Martial Peak 2677

    The hot aura rushed to the front, letting Zhu Qing squat like a thorn, and was extremely uncomfortable. Looking up, Yang Kai’s eyes were twinkling and obsessed with the rays of light, and looked at her with interest.

    Zhu Qing is eclipsed in an instant, but I don't know Yang Kai. This is influenced by the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.

    If the average person is so close to him at the moment, he may not have much reaction, but the existence of own different, own will definitely allow him to dig out the most primitive ** hidden in his heart.

    Dragon nature

    Maybe he didn't realize this in his own, but this is instinct, and it can't be erased anyway.

    Yang Kai also felt that she was so strange that she was determined to give Zhu Qing a lesson. But when she grabbed her and smelled the body fragrance that came out of her body, the hostility in her heart disappeared inexplicably. On the other hand, another feeling is like a boiling water.

    It was a feeling that he had suppressed for many years and had never been released, a man’s instinct.

    Looking at Zhu Qing with a discerning gaze, Yang Kai praised the hoe for being very good. The crispy chest was full and round, and the hills were undulating. The white snowy head under the placket was dizzy, and the deep and white desire It’s a fascinating sensation, as if it’s a whirlpool that attracts people’s attention and makes people unable to extricate themselves.

    The aroma of the nose is so that Yang Kai is stunned and bloody.

    He took a deep breath, revealing a very intoxicating expression, slightly lowering his head, the burning gaze is even more arrogant and boldly staring at the stylishly breakable snow white, seems to incinerate the world everything.

    Grasping the hands of Zhu Qing's fists and arms is not satisfied with the bondage, and even gently rubbed it up. It is soft and jade, and feels good.

    Two clear and identifiable heat flows from the nostrils, rushing between Zhu Qing's neck, leaving her with a sigh of relief.

    "presumptuous!"Zhu Qing's flower is eclipsed, opening and drinking, and a Human Race in the district, dare to look at the owner with such a relaxed look. It is simply unforgivable, it is so ruthless, and even more so to Zhu Qing, the home is actually affected by his aura.

    If it is for someone else. Mo said that it is an Emperor Senior 1-layer, that is, Emperor Senior 3-layer is holding her like this. Her mood will not be ups and downs, but she may be rushed by his aura. Zhu Qing clearly feels that the body of own is involuntarily started. Some subtle reactions.

    This made her angry and angry.

    What happened to this person?

    When you drink it. A strong and powerful calf has been lifted up quickly and squatting down to Yang Kai.

    This shot can not be achieved, because Yang Kai's legs open and close, directly sandwiching her round and straight thighs between the legs, time, brute force, Zhu Qing is actually free.

    Zhu Qing's legs are not slender because of their height, but the proportion is excellent, and the muscles in the legs are soft and stiff. The touch is also very wonderful. Under this clip, Yang Kai is exposed to the expression of the soul.

    The arms were made and the one leg was clipped. Zhu Qing The whole person seemed to hang on Yang Kai, and this position was not too much.

    In particular, Yang Kai is now ragged, half-naked, so close contact, although not to the extent of skin blindness, but also not far from each other. However, the 1-layer clothing is only a barrier.

    Zhu Qing's flowering has changed again, and finally she is a little panicked.

    Yang Kai sniffed again, his expression was happy and struggling, frowning: "What have you done to me?"

    He instinctively thought that the reason why his emotions were wrong was what Zhu Qing had done. I really didn't see it. This woman is not only powerful, but also proficient in Charm Technique.

    I don't know when she used the means to display her, but she did not know how to affect her own lust.

    However, he is also a bit strange. He has mastered the femle of Charm Technique. He has touched a lot, and which one is not enchanting. This Zhu Qing does not seem to have cultivated Charm Technique.

    Zhu Qing heard the words, I can't say anything, I can only bite my teeth: "What can I do to you, you will let go, or you will die."

    Yang Kai took her hand and took her directly into her arms. During the time, the two people embraced each other tightly, and the full and straight chest was squeezed on the chest of Yang Kai's, and there was an amazing elasticity.

    Yang Kai clearly felt two bumps, topped in the chest of own, which made his heart suddenly expand a few points.

    Gently blowing in Zhu Qing's delicate earlobe, Yang Kai said: "Do you know what it means to play with fire?"

    The sensation of the numbness felt over the whole body. Zhu Qing didn't come to make a spurt. Although she didn't know what she is like now, she knew that her own ears would definitely become red.

    Sure enough, Yang Kai’s head was slightly swinging back and staring at her earlobe for a moment, and then grinned: “So sensitive?”

    Zhu Qing is angry and angry, under the pressure of discomfort in the heart, cold ice and ice looking at Yang Kai, who is close at hand, said: "Let me, I am not joking with you, otherwise Star Boundary is big, there will be no place for you."

    Yang Kai's face was cold, her hand lifted, her hair was buckled, and she was suddenly looking back.

    Zhu Qing screamed, and the body involuntarily turned back to the swing, revealing a painful look.

