Unexpectedly, if Yang Kairu really excludes the two Cave Heavens, it will be an endless situation in the future. Counting them at this moment may not mean a little compensation.

Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao are dead, but if the two great Cave Heavens can find good seedlings in Star Boundary, after hundreds of thousands of years, there may not be more than a few Core Disciples who can go straight to 6-Rank.

In addition to the accident, Yang Kai is so simple and succinct, they have to be a little bit difficult.

By negotiating the number of people, the rest is simple. Yang Kaizhao proposed the conditions of Star Boundary. Each selected folder needs a set of 6-Rank resources or equivalent to compensate.

This requirement is not excessive, and everyone is happy to accept it. There is no bargaining.

Then I talked about World Tree and World Fruit. Yang Kai didn’t make any mentions. It was only one day when World Tree blossomed. Everyone would sit down and discuss it later.

Everyone probably thinks that it is not appropriate to discuss these things at this time, and they will agree quickly.

No need to sign any contract, sitting in more than 30 high-rank Open Heaven, representing the face of Sect behind each other, their words are the biggest guarantee.

After a difficult negotiation, it lasted for three days and three nights, and finally the dust settled. As for what kind of disciplines the major forces should collect, and where to build their own rudders, that is their own thing, to Just say hello to the High Heaven Palace, which is the star of the Star Boundary. It’s not a problem.

Yang Kai finally said: “This time, it is limited to Star Boundary! Here, except for Star Boundary, all of them are owned by High Heaven Palace, and outsiders are not allowed!”

“Nature!” everyone nodded.

Xu Linggong sneaked a blank eye, and Yang Kai was bullied by a new field that they did not know to cross the domain door of Star Boundary 500,000. If they knew this, would they be so refreshed?

Although many people saw the domain door, they did not care too much, and only when the domain door led to a known large domain.

However, this kind of thing is not concealed for a long time. When these high-rank Open Heavens are taken out, it is natural to be aware of the clues. However, with today’s Yang Kai’s conclusion, plus the benefits of each family from Star Boundary. I am afraid I am embarrassed to fight with Yang Kai for nothing.

The resources of a new big field are rich, but the foundation of the big Cave Heaven Paradise is so arrogant that it may not be willing to be entangled with Yang Kai because of this. If it is because of this, Yang Kai is not worth the candle.

After the discussion, everyone immediately dispersed, and even Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan disappeared. They just entered the hall when they came here. They still don’t understand the situation of Star Boundary. At this moment, they are going to personally check. Explore it.

Most of the rest are choosing to build their own rudders and dojos. The voter is not in a hurry. As Xu Linggong said before, World Tree has begun to take off, but it has obvious effects and it will take several generations. If you look at the natural path of the proper old legacy, you can’t ask for it.

Of course, if you really encounter a very talented and extremely excellent discipline, they don’t mind accepting it. Anyway, you can charge five people every 100 years. Star Boundary, the cradle of Open Heaven Stage, is destined to be continuously transported to 3000 Worlds. A variety of talents.

The news here is estimated to be spread to the entire 3000 Worlds in a short time. At that time, those who have not participated in the meeting will definitely send people to come, but there are ready-made examples in the past, and the latecomers can do things according to the rules. .

Comparing those who have not come to Star Boundary’s Cave Heaven Paradise, the only advantage of the more than 30 participants is that you can choose the best boundaries of Star Boundary, and rule! There is no difference in other treatments.

“Don’t look at the past?” The long road suddenly came to Xu Linggong, two people were running in Star Boundary, Xu Linggong got a good place, is looking into the surrounding environment, ready to build Yin-Yang Heaven here. Dojo.

This place is South Territory, the site of the Azure Sun Temple. When the Great Demon God was destroyed by Star Boundary and South Territory, Azure Sun Temple had to abandon Sect Foundation and retreat to High Heaven Palace under the leadership of the owner, Wen Zishan.

Later, the Great Emperor teamed up to kill Great Demon God, and Wen Zishan saw this place because of the fragmentation of the war, the Spiritual Vein broke, and then found a reconstruction of Azure Sun Temple.

Without the backing of World Tree, the place is still in ruins and desolate.

However, under the circumstance of World Tree, the Spiritual Vein renewed, the spiritual energy was full, the large green trees grew up, and the mountains fell, which is a rare Paradise for a world.

Xu Linggong grinned and said: “You haven’t followed the past?”

Long Road frowned: “He is your grandfather of Yin-Yang Heaven, what should I do if there is an accident? The two are high-rank Open Heaven, join hands, how does Yang Kai resist?”

Xu Linggong did not care: “You are still his Highces Palace’s Ancestor High Ranking Guest, you don’t care about his life and death, what do I care.”

“Don’t you go?” He was surprised.

“If he is a blessed person, it is reasonable to have such a robbery. Even if he is protected for a while, he can’t protect him for a lifetime. If he is rich in blessings, he can be ruined.” Xu Linggong unperturbed, “And there are things that he must go to face.” Right once, otherwise it will be endless.”

