Martial Peak Chapter 4617

“虞Master Uncle wants to accept the child as a legacy, Xu Gong can it be that also accept the apprentice?” Yang Kai asked.

“Receive a fart!” Xu Linggong spit in a star, and his face looked like a painful look. “It’s enough to accept three apprentices in this life, and when you are a mother, pull a handful of urine and pull them big, Laozi. Don’t accept any more.”

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue are simultaneously eye-opening, thinking that when we both started, they are already in their teens. How can you say that such an exaggeration? Little Junior Sister Qu Huachang is a baby, but she is raised. Fellow apprentice sister, you are a genuine armor-flinging shopkeeper when you are a Honored Master.

Thinking in my heart, but I dare not say it.

Xu Linggong laughed: “But I don’t accept the apprentice. It doesn’t mean that I can’t collect some disciples for Yin-Yang Heaven. Your Star Boundary is now a talented person. The World Tree is also a mysterious, rooted here, let this world’s soulful show, World Tree’s aura wash Divine Soul and flesh and blood, the baby is not born is equal to the benefits of a cleansing, otherwise the general world of the world has so many top talents? In the eyes of Laozi, your little Star Boundary is everywhere Gold. Kid, you have to pull the tiger skin to make a big banner, can you prepare for the big opening of the lion?”

Yang Kai said leisurelyly: “If you are willing to give up, you will have a home, you will have your own treasures, and you will endless troubles.”

Xu Linggong appreciatively looked at Yang Kai: “When the green boy went back, he mentioned it to me. I like you very much. Today, Star Boundary is the piece of fat meat under the sun. You really want to hold it. The plan to eat a single food will be killed sooner or later! Which of the biggest Cave Heaven Paradise is not a savvy civet cat, the fat of this fat meat will spread out, they will naturally find it. You can see through this, open the door and take the initiative. It is really very human.”

Yang Kai’s face is serious: “Please ask Xu Gong for advice!”

Xu Linggong waved his hand: “As I told you before, you have a lot of talents here. Although I will not accept more people, but the high aptitude of the definition of which Cave Heaven Paradise will not be too much, look at 3000 Worlds, the major Cave Heaven Among the Paradise, Core Disciple, who can go straight to 6-Rank, can only appear once every thousand years. Like Qu Girl, every Cave Heaven Paradise has to spend a lot of energy and resources to cultivate. Of course, your kid is a freak. If it weren’t for those who blocked it, I was afraid that you could really go straight to 7-Rank.”

In this way, some of them regretted Yang Kai’s eyes.

Yang Kai smiled indifferently: “Beautiful Tree in the Forest, this is also very good, at least not to be carefully stared at by a pair of eyes, people who do not sleep well.”

Xu Linggong looked back at Qingkui and Su Yingxue, and pointed his hand to Yang Kaidao: “Let’s learn more about the open-mindedness of Junior Brother Yang. It is not easy for young people to have such a heart.”

Both Qing Kui and Su Ying Xue are simulantous daggers: “Honored Master is saying.”

Xu Gong sighed: “You don’t even blame the Cave Heaven Paradise for reaching too long. It’s really a bit of a slogan and a reason for not being outside. Let them be ashamed of any attempt to go straight to 7-Rank. Big enemy.”

Yang Kai frowned: “I heard that someone had straightened to 7-Rank before, and eventually achieved 9-Rank. As a result, there was an accident, and the 3000 Worlds that died killed blood.”

Xu Linggong seems to have considered it. This is just saying: “This is only one aspect. The specific reasons are not very good. You will know slowly later, and then you will naturally be clear.”

Yang Kai looked slightly moving, faintly aware that this matter also involved in what top secrets, but Xu Linggong did not say more, he did not ask.

“Tear away!” Xu Linggong waved his hand. “Speak back to you Star Boundary. Now that you open the door, Lao Tzu has invited many people to come as you wish. Now the few people who come here are just the first batch, and there are still many behind. When the news spreads, 108 top-ranking forces will come to Star Boundary. This fat and fragrant smell, I want to take a sip, full of oil. My Yin-Yang Heaven, since it is near the water, it will not be polite to you. I will be respectful.”

“Xu Gong please talk!” Yang Kai looked serious.

Xu Linggong’s fingers are light on the table, one word and one word: “Every hundred years, my Yin-Yang Heaven wants to collect ten people in Star Boundary. You may agree?”

The conditions are raised, but it is not a dialogue between the elders and the younger generations, but a dialogue between Yin-Yang Heaven and Void Land and Star Boundary.

“Ten people every hundred years!” Yang Kai was psychologically prepared, and also took a slight breath, and immediately smiled: “Yin-Yang Heaven is a family of ten, one hundred and eight, that is 1,080 people. How many talents can Star Boundary be born in a cycle of 100 years? Isn’t it going to be divided up by you? Can this fat meat Void Land still eat?”

Xu Linggong squinted at him: “How, the boy wants a bowl of water and flat, are you also the grandfather of their family?”

Yang Kaihey hey laughed: “That is not natural.”