    "I seem to be kidding you?"Yang Kai's face was full of suffocation, and it changed like a person. "You came to me in a unilateral way, unilaterally killing me, now I am stunned, but dare to threaten me, your head is not pitted. What?"

    "This is what you forced me."Zhu Qing teeth, Beauty mou slowly closed, until again open, suddenly a voice dragon Roar resounding, Yang Kai see clear, a huge red dragon illusory shadow suddenly in Zhu Qing behind a flash and died, then, Zhu Qing of the Jiao body inside unexpectedly diffuse a Dragon's Wei pressure, that a dark long hair unexpectedly become fiery hot, not only so, her head, incredibly gave birth to two small Dragon Horn, Dragon Horn is also fiery red color, looks exquisite very.

    This time, after the death of Dragon Roar, Zhu Qing's aura suddenly became extremely dangerous.

    Yang Kai stunned, but soon screamed: "Dragon Source? I also have it. ”

    It’s no wonder that Yang Kai felt a bit strange when she saw Zhu Qing at first sight. At that time, he didn’t realize his own. Now, in retrospect, there is indeed an inexplicable intimacy, but Zhu Qing’s arrogance makes Yang Kai not go much. I think this intimacy quickly became disgusting.

    It is only now that the kindness is not an illusion, because the other party even has a Dragon Source.

    This explains the pass, this yellow hair hoe is not big at the age of look, petite and exquisite, but it is endless, apparently refining the Dragon Source.

    The words fell and the body shook.

    The sorghum's Dragon Roar smashed the sky and shattered, and the huge Golden Holy Dragon illusory shadow suddenly descended and floated in Yang Kai behind. The house-sized dragon eye was full of endless majesty and stared at the front.

    Ancestors:Ancestral Dragon ……"Zhu Qing's aura is a stagnation, staring at Yang Kai behind's Golden Holy Dragon illusory shadow, an incredible color in the beauty, shock, horror, and joy.

    Golden Holy Dragon glanced at her slowly, and Zhu Qing shuddered. At that glance, she found that she was born with a humble feeling.

    The next moment, Golden Holy Dragon illusory shadow thrown into Yang Kai and disappeared.

    “What?”Yang Kai asked, frowning, he found that after the power of the Golden Holy Dragon, he suddenly gave birth to a very absurd feeling, that is, he could kill Zhu Qing in front of him. This feeling is inexplicable. However, people are convinced that Yang Kai has not heard anything about Zhu Qing.

    However, looking at it, Yang Kai gave a slight glimpse, because Zhu Qing was suddenly changed to normal because of the sudden change of Dragon Source. The long red hair suddenly turned black again, as if it was inexplicably The power of the suppression, even the two Dragon Horns on the forehead disappeared.

    The water-cutting eyes are filled with Yingyingguangguang, staring blankly at Yang Kai, reflecting an indescribable emotion.

    The blood in the body tumbling, the breathing became heavier, and Yang Kai felt that some of the evil thoughts could not be suppressed.

    I was stared at by the eyes of this limpid, feeling the warm and soft jade, and the last sense of reason was broken.

    Exercising a lot, the strength is great, it seems that Zhu Qing is smashed into ashes, Zhu Qing can not help but scream, the full body can not help but cling to Yang Kai.

    Leaning over, catching the two pair of bright red pair of lips, arrogant and overbearing to kiss.

    Oh…A whisper rang, Zhu Qing suddenly squinted at the eyes, never felt the whole body swept the whole body, and the shame of being violated shrouded her heart. She struggled to resist, but under a natural suppression, a brute force could not use 30%. .

    "All of this time is still playing tricks that you want to refuse to welcome!"Yang Kai heart cold snort, feels that Zhu Qing's power is not as good as before, it is determined that Zhu Qing Shim Charm Technique is seduce him, otherwise he is an Emperor Senior 1-layer, how can it suppress the owner's **?

    Since you want to play with fire, then this Young Master will accompany you to play and see who is suffering.

    The woman's red lips in front of him was extremely hot, like a flame, giving Yang Kai an unimaginable pleasure experience. Just in Zhu Qing's ecstasy, he had Chengfeng breaking the waves, buckled the jaw, captured the lilac tongue, and greedily Sucking.

    Yang Kai was unsatisfied, simply let go of her hands, grabbed her waist from behind, climbed her pretty rounded buttocks, kneaded and kneaded, and covered the pepper peak with another hand.

    With her hands out of control, Zhu Qing naturally struggled to resist, and she could not exert 30% of her strength. Although the dong dong of Yang Kai hammer could not stop his infringement, the more he acted, the more he inspired him. Fierceness and interest.

    Gradually, the power of rebellion was much smaller, and the nature of the suppression in the bones gradually revealed. Zhu Qing backed Yang Kai, and the fingers pointed deep blood on the naked back of Yang Kai, and the strange whisper in his mouth. sound.

    1 drop The tears of crystal clear from the corner of the eye, silently descending down the cheeks, pain and joy coexist, the confrontation between nature and reason, makes people feel at a loss. (~^~)

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