Martial Mythology Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Accepting Apprentices

Sacred Domain is the second only to the top powerhouse of the God of War, High Priest on this continent!

Every Sacred Domain is a Legendary!

Their stories have been circulated around the world, sung by the poets of Yunyou, and become a model of inspiration, inspiring generation after generation.

In Hillman ’s perception, Sacred Domain is undoubtedly a great existence and deserves everyone ’s respect!

Although he has never met the Sacred Domain powerhouse, in his heart, he maintains the awe and longing for the Sacred Domain powerhouse.

Therefore, when he heard Zhang Yu commenting on Sacred Domain powerhouse, Hillman was very dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction, not at all, was concealed and directly expressed.

He is a fair and reasonable character and does n’t like to hide things in his heart.

“Great? haha ​​…” Stewart heard Hillman say this, unable to bear exaggerated smile, “Laugh me! Trifling Sacred Domain, can also be described as great …

Hillman frowned and his face sank, said: “This gentleman, please show respect!”

Stewart calmed down and said: “Sorry, It ’s not that I do n’t respect you, it ’s just that what you just said really makes you want to laugh. You know, in hell, that Sacred Domain … ”

“ cough cough. ”Zhang Yu Lightly coughed, preventing Stewart from continuing, “Stewart, stop here.”

Searing this, Stewart immediately lowered his head and respectfully said: “Yes, Dean Mister!”

Lei looked at Zhang Yu curiously and blinked: “Big Brother, what does Dean mean? Is it more powerful than Sacred Domain?” A kind smile, said: “Little Brat, Dean is just a title, not a realm title, just like Hillman is your Captain of the Baruch family guard, you can understand Dean as Captain. “

Stuart corner of the mouth twitched, Dean Mister’s words are really …

When will Dean and Captain be assigned High Grade?

However, he did not dare to refute Zhang Yu ’s words, even if he felt wrong.

“Sir, do you know me?” Hillman was a little surprised to hear Zhang Yu mention his name.

Although Zhang Yu’s attitude towards Sacred Domain, he does not agree, but he is still very polite to Zhang Yu.

Because of his faint feeling, Zhang Yu ’s identity is not quite simple.

He glanced at Stewart, and then secretly glanced at the four Supreme Gods, whispering secretly in his heart: “What the hell are these people?”

From God’s attitude towards Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu’s future is definitely not small.

“Hillman, the Baruch family guard Captain, this group of Little Brat instructors …” Zhang Yu looked at Hillman, said with a smile: “Your strength is very weak, But you do have a set of training for these children. And, you are very loyal. “

He still appreciates Hillman.

When lei was a child, Hillman ’s influence on lei was still not small, there were many reasons to teach lei, and when the baruch family encountered great difficulties, hillman did not abandon the baruch family .

Hillman does not feel that Zhang Yu is complimenting himself. He retorted: “Sir, maybe you are strong, but I am Hillman, but I do not admit that I am a weak person! I, Hillman, is a sixth-level fighter. , Wushan Town’s second expert! “

Sixth-level fighters have barely entered the ranks of experts, even in big cities, they also have a place.

“What kind of arrogance can the sixth-level fighter have …” Stuart twitched his lips.

He is the Seven Star Demon High God, and he has never been so proud!

Zhang Yu glanced at Stuart with a straight face, and he was so scared that Stewart closed his mouth quickly and no longer dared to make a sound.

Turning his head, Zhang Yu smiled again on his face with a trace of apology: “Sorry, it was my mistake, the sixth-level fighter, placed in the Kingdom of Lane, is not too weak.”

Hillman ’s face was a little more beautiful, he skipped the topic directly, and asked straight to the point: “I do n’t know why Mr. came to our Wushan Town, why?”

At the same time, Stuart’s ears also stood up.

In fact, he is more curious than anyone else. Dean Mister came to the Magnolia Continental Plane and came to Wushan Town, a place where birds do n’t shit, what is it?

“I’m here to find lei.” Zhang Yu glanced at lei, then said with a smile: “lin lei is a child, innate talent is good, young age, ambition is not small, i am very Appreciate, therefore, I hope that lei will be honored as Honorary Disciple, and let him follow me to cultivate … “

As soon as this remark came out, Stewart couldn’t help but stunned.

He lost his voice: “Brother, disciple?”

The sudden screaming shocked Hillman, lei, and the others.

“This Uncle is so weird!” Lin Lei muttered.

Hillman also felt that Stewart was a bit abnormal, always to make a fuss about nothing, it was a little scary.

However, they did not know how shocked Stuart was.

Others do n’t know Zhang Yu ’s identity, but Stuart is very clear, but it is a great level of existence with the creator!

If such an existence exists, if it is said publicly that it wants to accept the discipline, I am afraid that even the master and the god are very willing to worship under his door.

Even Honorary Disciple, it is a kind of Supreme glory!

If Lei Lei visits Zhang Yu, it is definitely ascending to the skies with a single leap!

Such a good thing, Stewart dreamed that even if he paid any price, he was willing!

How can Zhang Yu see Stewart?

Stuart is also very self-knowledge. He dare not deliberately think about such unrealistic things. He only obediently and honestly follows Zhang Yu. Before and after the saddle, as long as he is not expelled by Zhang Yu, even if he will be a miscellaneous life Xiao Xiao, he is also satisfied.

Therefore, after learning that Zhang Yu is here to collect lei as a discipline, Stuart would have such a big reaction.

