One day of discussion, no results, everyone scattered, repaired overnight, and continued on the second day.

Yang Kai retreats one step and promises to be a family of four people! The people are still not satisfied, continue to step by step! There is no smoke in the fierce battlefield, and many 7-Ranks are like those in the city.

Suddenly, the noisy voice in the hall subsided, and everyone was silent with the for a moment.

Yang Kai suddenly looked up at the Void and his eyes narrowed.

Waiting for many days, the coming is finally here.

When the arrival of the two people, the two powerful Internal Qi have been unbridled from the distance, and the entire Star Boundary seems to be screaming at this moment.

The two Internal Qis were probably in demonstrations, but they soon became awkward.

Just because they also didn’t expect, in the little Star Boundary, there are actually more than 30 status strengths no less than their high-rank Open Heaven, aware of this, two people are surprised and suspicious.

Xu Linggong gently said: “Since it is here, let’s talk down.”

The sound is not big enough, but it is enough to make the two people listen clearly.

The closed door of the main hall was opened, and the two figures descended from the sky. The magic of one person rolled over, and one person complexion was not angry.

With a glimpse of the hall, the two people’s expressions are all stunned. I really don’t understand why so many high-rank Open Heavens gather here. To say that it is an ambush of the two people, it is not reasonable or like, and it seems that there is something big happening.

Next to Xu Linggong, Yang Kai looked at the two uninvited guests indifferently. He knows both, one is the mystery of Myriad Demons Heaven, and the other is Yu Huan of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven.

At the end of the conference, the two people were present. The two people, as the foreign affairs of their respective Sects, have the power to deal with all external matters, and naturally show their appearances.

So many high-rank Open Heavens present are the elders of their respective Sects, many of whom have a foreign servant identity in their respective Sects.

“The distance is a guest, please take a seat!” Yang Kai said, and did not get up.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan looked at each other and their brows were wrinkled. They came here this time, naturally because of the Core Disciple falls under their respective doors.

It is the Core Disciple of 6-Rank, which is the talent that every Sect has to cultivate and is the mainstay of Sect’s future. Zhao Xing was killed, Zuo Quanhui did not hesitate to revenge the Thousand Cranes Paradise and also to avenge him, not only because of the Master and Disciple’s sentiment, but also largely inspired by the Thousand Cranes Paradise.

Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao, which identity is worse than Zhao Xing? That is the pride of the sky in their respective doors, and the future is expected to achieve the existence of 8-Rank.

In the past, such a character walks 3000 Worlds, who dares to provoke? However, this time it was both falls.

Myriad Demons Heaven was furious and Xuanyuan was furious.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huantong were dispatched for a moment. First, they went to Void Land. The imposing manner was to find Yang Kai to avenge the hanger-on disciple.

P dry and fat thief η look at the scallions. Color inlaid プ 饺 饺 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 セ骺嗫谄 セ骺嗫谄 胩欤湃昧 胩欤湃昧

The two people also used the Secret Technique to trace the traces, follow the traces, and rushed all the way to the big domain of Star Boundary.

Unexpectedly, I have seen the high-rank Open Heaven gathering.

When Yang opened the words, the two people’s eyes like swords and swords came in abruptly, and the pressure of 7-Rank Open Heaven was unreservedly crushed toward Yang Kai.

Yang Kaiduan can’t sit still!

Xu Linggong and the long-distance road that has been silently and quietly raise the eye.

Silent collision, the Internal Qi burst in the hall, a few snoring sounds at the same time.

Around the audience are astonished, looking forward to the pilgrimage, Yang Kai attacked, Xu Linggong shot to resist the excuses, after all, Yang Kai is the aunt of Yin-Yang Heaven, Xu Linggong will not protect him.

虞 道 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 忽 Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free In the end, I allowed him to look at the benefits of the long road.

“Do you both eat guns? Is it so angry?” Xu Linggong laughed at Hehe and looked at Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan.

Zhuo is not cold, and the magic is surging: “Know your knowledge!”

“Do not talk nonsense, if you want to fight, Laozi will accompany you, if you don’t fight, you will be obediently sitting, Boss’s predecessors, something is nothing to bully the juniors?” Xu Linggong snorted.

Zhuo is not angry, but Yu Huan suddenly smiled two times: “Zhuo brother, if you come, you will be safe!”

There are Xu Linggong here, they two people are afraid that for a moment can not kill Yang Kai’s, and it is better to wait for the opportunity, but also to pay attention to it, so many high-rank Open Heaven gathered in Here, what do you want to do?

He and Zhuo Group have not received any news.

Before I was seated, I couldn’t help but think of it before I watched it in Void and saw that towering giant tree…

It seems to be a bit like the World Tree recorded in the Ancient Book!

