Martial Mythology Chapter 978

Chapter 978 Hope

“God ’s dragon ’s blood is fine, Sacred Domain, as long as the husband can get the Sacred Domain live dragon ’s blood, and the blue heart grass. I agree to let lei visit the husband ’s door.” Hogg took a deep breath , Fixedly looking at Zhang Yu.

In fact, he is not sure if Zhang Yu can bring dragon’s blood and blue heart grass, but he doesn’t mind betting.

Anyway, the initiative is in his hands. If Zhang Yu can’t get dragon’s blood and blue heart grass, he will definitely not agree to Lin Lei’s entrance under Zhang Yu.

lei is his child and has great respect for him. If he says no, lei will never be impossible against his will.

“Dean Mister chose lei, that is the honour of lei, you can do well, even mention the conditions.” stewart said dissatisfiedly.

Hogg was a little embarrassed, but he was very stubborn and did not relax.

Zhang Yu waved to Stewart, and then with a gentle smile, he said to Hogg: “Sacred Domain live dragon’s blood and blue heart grass? No problem!”

“Stewart.” Zhang Yu turned to look towards Stewart.

Stewart immediately bowed his head respectfully: “What did Mister have to do!”

Zhang Yu said: “This is up to you, get some Sacred Domain and live dragon’s Blood and Lan Xincao come here. I am waiting for you here. “

With the strength of Stuart ’s seven-star demon High God, it ’s obviously effortless for him.

“Yes!” Although Stewart did not look at Hogg, and did not understand why Zhang Yu valued lei so much, but Zhang Yu explained the task, he will only perform unconditionally, without a slight discount.

Zhang Yu thought for a while and said: “If I remember correctly, Setting Sun Mountain Range should have a few Sacred Domain dragons, you can go directly over there to see.”

It is not practical to remind Zhang Yu. Stuart Divine Consciousness will know where to find the Sacred Domain dragon. It will not take much effort. However, with Zhang Yu’s reminder, he can save him some time.

Stuart respectfully said: “Okay, I’m here now!”

As the voice fell, Stewart turned and walked out of the Baruch family’s front yard, next moment As soon as the soles of the feet were lifted, the whole person suddenly disappeared and turned into a stream of light. The sonic boom made the Baruch family mansion tremble slightly. A ancestral house in the backyard that had not been repaired for many years suddenly collapsed. in pieces, raising choking dust.

Hogg, Hillman, and the others stared wide-eyed for a while, petrified on the spot.

They were all stunned by the horror speed that Stewart revealed. With their eyesight, they could not clearly see Stewart ’s movements, even phantoms, unimaginable, how terrible Stewart ’s strength was.

“I just lost my temper to him just now …” Hogg swallowed and sighed, feeling cold in his back.

lei is also a mouth opened wide, staring blankly at the sky: “He, he can fly …” As a magician, you must reach Sacred Domain to fly.

Hogg was terrified in his heart, he raised his stiff neck, looked towards Zhang Yu, trembling with fear, said: “Sir, just the one …”

“Oh, You mean Stewart? “Zhang Yu said with a smile:” I asked him to get Sacred Domain live dragon’s blood and blue heart grass, don’t worry, he will come back soon. “

Hog Shaking his head, he said with difficulty: “No, I mean, that, Mr. Stewart, could he be the legendary Sacred Domain powerhouse?”

Also Hillman and the two guards Looking at Zhang Yu with anticipation, he held his breath.

“Sacred Domain?” When Lei heard this, his small eyes were suddenly full of burning desire, “That Uncle is Sacred Domain powerhouse?”

His dream is to become a Sacred Domain powerhouse!

It’s a pity that nobody cares about lei, everyone is staring at Zhang Yu, looking forward to Zhang Yu’s answer.

Zhang Yu laughed blankly, looking at the shocked expression of Hogs, and could n’t help but laughed: “haha … Stuart is not a Sacred Domain powerhouse! To be precise, Sacred Domain is far from his opponent!