He looked at him with a long frown. He didn’t know what medicine he was selling in the bottle gourd. He shook his head and said, “You don’t forget, I am going.”

In a word, it turned into a flowing light and went straight into the sky.

Xu Linggong was still in the place in the place. For a while, he took a look at the direction of the long road, but quickly recovered his eyes and said: “Qingkui.”

He has been standing in his behind silently, Qingkui holding a fist: “Honored Master.”

“After returning to Yin-Yang Heaven, and teaching you how to arrange this place, how to arrange it, all by the master!”

“Yes!” Qing Kui responded with a sigh of relief.

Xu Linggong carrying his hands and standing on the foothills, suddenly chuckled: “The old man is on the thief boat.”

North Territory, snow and ice, wrapped in silver. At the top of Snow Mountain, Yang Kai took a green robe and stood tall.

Star Boundary is now surprisingly unpredictable. One hundred and eight forces are destined to gather here. As Star Boundary Great Emperor, he has to deal with a lot of things.

And it is imperative to expand the population base of Star Boundary!

A battle with Great Demon God, Star Boundary loss of life, ten rooms and nine empty, although a hundred years of cultivation, but did not recover much, large areas of land no one smoke, in the past, the city is also a lot of doors, more is a desolate scene.

All major forces must be recruited from Star Boundary. Yang Kai can even foresee that after the news spread to 3000 Worlds, except for the top 108 forces, the remaining second-class forces will certainly smell like The scent of cats, in general, flocked to see if they could find a chance to steal some.

Yang Kai will not stop, ready to listen to it.

Xu Linggong has a good saying, Star Boundary talents will be in the future 3000 Worlds, how will it be a grand scene?

And if you want Star Boundary to create more talents, you need to have a population basis for Huge, and encourage fertility to be realized.

Star Boundary alone can’t fill this huge gap in a short time. Fortunately, there are many worlds in the new world. The Martial Dao is in a downturn, and it is not possible to migrate some people from the world. problem!

The matter has been handed over to Yue He to co-ordinate, and when he migrates, he will personally take the shot.

After all, his Small Universe has been simplistic and can accommodate the living. Others have no such ability. The migration of hundreds of millions of creatures is a huge project. Only when he uses Small Universe to accommodate it, is it easy.

Xu Linggong and Yan Changdao can also help, but Yang Kai is not prepared to let anyone other than Void Land and High Heaven Palace enter the new big field, only the own is harder.

The cold wind of the cold has become more and more piercing, and the infinite murderous intention suddenly arises between heaven and earth.

The two flowing lights seem to come from outside the sky, and they contain a terrible world of great power, and they are directed at Yang Kai, which stands at the top of Snow Mountain.

The long road to hide in the darkness sighed, and the two guys finally couldn’t resist it. Although Yang Kai had already given them a share of the suspicion, it was enough to make up for the loss of Core Disciple falls under their door, but they did have Have to take the position and reason.

Just as the long road was going to come out, and when Yang Kai stopped the two attacks, the entire Star Boundary suddenly screamed, as if the sleeping dragon was rolled over, the thunder and lightning in the heavens and the earth, the thick and disproportionate world. Weili recovered, and it was brought to the youth of the green robe.

6-Rank Open Heaven’s imposing manner is pulled up at an incredible speed, pulled up, and then pulled up.

Blinking through 7-Rank, still no stagnation!

In the meantime, Yang Kai of the 6-Rank Open Heaven scene has a 7-Rank peak, and it seems that the 8-Rank is only a line!

The long road breathed a stagnation, and shouted: “Heaven and earth borrow!”

When I suddenly reacted, why did Xu Manzi know that Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan would secretly start, and still did not care.

It turned out that he decided that Yang Kai had the power to fight back! The ridiculous own also ran across and secretly guarded.

There are not many forces that can be used by the leisure world. How many worlds can the small Small Universe world have? However, Star Boundary is also an ordinary world comparable to the world.

When Yang Kai first borrowed power from the world, if the Great Emperor who had to be promoted to 6-Rank would help, it would be difficult to reach the threshold of 7-Rank.

But this time, even without the help of the Great Emperor, it is easy to break through 7-Rank and go straight to Peak.

There is only one explanation for this situation. Today’s Star Boundary is able to make Yang Kai’s strength have such a terrible leap after borrowing, compared to the numerous times that day.

In the heavens and the earth, Yang Kai raised a gun, a black-haired flying, a shirt hunting, and the falling snow in a million miles instantly stagnate in the air, as if it were frozen.

In the loud bang, the two divine abilities from the hands of high-rank Open Heaven broke away instantly.

Yang Kai Internal Qi swayed, driving the power of the 7-Rank peak with 6-Rank, and laughed loudly: “Come and not be indecent!”

Raise the gun! Snowflakes that stagnate in the air have burst open, turning into murderous intentions that are invisible to the naked eye, stirring millions of squares.

There are two faint sighs.

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