Martial Peak Chapter 4615

“Is that really a Void adult?” The woman sneaked a sneak peek at Yang and asked softly.

Hua Qingsi smiled and said: “You have a portrait of Foreign Elder at home. Why do you really recognize it when you face it?”

The woman’s face was reddish: “I can’t believe it.”

A lifetime of facing the loess back to the sky, the identity is humble and low, the big characters in the sky suddenly appear in the eyes of the owner, there is always some unreal illusion.

“Then you are not the Big Big Palace’s Big Manager?” The woman suddenly remembered something, astonished and looked at Hua Qingsi.

Hua Qingsi Qidao: “Do you still know me?”

“What a hello?” The woman reached out and covered her mouth with a look of surprise and admiration. She immediately explained: “High Heaven Palace Void has a powerful assistant. As a female, he can be the master of the Void, even if it is small. The woman is also well-known. In these years, Star Boundary is safe and peaceful, and that is the credit of the Big Manager.”

Hua Qingsi smiled: “I was quite famous.”

The woman smiled humbly, sitting a little tweaked, and seemed uncomfortable. This suddenly saw the famous Void adult, and saw the Big Manager, always feeling dreamy.

Hesitated for a moment and then whispered, “Big Manager, can the child go under the High Heaven Palace?”

Hua Qingsi wiped her face and patted her back: “With the child’s aptitude, there is no problem under the door.”

Even the 7-Rank Open Heaven will be closed as a crime, and this kind of talent will be disgusted, although Hua Qingsi can’t see what the baby has.

As soon as the woman gritted her teeth, she stood up and squatted straight down in the direction of Yang Kai’s. She buckled her head and said loudly: “I want Void adults to accept the children into High Heaven Palace, to the whole child, his last will, ignorance. The woman is willing to be a cow to answer the adult love!”

The long road that is teasing the child immediately turned away and glared at Yang. Internal Qi was born, and you dared to promise me that you would look good.

Yang opened the room and didn’t see it. While he glanced at Hua Qingsi, he said, “Get up and talk.” The woman gave him a kneeling motion, and Yang Kai was helpless.

Hua Qingsi picked up the woman and finished the whole shirt for her.

Not waiting for Yang Kai’s opening, Yan Changdao suddenly said: “Yang Martial Nephew, let me say a few words to her.”

This little thing Yang Kai will naturally refuse, and he will show his hand, let him take it easy, and pick up the tea and take care of himself.

He walked to the woman’s side, whispering to her about the world, 3000 Worlds, 36 Cave Heaven, 72 Paradise…

The woman’s face was stunned, and there was no words, no question, as if the chicken was talking to the duck.

A lifetime of hardships in a few dozen miles, Xu is not even out of the town of the town, and suddenly someone in her ear to talk about 3000 Worlds, Cave Heaven Paradise, where she can understand.

I only think that the old man who talks about this chin’s white beard is mysterious and completely unintelligible.

From time to time, I sneaked into the white beard. The beautiful and neat beard was smashed by the children. Will this white beard old man get angry?

Yan Changdao apparently also saw this point. In the 7-Rank Open Heaven, the finger can destroy the stars, and the sky is overturned. However, there is no way to take a little woman who has never been cultivated, and there is no way to complain. I only feel a bloody heart in my heart, don’t mention how uncomfortable.

“That said, you can understand?” The long road is not to repair the heavens, the patience is excellent, and looking at the woman with a pleasing color.

The woman shook her head and nodded again, then shook her head again.

Xu Linggong leaned forward and swinged back.

虞 虞 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐 耐

Turning around and looking at the side of the Yang Kai, the long road suddenly blessed to the soul, said: “I ask you, what do you think of this High Heaven Palace?”

The woman did not hesitate: “Nature is good. I always said this before my family died. When he came to High Heaven Palace, he learned the art. Unfortunately, the aptitude was not enough. He failed the test and failed to get into High Heaven. Palace’s door!”

He smiled a long way and reached for a finger: “In your eyes, the High Heaven Palace, the old man squeezes a finger!”

The woman’s eyes were horrified, and the look of the white-bearded old man’s face was like looking at the Devil Chief who caused the Star Boundary turmoil a hundred years ago.

Long Road did not know what she thought, still asked: “What do you think of him?” Said, pointing his fingers to Yang Kai.

The woman respected her face: “There is no Star Boundary, no us, without the Void adults and several other adults who are fighting for fear.”

He long-eyed the white beard of own, and smiled: “He has to call me Master Uncle!my one can hit him ten!”

I know that Dao Li does not understand this woman. I have long changed the concept of easy-to-understand, and I also compare High Heaven Palace with Yang Kai to let the woman know the power of Free and Unfettered Paradise.