It’s only a sneak peek, and it’s too late to look at it carefully. Now that I saw so many high-rank Open Heavens, the suspicion was confirmed.

You know, without the benefits of Tianda, how can you bring so many high-profile people together?

The short-term storm subsided, Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan were simultaneous, and the round table had a spare position, and there was no need to make more arrangements.

Noisy continues!

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan’s nephew were slowly full of shock.

When I first came, they really didn’t know how to gather here to do anything, but after listening to it for a while, I wonder if they are here to divide a huge fat?

The towering giant tree that was only seen by that side is really World Tree, and because of World Tree, this small Small Universe called Star Boundary is a talented person, and the talented people are not sure.

And the owner of this fat meat is actually Yang Kai who they want to kill!

The two people are all sinking, if so, can this Yang Kai kill?

The so-called eating mouth is short, and the hand is soft. Once everyone is allowed to negotiate, these people will certainly not sit and watch them.

At this point, Zhuo Buqun sneered, interrupting the noise of everyone: “A group of high-rank Open Heaven is actually being pinched by a hairy boy, you are not too shameful?”

Xu Linggong smiled at Hehe and looked at him: “What do you think?”

Zhuo Buqun does not hide the murderous intention of own: “He is dead, no one is pinning you! What’s more, a middle-rank Open Heaven, what qualifications are there to talk to me about what conditions!”

Yang Kai faintly said: “My middle-rank Open Heaven killed Zuo Quanhui, I can kill you!”

Zhuo Buqun’s face sinks: “Is Pei Wenxuan also killing you?”

Yang Kai knocked on the table: “Zhu elders, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, then you can’t talk nonsense, you know that the eyes saw me kill Pei Wenxuan!”

Zuo Quanhui died in his hands. He can admit that he is a traitor to Qianhe Paradise. Qianhe Paradise has no position to seek revenge. On the contrary, he would like to thank him for cleaning up the portal for his own.

The death of Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao is not recognized in any way, otherwise the Void Land is placed on the fire.

What’s more, the two people did not die in his hands, so Yang Kai said that this face is not red.

After a pause, Yang Kai continued: “To be qualified, I am the Great Emperor here, this is my territory. Is this qualification enough?”

“Great Emperor is a shit thing!” Zhuo was dismissive.

Yang Kai reached out and said: “Since Zhuo elders are very prejudiced to me, please leave, my Star Boundary does not welcome you!”

Zhuo Buqun naturally will not leave like this. If it is gone, it will be a fool. After a cold cry, there will be no more words, and the skin is as thick as a wall.

Xu Linggong jumped out and played round: “Well, I have to say a few words, I am still negotiating things, I have to be noisy.” Turning head and rushing Yang Kaixun replied: “You are also a boy, a long elder, buried Half-necked, what to do with him.”

“Xu Gong’s lesson is.” Yang Kai was a gentleman and gentleman.

Zhuo Buqun closes eyes, only when he can’t hear the sarcasm of Xu Linggong’s discourse, his eyes are not bothered.

Yang Kaisheng sounded: “Every hundred years, every family of five, this is my limit. If you agree, then continue to talk. If you do not agree, there is no need to talk about it.”

The hall was silent and no one answered.

Although the five people have a double of the difference between Yin-Yang Heaven’s ten players, it is indeed the limit of Yang Kai’s. He doesn’t know how many talents Star Boundary can emerge after a few generations, but there are so many talents that there are always too many top talents.

Let the 108 forces divide hundreds of places, leaving nothing to Void Land.

Let the people digest a little, Yang Kai continued: “Of course, as compensation, I would like to let you build a branch road in my Star Boundary, each 500,000 miles, except World Tree, and Star Boundary. The existing Sect address, other places let you choose, the younger generation will never interfere.”

This is also the tone that Xu Linggong set with him before. At this moment, there is no doubt that there is great temptation and attraction.

If you have your own rudder field, it means you can find someone from outside to train Star Boundary cultivation. If you start from a baby or an unborn child, you may not be able to get the talent you want, and you are not affected by the number of people. limits.

It is because the original people are still somewhat unsatisfied with each of the 100-year-olds. They are ready to bargain with Yang Kai to see if this kid can loosen some of his mouth. At this moment, he has also seen his words.

Luo shy said a fair word: “It’s not bad!”

Most of them are slightly decapitated, and the rest are also defaulted.

When Yang Kai saw it, he did not hesitates. “That’s the way it is. In addition to being in addition to Yin-Yang Heaven, every family can get five people from my Star Boundary in the next 100 years, and choose 500,000 miles to build a dojo. rudder!”


Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan looked at each other and frowned slightly. Yang Kai did not exclude Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, but they also counted them, both in the expectation of two people and unexpectedly by two people.


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