Martial Peak Chapter 4601

Refining and refining the world’s great power of a world of sorrows and sorrows is a means of harming the heavens and being shameless. After all, the foundations of the world of vicissitudes and the eternal life of hundreds of millions of people living in it may be affected by disasters. The situation that caused loss of life.

What was done by Great Demon God was almost like this.

It has always been impossible to be lawless, and the wicked generation will act like this. Zuo Quanhui is also born in the Thousand Cranes Paradise. Before the rebellion, he was the elder of the inner crane of the Thousand Cranes Parade.

But when I remembered that he had started to introduce Yang, he did not hesitate to let Underworld Heavenly Monarch smash the Three Brilliant World of Void Territory, causing countless killings. What could he do?

In order to report the revenge of the discipline, he has no choice.

If you want to refine and refine a world of the world, you can’t just add it. It’s possible to match the foundation of the world with your own Small Universe. Otherwise, it will not be worth the candle.

Since Zuo Quanhui is doing this, it shows that the world of this world is very close to his own Small Universe.

However, even if it succeeds in refining, Zuo Quanhui will spend a lot of time to eliminate hidden dangers. The existence of the Small Universe here has some advantages for him, and naturally there are also disadvantages for him. If the unfavorable power is not eliminated, it will damage the foundation.

Doing this is no better than arduously refining Open Heaven Pill and various Rank’s cultivation resources, but winning in a fast word!

It seems that Zuo Quanhui’s situation is not too good, otherwise it will never be so risky.

“Go!” Yang opened a low drink and took the lead in rushing toward the world of 乾坤. Knowing Zuo Quanhui’s plot, how could he make him feel good?

On the mainland of Biyun, Lu Baiyang leaned against a big tree, fresh blood was covered, his hair was scattered, and his face was pale.

He is the strongest person in the cultivation level of Biyun, and he has already felt the feelings of Tiandao. He has been retreating for hundreds of years, only to understand the way he belongs to himself. He does not know what kind of mystery is in the upper layer of Martial Dao, but it is faint. I can see that my own Martial Dao has not reached the end and has a broader future.

He could not prove this, and no one could communicate with him. No one in the whole continent had this kind of qualification.

Invincible in the world for many years, he is eager to have a stronger person to point to the maze of the own, had imagined whether there is a broader sky outside this continent, whether there is a more powerful martial artist than own.

I have thought that if there is a stronger person who comes to Biyun mainland, it will be fine. Regardless of whether the other party is evil, the owner can always ask the other party for something, and it is not unacceptable to pay some price.

This day really came.

At the time of the Tiandao vibration, Lu Baiyang was awakened, and when she was out of sight, she saw the seven figures falling from the sky and falling on the Dingtian Peak where he lived.

This is the holy peak of Biyun mainland, but the Martial Dao Holy Land that everyone in the whole continent yearns for, because there is Lu Bingyang here!

Ding Tianfeng is the source of the Spiritual Vein in the world, and he is the pinnacle of the world.

The seven people aura are as deep as the sea. Lv Baiyang can see that the cultivation level of any one of them is far more than the own. The illusion of the past has suddenly been realized. It is Lu Baiyang’s this kind of character, and I don’t know how to do it. face.

He is eager to have a higher cultivation level for the owner, but he can’t think of the cultivation level of the person who is unable to look back.

When the other party took a shot, he was seriously injured, the road base almost collapsed, and the cultivation level was almost broken.

He didn’t even look at the clear how the other party actually shot. The cultivation level of the first person in the world who was proud of the previous day was no different from the paper paste in the eyes of the other party.

What makes Lu Boyang chilling is that after the other party’s shot, he will no longer pay attention to him, and whether he is dead or alive, let him lie here and linger, even the slightest defense is not there.

Only when there is a huge gap between each other will this kind of disregard.

勉 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 定 定 定 定 定 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 靠 He didn’t know what these uninvited guests had done, but just half a day before, the heavens roared, Wind and Cloud changed, and then Lu Baiyang noticed that what seems to be vital in the continent of Biyun is rapidly passing.

After many years of retreat and perseverance, he has been able to perceive a trace of heaven, so he is unaware of the changes between heaven and earth.

That’s not world’s spiritual energy, but more important than world’s spiritual energy.

That is the foundation of the existence of the whole world!

Rumble… The thunder-like rolling sound came from the ground, and the sky shook and swayed.

Lu Baiyang seems to hear the mourning of all beings, and the scream of screaming is so real, as if it is echoing in the ear.

He shook his head hard, but he did not dissipate these cluttered voices.

He also heard countless prayers and petitions.

He also saw the scene of a landslide, a volcanic eruption, and a violent retreat.

World is the end!

Lu Baiyang’s eyes are round, and he doesn’t know why he heard these bizarre scenes, but clearly knows that these pictures and sounds are happening now in the Biyun continent.

