Martial Peak Chapter 4602

Many Open Heaven Stages are fighting here, which will definitely have a huge impact on the whole world. If it is delayed for a long time, it may even break the world of this world. But what about the war? Zuo Quanhui refining the essence of the place, letting Shi Wei, the mainland here also wants to loss of life!

All he can do is end the battle as soon as possible and reduce losses!

Yang Kai looked toward the local Great Emperor, who fell in a pool of blood, just as Lu Boyang looked at it.

Four eyes contact, Lu Baiyang said solemnly: “Biyun mainland Lu Boyang, I ask the adults to help each other, killing evil spirits, and this world is a Lang Lang!”

“Don’t be held up!” Yang Kai slightly decapitated, raised the gun, and pointed to Zuo Quanhui.

Today, here is not your death, or I am dead!

Lu Boyang saw his body shape, and disappeared instantly from the place. He was recognized by Heaven and made the Great Emperor. Biyun Mainland let him come and go freely. Even if there is no cultivation Principle, you can also shuttle to any of the mainland. a corner.

The war will start! Although he could not speculate on the level of cultivation level of the two sides who are about to engage in the battle, he clearly knows that the gap between them and theirs is too big. He will continue to leave not only to help, but also to be accidentally injured.

Instead of doing this, it is better to hurry to find ways to evacuate the surrounding creatures, no matter how much you can save, do your best!

Zuo Quanhui and others did not stop him. The life and death of a local Great Emperor was not seen by them.

Twenty-two 6-Rank Open Heaven, the power of the spread, the day seems to have become solid and heavy.

Purple smoke and other people involuntarily snorted, only felt that the body pressed a mountain like, breathing is not smooth, had to force their own power to compete, while the body shape rushed to the left of the right side of the past, the gap between the number of people It is too big, almost three times as many, only relying on the high-rank Open Heaven of Zuo Quanhui.

The scene is instantly smashed, the two sides are full of power, crushing each other, seemingly to seize the opportunity in this silent battle, but no one really took the lead, the middle position of the two waves of people, Void cracks flashing The space is even more distorted.

It is a situation that is evenly matched!

The invisible pressure that Void Land teamed up to release, was blocked by Zuo Quanhui.

Purple smoke and other people are ecstatic, the more fierce and suddenly urged their own power.

Void Land is losing ground! Among the twenty-two people who stood in the Void, seemingly pretentious, several people suddenly swayed, and the complexion was slightly white, and it seemed that it would not be able to hold on.

Heavenly Sword Union Everyone saw it, and it was more and more gratifying. It was going to be a slap in the face, and the Void Land smoldering.

If you can do this, in the next battle of the real knife, Void Land will be bound.

The difference in the number of people is so huge that even if there is a 7-Rank Open Heaven, it should be that Heavenly Sword Union is not dominant, but in fact Void Land is a bit of a ruin.

Purple smoke can’t understand why, can only guess that Void Land was consumed too much in a big battle a few days ago, and it has not been restored so far.

This is a good thing for Tianda.

Yin Xinzhao, Pei Wenxuan, Danyang Heavenly Monarch, Huang Mao also think so, maybe this time, can be defeated to win or not.

Variant protrusions!

The sky is suddenly like a violent storm. On the back of Zuo Quanhui, the world of 6-Rank Open Heaven is fierce and fierce. It is around the 7-Rank cultivation level, and it is also stunned by this sneak attack from behind. The rush to the ultimate power suddenly broke, no hesitation, a sword and a behind.

That sword light seems to break Void, and there is only the brilliance of this sword between heaven and earth.

A figure rushed to retreat, but could not avoid the edge of the sword, the whole person from the beginning to the cross was hard-boiled, almost not broken.

Finally, he immediately retreat after the sneak attack, running is fast, this sword did not take his life, but still suffered serious injuries, forehead to the abdomen, flesh and blood, fresh blood, the whole person was bombarded , directly hit the Dingtian Peak.

At the peak of Wanxu, there was a break on the spot and the rumbling collapsed into a gravel.

This sneak attack is inexplicable, and Zuo Quanhui’s counterattack is also as fast as Lei Ting.

Until now, Ziyan and other talents reacted. When they turned their heads, they saw the figure of the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple, who claimed to be a breakthrough, and broke out. Finally, they joined Mo Sheng’s Myriad Demons Heaven disciple.

Pei Wenxuan’s head was awkward and instinctively felt like something went wrong.

This Mo Sheng Junior Brother, how can for no reason sneak attack on Zuo Quanhui? But the facts are in front of you, Mo Sheng has already been smashed out, life and death do not know, because he does not believe.

A cold eyes suddenly shot, murderous intention is like a tide.

Pei Wenxuan, a spirit, quickly turned his head and looked terrified: “Left Master Uncle, I don’t know…”

Without a word, the incomparable pressure of terror has fallen from the sky, but it was the counterattack of the voided Void Land who had been repressed.

This kind of pressure is strong, but what is the weakness of their performance? It’s like a rushing down the sea, sweeping the world.

This group of people… is it only deliberately showing the enemy weak?

In an instant, Pei Wenxuan wanted to see through everything. No wonder Void Land did not immediately start after the people came, but instead provoked the pressure to suppress the owner.

