Martial Peak Chapter 4603

Don’t give him a bit of breathing time, Void Land’s violent attack, divine ability Secret Technique’s rays of light twinkling, huge rings of light layer upon layer, as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing Rotten wood, everything is razed to the ground!

When the bang bangs and the gravel flutters in the sky, a tumbling figure rushes out, and when Zuo Quanhui is looking back at him, the magical gas between his hands is turned into two magic dragons, and his teeth are swept toward Zuo Quanhui. His body is followed by the magic dragon, and he is killed directly by Zuo Quanhui.

Zuo Quanhui was cold and cold, and a sword was shocked. The dragon exploded. The sword was wrapped in a strong world of power, and the head was taken directly.

The magical figure is not flashing, the corner of the mouth is holding a sinister smile, and the whole blood is not careless, and the pair is going to do the same with Zuo Quanhui.

The long sword that is enough to open a star is only a dozen feet away from the distance. Azure Dragon Spear breaks through the space and strikes to Zuo Quanhui behind, the gunpoint above the fist-sized black ball exudes Nihility chaotic aura .

Zuo Quanhui’s brow wrinkled, the big sleeves slammed, the long sword flew, and swayed into the long gun.

The black ball bursts open and turns into a black hole, engulfing everything.

Yang Kai also turned back in a violent force. Next to the left hand, Mao Zhe, Yan Qing Zhou Ya turned into three flowing light, and Yang Kai passed by, right hand side, Luan Baifeng gray bone Huayong couple together to make up for the defense loophole.

Seven people applied divine ability, madly bombarded, not giving Zuo Quanhui a bit of breathing.

Yue He Mo Mei shot at the same time, holding Yang Kai’s rolling body, keeping him in midair, Yang Kai took a deep breath, and two people joined together, imposing manner as rainbow!

A chaotic and orderly confrontation, Void Land’s twelve 6-Rank Open Heaven is like a rolling wheel. You sing and I am on the stage. One wave after another, the left and the right are high-rank Open Heaven, and also tired. It is difficult to cope with the parry.

“Isn’t you still dead?” Busy sneak, Yang Kaichao looked at Wu Kuang. The guy had sneaked on Zuo Quanhui and was flying by a sword. At the moment, there was a deep sword mark on the whole face. The same was true at the chest and abdomen. However, he does not feel the pain, the more mad the war.

Wu Kuang laughed: “Good people don’t live long, the scourge is thousands of years, and this seat is destined to live with this world!”

Yang Kai said: “You still have some self-knowledge!”

Wu Kuang’s face is awkward: “This time you owe me, you have to compensate me!”

Yang Kaidao: “Well, what is required to ask you to mention, I am not satisfied with seeing my mood.”

Wu Kuang walked around Zuo Quanhui and waited for a divine effort. He said, “I want this old guy!”

During the speech, my eyes were beaming, but I put my tongue out and licked my lips. The index finger moved, and the evil spirits rushed out. I followed the Yue He and Mo Mei around Yang Kai, and inexplicably hit it. cold war.

They still don’t know what the relationship between Myriad Demons Heaven’s discipline and Yang Kai is. They are willing to cooperate with Yang Kai to attack the 7-Rank of Zuo Quanhui, but instinctively feel that this guy is not like a good person.

At the moment, Wu Kuang’s words came out, and Yue He Mo Mei was even more shocked.

Yang opened his eyes and jumped, and he cut the iron: “Change one!”

Others don’t know what Wu Kuang said, but Yang Kai is clear. However, this guy practiced Heavens Devourer Battle Law, obviously it is the cultivation level of Zuo Quanhui’s 7-Rank Open Heaven.

“Don’t change!” Wu Kuang also smashed the same piece of iron. The last time he swallowed a 7-Rank Open Heaven with Heavens Devourer Battle Law, he was able to step from 5-Rank cultivation level to 6-Rank and tasted such a huge sweetness. , Wu Kuang, this guy has tasted the marrow, the longing for its savour grows, and then tasted other 3-Rank 4-Rank 5-Rank, it tastes like a bird.

7-Rank Open Heaven this kind of rich meal, how will he be willing to give up? But if there is a glimmer of hope, we must work hard.

“The erotic man!” Zuo Quanhui roared, Yang Kai Wu Kuang two people one question and one answer, as if he is the fish on the chopping board, he is slaughtered, as a 7-Rank, how not angry?

This life has not received this kind of humiliation.

However, even if they are angry, they will not be able to recover.

Last time at Void Territory, Yang Kai led the three Mountain Masters of Xuanyang Mountain to compete with him. Although he was in the disadvantaged, he had already qualified for him.

Now Void Land’s 12-digit 6-Rank is three times more than the number of people on that day. He has been hit hard and has never recovered from the peak. How can it be an opponent?

Huang Huang a sword, smashed the world, forced to retreat to everyone, Zuo Quanhui’s stature under the sway, turned into three figures.

Everyone, Spiritual Mind, discovered the past and was amazed.

The three figures are exactly the same, and it is impossible to tell who is true or not. This divine ability Secret Technique is unheard of and unseen.

The three Zuo Quanhui’s expressions are the same, and even the movements are exactly the same. When they appear, they will rush to the three roads. The people will cooperate to resist, and suddenly find that all three Zuo Quanhui have the full strength of the body!

