Martial Peak 3651

    The hall was instantly turned into a sea of ​​fire, and the space was filled with no dead ends.

    Only Wind Monarch was on the side of the breeze, and there was no fire inside the three feet. It was like a piece of reef in the swell of the wind, and it was stable. Wind Monarch cold snort: "Don't see the coffin without tears!"

    When I stepped forward, I stepped forward and walked toward Yang Kai. The sky was so hot that I couldn’t help but point to the sides, revealing a path that would allow him to pass. Looking at it, where Wind Monarch went, where the flame would go out.

    Between the two, he came to Yang Kai. In terms of figure, he missed Yang Kai at the moment more than ten times, but in the imposing manner, he is even better, as if the one who is high is him. Lightly raising his hand, between the fingers, Wind Monarch's empty right hand appeared a small fan, but the fan was only a foot long, but it was a brilliance, Wind Monarch raised a small fan, and swayed Yang Kai.

    In the squally winds, a pair of sharp-edged wind blades spurred out from the fan, blinking into a dozen feet, and heading towards Yang Kai.

    Yang Kai wants to hide, but the perception of time is distorted, and how can it be avoided. When the reaction comes, the wind blade is approaching. In a hurry, raise your arms in front and cross the door at the door.

    With a slamming sound, Yang Kai's figure was shocked, and the hill-like body slipped back, and a huge wound appeared on his arms, fresh blood.

    With that power, the situation turned and a dragon swayed to Wind Monarch. The dragon tail covered by Dragon Scales is like a long whip, sweeping over Void, and the Void will smash and burst.

    Wind Monarch snorted and lifted his footsteps, just a few steps away from it, and it was easy to write.

    Yang Kai didn't hit a single shot, and he had already slammed into it. The sound of the dragon language sounded again in the mouth. Wind Monarch held up a small fan and fanned at him. This time it was not a wind blade, but a dozen or so. Left and right, sealed all the space that Yang Kai evaded.

    Unstoppable and unavoidable, Yang Kai came straight to his front, and there was a slap in the face, quite a resolute decision of thousands of people.

    “It’s not worth it!”Wind Monarch sneer, the endless hourglass that the left hand has been holding is slightly shocked, and it has to be re-applied. The power of Years Divine Sand affects Yang Kai's thinking.

    But at this moment, when a ringing sound came out and the rings of light fell, Yang Kai disappeared from the place.

    Wind Monarch's eyes narrowed, and the next moment I felt a huge figure obscuring the light in front of the eye. Looking up, I saw Yang Kai looking down at him, as if looking at a cockroach, mouth chewing, screaming. , spit out a Dragon Breath.

    The Dragon Breath shredded the Void, seemingly invincible, straight down the top of Wind Monarch.

    Wind Monarch was horrified, his footsteps were wrong, and he was hiding away, but there was a fierce force on the side, as if waiting for him.

    Looking around, I saw Yang Kai's right fist swept from there, and the punch was terrible. Wind Monarch has a slight jump in his eyes. Although his cultivation level is higher than that of Yang Kai, if he pays such a punch, he will not have any good fruit to eat.

    When the decision is made, the whole person turns into a breeze that is not forceful and dissipates.

    Yang Kai’s punching in the air is a bit annoying.

    In the corner of the main hall, Wind Monarch reappears and stares at the big clock that Yang Kai carries on his other hand, cold snort: "Mountains and Rivers Bell !"

    At this moment, Yang Kai not only carries the Mountains and Rivers Bell, but also constantly grasps the flick, so the sound of the Mountains and Rivers Bell is constantly ringing in the hall, and the rings of light are centered on the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Spread around and wash Yang Kai's body.

    Wind Monarch has spent hundreds of years, Passing of Time Great Emperor treasures endless hourglass, extracting Yang Kai life essence with endless hourglass, affecting Yang Kai's perception of time, but he has Great Emperor legacy, Yang Kai is gone?

    The Mountains and Rivers Bell are also the legacy of the Great Emperor. Everyone has it, who can be afraid of it? The Great Emperor is the only treasure that can only be dealt with by the Great Emperor.

    So when Yang Kai sacrificed the Mountains and Rivers Bell and rang the bell, it allowed the perception of own to return to its original state. However, the connection between the body and the endless hourglass has not been cut off. Under the circumstance of Years Divine Sand, Yang Kai's life essence is still passing.

    Great Emperor's legacy, Yang Kai can't play all the power, but in the same way, Wind Monarch can't play all the power of endless hourglass. At this level, two people are half-hangers.

    The bell continued to sway, and the invisible repressive force permeated. In the midst of it, Wind Monarch was heavy and felt like an invisible mountain on the shoulder of own.

    The bells and towns of the mountains and rivers, the emperor is turning to the Qiankun, and it is the Mountains and Rivers Bell. It is never a treasure of a hostile enemy, but Yang Kai is ingenious and occasionally uses the Mountains and Rivers Bell to deal with the enemy.

    At the moment, the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was ignited, and Yang Kai suddenly got rid of the endless hourglass's interference with his body and returned to normal.

    Wind Monarch apparently noticed this, staring at the Mountains and Rivers Bell for a while, sighing a little, saying: "Sweetheart should not be solved, you kill me Demon Heavenly Law so many people, this King also makes you eat a little loss If you don’t want to do this today, you will leave your Yangguan Road, I will cross my wooden bridge, how?"

