The people here have not had time to digest this shocking news. Someone has reported it there. Yang Kai has broken through the third line of defense, crossing the Welcome Hall and directly obeying Chuanfeng!

A rumbling sound came from more than a dozen miles away, and everyone looked up. Although there were mountains and barriers, I couldn’t see the situation there, but the ray of light that was dying was half-baked and bright. Among them, outside the barrier of the mountain, it seems that there is an ancient fierce beast out of the trap, is coming to the blood here, even after a dozen miles away, the fierce aura is still trembling in fear.

After a while, the noisy movement subsided, and the Wangchuan Peak fell, and the two lines of defense arranged there were completely destroyed!

Yu Boyang looked at the front with disappointment: “How could this be? How could this be?”

Baili Yunsang is also a face!

Today’s facts are horrendous, and the Mystery Pill door, one of the top ten Sects in the world, has tried its best to stop Alchemy Expert, who has just promoted Spirit Rank! The power of one person is so terrible!

Gao Xinpeng’s eyes looked at the distance intricately, and when he heard Yang Kai’s words in his mind, one of me could be a thousand troops!

He also thought that Yang Kai was only blowing the atmosphere, giving himself the courage, but now it seems that he can really be a thousand horses. At the very least, the ordinary army is absolutely unable to break through the blockade lines of Mystery Pill.

After a while, the two lines of defense of the Flying Tooth Peak collapsed and the Flying Tooth Peak fell.

There is only one Ziyang Peak left between the Yang Kai and Mystery Pill gates!

There is only one line of defense on Ziyang Peak, which brings together the top 30 Spirit Rank strongs of Mystery Pill. The highest cultivation level even has Spirit Rank 8-layer, and the lowest has three layers. This is an extremely powerful force, enough to sweep. Most Sects in Divine Weapon, and only the top ten Sects can get this lineup.

Standing on this side and looking around, you can see the huge square of Ziyangfeng with the eyes of everyone. The more than 30 Spirit Ranks are waiting for you. More than 30 people hold different spirits, and they are separated and formed into eight gold locks. .

A figure crossed the cover of heavy buildings, strolling to the above of the square, and the long sword in his hand was full of gaps. Even a good spirit soldier could not support the struggle of such an outstanding degree in a short time.

“He is hurt!” Yu Boyang whispered, from here you can clearly see Yang Kai’s clothes rags, many big and small wounds countless, fresh blood flowing along the wound, walking through the land, leaving Clear blood footprints.

Wu Fenghua said: “A manpower battles my Mystery Pill door so much Elite, the injury is naturally inevitable, if he is not hurt, it is a strange thing, it seems that he can not persist for a long time, even his spirit soldiers are about to be destroyed.”

Baili Yunsang slightly decapitated: “I hope so!”

Regardless of the set out point of the Mystery Pill door at the beginning, hitting this level, this battle can not easily stop, there will be a party to defeat and end, just a hundred miles Yunsang also didn’t expect, Yang It’s really scary to open a strength. This has just been promoted to Spirit Rank. If he is promoted to Spirit Rank 9-layer, isn’t it invincible?

No, the strength that he has shown so far can already be said to be invincible in the world. The few soldiers can’t, and who is Divine Weapon?

When everyone talks, Ziyang Peak has already been a battle! Dozens of figure shuttles and staggered, the spiritual force collided, and the sound of rumble was endless.

“The strong malevolent aura!” The blue-browed eyebrows slightly wrinkled, even if standing here, she can clearly feel the aura of the openness of Yang Kai, which is a kind of brutal and destroyed aura, let people Instinctively feel unhappy and upset.

“What is this body?” Wu Fenghua stared at the battle group over there. Even if he was a Spirit Rank, he couldn’t capture Yang Kai’s movement. Seeing from the field of vision, Yang Kai’s figure was ghostly and erratic, disappearing from one place. Then, from another place, it’s strange to show up. There’s no trace of it in the Ziyang Peak. Even though there are more than 30 Spirit Ranks in the Ziyang Peak, there’s no way to take him for a while, but it’s the first time The Mystery Pill of the squadron had a lot of Spirit Ranks, and he was so confused by Yang Kai that he didn’t know where to go, and the time was mixed up.

The old man looked at the battle over there and felt that the malevolent aura on Yang Kai was getting heavier and heavier, and there was a deep sense of uneasiness in his heart.

And this kind of uneasiness climbed to the peak when Yang Kaiyi cut a Spirit Rank half a neck!

This sword almost took the life of the Spirit Rank martial artist.

“The doorkeeper, I want to check the casualties of the martial artist in the previous door!” The old man hurriedly said a word in the ears of Baili Yunsang.

Baili Yunsang is watching the battle over there, shocked Yang’s demon-stricken body, and said with a frown: “Why should you investigate this?”

The line of defense that was previously deployed has been completely broken. Imagine that those martial artists are definitely not going to end well.

