Martial Mythology Chapter 966

Chapter 966, acknowledge allegiance

Zhang Yu indifferent expression, faintly smiled: “Lord God? Just be right.”

He is not the Lord God, but stronger than the Lord God.

In front of him, the master is also like tiny ant.

But for the average person, the main god is already an unattainable existence.

Stuart is a little dumbfounded, what is “just right”?

Is it really?

Stuart has some troubles in his heart, and his face is also fickle.

“Who is that, Ordo?” Zhang Yu didn’t care about Stewart anymore, he looked towards shopkeeper Ordo, lightly said with a smile: “This epee is enough to cover the money Is it right? “

Hearing this, Ordo hurriedly said:” Enough, enough. “

His voice was a little trembling, and his attitude towards Zhang Yu was also extremely respectful.

Although he is not sure of Zhang Yu ’s true identity, he can be sure that the young man in front of him is by no means able to provoke himself.

Zhang Yu nodded with satisfaction: “Very good. So, this epee belongs to you.”

Finally, he is going to take Dean to leave.

Stuart somewhat dreaded Zhang Yu, and a little unwilling, watching Zhang Yu seemed to be about to leave, he just stopped talking.

However, before waiting for him to speak, Zhang Yu stopped again and said to him: “Yes, you are the lord of the Imperial Wing City, right? I paid the heavy sword to Ye Muge, Do you understand what I mean? “

Stewart ’s heart sank, lifts the head, and he felt a sense of palpitations for Zhang Yu ’s deep eyes.

The eyes of the people around them suddenly gathered on Stuart.

Stuart was silent, so he just gave up the main Divine Item, he was really not reconciled!

But Zhang Yu is too mysterious, which makes him very afraid and not dare to offend easily.

“Well?” Seeing that Stewart did not respond, Zhang Yu frowned slightly, and a ray of coercion suddenly enveloped Stewart.

Next moment, Stuart is like being crushed by a grinding disc, the body explodes directly, there’s no resistance.

In just a moment, his exploded body quickly reorganized and grew back into a body, but the divine force was reduced by more than half, and the breath was also weakened a lot, as if he had just experienced a life and death battle .

Life Law!

This Stuart is actually a seven-star demon who is good at Life Law!

It is quite rare in hell.

I saw him looking pale, sweating and looking towards Zhang Yu’s eyes, full of fear.

Lord God!

After the coercion of that moment, Stuart completely confirmed Zhang Yu ’s identity.

The kind of Will Might can be said to be exclusive to the Lord God.

Although the High God Great Perfection also has a trace of Will Might, but compared with the main god, the difference is too far away, and the scary Will Might just now, like crushing tiny ant, with no difficulty He crushed him, and High God Great Perfection would never be so easy to do.

“This is just a simple lesson.” Zhang Yu smiled, indifferently said: “If you are stubborn, I do n’t mind erasing a seven-star demon.”

Stuart Pro forgiveness, trembling: “Thank you Lord for forgiveness!”

Everyone around was dumbfounded, and each and everyone were stared wide-eyed, holding their breath, daring to make the slightest sound.

That ’s the Lord God!

The main god of aloof and remote!

In hell, there are five continents and two oceans. This is controlled by the seven monarchs, which is called the seven monarchs of hell.

The seven monarchs of hell are also the seven main gods of the cultivation Destruction Rule!

I just do n’t know, which young master incarnation is this young man in front of him?

The Lord God is easy to see, and no one can see through. Therefore, although Zhang Yu does not match the appearance of any Lord God, no one doubts his identity.

Zhang Yu was too lazy to correct Stewart ’s title. His eyes turned to Ordo and said, “Okay, trouble, I ’ve solved it for you. Our transaction is over.”

“Thank you for the great God!” Ordo’s eyes were fanatical, and there was a hint of respect in his tone.

“Yes, I want to remind you that this epee is not a general Lord Divine Item.” Zhang Yu took a deep look at Ordo and said, “Even your boss, It may not be able to control it. Only the main god can fully exert its power! “

This is Supreme Divine Artifact, and it is the highest Supreme Divine Artifact, Panlong Zhen God World’s strongest weapon ever Even if it is an ordinary master god, holding this epee, he can compete with the master, and may even threaten the safety of Supreme God.

Therefore, this epee can only show its true value only in the hands of the main god.

If it is obtained by the governor, but not taken seriously, then its value is undoubtedly wasted.

“None of the masters can control this?” Everyone was shocked.

They have already recognized the identity of Zhang Yu as the main god, and naturally will not doubt Zhang Yu’s words.

Because of this, they are so shocked.

Erdo unable to bear swallowed a spit, somehow, he suddenly thought of an ancient legend, his voice trembling: “Could it be … this is the legendary Supreme Divine Artifact?”

The legendary Supreme Divine Artifact that made the gods and masters crazy?

“Unexpectedly, your strength is not very good, but your knowledge is not shallow.” Zhang Yu was a little surprised, and then faintly smiled. “This epee, I call it Grade 7 with the Demon God device, but it is another name, indeed. It ’s Supreme Divine Artifact, and it ’s the highest Supreme Divine Artifact. “

Time seems to have stopped, and everyone seems to be petrified.

Stewart felt that the blood was boiling, and there was a trace of madness in his eyes: “Supreme Divine Artifact is actually the Supreme Supreme Divine Artifact!”

However, the thought of Zhang Yu ’s identity , Stewart seemed to be splashed with cold water, his heart suddenly cold.

