Sword light overflowing, killing intent Pei Ran, the numerous Spirit Ranks of the formation have already fallen apart, each fighting, from time to time someone is injured, fell in a pool of blood.

One person suddenly rushed into the battle circle, tongue can be spring thunder, burst into a burst: “reverse, still can not stop!”

During the conversation, the man was straight in front of Yang Kaizheng and robes hunting.

The Qing Xuan suddenly came to the forehead of the coming, and the insufficiency of the word glow penetrated into the brow of the man, and the fresh blood flowed down the bridge of the nose.

Four eyes look at each other, Yang Kai eyes red, that smashing is full of violent and destruction of the rays of light, so that people can not help but shrink.

After living for so many years, he has never seen such a wild look, and the old man said yes, this kid is really going to a limit, one can not maintain the limits of his own reason, once this limit is broken, Then he will immediately become the god of killing all things, and by that time, perhaps he will completely escape the Beecome Devil, the mind is not there, but the entire Mystery Pill door must also be buried for it.

The battlefield of the battle was suddenly plunged into a strange silence at this moment, leaving only four weeks of repressed screams, and the only remaining seven or eight Spirit Rank gasps, and dare not have any rash action.

Yang Kai blinked, the full of scarlet thick as fresh blood, the line of sight moved down, saw the six fingers of the left hand of the comer, flashed a trace of confusion in the shackles, seems to think of something.

The coming person is a low drink: “What do you do against the anti-subject, is this a rebellion?”

Even if it is used by Yang Kai to use the spirits on the brow bones, the people will not change their colors, showing strong courage and perseverance.

Yang Kai’s eyeballs turned slightly, the thick scarlet slightly faded away, and the swaying spirit was slowly calming down. The girl looked at the person: “Honored Master?”

The battle ended, and the murderous intention filled with thoughts began to dissipate, allowing him to think hard.

I haven’t seen anyone, but the characteristics of the left-handed six-finger are too obvious. As long as they are not seen by the blind, and can appear in the presence of this time, it is definitely the top of Mystery Pill.

In combination with these various kinds of species, the identity of the coming person is ready to come.

Own, the master who is not required, Dan Chengzi!

In the years of Mystery Pill’s door, Yang Kai will naturally pay attention to all kinds of information about this cheap master. Unfortunately, the Pill Masters of the same generation know little, and the older generation of Elders is inconvenient to explore.

Fortunately, there is a blue, two people will meet in the forbidden place from time to time, and because the blue heart is the cheap master, so in some respects, two people have some common topics, in Yang Kai intentionally or unintentionally Under the next few years, I also found out a lot of information about the cheap master.

The cheap master called Dan Chengzi is the best Alchemy Expert for the entire Mystery Pill door aptitude. What is even more rare is that he is a Danwu double! Not only is Pill Refining highly skilled, but it is also powerful.

Because his aptitude is extraordinary, Dan Chengzi is extremely proud.

When the old doorkeeper was about to come, Dan Chengzi thought that the doorkeeper of Mystery Pill would be the owner. Who knows that the old doorkeeper was actually located in Baili Yunsang, Dan Chengzi left the Mystery Pill door and the Mystery Pill door. Although he has been searching for the whereabouts of Dan Chengzi, it is a pity that there is no gain, and no one knows where he went.

This kind of thing is naturally not enough for outsiders, so the entire Mystery Pill door, in addition to the older generation of Elders knows the inside story, other disciplines do not know Dan Chengzi’s things, most people only know that Sect has a very powerful one. The Spirit Pill division is out of the air and there is no news.

These things are also Yang Kai’s contact with Lan Yin in the past few years, and she heard it intermittently from her mouth.

“I haven’t seen you for more than ten years. The old man thought that you didn’t recognize it as a teacher. You didn’t forget it!” Dan Chengzi’s face was cold, but the forehead had a drop cold sweat, and anyone who was murderous intention used it. A spirit soldier is on the head, I am afraid that there is no way to be indifferent.

However, when he heard Yang opening his Honored Master, Dan Chengzi’s eyes flashed a sigh of relief.

The scarlet in Yang Kai’s eyes became a little thinner, and faintly said: “Honored Master treats me as a mountain, how can I forget it!”

With a few simple conversations, the tense situation instantly eased and each other understood the other’s intentions.

The so-called Honored Master is simply a vain thing. Dan Chengzi never taught Yang Kai, and Yang Kai never learned art under Dan Chengzi. Everyone knows this.

However, today the situation has to have a breakthrough point to resolve, Dan Chengzi took the initiative to run, that is, this kind of consideration, Yang Kai since he claimed that he is his master, then the owner simply admitted.

Dan Chengzi paved the steps, and Yang Kai naturally took advantage of the slope!

There is no need to negotiate in advance, and in the face of this embarrassing situation, one old and one young are unaware of it.

“Since I haven’t forgotten, I still don’t take your murderer away. Are you going to kill it as a teacher?” Dan Chengzi sang low.

