Martial Peak 4330

    The seemingly sleeping dragon quickly recovered, and the dragon prestige swept the entire Void Land, and even the two high-rank Open Heavens that were fighting with Zhu Jiuyin couldn't help but look at it.

    "Dragon's Secret Treasure !"The swordman whispered.

    Looking at the entire Worlds, Dragon Clan is a very special and strong race, but also a very united race, Dragon Clan Dragon Altar is one of Cave Heaven, but the world does not know Dragon Altar body where, only dragon Clan children only know the law, and those who have dragon bloodline, if Dragon Clan blood rich to a certain extent, can also sense Dragon altar existence, thus seeking dragon where the Altar.

    Since ancient times , 36 Cave Heaven , 72 Paradise is not fixed, the years have passed, the power has changed, Cave Heaven Paradise has also destruction, when it was replaced, but the status and existence of Dragon Altar has never wavered, unless Dragon Clan is a genus.

    Correspondingly, there is the Phoenix Nest.

    But it is undeniable that anything that is related to Dragon Clan is not a trivial matter.

    Anyone who didn't expect, there is a Dragon's Secret Treasure in the Emperor Senior Stage, and watching this power, the Dragon's Secret Treasure is made up of a dragon's body.

    Who dares to be so arrogant in this world, use Dragon's Secret Treasure, if this is called Dragon Clan, I will not give up!

    With the swordman's heart horrified, Kong Feng was even more shocked. In the field of vision, Yang Kai still stood with a gun, but when he looked up, he saw a dragon standing in Yang Kai behind, the dragon's figure. Covering the earth, the dragon eye overlooks, looking at him is like looking at an ant.

    The great crisis will be overshadowed.

    Kong Feng screamed, madly urging the power of the Small Universe, and the heavens and the earth swayed around the whole body and took a picture of Yang Kai.

    This palm, he did not dare to have any reservations, but did his best to do it. Even now, even if he wants to give birth to Yang Kai, he is strong in will but weak in power, and this is a big hit. If you don’t go all out, Kong Feng feels that I am afraid to die here!

    If he accidentally killed Yang Kai, it was his life.

    At the same time, Yang Kai shot a shot!

    It is not fancy's blow, the remaining energy in the Nine Layers Heaven Formation is venting with this gun, and Yang Kai's sizzling explosions, the bloody and fuzzy, the strength is too low, but it is so powerful. Power, I haven’t taken Kong Feng yet, and I’m not able to bear it.

    Under one shot, Yang Kai instantly vanished, her consciousness was blurred, her eyes were black, and he was strong in spirit, staggering in the in place, insisting on not falling, staring at Kong Feng.

    As soon as I saw it, Kong Feng’s face was panicked and the pupil was shrunk to the tip of the needle. Azure Dragon Spear flew out and turned into a dragon of thousand zhang, Shaking its head and Wagging its tail. Kong Feng pounced.

    In front of this thousand zhang dragon, Kong Feng is as insignificant as a grain of dust, instantly swallowed by the dragon.

    This is the power of Azure Dragon Spear! Yang Kai's heart flashed a bit of insight. Although he refining Azure Dragon Spear, he used it several times to kill powerful enemies, but because of his lack of strength, it was difficult to play the power of Azure Dragon Spear. He had also wondered what it would be like to have all of this spear's energy bloom …

    I finally saw it today!

    However, this should not be the limit of Azure Dragon Spear. Although Forming has brought the power of Azure Dragon Spear to an unprecedented level, Yang Kai always feels that the power of Azure Dragon Spear is not completely blooming.

    It seems that only when the strength of own is raised to a sufficient extent can you get what you want.

    When the mind turned, the thousand zhang dragon suddenly disappeared, and Azure Dragon Spear was heavy emerging, falling from the air and slanting into the ground.

    In midair, Kong Feng's face was full of sorrow, and the whole body was fresh and bloody. Without a good place, Aura was extremely weak.

    He was hit hard by Zhu Jiuyin, and now he has eaten Azure Dragon Spear, which is even worse.

    However, it is not dead!

    Yang Kai bites his teeth, the vitality of this old dog is really tenacious! But then again, he is an Emperor Senior, who can supplement the 6-Rank Open Heaven with Formation. It is the first person of the since ancient times to split heaven and earth apart. I really want to kill Kong Feng. I am afraid that there is still some power to fail.

    In this regard, Yang Kai had expected it, but when I saw this scene, it was still a little disappointing!

    After escaping from the dead, Kong Feng was shocked and happy. At this moment, although he had a strength of ten, he could still have the power of a battle. He looked down and saw that Yang Kai was also in the fresh blood, crumbling, and immediately gnawed his teeth: " This time I see you die!"

    As soon as I was swaying, I rushed to Yang Kai again!

    Yang Kai wants to motivate the Space Principle. If you leave, you can be cleaned up by the squad. How can you take it away? The eyelids at Kong Feng rushed and could not resist.

    But he is still laughing: "You can't run!"

    Kong Feng’s heart suddenly burst into a sudden, suddenly thinking of something. When I turned my head and looked around, I saw the sky in the air. Hundreds of Open Heaven simultaneous rushed down, and the first one burst into tears: “old dog is restless!”

    The screamer, Pang Duo too!

    Before the shackles, three hundred Open Heaven rushed into the Hallucination Formation, killing and slashing vegetables, and the hundreds of alliances had no resistance, and there were countless deaths and injuries.