For a moment.

High-rank Open Heaven’s prestige, terrible!

Suddenly, two of Zuo Quanhui were distorted and collapsed. Only one of them was in the middle. They had broken through the defense lines. They were far from the thousand feet. Yang’s face was solemn, and the sword in his hand screamed. A sword slammed into the open, and the word glow was shocking. When it passed, Void collapsed.

The inexplicable crisis shrouded his body, and Yang was happy to jump. He knew that Zuo Quanhui knew that the two fists were difficult to attack. This is to draw attention to the own.

Everyone knows the truth of the thief and the king!

Yue He Mo Mei, who has been guarding Yang Kai, has turned into two flowing lights. He is not afraid to die, and the divine ability blooms, but it is difficult to block the word glow.

The snoring sounded, the sword intent attacked the body, and under the pressure of the world’s great force, two people simultaneously squirted fresh blood and retreated.

Yang opened his hand to Azure Dragon Spear and his hands quickly printed.

When Golden Crow screamed, the big day jumped out and the burning rays of light shone through the heavens and the earth.

After that big day, a round of cold moons also rose up, and the cold moonlight was like mercury.

Sun and moon Qihui, heaven and earth wonderfulful!

Time Principle At the time of the opening, Yang Kai fully urged the power of the Space Principle.

Golden big day, silver color round moon alternates, turned into gold and silver interlaced light, as if the moment has broken through thousands of years, everything in the world has stagnated at this moment, only one from high The shock of -rank Open Heaven is not affected.

The sun and the moon are reappearing!

Zuo Quanhui’s pupils shrank.

The last time he was under the hood of being attacked by Yang Kai, he was not allowed to leave the Void Territory and go to Tianjian.

He is still fresh in his memory of the strange power of the skeleton. After living for so many years, he has never seen the weird power, the power of time and space, the power of all things above.

He spent a lot of effort to dispel the power of time and space invading the body, and even spent hundreds of years of life essence!

He knows the hardships and horrors of that strange power than anyone else.

I thought that Yang Kai couldn’t have been too big to achieve a long time. However, when Yang Kai was launched at the moment, Zuo Quanhui found that he was wrong.

In just a few years, Yang Kai’s deduction of this divine ability is obviously to go up a level. Compared with the performance of the day, the power of the sun and the moon is more powerful today!

The foundation of the Sun and Moon is the force of time and space, including the Time Principle and the Space Principle. The Space Principle is the Yang Kai’s Road. On this road, Yang Kai has reached the seventh level, and the skills are crowned and can break through to the next level at any time. Peaked.

But the Time Principle is not as good as the Space Principle.

Fortunately, Void Land has the legacy of Passing of Time Great Emperor! In the Time Principle, the Domain, Passing of Time Great Emperor is the real authority.

Yang Kai’s retreat at Divine Palace in the years made him a breakthrough in the accomplishment of the Time Principle. Although it is not as good as its own Space Principle, it is natural to enhance the power of the Sun and Moon.

Today, this day and the moon, the gods are more than 20% stronger than the day!

This is also the surprise that Yang Kai specially intended for Zuo Quanhui. I wanted to use this trick to make a conclusion. However, the situation in the battlefield is changeable. Zuo Quanhui has to decide on life and death, and Yang Kai can only deal with it.

As if for a moment, it seems like a million years.

The sound of the loud noise came out, and the aftermath of the horror swept through it, and the word glow broke down. It turned into countless fine-grained sword qi, playing Void, and even Void Land. 6-Rank Open Heaven Also avoid the flash, each of them fresh blood dripping.

Yang Kai was smashed on the chest by the surviving sword qi, showing the bones deeply and flying straight out.

Zuo Quanhui is also uncomfortable. Even though the power of the Sun and Moon is reduced by his sword glow, the residual power of time and space is still under his cover.

Even with his cultivation level, he couldn’t catch the flash. As soon as this time, the gold and silver two-wheeled gods hit him, the power of terror broke out, and he pierced the flesh and blood and went straight into the world of Small Universe.

During the time, Zuo Quanhui was unsteady and dizzy. The Small Universe was even more turbulent, and the skin with its body surface exposed was wrinkled with small gaps.

The dragon shoal was smashed by the shrimps, and the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by dogs! Zuo Quanhui is very angry and resentful.

In order to induce Yang to open his hand to break the Void barrier, he took the risk. Although he succeeded in letting Yang Kai play a domain door, he did not completely avoid the violent blow and instantly hit it.

If this is not the case, he will not come to the road of escape to the world of rejuvenation of this side of the world, to add to himself.

Adding to the previous sneak attack by the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple, it made him even worse.

If not, why is it so bad?

After a while, the aftermath of the energy collision gradually subsided.

Yang opened his body and burned a mark in Void. He supported the regressed body and looked up. He saw a flowing light galloping away from the horizon.

“Want to run?” Yang Kai Li drink, mention Azure Dragon Spear, and chase after it.

One stroke of the sun and the moon makes him consume a huge amount, and this is not completely restored. At this moment, it is more exhausting. However, the machine can’t be lost. This time, if you don’t completely solve Zuo Quanhui, the next time there may not be such a good opportunity.

The Space Principle was pushed, and the figure disappeared from the place. When he appeared, he turned and shot a knife.

I am welcoming Zuo Quanhui who fled!

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