Martial Peak Chapter 4616

The woman is simple and simple in thinking, but she is convinced.

The child’s last will before her death is a big part of her heart, and she dares not to violate it anyway. So even if she knows that the old man with white beard is right, knowing that Void is really good for the child, it still does not. Change the original intention.

If the child is still alive, he can pull the truth together and let him change his mind. However, now that the child is already old, can’t you dig the grave?

What’s more, the dead can’t ask what is famous.

Yang Kai smiled and looked at the long road: “Master Uncle, forcibly picked melon is not sweet, or Master Uncle, bothering to find it again? My Star Boundary is sparsely populated, but now it is absolutely talented, maybe Master Uncle still Can find another suitable candidate.”

Yan Changdao slowly shook his head: “The natural way, how rare, the old man has never seen a thousand people in this world, but he has never seen anyone like this child, can’t find it.”

“How can that be good?” Yang Kai looked at him with a headache, patted the shackles in his arms. “The child’s last wishes can’t be violated. The deceased is big.”

Long road licked his lower lip and sighed long. As long as he knew this, he directly swept the child back to Free and Unfettered Paradise, and there would be so many troubles. I thought that own personally brought people over, let Yang open the face, and easily get a good child, who knows that the situation has evolved to this point, this is not enough, it is extremely uncomfortable.

“Or, Master Uncle stayed in my Star Boundary for a few more days, getting along with the children, waiting for the child to grow up, asking him what he meant?” Yang Kai kindly proposed.

The long road heard a word of light.

Liu Caixia whispered: “Children must also go to High Heaven Palace when they grow up!”

“You woman!” He vomited blood almost long.

Liu Caixia lowered her head and held the clothes in her hand: “If you can’t worship High Heaven Palace, your child will not be cultivation.” When he said, he would take the child from Yang Kaihuai, probably going home.

Yang Kai quickly stopped, and said: “By now, I will accept him into the High Heaven Palace. From today, he is the official discion of my High Heaven Palace.”

Liu Caixia’s hands were stiff in the air, her eyes were round, and she was stunned first, then she was ecstatic, her eyes were red, and she was grateful: “Thanks to Void, the children can know what they know under the spring.”

“Martial Nephew!” 虞 long road looked at Yang Kai with a sad look. “How do you… how can you do this?”

Doesn’t this understand the interception of Hu? Due to the relationship of Xu Linggong, I still have a lot of good feelings about Yang Kai, and now there is no such thing. Grab the future of the apprentice, equal to the broken old legacy, this is a great hate! Second only to killing the father and hating his wife!

When Yang Kai did not hear it, he turned to Hua Qingsi and said, “Look for a quiet place in the palace and let the children and mother live first.”

Also rushed to Liu Caixia: “The child is still small, you need to be cured, so you can stay at peace, wait a little longer and then cultivation is not too late.”

Liu Caixia is naturally grateful to Dade, and the mother relies on her son. She knows that from now on, she will not have to work as hard as ever.

Yang Kai also asked her that there are other people in her family. They don’t need to report to them. They only know that they have only their orphans and widows at home, but they also save trouble.

After Hua Qingsi led Liu Caixia’s mother and son to leave, Yang Kaicai turned his head and looked forward to the long road: “虞Master Uncle!”

虞 虞 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长 长

I have to go to the outside, and I am not easy to find an apprentice. I was actually robbed by Yang Kai. It was really a fire. I made up my mind and turned back to Yang. I took the child and the woman together. Go to Free and Unfettered Paradise and see if you are afraid to go to Free and Unfettered Paradise!

This disciple cannot be given to others.

Xu Linggong did not move, Yang Kai flashed in front of the long road, accompanied by a smile: “Master Uncle is angry, Martial Nephew is also forced to do so.”

虞 虞 道 斜 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 朝 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Yang Kai didn’t care, just smiled: “Master Uncle could it be that can’t see if it is retreat in order to advance?”

Long long frowning, he will be suspiciously staring at him.

Xu Linggong pulled him a hand: “This kid has been arrogant, but it is not a rude person. He must have the reason of own when he does this. He should sit down and listen to his explanation. If he can tell a ugly interpretation. It’s best to call him a bad gas if he can’t say it, and he won’t dare to fight back.”

He said: “You are the grandfather of Yin-Yang Heaven, I don’t dare to learn the lesson!” He wants to really do it, Xu Manzi, this short-guard guy is still not desperate to own.

Xu Linggong Hehe said: “Then I will hit him, and I will not be pleasing to the eye early.”

Yang opened his face: “Xu Gong, this is hurting.”

Xu Linggong hum hum.

After a long walk, I sat down again and looked at Yang Kai with a look.

