Martial Peak Chapter 4604

It is obvious that Zuo Quanhui had a dike early. It was unrealistic to escape in front of people who are proficient in the Space Principle. Therefore, this gun did not affect him. Instead, Yang Kai vomited blood several times.

It’s not an opponent to fight alone.

Fortunately, this moment of delay, Void Land’s many 6-Rank have been simultaneous to catch up, their respective divine ability blasted, the world’s great power fell, leaving Zuo Quanhui down the ground.

The wind is blowing, and the clothes are hunting.

Next to Dingtianfeng, Zuo Quanhui’s head is distributed, blood-stained gown, and I don’t know if it is an enemy or an enemy. It is not a high-rank Open Heaven’s prestige instrument.

He is located in all directions, headed by Yang Kai, and a total of thirteen 6-Rank Open Heaven Internal Qi echoed each other and locked it firmly.

There is no way to go to heaven, no door to the ground! High heaven, high heaven, why did you think that one day, he would fall into such a situation?

Zuo Quanhui did not have much temperament, but his face was as usual, his eyes faintly swept away from everyone, and he seemed to impress everyone’s tolerance into the depths of Divine Soul.

The indifferent eyes were like a sharp-edged blade, which one was swept, which one felt the pain in the skin, and Divine Soul shuddered.

Yang Kai took out an Open Heaven Pill, threw it into his mouth and chewed it, and took the opportunity to restore his strength. Azure Dragon Spear pointed to Zuo Quanhui: “Early death, early life, a lot of age, why not go with the own?”

Zuo Quanhui turned his eyes and said: “This Monarch is a small look at you waiting, this sunset has to be like this field, but this Monarch is taken by yourself.”

Yang Kai praised: “People are more self-aware, so very good. You have such a consciousness, then obediently stand still, rest assured, I will lick, not hurt!”

Zuo Quanhui slowly shook his head: “But you wait to kill this Monarch, but it is not so easy. Yang Kai, how does this Monarch make a deal with you?”

“Transaction?” Yang opened his nostrils to the sky and looked at him with a sly look: “In this situation, do you think that owner is qualified to talk to me about trading? I will order, believe it or not, will you immediately become a mud?”

As the saying goes, Open Heaven Pill is constantly throwing it away, and at the same time squinting at others, indicating that they have to reply quickly.

Don’t look at Zuo Quanhui, it seems that there is no way to go, but a high-rank Open Heaven really wants to fight at the cost. Yang Kai is not sure what he can do. He wants to escape is definitely hopeless, but he must also guard against him. Pull the owner back before he dies.

Therefore, even if the situation is good now, Yang Kai does not dare to take it lightly. Instead, he is more and more alert than before, and Spiritual Mind is madly motivated. Once he notices that Zuo Quanhui has any unusual behavior, he immediately kills it.

“You can give it a try!” Zuo Quanhui whispered, a look of fearlessness.

Yang Kai instinctively felt that this guy was trying to make a fuss, but he didn’t dare to gamble. He had to follow the words and said: “Then let me talk about what to do with me.”

It’s another Open Heaven Pill plug, eating jelly beans. He is also much more procrastinating for a while, so that he can recover more power. This time, he has already served hundreds of Open Heaven Pill.

Void Land A group of people have learned how to make Open Heaven Pill chew crisp and listen to Zuo Quanhui.

Void Land can take the opportunity to recover, but he can’t, he can guarantee that once this is done, the ushered in must be an endless attack in all directions.

“Today’s business has ended here, let me leave with purple smoke, in the past, all kinds of write-offs.” Zuo Quanhui looked at Yang Kai seriously.

Yang Kai quietly looked at him, waited for a while, only to notice that there was no following, and the mouth was vague: “Just like this?”

Zuo Quanhui nodded: “That’s it!”

“Hey…” Yang opened his throat, his throat rolled, and he swallowed the contents of his mouth. He didn’t know where to come out with a Spirit Fruit. He looked down at his own clothes and found a clean position, carefully rubbing it, “I Have to think about it, your request is a bit too much, and it can be easily agreed.”

Zuo Quanhui secretly sneered in the heart, Yang Kai is delaying the time, taking the opportunity to recover, how can he not see this little trick? But this kind of recovery can have some effect, but it doesn’t make much difference. It’s better than nothing.

Just when Yang Kai took out the Spirit Fruit, Zuo Quanhui frowned.

Because even with his experience, I can’t see what the Spirit Fruit is.

During the wait-and-see, I saw Yang open the mouth of the blood basin, and directly put the Spirit Fruit into the mouth, just chew a few times and then lick it into the abdomen.

There is something clearly visible in the throat that rolls down.

The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly changed his face, reaching out to cover his own mouth, sealing the seven cymbals, rumbling, like a tumultuous sound rolling in the Yang Kai body, even with his clothes are windless automatic, all in one The pores escape the world’s great power!

“What have you eaten?” Zuo Quanhui suddenly felt bad, and the naked eye was visible. Yang opened an imposing manner and climbed up!

Yang Kai still licked his mouth, madly refining the power of Spirit Fruit, staring at him with a wink, as if the prey looked at the prey trapped in the cage.