    Dealing with a person who is proficient in the Space Principle, there is no endless hourglass containment, Wind Monarch really has no confidence, unless Yang Kai fights him to death, does not run away, or Yang Kai if he wants to escape, he really has no way.

    This kind of battle Wind Monarch didn't want to pick up. This time I can enter the Passing of Time Temple. He is satisfied with this endless hourglass. As for the Demon Heavenly Law who died, is there still less people in this world? It is their privilege to be able to do their best for the great cause of the Lord.

    MayYang Kai snorted and grinned: "Leave the endless hourglass, since the cultivation level is abolished, I let you go."

    Wind Monarch blinks, sneered: "Junior, this King sincerely sums, accurately represents this King is afraid of you, if you are so stubborn, then this King has to marry you here."

    "If you have the ability, you will come over."Yang Kai raised his hand and tickles him.

    "Don't you have to discuss it?"Wind Monarch blinks slightly.

    Yang Kai laughed: "I have told you long ago that the Tao is different and you have nothing to do with it."

    Wind Monarch take a deep breath, with a hint of helplessness: "If you want to force me, then be prepared to bear the cost."During the conversation, the endless hourglass on the hand was lifted high, and Emperor Yuan rushed to fill the hourglass.

    In the hourglass, Years Divine Sand's speed is not slow or slow, and Yang Kai has been fighting with him for so long, and the Shensha in it is only half way.

    In other words, Yang Kai was only taken away for more than four hundred years of life essence.

    But when Wind Monarch was applied at the moment, the speed of the Shensha’s passing speed suddenly increased, and the remaining half of the gravel was actually cleaned up between the three and five.

    Yang Kai couldn't help but scream, and a bloody rushed into his throat, almost squirting out. Although there is no external force, but losing life essence for more than four hundred years in such a short period of time is tantamount to suffering, and the power of blood suddenly drops a lot.

    This is not over yet. When the sand in the hourglass completely flows to the other end, Wind Monarch flips the endless hourglass again, and the power is madly poured into the hourglass. He laughs: "With this hourglass, what do you take with this? King fight? This King is willing to let you go, but there is compassion, really when this King can't take you? ”

    The life essence of the eyes at at the rapid disappearance, this taste is uncomfortable, and this passing can not only be seen, but also personally feel, Yang Kai will sit still, the Mountains and Rivers Bell continue to sound, body After a sway, he walked away from the place, and when he reappeared, he was already behind Wind Monarch, and Dragon Claw broke through and grabbed him.

    Wind Monarch is like a long-eyed back, a small fan on his right hand, and a sharp wind blade to the front of Yang Kai.

    Aggressive several voices, Yang Kai did not flash not to avoid, huge dragon Claw on a few more fresh blood the wound of the dc, mercilessly clutched, wind Monarch teeth, like didn ' t expect Yang Kai unexpectedly so very ruthles s, and the headache Yang Kai Body of tenacity, his small fan of the wei, Feng Rui no horse, lightly Emperor Senior Stage was chopped, afraid immediately will be fragmented, Yang Kai Dragon Transformation of the man is strong, only a lot of wounds , barely hurt the Bone.

    When it's time to spare, Wind Monarch is in the breeze and goes to the sky.

    I can't wait for Mountains and Rivers Bell. Under the hood, Yang Kai's right hand has been playing the Mountains and Rivers Bell. How can he not guard against the wind? As long as the Mountains and Rivers Bell can cover him, Yang Kai has a hundred ways to kill him here.

    However, how could Wind Monarch easily enter the shackles, and the breeze visible to the naked eye changed direction slightly, which was to get rid of the suppression of Mountains and Rivers Bell, and reappear on the other side.

    The sand in the hourglass was once again flowing clean, and Yang Kai couldn't help it. A fresh blood squirted out, and the figure of 30 feet suddenly shrank by ten feet. The life essence was pumped, the blood became declining, and even the Dragon Transformation technique could not be fully maintained.

    His offensive did not stop, and one pair died. He also took down the enemy's flesh and blood. When he was running, the Space Principle surged and the Moon Blade broke through.

    Wind Monarch reminded him of the hourglass, and the Moon Blade attacked him in front of him but he was so stagnation that he was able to avoid it and look at Yang Kai with a look of madness: "Don't you kill?"

    Yang Kai screamed and smirked: "You have the ability to drain my life essence!"

    Wind Monarch's eyes jumped and the hourglass turned. This time, Shensha didn't flow quickly, but at the speed of the beginning.

    It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he can’t do it. He has to endlessly leak a hundred years. Although he is refining, he can’t play the full power of this treasure. Forcing two times is the limit, and he has paid a lot of money. Can't quickly stimulate the power of the hourglass.

    Yang Kai is just taking this out of it and will be so fearless. He now has Emperor Senior 3-layer, life essence for at least a few thousand years. The hourglass in the hourglass is more than 800 years, twice is more than 1,600 years, counted as being crushed in Two Season Mountain. In the years of pressure, he still has to live! Take the life essence of own to fight each other's means, but also helpless, if nothing is wrong, how can Yang Kai do this?

    Now that I saw Wind Monarch, I couldn’t help but laugh: "You are finished!"

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