Obviously, it is necessary to distract the attention of the owner and others, so that Zuo Quanhui has to fight against the pressure, thus giving Mo Sheng a sneak attack on manufacturing opportunities.

Once Zuo Quanhui took the counter-attack against the pressure, it was a difficult situation to ride the tiger.

Void Land, step by step, everywhere, how cunning!

He also finally understood how Void Land has been pursuing this.

The vast territory is vast, and they have not left any traces on this road. It is also accidental to come to this Qiankun mainland. It is only a half-day effort, and Void Land’s pursuit is just too fast!

It is not difficult to secretly leave some clues, such as Mo Sheng.

Mo Sheng is his Myriad Demons Heaven disciple. After Zuo Quanhui was attacked by Mo Sheng, it is not difficult to understand the murderous intention. It is only Pei Wenxuan who can’t say it. He has no intention of betraying Zuo Quanhui. Sheng is tired of being connected.

The only thing he can’t figure out is why Mo Sheng betrayed Zuo Quanhui, and when did he catch up with Yang Kaigou!

It seems that it is extremely suspicious that he has broken through to 6-Rank. Only when Mo Sheng hurriedly chased him, no one had time to explore this matter carefully, plus he was also the discipline of Myriad Demons Heaven, and it was inevitable that he would be disgusted.

In that situation, one more 6-Rank, there is more hope for survival.

At this moment, I have no time to go deep into these things. Under the pressure of the violent tsunami, including the 7-Rank Open Heaven, Zuo Quanhui, everyone is short in a moment, their Internal Qi is disordered, Small Universe Turbulent, all the mouth spray fresh blood.

“Kill!” Yang Kai took the gun and roared. Since the appearance of the body, he has been urging his own pressure to over 20 people in this fierce drink, and they have rushed down like a tiger, and they have searched for opponents already agreed.

Iron Blood Great Emperor teamed up with Hongchen Great Emperor to go straight to Pei Wenxuan.

Beast Military and Ghost found Yin Xinzhao.

Flower Shadow Ice Feather join forces to fight Danyang.

Wonderful Pill Tian Shu Doo Huangmao.

Fang Yue Xiang Ying has no choice but to go straight to the purple smoke.

The two big men joined forces to besieged a female, and the two people were extremely reluctant. However, when they discussed it, they decided on this strategy against the enemy. They could only recognize their noses.

Eight Great Emperor, plus Xiang Ying Xiang Ying, both of them are the 6-Rank Open Heaven newly promoted by Void Land in recent years. The foundation is shallow, no more than the old 6-Rank of Danyang Heavenly Monarch and Huang Mao, even purple Smoke, Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao are not as good.

Single-handedly fighting is definitely not an opponent.

But with two enemies and one nature is no exception.

They also urgently need a fierce battle to consolidate their cultivation level and adapt to the battle between Open Heaven Stage. Before the Big Boundary was in the big domain, the Great Emperor did not have the opportunity to go, all went to Star Boundary to support Yang Kai in the rear. Now, I have finally got my wish.

Although everyone has been able to exert the power because of previous encounters, it is not the peak time, but the same is true for Yin Xinzhao Pei Wenxuan. Everyone’s situation is half a catty, no one is better than anyone.

Coupled with the pressure exerted by the people of Yun Xinzhao and others by the Void Land, the situation is even worse.

For a moment In several battlefields, Void Land occupied the absolute upper hand, and Yin Xinzhao and others who were playing were embarrassed and complained.

The peaks collapsed and the sky was broken. The 6-Rank Open Heaven had a great aftermath. If Lu Boyang didn’t leave, even the Great Emperor would have to die.

On the other side, with Yang Kai as the head, the three major Mountain Lords of Xuanyang Mountain, Huayong couples, Qing Kui Su Yingxue, Yue He Mo Mei, Luan Baifeng, 12 people, joined hands with 7-Rank.

When you are free, even if you are a 12-ranker, you may not be able to take a 7-Rank. Even if you can win if you can win, you will not pay too much. You may have to be buried several times.

How valuable is Void Land’s 6-Rank Open Heaven, and how can Yang Kai let Yao Quanhui kill anyone.

Wu Kuang’s sneak attack played a crucial role, Zuo Quanhui also didn’t expect, Myriad Demons Heaven’s discipline actually attacked the back behind.

Before he lured Yang to open his hand and broke the Void barrier, he was hit by Azure Dragon Spear in the hands of Yang Kai. This road escaped and didn’t have time to carefully healing. He just tried to dispel the Golden Crow’s True Fire wounded in the wound. After the sneak attack, it is even worse.

At the moment, Zuo Quanhui, I am afraid that only 70% of the strength at the peak! Perhaps not as good as it is.

This kind of Zuo Quanhui, if he still let him escape, Yang Kaiown took the gun and killed him.

As soon as the first hand was handed over, Zuo Quanhui retired, and a long sword in his hand swayed the world’s great power, but it was still difficult to stop the violation of the 12-digit 6-Rank of Void Land, and a short shot of more than a dozen was swept by Yang. The shoulders, falling out, a dozen divine ability Secret Technique followed, Zuo Quanhui glared round, long sword painted round, sturdy.

It is blood and tumbling.

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