Hogg ’s body shuddered: “Sacred Domain is not his opponent …”

Little lei is also a mouth opened wide, and his head is a little dizzy.

“Doesn’t that say, Mr. Stewart, is Divine Tier?” Hogg’s mind was a little messy, and his heart was shocked beyond recap. “Divine Tier … Mr. Stewart turned out to be Divine Tier powerhouse!”

After a few words, Hogg suddenly said: “Yes, it must be Divine Tier! Otherwise, how can he defeat the Sacred Domain dragon?” The Sacred Domain dragon is very powerful existence, even if it is Sacred Domain powerhouse Someone can defeat them, I am afraid that only Divine Tier powerhouse is so confident, and dare not take the Sacred Domain dragon in his eyes.

Silman was shockless and speechless.

They never dreamed that the guy who did n’t speak well would be Divine Tier powerhouse!

That is beyond the existence of Sacred Domain, it is pinnacle powerhouse!

Everyone was calmed down by Stewart ’s strength.

“Oops, our attitude towards him just now, isn’t it friendly, will he remember it?” Hogg suddenly worried, looking like he was suffering.

Offending an eighth-level fighter is enough for the Baruch family to drink a pot and offending Divine Tier powerhouse ……

God, Hogg feels like the sky is about to fall down general.

“What’s the matter, Hogg?” Zhang Yu looked at Hogg suspiciously, why did this guy’s face suddenly become so bad.

Hearing the gentle voice of Zhang Yu, Hogg came back to his senses, he looked at Zhang Yu, and suddenly his eyes shined, as if he had caught the life-saving straw, saying, “Sir, I do n’t know you What is the relationship with Mr. Stewart? “

Zhang Yu slightly hesitated, and then said:” In a sense, it is an employment relationship. You can think of me as his employer. “

“Then, will he listen to your orders?” Hogg thought of Zhang Yu’s command to Stewart, and Stewart immediately executed it.

“What the hell are you asking?” Zhang Yu was confused.

Hogg gritted his teeth, brace oneself said: “The Mr. Stewart is Divine Tier powerhouse, but our attitude towards him just now was not very friendly, I am worried …”

“haha, Hogg, I thought you were not afraid of anything!” Zhang Yu unable to bear laughed, “Yes, Stewart is indeed Divine Tier powerhouse, but, although you can rest assured, he will not treat you How. ”

Hogg asked suspiciously:” Really? “

” Hogg, you must remember that lei will soon become my Honorary Disciple, you are all Lin Lei’s relatives borrowed Stuart’s hundred guts, and he didn’t dare to hurt you. “Zhang Yu said with a slight smile:” Stewart is a Divine Tier powerhouse, yes, but I’m more powerful than him! ”

Hogg and Hillman were stared wide-eyed.

Lin Lei is also eyes shined: “Big Brother, are you better than the uncle just now?”

Although he does not know what is Divine Tier powerhouse, but he knows, Divine Tier powerhouse is better than Sacred Domain powerhouse It ’s amazing, that Stewart is a Divine Tier powerhouse, so they will make father and Hillman Uncle so shocked, if this Big Brother is better than that uncle, then it means that he can follow a very difficult to deal with very Teacher cultivation of difficult to deal with?

lei may not think as much as an adult, but he also has his own idea.

“Of course!” Zhang Yu laughed and touched lei’s head. This little brat is indeed very popular. “If I don’t have him, how would he follow me willingly?”

lei worship: “Too powerful!”

Hog and Hillman glanced at each other, and their hearts were shocked beyond recognition.

Better than Stewart, does n’t it mean that this mysterious young man is also a Divine Tier powerhouse?

Moreover, it must be a top-tier Divine Tier powerhouse!

“Okay, don’t worry about it anymore. There is a relationship with lei. Stuart pleases you too late, dare to hurt you?” Zhang Yu said with a smile: “Hogg, look, everyone I have been standing here for so long, should I find a place to sit down and talk slowly? “

hearing this, Hogg reacted and said quickly:” Sorry, it was my negligence, sir, Here please. “

Soon, Zhang Yu entire group entered the house and sat down one after another.