What kind of genius is worthy of Dean Mister ’s mobilization, so that he can come to collect the disciples in person?

“This …” Hillman hesitated for a moment, then apologized and said: “Sorry, sir, lei is the child of the Baruch family patriarch, his affairs need to be decided by patriarch. If Mr. does not mind, Could you wait a moment, let me inform Patriarch. “

Zhang Yu smiled and waved, said:” No need, you and I will go to see Hogg together. He is lei’s father, this one Naturally, he should also be consulted. “

Hillman sighed in relief, said:” Thank you for your understanding! “

Paused, Hillman responded to a group of children in the open space Said: “Okay, today’s exercise, temporarily stopped, it is just for you to leave for half a day, tomorrow morning, remember to come on time.”

“haha, Hillman Uncle is great!”

“I can finally rest for a long time!”

A group of children dispersed with excitement.

Hillman shook his head helplessly: “This group of little cubs, who are suffering from pain during exercise. When they are on vacation, they jump up and down.”

Turning his head, Hillman said to Zhang Yu : “Sir, please follow me.”

Leaving the open space, Hillman and his two deputies took Zhang Yu, Stuart and the four Supreme God to the Baruch family mansion.

lei trot all the way in the back and followed them at a moderate pace.

“Sir, Hillman has a doubt in his heart, I don’t know if I should ask.” On the way, Hillman said.

Zhang Yu has always been approachable, said with a slight smile: “But it ’s okay.”

Hillman took a deep breath and asked: “Mr. Wu What is your strength? Since you know patriarch, you should know that he is a 7th-level fighter, an ordinary person, I am afraid that it is difficult to get his approval. If Lei Young Master wants to worship Teacher, the requirements for Teacher are probably not low …

He said this with a hint of euphemism.

If the strength is not even comparable to the 7th-level fighters, then it ’s best not to speak, because even if you speak, Hogg will not agree.

“Are you strong?” Zhang Yu thought about it and didn’t tell the truth. “Relax, I must meet the requirements.”

If he can’t even meet lei, choose the Teacher Requirements, then the entire Panlong God World, including Na Hongmeng, I am afraid that no one can meet its requirements.

Hillman ’s heart was shocked: “Is this young man an eighth-level warrior? Such a young eighth-level warrior?”

The Kingdom of Lion only has a few Level 9 warriors, and each One is Renowned, which obviously does not include Zhang Yu, and therefore, Hillman will consider Zhang Yu to be an eighth-level fighter. However, even the eighth-level fighters are enough. Patriarch Hogg will definitely be satisfied. What’s more, these eight-level fighters are still so young, and they look only in their twenties. They are completely genius.

lei is able to visit under the door of such a genius, and following such a genius cultivation is undoubtedly a matter of celebration.

Hillman ’s mood was relaxed, and his pace was accelerated a bit.

Soon, the entire group arrived at the Baruch family mansion.

The Baruch family mansion covers an extremely large area, and the whole mansion is full of traces of years, exuding a vicissitudes of life.

Few people know that the Baruch family is an ancient family inherited for 5000 years. The people of the Baruch family are called the Dragon Blood Fighter, and Azure Dragon ’s Bloodline flows in their bodies. , The most glorious period of the Baruch family, once had the Heweiwei name in the entire Magnolia continent, the name of the Dragon Blood Fighter was frightening, but as time passed, the Baruch family gradually declined and declined, and now only one is left. The vast mansion, telling about its former glory, clansman is the only line left by Patriarch Hogg, which is Hogg and his two sons.

The entire Baruch family, once a powerful Great Family that once crossed the magnolia continent, now there are only three people left.

The Dragon Blood Fighter, which was able to move unhindered in the whole world, was also submerged in history and never appeared again.

Now the Baruch family ca n’t even make money for repairing the ancestral house. The entire family lives in the front courtyard mansion that occupies one third of the entire mansion. As for the back courtyard And so on, it is no longer repaired, let it be deserted and decaying.


“patriarch, patriarch!” Crossing the gate of the mansion, Hillman shouted with a loud voice.

“Hear, hear, shout, what do you do so loudly?” On the side of the mansion, a middle age person came out of the old house and walked while saying, “Hillman, I’m all How many times have I told you, do n’t talk so loudly, these houses have been in disrepair for a long time, and you ca n’t help but toss you like this … Hey. ” Guest? “

Immediately, he put on a smiley face and said:” How many gentlemen, did you hear the news and come to buy something? “

In order to maintain the family Expenses, as well as repairing part of the place of residence, Hogg often needs to sell some items in the family to maintain the home. This is not the first time. Therefore, at the first sight of Zhang Yu entire group, he Happily, it just so happened that recently the family has run out of money and needs to sell some items, but it saves a trip.

Hillman ’s corner of the mouth twitched and said quickly: “patriarch, this gentleman is here for lei!”

“lei?” Heared Zhang Yu entire group and He did n’t come here to buy things. Hogg ’s smile suddenly calmed down. He frowned and mentioned his son. He looked more serious and obviously cared about his son. “What ’s wrong with lei? Is there something wrong with him outside? No It should be! This child has always been very sensible … “

” No … “Hillman didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he was afraid that Hogg would say so again, maybe Zhang Yu was scared away, so he quickly said: “patriarch, this gentleman wants to take lei as Honorary Disciple, and hope lei follows his cultivation ……” On his body, his eyes sharpened a bit: “Oh? Do you want to be lei’s teacher?”

He looked at Zhang Yu up and down, with a hint of scrutiny in his eyes.

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