    However, the Hallucination Formation was broken by a sword-stricken person, and the power of the Hallucination Formation was greatly reduced. The 100 alliances died without being stiff, and many Open Heaven struggled to find a chance to escape. Three hundred Open Heaven After cleaning up the mess, I did not pursue it.

    Turning around, I saw Yang Kai offering Azure Dragon Spear a scene that injured Kong Feng.

    At this moment, Yang Kai is in jeopardy, and Pang Duo and others naturally come to rescue.

    Kong Feng courage entirely to break, he is not optimistic now, not to mention three hundred Open Heaven, is just a 5-Rank Open Heaven, can also properly clean up him.

    When I saw Pang Duo and others flying, how can I continue to be embarrassed with Yang Kai? When you look like a flash, you have to go to the sky.

    Pang Duo and others can let him go. This guy is the chief culprit of this incident. If it wasn't for him to engage in the rain, how could Void Land have trouble today?

    With Pang Duo's big hand, three hundred Open Heaven immediately split the road and blocked the retreat of Kong Feng.

    Seeing this scene, Kong Feng couldn't help but flash a desperate color. He couldn't escape the ability of Yang Kai. He couldn't understand the Space Principle. Even though 6-Rank Open Heaven, he can now describe his wolverine, and his strength plummets. He faces Heaven. -Sealing Earth-Lock's formation, how can you escape?

    A chaos, but it took a lot of effort, Kong Feng was broken up in the hair, a few attacks in the body, mouth fresh blood, tripped to the ground.

    Pang Duo didn't kill him either, but he cast a ban on his cultivation level, and he took him to the side and took it to Yang Kai. He said: "Sect Master is frightened."

    Yang Kai faintly nodded: "Not in the way."As soon as I spoke, fresh blood rushed in the mouth, scaring Pang Duo a big jump.

    Yang Kai waved again and again: "It's fine, just take a break."

    He is now in a bad situation, but his body is resilience. In the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the situation of dying is over, not to mention that now, just a little cultivation, it will naturally heal.

    Looking up at the two battlefields in the sky, I saw Luan Baifeng's swaying move, and after retiring Mo Mei, the figure became a flowing light and quickly disappeared.

    This woman apparently saw the horror of Kong Feng. She knew that she had a lonely hand. If she didn’t leave, I would have to go down with Kong Feng and decisively leave.

    Mo Mei did not pursue, only two people were amazed by the world, Mo Mei also knows that the strength is not as good as people, there is no ability to retain people, why bother?

    As soon as she turned around, she rushed over to Yue He. Yue He used her own strength to compete against more than a dozen Open Heaven Stages, five of which were 5-Rank Open Heaven, one of Heavenly Sword Union, and one. Sheet metal and Ling Chunqiu.

    The battlefield here has always been evenly matched, and Yue He has even faintly fallen into the wind. After all, she is alone, but the other side is a crowd of people, so even if they occupy the advantage of strength, there is no way to treat others.

    However, Mo Mei is different in the first place. Under the joint of two people, the dozens of Open Heaven Stages played by them are complaining.

    Sheet metal and Ling Chunqiu saw the machine not good, looked at each other and shouted at the same time: "Go!"

    At this time, I want to go, how easy is it?

    Yang Kai pointed her finger, cold and ice: "Give me a kill, one does not stay!"

    Pang Duo and other Human Domain came out, leaving Lu Xue, Mu Qianxuan and Gong Yangxi three 5-Rank guards alongside Yang Kai. Others once again went to the sky, and there were more than 300 people, overwhelming, facing Jin and Ling Chunqiu and others are just around the corner.

    Void Land's two 6-Ranks are enough to lay the ground, not to mention the fact that so many people are dispatched.

    A dozen people died very quickly, leaving only Jin Jin and Ling Chunqiu two people. Seeing all the enemies in all directions, the gold was decisive and shouted: "Lower, I descend, from now on, the Gold Rainbow Province only Void Land is the leader." Also, please Sect Master Yang will not die around me!"

    Ling Chunqiu also looked at Yue He with a look of pleading: "Yue He girl, read the acquaintance of the past, please take a life around the old man."

    Yue He looked down at the direction of Yang Kai.

    Yang Kai looked cold: "When you came to attack My Sect, what was it? Now want to ask for mercy? late Today, you and the two will not only die here, but this day, this King will be in full swing, and you will have to level your Sect station, killing you a chicken dog and not leaving it, do it! ”

    When the words fell, hundreds of attacks in all directions had been simulated to the two people, and they were drowned in the blink of an eye.

    The anger of anger and anger came from the middle: "Yang Kai children, you must not die!"The voice stopped shortly, and when the dust settled, how can there be Jin Jin and Ling Chun? The two people were all beaten and broken into pieces, and only the small universe of World Universe World collapsed in Void Land.

    Void Land's four battlefields have settled in three places in a very short period of time. The 100-nation alliance has almost disappeared, and Void Land has won a great victory!

    The last battlefield was in full swing, and the entire Void Land Seven Spiritual Land was stirred up, and even the city where Void Land inherited Seven Skillful Land was smashed.


    Why is Dragon Clan at 3000 Worlds late? As the Holy Spirit, what is the state of Dragon Clan at 3000 Worlds? Watch the V-Community “Momo” to see the big speculation about Dragon Clan.

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I wanna ask something, pls someone answer this What happened to zhu qing? Why when yang kai back home to star boundary she's not there when yang kai have a job with he's wife (even ji yao was there) then when he back home to void land zhu qing not there to when he's other wife welcoming him (shan qing luo was with zhu jiuyin) can someone explained to me?