to know, what does Bai Jie want to do in Xianyu, must he bring Bai Ling?

At the same time, Bai Ling seems to have guessed Bai Jie ’s thoughts, and subconsciously shouted: “Old Ancestor, do n’t do it!”

Seeing Bai Ling ’s reaction, Zhang Yu even Curious, the expression also became serious: “Let’s talk, why did you take Bai Ling to Xianyu?” He knew that things might not be as simple as he thought, otherwise, why Bai Ling reacted so strangely? In order to clarify the truth of the matter, Zhang Yu even directly applied the enchantment technique that has not been used for a long time, and the target is only Bai Jie.

When Bai Jie saw Bai Ling ’s reaction, she secretly thought “bad” in her heart. She could have used other reasons to block it in the past, but now Dean obviously takes this matter seriously, she thinks about it again Obviously, it’s impossible.

Bai Ling stared helplessly, Bai Jie secretly sighed, sorted out her thoughts, and then said, “I want to take Bai Ling to see someone!”

See who? “Zhang Yu looked more serious.

“The ancestor of Fox Race, the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox!” Bai Jie while speaking, a look of reverence appeared on his face, which was derived from Bloodline’s reverence.

“The first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox?” Zhang Yu was stunned.

The chaos of time and space is vast, and it has gone through countless eras. Illusion Domain Divine Fox inheritance has so far no history of how many years. Perhaps this time is more than the years experienced by some 7th grade Great World To be long, the existence of the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox can be traced back to countless epochs, and it is even older than the existing Legendary heroes. If it is calculated in terms of years, it must be a huge one. Astronomical figures.

Zhang Yu ca n’t believe that the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox has gone through such a long time and has lived to this day!

If it is true, it is difficult to imagine how long the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox lived!

Perhaps for Legendary heroes and those eighth-order True God Realm powerhouse, the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox is definitely an extremely ancient living fossil!

Zhang Yu took a deep breath, with a dignified expression: “Are you sure to be the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox? You must know that Super Divine Beast is unique. In the same era, impossible has the same super Divine Beast at the same time! You yourself! It ’s Illusion Domain Divine Fox. I ’m sure you know better than anyone. So, the identity of the first-generation Illusion Domain Divine Fox is probably doubtful … ”

It ’s undeniable that I just heard the first Zhang Yu was taken aback when he took the name of Illusion Domain Divine Fox, but soon, he found a point of doubt.

Having figured this out, Zhang Yu was slightly sighed in relief.

The first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox made him feel a lot of pressure. If the other party really lives now, it is difficult to imagine the strength of the other party, even if it is a pig, after countless The cultivation of the era, I am afraid that it can also reach True God Realm, not to mention the ingenious talent Illusion Domain Divine Fox, even if she becomes a Legendary hero, Zhang Yu is not surprised.

“Dean misunderstood. The first-generation Illusion Domain Divine Fox I said has long since fallen, and now there is only one True God Remnant Soul left.” Bai Jie said: “That True God Remnant Soul carries The memory and will of the first generation of Illusion Domain Divine Fox have n’t been annihilated despite years of passing … You also know that time has no meaning for True God, because they are the masters of time and control the time. Fox Zu Although she fell, she was True God after all. She was a Remnant Soul, and she could survive countless eras without being immortal. “

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