“These …” Hogg looked towards the four Supreme God behind Zhang Yu.

“Don’t worry about them.” Zhang Yu glanced at the four Supreme Gods, then shook his head at Hogg, “You just treat them as my guards, just ignore them.” p>

“Is this appropriate?” Hogg was hesitant.

With Stewart ’s example in front, Hogg did n’t dare to look down on anyone around Zhang Yu, maybe these guys are also legendary Divine Tier powerhouse.

Zhang Yu said with a smile: “There is nothing inappropriate, and they do n’t care about these common etiquettes.”

See the four Supreme God always expressionless, like a magical puppet Hogg was half-trusted, but did not insist, nodded, and said, “That’s fine.”

“Come on, lei, sit here.” Zhang Yu beckoned lei on the side of the coffee table.

lei glanced at Hogg and got permission from Hogg before slowly walking to Zhang Yu and sitting next to it.

Zhang Yu took a few sips of tea and looked at the sky outside, slightly frowned: “Strange, why has n’t Stuart returned yet?”

With Stewart ’s ability, You can subdue the Sacred Domain dragons with a single stroke and give them some blood. The blue heart grass is in the area where Dragon Race is active. It is easy to find, so Stewart should have returned early, but Zhang Yu was surprised that, Stuart has gone for so long, but he hasn’t returned yet.

However, Zhang Yu is not worried about Stewart. In this Magnolia continent, as long as Beirut does not shoot, no one can beat Stewart.

Even if it is still the green fire still in the plane prison, at most it can only tie with Stewart, not to mention, the green fire has not been released by Beirut.

“Maybe it is delayed because of something else.” Zhang Yu didn’t think much, he wasn’t in a hurry, just wait for a while.

Sitting in a soft chair, Zhang Yu waited while chatting with Hogg, the topics were mostly about Dragon Blood Fighter and about the four ultimate warrior families.

Lin Lei sat next to him obediently and listened quietly, but he gained a lot of knowledge.

“Sir, Frankly, before I met you, I had no big goals in my life, to become a Dragon Blood Fighter, I dare not have extravagance.” Hogg laughed at himself, his emotions were very complicated, There was excitement and loss. “My only goal is actually to get back the treasure of the inheritance of our Baruch family.”

Here is a word of anger in his tone: “We The treasure of the family’s inheritance, the battle knife ‘slaughter’, is the weapon of the first generation of our Baruch family, the Patriarch, the first place of the entire Magnolia continent, the Dragon Blood Fighter. Alas, the children are not filial. A generation of patriarch, for his own luxury, even sold the inheritance treasure of our family. “

Speaking of which, Hogg shuddered angrily.

The “slaughter” of the sword of war is the treasure of the family’s inheritance, bearing the glory of the family and witnessing the glory of the ancestors!

Even if you are down, you should not sell it, let alone, just for your own luxury.

lei also could n’t help but clenched his fist, his small eyes were full of anger: “It ’s awful!”

This is a shame!

The shame of the ancient Dragon Blood Fighter family!

Each generation of patriarch wants to redeem the war knives “slaughter”, but it has been unsuccessful for six hundred years of hard work.

“I used to think that the sword” slaughter “will always be left outside and never come back.” Hogg said here, emotionally, “But, sir, you brought us Hope! “He lifts the head, staring at Zhang Yu with glistening eyes, grateful and looking forward,” If Mr. Stewart can really bring Sacred Domain live dragon’s blood and blue heart grass, our Baruch family will be heavy Now the glory of the past, the Dragon Blood Fighter’s rays of light will once again envelope this land! At that time, we will be able to welcome the sword “slaughter”, complete the wishes of the Baruch family ancestors, and wash away Baruch The shame of the family! “

This is also the reason why he still did not let Lin Lei apprentice immediately after knowing Zhang Yu’s strength.

Sacred Domain live dragon’s blood and blue heart grass are not in one day, he will not promise Lin Leibai to Zhang Yu as a teacher!

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