Martial Peak 2384

    Stepping out of the Ice Heart Pavilion, Yang Kai went straight to the location of Ling Yinqin et al. Cave Mansion, who was going to return the restored Clean Spirit Formation to others.

    After a little while, he suddenly realized that someone was staring at the owner, and Yang Kai was very alert and immediately turned to look.

    I saw that there, one person widened his eyes and looked at his own, and his face was ridiculously funny.

    Pang Guang !

    Yang Kai is also a bit stunned, he didn't expect to meet the Marsh City City Master in this Tongtian City.

    When the former Solitary Void Great Vortex appeared, he and Yao Changjun were swallowed into the Solitary Void Secret Boundary. Pang Guang, who was traced all the way, was not spared, but Yao Changjun was anxious to find his own trouble and was jealous of Pang Guang. The existence of the threat will bring him, so that he will be blown away.

    Yang Kai thought that Pang Guang is afraid that he is already a lot of fierce, even if he is an Emperor Senior 1-layer, it is difficult to support it in the endless Solitary Void Sea.

    But now it seems that I am wrong. This life is not really hard. I actually escaped from the Solitary Void Sea and came to Open Sky Island like the own. It seems that he came to see him. Open Sky Island For a few days, I don't know how he did it.

    Yang Kai shocked Pang Guang to be alive, Pang Guang was even more shocked than him!

    After all, when he left, there were only Yang Kai and Yao Changjun two people left on the mud island. Seeing Yao Changjun’s desire to eat people, where Yang Kai might have a living path, it is bound to be angry Yao Changjun. Torn into pieces.

    But now, goodbye, Yang Kai is safe and sound. Dragon fine tiger!

    Yao Changjun is unlikely to be a rival to Yang Kai's. This kid can still be alive, there are certainly other reasons, or Yao Changjun is around him.

    Just when Pang Guang suspected that Yao Changjun also came to Open Sky Island, Yang Kai grinned at him, and gave a thumbs up at the neck of his own, making a dagger.

    Pang Guang has a black face. I was furious in my heart, thinking that this kid is really arrogant. If he is not familiar with this place, he would have to look at Yang Kai.

    Although the two people saw each other, they did not mean to communicate. They just passed each other for a while and passed by.

    It’s not a jealous one for Pang Guang Yang Kai. With the power he has in his hands, an Emperor Senior 1-layer really doesn’t need to make him feel too much threat, let alone. It’s still the inner city. The security of the inner city is still very good. Yang Kai has been here for many days, and I have never seen anyone fighting. It’s the outer city. It’s like two different worlds. .

    Pang Guang If you dare to do it in this inner city. No need to fight back. The law enforcement team of Tongtiancheng will not easily bypass him.

    After a little hard work, Yang Kai found the Cave Mansion where Ling Yinqin and others lived. It is not far from the location of the empty Cave Mansion. They are medium-sized Cave Mansions, and Yang Kai returns the restored Clean Spirit Formation. After giving Ling Yinqin, she was invited to her for a while before leaving.

    Returning to the home of own, Liu Xianyun greeted her anxiously.

    Yang Kai is going to be a day and night, so she can't help but worry about whether something is wrong, on this strange Open Sky Island. She is only familiar with Yang Kai. If she does not even see Yang Kai, she really doesn't know where to go.

    Time seems to have returned a few years ago, when two people were forced to join the days of Blue Feather Sect.

    At that time, she and Yang Kai two people were also sympathetic, and they were dependent on each other.

    Didn't expect A few years have passed and I have encountered this similar situation.

    "Junior Sister, I have to leave the city two days later."

    "Out of town? Where are you going? ”Liu Xianyun was shocked and asked quickly.

    "I don't know where to go, but when I went to the Item Refining Grandmaster to fix the Clean Spirit Formation yesterday, he told me that he had to leave the Solitary Void Secret Boundary and needed me to get something."Yang Kai has no concealment of Liu Xianyun, and said the agreement between own and Sang De in 1510.

    Liu Xianyun heard that complexion is mixed. The good news is that Yang Kai actually found out how to leave so quickly, and listening to Sang De’s tone, it seems that the success rate is still great. No one can confirm that Sang De’s words are true or false, and even if it is true. There may be many dangers.

    "Fellow apprentice must go?"Liu Xianyun asked with a scorn of red lips.

    Yang Kai laughed: "There is hope that you will catch it in front of you. You don't have to worry. Sang De is not afraid of any intrigues. If the method he has left is fake, if it is true. The best of nature. It’s you…Are you leaving with me or staying here? ”

    Yang Kai told Liu Xianyun that she wanted to ask her to stay.

    Liu Xianyun immediately understood what Yang Kai meant. If she wanted to be with Yang Kai, she would definitely be taken by Yang Kai into the magical space.