Even if he ate leopard gall, he dared not snatch something from a main god, even if this thing no longer belongs to the main god …

“haha… I should say, I It ’s all over, I ’m done with that. As for this epee, you decide how to dispose of it yourself, and I do n’t care. ”Zhang Yu laughed, then turned around and prepared to leave.

“Great Lord!” At this moment, Stewart shouted anxiously.

Zhang Yu looked towards Stuart, his eyes are indifferent, as if there is no slight emotion.

Stuart trembles in his heart, but brace oneself said: “Great God! I, Stuart, hope to be your messenger, serve you around, I swear, always loyal to you!”

Everyone around didn’t feel Stuart’s embarrassment, but rather envy Stuart.

The master angel messenger, not who is qualified to be a master!

Only the seven-star demon, as well as the masters of the major governments and the Commander-level powerhouse, can barely enter the eye of the Lord God!

“oh?” Zhang Yu raised his eyebrows, but didn’t expect Stuart would be so simple, not so small, “You want to be my messenger?”

“Yes” “Stuart bent over, a respectful, pious look.

A God who does not put Supreme Divine Artifact in his eyes is absolutely unusual. After all, even the masters cannot ignore the existence of Supreme Divine Artifact.

He even suspected that this mysterious young man was a legendary Supreme God.

In short, following such a master god will never insult his Stewart identity.

Zhang Yu laughed and said with great interest: “You do n’t know my identity, so you are so anxious to show loyalty, do n’t you think it ’s rash?”

“I It is enough to know that you are the Lord God, the great Lord God. “Stewart still maintains a respectful and humble look.

Zhang Yu faint smile: “Then if I tell you, am I not the Lord God?”

Stuart paused, lifts the head looked at Zhang Yu, and then quickly lowered his head , Gritted his teeth and said, “Even so, I am willing to follow you around and serve you!”

“See? No, my charm seems not too small! I just conquered casually.” A seven-star demon! “Zhang Yu laughed said to Dean.

Dean avatar rolled the eyes, the fool knows what Stuart is, so Zhang Yu pretends not to know.

Zhang Yu looked at Stewart, indifferently smiled: “I have to say that you have a good vision, but, sorry, I can’t accept you as an emissary.” His expression freezes for a while.

“Because I do n’t need any messengers.” Zhang Yu said with a smile: “Even if I really need messengers, the trifling seven-star demon, I am afraid it is not enough …”

He is not the main god, the main god messengers are both With the strength of the Seven Star Demon, his messenger, how can he have the strength of Supreme God?

The dignified Sky Academy Dean, the greatest existence of All Heavens Myriad Realms, requires the messenger ’s Cultivation Base to reach Transcendent Upper Realm, is it not excessive?

Stewart ’s body is stiff, which is somewhat difficult to accept.

“But … other messengers of the main gods are also seven-star demons!” Stewart was a little unwilling, brace oneself said: “Those masters and Commander have their own titles, but in essence, They are also only seven-star demons, and some of them may not even be my opponents! “

If he puts on a fight, he may not be able to obtain the title of House Lord and Commander.

Therefore, Zhang Yu refused so decisively, and he was quite unconvinced.

Zhang Yu shook his head and said, “The House Lord and Commander are not enough. If I want to call the messenger, at least I have to start with High God Great Perfection.”

He did not say directly Supreme God, already very low-key.

As soon as this word came out, everyone around was dumbfounded, calling High God Great Perfection the messenger? is it possible?

Be aware that every High God Great Perfection powerhouse is extremely proud!

They took a Law Comprehension to Perfection Realm, cultivation to the end of cultivation, standing at the forefront of the pyramid, overlooking the world.

Even if it is the main god, they are somewhat despised in their hearts, because all the main gods rely on the refiner Divine Spark to become the main god. In terms of law perception, there is hardly any master divine ability that can compare with High. God Great Perfection powerhouse, even if it is, it is also a very few main gods, which can be described as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

To become the main god, you need luck against the sky, and to become High God Great Perfection, you need perseverance and unparalleled innate talent!

“High God Great Perfection …” Stewart’s mouth twitched slightly. If he really reached High God Great Perfection, why should he follow the Lord God?

Of those High God Great Perfection, which is not bullish, even if it is the Lord ’s command, they all have to look at the mood and choose whether or not to listen. If they are in a bad mood, they are too lazy to even take the lead.

Although the strength of the High God Great Perfection is far less than that of the main god, but they each and everyone proud and arrogant, are reckless and untamable, and are more difficult to serve than the main god.

But, refuting the Lord God? Stewart obviously has no such courage!

He was silent for a moment, then lowered his head deeply, his voice said solemnly: “The great Lord God, Stuart does not seek to be your messenger, but is willing to follow you around and serve you, even if you give your life. , No complaints or regrets! “He lowered his request, and as long as he followed Zhang Yu, he was content.

If you change to another main god, he at least asks to be an emissary, but in the face of Zhang Yu, he lowers the bottom line.

His instinct tells himself that the mysterious young man in front of him is by no means an ordinary god!

No major god treats Supreme Divine Artifact like this!

On this basis, it is worth betting on him!

Zhang Yu, of course, knew Stewart ’s intentions. He took a deep look at Stewart and immediately said with a smile: “Well, although I do n’t need a messenger, I do n’t mind temporarily accepting a handyman, If you are willing, just give it a try. If you are satisfied with it, I do n’t mind giving you a weapon. ”

Stewart eyes shined, immediately restrained the excitement in my heart, respectfully said:” Thank you God ! ”

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