This is also a no-brainer. If you are satisfied with the long-term satisfaction, if you want to talk about it, who would like to advertise your identity?

The woman’s face was more panic, and she reached out and took the child back from her long road, alerting him: “You have to come to the Star Boundary, is it awkward with Void and several other adults?”

It is also a finger to crush High Heaven Palace, and it is playing ten, not like a good person.

虞 道 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两The collapse of the collapse.

Turning his head and looking at Yang Kai, he said: “Yang Martial Nephew, it is not easy for the old man to meet a sandwich. The old man retreats cultivation, and suddenly he wanders to Yin-Yang Heaven, but he is inexplicably brought here by Xu Manzi. Star Boundary, who found this baby in Star Boundary, is the fate. The child and I have the relationship between Master and Disciple.”

Although he has a big pass in Rory, but the words are nothing more than the meaning of Yang Kai help, Yang Kai will not know?

Immediately said: “Martial Nephew, don’t worry, sit down and have a cup of tea, I will tell her.”

Yan Changdao gratefully glanced at Yang Kai: “There is a labor Martial Nephew. If you can accept this child as a disciple, the old man owes Martial Nephew a favor!”

Yang opened his eyes and laughed. “Let’s talk about it.”

7-Rank Open Heaven’s human feelings are not cheap. If there is such a human feeling before, when Void Land and Zuo Quanhui fight, why is it so hard, please go straight to the mountain, and all problems will be solved.

Not to mention that after the long road sat down again, Xu Linggong rushed to his side and squinted at him. The old road was too annoying. Yang Kai went straight down and came to the woman, let her sit down and take the child from her arms. Sitting next to her right hand.

Yang Kai has never embraced such a young child, seeing the baby music Hehe’s carefree smile, the clear reflection of the eyes of the people, the white tender and fat little hand, actually did not care about the meaning of love, inexplicably gave birth to an own Also have a thought to play.

Even if he is in his arms, Yang Kai did not see the characteristics of the natural path of the child. It is estimated that Xu Linggong is difficult to see clearly. Only the long way can be seen.

I asked the woman’s name and learned that she was Liu Caixia.

The ordinary name, the farmer’s consistent rough and simple style.

I also asked the child’s name, knowing that the name of the dead father before his death, Shi Dazhuang, with his father’s surname.

I asked the family’s demographics again, to make a living for what kind of life, and whether the days are hard or not.

Liu Caixia answered all of them one by one. Void Great Emperor asks, how dare she hide, not to mention the simple life of the farmer and there is nothing to hide.

After a few words, Liu Caixia was no longer cramped. Xu was found to be the big man in the face of tomorrow, but he was so approachable, but he was somewhat flattered.

This scene was seen in the eyes of a long road, but also a long sigh, the woman in the face of this 7-Rank, actually did not face Yang Kai respect, which made him go where to say.

“My Master Uncle said that there is no false exaggeration. His power, the world’s top, his own strength is also extremely powerful. It is a child’s honor to be a child. Cultivation, the future of the child is absolutely limitless.” Yang Kai teased the child while slowly talking to Liu Caixia.

Liu Caixia lowered her head and pinched the clothes, whispering: “The foolish woman knows.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “Do you know, why don’t you? Look at it. He really wants to collect this closed disciple. If not, with his ability to directly grab this child, I have no way to take him. “”

Liu Caixia did not answer.

Yang Kai said again: “It is indispensable to go to High Heaven Palace, but if you can get under him, you will have a thousand times benefit for your child.”

On the opposite side, the long road stretched out and shook hands, slightly decapitated, looking at Yang Kai’s expression with a hint of gratitude, Yang Kai persuaded that there is obviously no selfishness, and the words of Void Great Emperor, whom women admire, are undoubtedly better than His white-bearded old man with unknown origins is more weighty.

But at the next moment, the white beard’s old man’s beard was broken and he was cut off by his own.

Liu Caixia looked up and looked calm. “I still want to ask Void to accept this child into High Heaven Palace!”

The long jump of the foot, almost to smash a dead wood can not be carved.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and appease, softly asked: “Because the child’s father’s last words before his death?”

Liu Caixia nodded: “The foolish woman doesn’t understand too much reason, and she doesn’t know who is stronger. I only know that when I am married, there is only one willingness before the child dies. If the child is not eligible for cultivation, then he will go. His old road, grow up and grow up, find him a daughter-in-law, have children, work hard, go out early and return late, and it will pass like a lifetime, but if he can cultivate, he can only worship High Heaven Palace, otherwise he Suddenly, the foolish woman had no face to see him under Underworld.”

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