Xu Linggong decisively said: “Give them a family every 100 years, they will laugh at the big teeth. Martial Dao is always in the same place. The same is true for the discipline. What do you do so? Let’s find one, and go straight to 7-Rank. More valuable than finding one hundred.”

Yang Kaishun climbed up the pole: “Since Xu Gong said this, Yin-Yang Heaven has one more, why should ten people!”

Xu Linggong only looked at him and did not speak.

Yang Kai bargaining: “Three people!”

Xu Linggong got up: “Little Xue’er, Green Boy, go home! My grandfather’s family is not good, I am annoyed! After returning, I told Qu Girl that this marriage is not finished, let’s regret it.”

“Ten people and ten people!” Yang Kai was busy pulling Xu Linggong down and calming down: “Just a joke, Xu Gong will take it seriously.”

Xu Linggong picked up the teacup, but there was no tea. Yang Kai was diligently pouring tea.

After sipping a cup of tea, Xu Ling’s words are long-lasting: “The kid thinks that you have suffered a big loss. You have to know that Star Boundary is now in its infancy. This is only the first generation. The next generation is influenced by World Tree. Young talents will be as much as the river, and can be promoted directly to 5-Rank 6-Rank. There are definitely not a few people, and there may even be people who are directly in the 7-Rank.”

Yang Kaixuan first said: “I know this naturally.”

“With so many talented people, you can only rely on your Void Land. Can you afford it?”

Yang Kai honestly replied: “Nature can’t afford it.”

“If you can’t afford it, then don’t delay their natural talent and send it to someone else’s home. They are from Star Boundary. No matter which of Heaven Heaven Paradise’s discipline, the root is always in Star Boundary, life and death are Star Boundary. People, when they wait for them to learn, and they are afraid that they will lose you Star Boundary? They, like the World Tree you planted there, will grow up and feed back.”

Yang Kai nodded: “Because of this consideration, I took the initiative to open the door. One is as Xu Gong said, pulling the tiger skin to make a big banner, and secondly, I want to find a suitable one for Star Boundary. Way out.”

“You can think of this layer, it is not easy!” Xu Linggong looked at Yang Kai with appreciation.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue also looked incredulously. Before Yang Kai asked Qing Kui to return to Yin-Yang Heaven to hear Xu Linggong, he thought that he just wanted to use his strength. No one had thought that he had thought so far.

If the poor children, brothers and sisters are too many, it is really not able to live, and even if they are parents, they can’t bear to reluctantly, and they can only choose to give away. At the time of the war and famine, how many other people who sell and sell women are really for those who make money? However, it is for the children who are about to starve to find a way to live, pitiful parents!

“You have this stand high and see far, then you can think about it again. One day, Star Boundary’s discipline spreads across the entire 3000 Worlds and can stand up in 108 Heaven Heaven Paradise. What will happen after talking about it?”

Yang opened his eyes and immediately released his eyes.

Xu Linggong patted his shoulder with a smile: “Think hard, there is that day, this little Star Boundary will be the center of the entire 3000 Worlds! Any Cave Heaven Paradise is inextricably linked to Star Boundary. Star Boundary If it is difficult, how many top powers come to guard?”

Yang Kai thought a bit: “As Xu Gong said, then I don’t need to bargain with those people, but should I actively cooperate?”

Xu Linggong smiled and said: “It’s too late. You said before, if this fat is for everyone else to eat, what do you eat with Void Land? Lightlooks at is not a thing, there is a degree, grasp it, hello me. Hello everyone, I don’t know well, there are always people who are going to suffer.”

Yang Kai nodded: “I understand, thank you Xu Gong for teaching.”

Paused, Yang Kai Hehe smiled: “I was still thinking, Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, Myriad Demons Heaven, I want to take a little bit of benefit from my Star Boundary. If they dare to come, they must leave their heads.”

“Now?” Xu Linggong looked at him.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “I treat it with courtesy. If they know each other, if they don’t know each other, they should also ask Xu Gong to help!”

Xu Linggong smacked his mouth: “The mouth is short, and the hand is soft, so let’s talk about it. I have already prepared for this time.”

Yang Kaiyan said: “Is it necessary to put some oil and water into other populations so that they can also work together?”

“That’s natural, but don’t worry, let them walk around and see more. The more you go, the more you look at it. The more you will get to Star Boundary, the easier it will be to bargain.”

“Xu Gong really raped the giant!” Yang Kai haha ​​laughed.

The laughter was slapped by Xu Linggong.

“I just told you that ten people are charged every hundred years, but it is one of the conditions, there is a condition!” Xu Linggong patted his sleeves.

Yang Kai said with a head: “Xu Gong please say, I am listening!”

“My Yin-Yang Heaven needs to build a dojo in Star Boundary. As a My Sect rudder, the local Laozi is chosen, rest assured, won’t grab the foundation, and will not do the bullying. The land… is 500,000 miles. Divide it, the cost of the materials built by the dojo will be borne by Yin-Yang Heaven own, you only need to allow that place to give me Yin-Yang Heaven!”

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