    She spent some time in that space, knowing that the place was empty and lonely, but the spiritual energy was extremely rich, and there was no chemical power, which could be directly absorbed by people. It was a very magical place.

    After thinking about it for a while, Liu Xianyun said: "I still stay."

    Yang Kai was stunned by this. The answer was beyond his expectations. He thought that Liu Xianyun would go with the owner.

    Liu Xianyun smiled and said: "This is the inner city. I don't have any danger when I stay here. fellow apprentice doesn't have to worry about it. Moreover, if Sang De is not reliable, I will stay here and get familiar with the environment here. Maybe you want to live here!"

    Yang Kai See she seems not at all anxious to leave this place, but still like to live here, for a moment also don't know what to say, only nod way: "then you all careful, Ling yinqin and Jiao Yi They also live in not far away, you can walk with them a lot, They have lived here for so many years, and a lot of experience is precious. ”

    Liu Xianyun smiled sweetly and said: "I know, fellow apprentice, you must go early and go back early, I…Waiting for you here! ”

    At the end of the day, she couldn't help but bow her head and her cheeks were slightly reddened.

    Yang Kai feels that the atmosphere is a bit uncomfortable. It is obviously to ask Liu Xianyun to pay attention. How do you do the same with the couple? He was busy with it, then returned to the bedroom of his own, close eyes and raised his mind.

    Two days of kung fu passed.

    On the third morning, Yang Kai opened her eyes early, and Spiritual Mind inquired and found that Liu Xianyun was sitting cross-legged in another bedroom, but did not bother her, but left Cave Mansion directly.

    The first few days of the said have been said, there is no need to go nonsense.

    When Yiyi left the inner city, Yang Kai felt that he was being tracked.

    His Spiritual Mind released, and he noticed that he was only a Principle Source 1-layer martial artist. Although he cultivated a set of stealing Cultivation Technique, it was not effective under Yang Kai's powerful Spiritual Mind.

    Yang Kai's brows were slightly wrinkled. He didn't have many days when he came to Tongtiancheng. During this period, he didn't seem to be offended, except for a guy named Yu Leping who was beaten by him.

    At that time, a young woman reminded Yang Kai that Yu Leping was a member of the City Lord's Mansion, and he was more careful.

    Today, it seems that Yu Leping has some doorways. When he left the inner city, he was given a stare. In all likelihood, he sent it.

    The security of the inner city is absolutely peaceful, so Yu Leping, even the City Lord's Mansion, does not dare to do anything to him in the inner city. If he wants revenge, he will only be in the outer city, or wait for Yang Kai to leave Open Sky Island.

    Yang Kai didn't care too much. Now he has a good grasp of the situation of Open Sky Island. The entire Open Sky Island, except for the Open Sky Island master and the Ice Heart Pavilion, makes him jealous, and no one can get any countertops. .

    So even if I knew that I was being followed, Yang Kai didn't find it and went straight to the gate.

    At the same time, Yu Leping complexion was sitting there in a tea house in Tongtiancheng. The originally injured arm didn't know what to take with Spirit Pill wonderful medicine. It was a lot better. Suddenly, he took out one. The communication beads searched for a moment, and the eyes lit up, grinning and laughing: "Want to out of the city? Out of town, Hehe, there is a road in heaven, you don't go, hell has no way to vote, I hope you find a good place to bury your own! ”

    During the conversation, his Spiritual Mind surging and passing a message.

    Upon leaving Tongtiancheng, Yang Kai knew that Yu Leping had no intention of working in the outer city. Although he can do the same, the outer city is still the scope of Tongtiancheng, but it is better at Solitary Void Sea.

    He came to the dock, stood under a palm tree, waited quietly against the big tree, and secretly looked around to see who might be the helper Sang De invited.

    The docks are very lively, and the ones and ones that go in and out are one after another. They have returned from a bumper harvest, and they are also excited to prepare for a big trip to the sea, and there are no deadly injuries.

    A variety of people, showing the world of life.

    Yang Kai soon noticed a beautifully dressed young woman, who, like him, was alone, standing near the pier and seemingly waiting for someone. This young woman long is polished, stature is extremely hot, only that pair of red lips, slightly caustic some, and a pair of eyes extremely cold and severe, let her whole person looks very difficult to provoke appearance, many martial artist near her time, not by The ground all aura for her.

    It seems that Yang Kai was looking at her. The young woman turned her head and looked at it. Not only was she not annoyed, but she also looked like a smile.

    Yang Kai opened his eyes without a trace, but both people knew that the other party might be the helper invited by Sang De. In other words, they would cooperate with each other.

    In addition to this young woman, Yang Kai did not see any other possible candidates, or people were hidden. After all, Sang De could not only invite the owner and the young woman two people, and certainly there were others. (To be continued~^~)

    PS: Two days, I ate four tablets of antipyretics. It was useless. It was still 38 degrees. It seems that I have to go to the hanging needle today.

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