Here is the home where he raised him, and those outside the uninvited guests have to destruction here!

Lu Baiyang violently coughed, strong support, and slowly stood up.

Not far from the purple smoke that is recovering, he blinked at him, and he was indifferent, faintly said: “If you don’t want to die, just lie there!”

Own personally shot a shot actually did not kill this person, this guy’s vitality is tenacious.

Lu Baiyang was a severe cough, and the pieces of internal organs were sprayed out of his mouth. His head was low and his voice was very light: “This is the continent of Biyun!”

“I Lu Baiyang… is the first person in Biyun!”

“The world is all right, the sky is falling down and the top is high. If it is going to collapse today, I don’t have a top, but who is top?”

He made a word and walked forward. Every step fell, it was a clear bloody print. After a few steps, the wilting look was Xu Xunhuan’s radiance, and his waist was straight.

Tiandao humming.

Kāchā rang out.

Lu Baiyang’s footsteps obviously felt that there seemed to be something more in his body. The door that had been closed for many years could not be penetrated. In this moment, it was round and free, forming a mark!

The constant power flowed from the mark, letting Lu Baiyang give birth to a feeling of the same force as the heavens and the earth, as if the owner can control the power of the omnipresent world.

“Oh? Got Heaven, acknowledging that the Great Emperor, the Principal Seal?” Yin Xinzhao looked forward to Lu Boyang with great interest.

Danyang Heavenly Monarch faintly said: “The heavens are spiritual, not willing to destruction, and will try to find a line of vitality, but a pity…”

What about the Great Emperor? It is still an ant in front of 6-Rank 7-Rank Open Heaven. If you have found this kind of talent in the past, Danyang may not be interested in collecting it and teaching it carefully.

However, now with the Void Land, the Heavenly Sword Union is almost completely annihilated. Many Open Heavens are left with him and Huang Mao, and Heavenly Sword Union will no longer exist in the future.

The apprentice taught this kind of thing, Danyang Heavenly Monarch did not have that mental power.

When Lu Baiyang was stunned by the gods, the purple smoke had been single-handedly smashed, slightly to grasp a swing, and a strong force went straight to Lu Baiyang heart.

At the juncture of life and death, Lu Boyang instinctively lost his body and moved to another place by the force of heaven and earth. However, the strength of the same kind of life is like a living thing.

This Lv Bai Yang did not avoid, directly penetrated the chest and abdomen, fresh blood.

Lu Baiyang was shocked and desperate!

Originally thought that the strength of the big increase, how can also fight with those who are not speedy, even if you die, you have to drag several funerals.

However, it is only now known that the gap between own and those people is simply invisible. The other party’s one-female hits the attack seriously, and it is simply a breeze to kill the owner.

Looking up and glaring ahead, Lu Baiyang gritted his teeth: “If you wait for such vicious actions, you will be condemned! I am the soul of hundreds of thousands of souls in the world, and I will kill the souls of the day and night, so that you will not be restless forever!”

Yin Xinzhao heard a sneer and laughed: “The soul is screaming? The sacred? The ignorant generation…”

When he got here, he suddenly looked up and saw the color of fear. He shouted: “How did they find it here!”

Others have also noticed that it is not good, they have looked up and looked at each other.

Even Zuo Quanhui, who is refining the essence of Biyun’s mainland and Kunming, suddenly opened his eyes and looked like a haze.

After Lu Boyang knew it, he looked up and saw that the Wind and Cloud changed Void, and suddenly there was a huge gap. In the crack, more than 20 people stood in Void, and each one was like Divine Weapon. Cold eye outlook.

One of the people in the middle is a young man who looks younger than him. He is dressed in a strong body and looks arrogant.

In an instant, the situation was arrogant, and he was still laughing at the uninvited guests who ridiculed him. Everyone was like a dead mother, and his expression was ugly.

Although I don’t know what the second batch of visitors came from, it is obvious that the two people are not a group, and the first batch is obviously afraid of the latecomers.

Lu Baiyang’s heart was very fast, and he laughed: “There will be self-satisfaction in many lines, and the heavens will come!”

No one has the heart to think about this guy who has made Great Emperor. Yin Xinzhao and others have focused on the extreme, and the world’s great power is secretly motivated.

In the sky, Yang Kai looked coldly at the bottom, faintly said: “Zuo Quanhui, this time will not let you escape anyway!”

Zuo Quanhui gritted his teeth and said: “There is a big field, no world, and what do you fight with me?”

Before Yang opened the power of the world and broke through the 7-Rank. With the capital he fought, he now retired from the big field and returned to 6-Rank.

Although there are only six 6-Ranks in the area around him, and even one person is just breaking through, but his 7-Rank is enough to smooth out many gaps, so the situation may not be worse than before.

As long as you can win Yang Kai, everything will be done!

Yang Kai looked at the Biyun mainland below, gently sighed, sadly said: “But I don’t know how many people will break the family!”

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