“It’s about Sect survival, but also the door owner allowed!” The old man’s face was condensed.

Bailiyun mulberry gave him a look, complexion glimpse, and get along with each other for so many years, he has never seen the old man’s face so dignified, a slight dagger: “Go!”

The old man nodded and his body flicked and flew over to the guest house.

The cultivating level of the old man Spirit Rank 9-layer is undoubtedly very fast. However, he has rushed back in a few moments, but his face is more dignified than when he went.

“What’s the discovery?” asked Baili Yunsang.

The old man replied: “No one is dead, all are hurt!”

Everyone was shocked, and Yu Boyang blinked: “Is none dead?”

The old man slowly nodded: “One is not dead.”

Everyone looked at each other. Although several people came to report before, they only reported to the fact that the defense was broken. As for the casualties, no one asked, no one asked. After all, this kind of battle is definitely inevitable, in everyone. In the subconscious feeling, this time the Mystery Pill door must have been a heavy casualty.

After this battle, Mystery Pill will definitely lose strength!

Who knows that one is not dead.

Originally, because of the breakthrough of a line of defense, the brows of the mood were once stretched a lot, no matter what, this is good news.

Baili Yunsang sighed: “It looks like this child is still thinking about some old love, there is no killer for Sect people!”

Wu Fenghua touched the beard and said: “Maybe it is also a rat trap. After all, the people of the virtual swords are in our hands.”

“In any case, this is a good thing!” Baili Yunsang nodded.

The old man said: “The door is wrong, this is exactly what is good.”

Baili Yunsang does not expect to go: “Why do you have this saying?”

The old man looked at the battlefield over there and explained: “The old man went to the defense lines and found that the Yang Boy was extremely precise in his control of the power. Although everyone was seriously injured, those The injury is actually not a big problem. It only needs more training to recover. But as time goes by, he seems to be more and more unable to control the own, and the injury is getting heavier and heavier. situation……”

Baili Yunsang heard the words and looked up, just seeing Yang Kai’s sword broke into the chest of a Spirit Rank martial artist. When the sword came out, the fresh blood splashed, and the Spirit Rank was even more horrified. .

The old man blinked a little: “At that moment, he forced a one-inch offset, otherwise Rong Xiaozi is dead!”

The sir in his mouth is the Spirit Rank that is worn by a sword.

Baili Yunsang suddenly came over: “He is suppressing the killing intent of the own, but it is almost impossible to suppress, so the shot is getting heavier and heavier!”

戚 old man dignified dagger: “It is so! old man before he was in a battle with Tianwu City, there is this encounter, if the old man continues to entangle, he really can not control kill me!” paused, The old man said: “Do the doorkeepers remember the words of the high Pill Master?”

Baili Yunsang frowned: “Which sentence?”

“Yang Kai said that he only has a 5 minutes of time!” The old man snorted: “I thought that he meant that after a fragrant incense, he would be exhausted, but now it seems that a fragrant incense is the time limit for him to maintain his reason. After this time limit, he is afraid that he really wants to kill him!”

“Why is this?” Baili Yunsang is puzzled.

“old man doesn’t know, but the old man guess is related to the cultivation technique of his cultivation. The Evil Art definitely affects his heart! The doorkeeper can’t fight anymore, and then fight, even if he can kill him, my Mystery Pill door It must also be a heavy loss!”

Seeing a struggle on the surface of a hundred miles of clouds, the old man said: “The doorkeeper can remember that he is an Alchemy Expert? He has an alchemic flame yet!”

As soon as this statement came out, Baili Yunsang was agitated and suddenly remembered the white alchemic flame.

Around him is his heart is strong, at this moment can not help but have the urge to have a mother, Yang Kai’s strength is so embarrassing, almost to kill the entire Mystery Pill door, he did not subconsciously ignore the identity of Yang Kai Alchemy Expert.

While Pill Master is not a common fight, it does not mean that Pill Master will not fight with people. In general, when Alchemy Expert fights with people, alchemic flame is a big reliance!

From the beginning to the present, Yang Kai has not ignited the power of the white alchemic flame. Obviously, he is not willing to cause too many killings. Otherwise, those who were injured before him are afraid that no one can survive.

The white alchemic flame, but the most amazing and powerful alchemic flame under the sun! Others don’t know, Baili Yunsang will not know?

At this point, Baili Yunsang no longer hesitated, and sighed softly: “Let them stop!”

When the old man took orders, he would have to rush to the battlefield.

“I will go.” Suddenly one person opened and rushed to the battlefield before the old man.

Lan Yin suddenly screamed and worried.

On the Ziyang Peak, there was more than 30 Spirit Ranks, and now there are only half of the activities that can be moved. This half-man is like a ghost, complexion is frightened, although it is trying to resist Yang Kai’s indiscriminate bombing. However, it is impossible to grasp the body of the gods. It is only a matter of time before the defeat is created.

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