Yang opened a sigh of relief, and this reminded me of taking back the Qing Xuan sword: “Honored Master is angry, and the discipline is not like this!”

My heart is suspicious, this time the operation of the Mystery Pill door is not small, although not killing anyone, but the injury is quite a lot, and all of them are Expert, this time if there is any strong The enemy, Mystery Pill, has no resistance at all, making such a mess, and I don’t know how to treat own at Mystery Pill.

However, since Dan Chengzi took the initiative to run out, the possibility of the Mystery Pill door to reconcile with the own is very large, otherwise it is not necessary.

Dan Chengzi’s face looked sad: “The old man naturally knows that you are not intentional. Your aptitude is too good. The cultivation level is progressing too fast and not temperate. The mind is not stable enough, which leads to the deterioration of the Become Devil at the time of promotion. It’s almost a big disaster. Fortunately, Sect doesn’t give up. It’s the power of the whole sect to bring you up the chaos anyway. The original source is clear, and now you have finally restored your mind, and it’s not a waste of effort!”

Yang Kai’s eyes look at him, and the color of admiration is almost beyond words.

The old guy is not afraid of the old tycoon. In a few words, it not only resolves the embarrassing situation of Mystery Pill, but also says that the Mystery Pill door has great affection for him.

It was obvious that he was single-handedly smashing the mountain, and the result turned out to be Mystery Pill’s door, in order to restore his reason and pay at all costs, and to restore his fallen body and mind.

Yang Kai is almost grateful.

However, today’s business is so big, Sect really needs an account of the up and down, this kind of speech is undoubtedly excellent, but also can stabilize people’s hearts.

Moreover, Yang Kai also heard another meaning from Dan Chengzi’s words – still admits his identity as Mystery Pill door discipline, this is not intended to give up him!

Yang Kai didn’t know if this was the meaning of Dan Chengzi’s own or the overall meaning of Mystery Pill, but it didn’t matter. It would be his hope to stay at Mystery Pill, otherwise he would find a way to get medicine Wang Ding. Going, it is bound to be an endless battle.

“Cough…” Dan Chengzi clenched his fist and coughed aloud: “Are you still not recovering from the counter? What is the look at me, the old man said that it is that right?”

Yang Kai quickly said: “Honored Master said that the discipline is not refined, and the Honored Master is humiliated. The discipline will be more diligent in the future, to avoid the future!”

Dan Chengzi breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the dagger: “You can think so, it’s best. Come with me, go see the doorkeeper and the elders.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai respectfully responded, good seeks real is a obediently obedient good apprentice.

Under the public gaze, Dan Chengzi led Yang Kaifei to the front of Baili Yunsang and others, and the high-rises of Mystery Pill were looked at with complex expressions.

The dialogue between Dan Chengzi and Yang Kai two people did not press the low volume, and the basic standing here is Spirit Rank, which is clearly clear that everyone can hear.

Baili Yunsang and several elders are also old foxes. I still don’t understand the situation at hand. It is just that things are so developed. It is beyond their expectations. Everyone who does it now does not know how to face the evil star of Yang Kai.

Dan Chengzi took the lead to open: “The door master, the little one has got rid of the escape from the Comege Devil and found the nature.”

Baili Yunsang nodded subconsciously: “It’s very good.” Paused said again: “If you find your nature, go back and take a rest!”

Yang opened the fist and said: “The door main body, the disciple is grateful, but the discipline has caused such a big loss to Sect. It is really difficult in the heart, so please blame it, please ask the doorman!”

Baili Yunsang’s brows picked one, and some strangely smashed Dan Chengzi’s eyes. Dan Chengzi slowly shook his head, which means that I don’t know what this kid is doing.

Baili Yunsang frowned: “You are not intentional. You are away from the Beecome Devil. The old man understands that the punishment is exempted. I only hope that you will be able to keep your points in the future. This is the blessing of this door!”

This is the heart of the heart, after this battle, Baili Yunsang is deeply aware of the strength of what is called horror, the Elite power of the entire Mystery Pill door, can not stop a kid who just promoted Spirit Rank, a battle Underneath, Sect Spirit Rank is seriously injured by 80%. If you come again, who can eat it?

Yang Kai again clenched his fist: “There are so many gatekeepers, the kid is getting more and more difficult, but today’s business is up to me. If you don’t punish, I am afraid that the disciple in the door is dissatisfied, the Sect is unstable, Sect is long-term, discipline Willing to be punished!”

Baili Yunsang couldn’t help but blink at him. He said that your kid is doing anything. He said that he wouldn’t pursue it. Obediently, it’s not good to go back to rest. He also pulled out such a remark, saying that the owner seems to be very upright.

Several elders are also frowning, but Yang Kai said that it is not wrong. Today’s events are too big. If there is no saying below, it is really difficult to appease people.

Dan Chengzi frowned: “How do you feel that you are fined?”

Yang Kaiyi was in the body, said solemnly: “disciple self-invitation in the forbidden ground for ten years, repented of thoughts, please also Honored Master and the doorkeeper!”

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