Yang Kai took the following wording and said: “Master Uncle has also met, and the child’s mother is convinced that the child has a last wish before the end of her life. She will not violate it as she says, so no matter how good the outside is, the child will always return. It is necessary to enter High Heaven Palace, unless Master Uncle has the means to ask the child’s soul to ask.”

I don’t speak long, and I’m sullen.

Yang Kai Hehe smiled: “But even if I entered High Heaven Palace, I might not have the fate of Master and Disciple with Master Uncle.”

虞 long road long eyebrows pick: “How do you say this?”

Yang opened the model and shook his sleeves. A pair of to be able to cope with all eventualities: “I have a small suggestion, I can’t see Master Uncle. If you can, you can accept the child. In this way, the child’s willingness to die before the end of the life, and Master Uncle’s acceptance of the discipline, can be considered the best of both worlds.”

“Oh?” 虞 虞 道 顿 顿 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Yang opened his sleeves and bowed his body: “Small and daring, please ask Master Uncle to serve as my elder of High Heaven Palace Ancestor High Ranking Guest!”

Xu Linggong put the hand of the tea cup slightly stagnation, lifted his eyes and opened Yang, a pair of people who knew you were uneasy.

Behind Qingkui and Su Yingxue both opened their mouths and straightened Yang Kai as a man of heaven!

This… These proposals actually dare to say it? 7-Rank Open Heaven What is the status, a Sect have what skills and abilities of the world, even the Ancestor High Ranking Guest elders, it is just a passing sight.

You should know that these characters, such as the Long Road, are also the elders of the inner heavens in the major Cave Heaven Paradise. Can you watch the Ancestor High Ranking Guest like the High Heaven Palace?

Even if the entire High Heaven Palace is packaged, people may not have a glance.

虞 虞 虞 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ” , , ,

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue turned their heads toward him, and his face was incredible.

Yang Kaixi is on the brow: “Master Uncle, is this promised?”

虞 Long Road is not in a hurry to answer, silently said: “The old man must consider this matter.”

Yang Kai smiles and daggers: “No hurry, Master Uncle thinks about it. There are still many times around. Master Uncle can live more in my High Heaven Palace and weigh it carefully.”

虞 Long road dagger: “Well, I will go see the children first.”

“I will take Master Uncle.” Yang Kai took the initiative to ask, but was stopped by the long road: “No, the old man is going.”

A flash of body, then disappeared in place, so nervous, can see the weight of the child in his mind.

Yang Kai slightly relieved, and turned to see Xu Linggong looking at the owner with a smile.

“Xu Gong drinks tea!” Yang Kai greeted.

Xu Linggong chuckled: “The kid is digging a good pit, but the old man is willing to jump down.”

Yang Kai’s face was wronged: “Xu Gong can swear at me, and I just want to be a child’s parents.”

“瞎 瞎 !!” Xu Linggong shouted. “Maybe you didn’t have this idea at first, but after seeing the attitude of the woman and the old man, you dare to say that you haven’t moved your mind?”

Yang Kaiyi’s buttocks were on the chair next to him, squinting and whispering: “If you look at it, you can’t say it, it’s boring to say it, Xu Gong, you said yes.”

Xu Linggong hey hey smirked.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue looked down, as if they saw a big one and two small foxes licking their mouths.

Yang Kaixu has some concerns: “Can it be made?”

Xu Linggong smeared his mouth: “Ninety-eight is not separated, the old man has been looking for a suitable legacy for these years. Unfortunately, he did not want to do so. He never wanted to meet one here. How do you want him to let go? He wants to accept that. Apprentice, you have to be your Ancestor High Ranking Guest in High Heaven Palace, otherwise there is an identity collector? The kid is like a ghost, a baby will let you tie a 7-Rank Open Heaven, a profitable trade, and then Say, after the success of the cultivation, or the discipline of your High Heaven Palace, the old man is equal to making a wedding dress for others. No wonder your kid has not debuted for many years, but he can fight for such a big family business. I don’t know how many people have been pitted by you.”

Yang Kai’s face is right: “Xu Gong’s me, it’s my personality that I can have such a family business, and it has nothing to do with others.”

Xu Linggong did not accept his words: “But the old man has lived so much age, but it is not a recollection. It is not that he will never see through. Maybe he has already seen it through, but he is too lazy to care about it.”

Yang Kai does not have a dagger: “The high man has his own high-spirited style, and I can’t wait for the juniors. The kid is also a low-ranking and young age, and it is cheaper in front of the old man.”

“Let’s bet a little!” Xu Linggong slaps on his shoulder, and Yang Kai is suddenly short. “Boy, the old man is good, Lao Tzu? You are also the grandfather of Yin-Yang Heaven, not only can not be thick, but also have to A lot of words about Yin-Yang Heaven!”

Yang Kai busy said: “That is natural, or you can’t let the blue fellow apprentice for a moment to inform you.”

Xu Linggong smiled slightly: “The scorpion can teach!”

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