Martial Peak Chapter 4610

Looking back, Star Boundary’s Great Emperor faced Great Demon God when he was similar to his Lu Boyang today. The difference was that there were no strong people who fell from the sky and walked for the sky! Today, there are Void Land people killing them, and they have solved the deadly situation of this place.

Lu Boyang has some warnings: “The adults praise.”

“What is this continent calling for?” Yang Kai asked casually.

Lu Baiyang respectfully said: “Return to the adults, this place is Biyun mainland!” The heart slammed, and these eyes are really high-ranking people from outside, otherwise they will not even know the name of this continent.

He had speculated that there was a broader sky and Martial Dao outside of Biyun, but the speculation was just speculation, and it could not be confirmed. What he saw and heard today is a test of his many years of conjecture.

It seems that his eager eyes, Yang Kai and Yan smiled: “You have now admitted that Fang Kunkun Tiandao admits that he has condensed his own Principle Seal and made the Great Emperor. After that, he needs to refine many resources and gather Yin-Yang. The power of Five Elements, in the body to split heaven and earth apart, the next scene is Open Heaven Stage!”

Lu Baiyang looked fascinated and lost his voice: “to split heaven and earth apart !”

Yang Kaidao: “I will stay here for some time. Later, people will tell you the secret of this Open Heaven Stage.”

Lu Baiyang was overjoyed and went to the ground: “Lv Bai Yang Xie Daren Grace!”

Alone cultivation, like a scorpion crossing the river, all the way to explore, if you can get high-handed guidance, save time to explore, how much detours should be taken? This is a big surprise.

Yang opened his hand and waved: “This is a catastrophe in the mainland of Biyun. It has something to do with me. Today’s World War I made you lose a lot of money in the continent, and the right to compensate.”

Lu Baiyang immediately said that she did not dare.

Yang Kai’s words turned: “Does this Biyun continent’s birthday geometry?”

It was recognized by the Tianyun of the Biyun continent that the Great Emperor was achieved. On the understanding of the Biyun continent, no one was clearer than Lu Baiyang.

When Yang opened the Great Emperor, he felt the whole process of Star Boundary from birth to growth. Lu Boyang wanted to come.

“It’s only a million years.” Lu Baiyang sighed back.

Yang Kai slightly decapitated: “It’s so young!”

The world of birth, which has been born for only a million years, is indeed young enough, but now it is basically certain that the big domain is a new big field.

“Mo Mei.” Yang Kai greeted.

Mo Mei goes up two steps: “Lord!”

“Go back to Star Boundary, bring people over, spread out, explore the big area here, if anything is found, report it immediately!”

“Yes!” Mo Mei took the lead and turned away.

The new big field, the land of no land, the fat meat piece, since Yang Kai discovered this place, naturally it is near the water floor. If the big field really hides something good here, thousands of Open Heaven Stage scattered searches can always detect Some clues.

Such a piece of fat meat, Yang Kai nature can not easily miss.

Void Land is now financially nervous. She was led by Zuo Quanhui to block the domain door for several years. The accumulated materials in the past have almost been consumed, and it is naturally urgent to supplement it. Otherwise, the cultivation will become a problem in the future.

The trade in Star City needs to be restored, the materials of Void Land need to be solved, and the problem of Star Boundary is still to be discussed. Although this battle won Zuo Quanhui, there are many things that need to be dealt with. Yang Kai can not help but have some headaches. I can feel the oil and salt after I feel the Manager, or the arm-flinging shopkeeper is comfortable.

In a big battle, everyone consumes a lot of money, telling everyone to cultivate themselves, and let Yue He teach the common sense of Lu Baiyang’s Open Heaven Stage. Yang Kai retreats.

Before Zuo Quanhui succumbed to the collapse of the Small Universe, the world’s great power was filled with Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Although Yang Kai and Heaven-Sealing Earth-Lock, Wu Kuang spurred Heavens Devourer Battle Law to swallow the vastness of the land. However, there are still some forces that have escaped into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

These forces belonging to Zuo Quanhui are not worthy of the existence of impurities for Yang Kai. They have to find ways to get rid of them, otherwise they will affect their roots sooner or later.

Lu Baiyang personally found a Secret Place for Yang Kai.

This is the forbidden place of the top four Sects on the mainland of Biyun. Dingtianfeng is a good place, otherwise it can’t be the peak of the martial artist in the heart of Biyun. However, before the first battle, near Dingtianfeng It has already been fragmented, and this holy peak will naturally cease to exist.

Lu Baiyang is the first person in the cultivation level of Biyun, and he is highly respected. He comes out and naturally no one dares not to give face.

Yang Kai smoothly entered the Sect forbidden by the Yuanyuan Gate.

In fact, he does not have to enter the forbidden place to retreat. For him today, he can find a place anywhere, but Lu Boyang volunteered to mention that Yang Kai has the right to give him a face.

A group of high-level people from the mixed gates accompanied by Lu Boyang, and saw Lu Baiyang’s respectfulness to the strange young man, and more disciple ceremony, all of which were creepy.