Zuo Quanhui’s eyes narrowed and finally reacted: “World Fruit?”

“Hey…” Yang Kai made a full blow, sprinkling a clearly visible world of power in his mouth, and the other hand was like a rattle: “No, you misunderstood.”

Where can Zuo Quanhui listen to him? Angrily sighed: “There is a blackmail, this is what you force me, and see if you die today or I die!”

At the same time, Yang opened the explosion and said: “Do it!”

From the beginning to the end, Yang Kai did not want to let go of Zuo Quanhui’s intentions. He said that the request he made was really ridiculous, and he really proposed a feasible plan. Yang Kai did not intend to pay attention.

After paying such a big price, I finally forced the old thing to a desperate situation. How could it easily let him escape?

Putting the tiger back to the mountain is the end of the problem, waiting for him to find a chance to bite the old one again?

Just under the war, no matter who is emptiness, it can be restored. It is possible to play a divine ability at a critical moment and save the enemy.

Taking Open Heaven Pill recovered too slowly, and Yang Kai suddenly remembered World Fruit in his own hands.

In the Great Ruins Boundary Unaging Land, Yang Kai got a total of 16 World Fruits from the World Tree, including middle-rank three, low-rank thirteen, and a World Tree root!

The three middle-ranks have been used, one is taken, 5-Rank is promoted to 6-Rank, one is for Yue He, and one is for Lu Xue to promote 5-Rank from 4-Rank.

Thirteen low-rank World Fruits used only one. Originally given to Guo Ziyan, he was promoted from two Open Heaven to 3-Rank.

There are still twelve low-rank World Fruits in the hands of Yang Kai.

World Fruit is rare and valuable, but strictly speaking, the use of low-rank World Fruit is a bit sloppy. This can only make 2-Rank Open Heaven promote 3-Rank, but not enough to promote 3-Rank. 4-Rank, that’s the effect of middle-rank World Fruit.

Therefore, the remaining 12 World Fruits in Yang Kai’s hands have not been used.

Until the only time, the light flashed.

He personally took a middle-rank World Fruit, knowing that there is a world of great power in the fruit, but there is no purity in it, and it can be easily refining, otherwise it will not let Open Heaven Stage improve Rank.

A low-rank World Fruit, naturally it is impossible for him to promote 7-Rank, but to supplement his own consumption, should not be a big problem?

I took one with the right to take the right attitude.

The effect is immediate!

The world’s great power in Small Universe is so fast that its power is quickly restored. Although it is not saturated, it has half a bucket of water, and the strength of its body is slowly recovering with the refinement of World Fruit.

Zuo Quanhui apparently saw this, but dare hesitate? The battle of the beastly beast begins immediately.

Yang opened a command, and many of the 6-Rank round divines that had already been prepared had slammed out, and the storms were generally covered by Zuo Quanhui.

This time, Zuo Quanhui did not evade. Yang Kai saw only a illusory shadow of the world of the world, with Zuo Quanhui as the center, suddenly expanding!

On the side of the ear, there is a voice that Zuo Quanhui has decided to be extremely extreme: “Take me a good fight!”

Turning around, when Yang opened a shot, the vision was subverted, and there was still Zuo Quanhui in front of him. Even the Void Land 12-Rank Open Heaven disappeared.

Even the environment in which it is located has undergone tremendous changes.

Originally, they were near Dingtianfeng, and the beautiful scenery of the Biyun Continental Shengfeng was broken by a war. The sky was broken, the mountains and rivers were flowing backwards, and a scene of the end, but at this moment he was in a green field.

The sky is green, the wild, and looking up and looking sad.

Yang Kai was shocked and instinctively thought that what illusion was in his own life, Life’s Exterminator Demon Eye was presented, but it was not a bit strange.

Zuo Quanhui’s figure is gone, but all of them are his aura in all directions. It’s like this person is everywhere.

Yang Kai was awakened and shouted: “Small Universe World!”

With insight into this, Yang Kai was not surprised and laughed. Haha laughed: “Is Zuo Quanhui a poor man? Even the world of Small Universe is opened!”

If it is not to be desperate, how can Zuo Quanhui be in danger?

High-rank Open Heaven’s Small Universe world has been virtualized to accommodate living things. It can even be said that if you enrich some creatures in your own Small Universe world, you can enhance your Small Universe with the growth of life. The essence of the game is equal to no painstaking repairs!

In the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the ancestors of Dingfeng City’s martial artist were the creatures of the year who were capped by the Blood Monster Divine Monarch.

Blood Monster Divine Monarch falls, its own Small Universe did not collapse, but it was saved as a legacy of Universe Paradise. Yang Kai had the opportunity to bring Mo Mei and others out of Dingfeng City.

Blood Monster Divine Monarch is 8-Rank Open Heaven, and Zuo Quanhui is 7-Rank, and it can do this.

But to put it this way, the 7-Rank Open Heaven, which is so dry, is basically not, because it is extremely troublesome to keep a living in the world of Small Universe. The environment of Small Universe is not necessarily suitable for living and breeding. If it is not taken care of Zhou, the extinction of life, all efforts are in vain.

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