Lu Boyang is who they are clear again. However, it is already the man in the most Peak of Biyun mainland. Who needs him to be treated like this seriously?

A group of old guys are suspicious, but they are puzzled.

In the end, the current owner of the mixed-door door, boldly asked: “Lv Sheng, that adult, where is sacred?”

The holy word is the martial artist of Biyun mainland, who respects Lu Baiyang. It is not only his cultivation level, but also his humanity.

However, at this moment, Lu Boyang was glanced at the beautiful female standing with a guilty conscience. He thought that he was the cultivation level in front of others. Seeing that she didn’t have much expression, it wiped the cold sweat of her forehead: “The extraterrestrial high, the only those who are moving, is the aftermath of the adult to kill the enemy.”

The crowded door was horrified.

Before that, the earth-shaking movements spread throughout the Biyun continent. Many people thought that the end of the day was coming. Now, I know that it is actually the aftermath of the fight.

The aftermath is so horrible, what kind of cultivation level should the person who shot?

What’s more, Lu Boyang also mentioned the four characters of the extraterrestrial high!

The mixed door has a blind eye like a brass bell.

Lu Baiyang waved his hand: “You wait and be careful to serve, the adults are not told, no one can be close!”

Everyone obediently salute: “I have to follow Lu Sheng.”

Lu Boyang was only facing Yue He: “There are some seniors.”

Yue He smiled a little: “It’s something that the young master had promised before. I will do my best, don’t be a predecessor, for no reason to call people old.”

Lv Baiyang even said that she did not dare, and when her heart was uplifting, she looked at a group of high-level people in the mixed yuan gate.

Yue He knows what he thinks, and smiles slightly: “You are open-minded. Ordinary people have this chance. They want to hide and show, but you are willing to share it. No wonder you can recognize it in your life and death. The body of Emperor.”

Lu Bo Yang Qianxun said: “Before…the lady praised.”

Yue He’s eyes are bent into crescents. It seems that this lady’s name makes her very comfortable, and she said: “Let’s listen together. Anyway, it’s not a secret. It’s all common sense, but you are too closed. I don’t know much about the outside world.”

Lu Baiyang took a deep breath: “thanks, lady!”

Turning the head and rushing to the door of the Yuan people to wink.

A group of old man’s heart beats like a drum, and shouted in unison: “Mrs. Xie!”

They thought that this beautiful female was just a prostitute. It can be seen that Lu Boyang actually called people a predecessor. Only then did he know that he and others did not know the gold inlaid jade. They were also a top-ranking person, even though they were not clear. Female wants them to listen to something, but it is something that Lu Sheng cares about, but what can be done?

At the moment, the main leader of the next door, led everyone to a hall, and arranged Yue He to sit in the first place.

A group of people in the eyes of Biyun mainland are high, and the top of the Martial Dao is divided into the bottom, like a student in the school, all sitting in danger, not squinting.

Yue He talked about the division of Martial Dao. After talking about Emperor Senior, talking about Heaven, talking about Great Emperor and Principle Seal…

Regardless of Lv Baiyang or the high-level door of the mixed-door, there is a feeling of being hit by huge waves. The division of Martial Dao by 3000 Worlds has been unified. After all, 3000 Worlds has already been connected in one place and communicated with each other.

But in this new big field, Martial Dao is another way of dividing, which is quite general and completely different from the outside world.

In contrast, the people found that the boundary of the beauty that this beautiful female said is more reasonable. Each and everyone is thoughtful, compared to their own body, found that the owner and others are the Emperor Senior Stage in her mouth.

Listening to Heaven and the Great Emperor, the breathing of everyone in the mixed gate is already rushing.

Yue He smiled slightly: “Every place in the world has a bottleneck of own. This is the saying of the bottle of heaven and earth. There is a limit to the bottle of heaven and earth. How many Great Emperor can be achieved in one world, how much can this bottle of this world hold? There is only one Great Emperor in the world of Biyun, and there will be more in the future.”

The main door of the mixed yuan takes a deep breath and looks at Yue He with eagerness: “I have a chance to make Great Emperor according to my wife?”

Yue He smiles and daggers: “With the recognition of heaven, there is a chance.”

Everyone looked at each other and was very excited. This is a news of a terrible day. In the past, they all thought that Lu Sheng was the most Peak of the cultivation level. Who knows that there is still a mountain in the mountains. With such a clear goal, who is not willing to climb up?

The main door of the mixed door is humbly asking: “How can I get the recognition of heaven?”

Yue He slowly shook his head, just smiling.

The crowd only said that she did not want to vent the open air, but she did not dare to force it.

Lu Baiyang frowned: “Madam, what if the people who made great achievements in Biyun mainland reached the limit? Could it be that others could not go further on Martial Dao?”

“Nature is not, the Great Emperor can use the Heavenly Way to condense its own Principle Seal, but it does not mean that the Great Emperor can not condense the Principle Seal! I have not achieved the Great Emperor, as long as I can find the way to own, naturally can go further. Or There is also a kind of Spirit Medicine called Heavenly Dan, and many people in Outer Universe are condensed by the Principle Seal.”

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