From beginning to end, Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan, who secretly shot in the dark, did not show up. Yang Kai did not want to kill them. It was just a fight against them and they stopped.

Wind and Cloud swells, Star Boundary, two huge cracks in the sky, no matter where you are in Star Boundary, you can see clearly.

The crack slowly opened, slowly expanding, and it was a huge pair of scorpions, as if there was a godhead who was invisible.

The double-hooking overlays of the world, so that Star Boundary billions of souls can not help but give birth to a kind of imperial impulse, it is now more than 30 high-rank Open Heaven in Star Boundary, not to frown, feel pressure, Unconsciously stopped standing and looked up.

The eyes are smiling, and the eyes are like saying, this is my site, whoever dares to let me fight!

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan were shocked and stunned, and the scorpion fled, and the scorpion always stared at them, letting them look like nothing, and the murderous intention that was locked on them was like the chain of the soul-locking. Neck, let them breathe a little.

The expression of the two people is full of grief.

He once thought that the 6-Rank Open Heaven could climb to the peak of 7-Rank in an instant, and here is the Star Boundary. The time and place are monopolized by the youth. Even if they are desperate, they may not be well-rounded.

The huge eyes in the air seemed to look at them so quietly, like a cat looking at two mice that broke into their own granary, full of drama.

At the top of Snow Mountain, Yang Kai gently closes his eyes.

The huge eyes in the sky also slowly converge.

Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan slammed into a cliff in the cliff, simultaneous sitting cross-legged, wiping away fresh blood, cold wind blowing, behind a wet.

The two people are all looking at each other and they are all worried.

For a moment, Zhuo Buqun was sullen and sullen: “8-Rank doesn’t come out, I’m afraid there is no way to take this kid.”

Yu was so sullen and sighed: “I still know him, not deceiving too much.”

If Yang Kai insists on being embarrassed with them, today is bound to have a deadly battle. Perhaps Yang Kai’s final result will not be too good, and they two people must die at least.

However, although Yang Kai borrowed the power of the heavens and the earth, he only slightly warned one or two to close his hand. When he saw it, he asked them to retreat. They did not want to completely tear the skin with the two big Cave Heavens.

And today’s event, under the joint witness of more than 30 high-rank Open Heaven, even if someone talks about it in the future, no one will say that Yang Kai’s is not. Instead, he should praise him for his general knowledge and know the overall situation.

Contrast, the secret shot of the big bully and the sinister despicable.

“This dumb loss, you and I are both set to eat.” Zhuo group is as gloomy as water.

Although they speculated that they also believed that the members Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao under the door were all dead in Yang Kai, but no one saw it.

If in the past, the two big Cave Heavens had to avenge their respective disciples, why should they have too much evidence, a little suspicion would be enough to shoot, and who would dare to say something?

But now Star Boundary has World Tree, which is destined to become the focus of the entire 3000 Worlds, and Yang Kai, who is Star Boundary Great Emperor, has the qualification to be on an equal footing with them, and has a wheel with their back Sect. Capital.

If you are desperate to go to Yang, you will have to be blamed and blocked by other Cave Heaven Paradise.

Otherwise, in the status of two people, why do you need to steal this way today? Directly Guangming Zhengda found Yang Kai, killing him is.

It is expected that the kid will use the power of the heavens and the earth to climb the strength to the peak of 7-Rank, and let the two people eat a small loss.

This is still the second, and Yang Kai is not too embarrassed for them. It is just a slap in the face.

However, Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao two people are afraid that it is really dead. There is no evidence, and if Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuantian want to benefit from Star Boundary in the future, they will not mention this again, otherwise they will find it unhappy.

This is a tacit understanding of each step, and everyone still knows it.

At a glance, the two people sighed, a core 6-Rank disciple’s falls, saying that it is not heartbreaking that it is a fake, in the past, this kind of loss can not be said to be hurt, but it is not small.

However, if you can find some good seedlings from Star Boundary, you can’t make up for it. It’s just that the bad smell is always difficult to swallow.

At the top of Snow Mountain, Yang opened his knees and fluttered, and the snow fluttered around him, forcing his heart to murderous intention. If possible, how can he easily let go of Zhuo Buqun and Yu Huan two people? As he said before Xu Linggong, if the two people came, he would treat him with courtesy. If he knew each other, if he did not know each other, he would naturally have done a good job.

Let them participate in the conference and let them take a slice at Star Boundary, that is the Yang Kai’s ceremony.

But the two of them are still secretly shot. If Yang Kai is really just an ordinary 6-Rank, Star Boundary is just an ordinary world, and the two 7-Rank secretly start, how can they survive?

At that moment, Yang Kai could not help but give birth to the idea of ​​killing.

However, if it is really to fight, Star Boundary can’t bear it, and many high-ranks will never sit back and watch. When they step in, the dispute will only disappear, but the wicked person will be done in vain.

Suddenly, some envy Wu Kuang, this guy, all in one, no help, no pleasure, who cares about others?

But I ask myself, if it is like Wu Kuang, is it really happy? Since ancient times, one person has been alone, and the shape is only a single image. It is like a rootless wood, a passive water, and it flows with the waves.

Wu Kuang this kind of, he can’t do it, it seems that there is nothing to envy.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, opened his eyes, and returned the power of the world he borrowed. The cultivation level quickly dropped 6-Rank from the 7-Rank peak.

Facing one direction, gently beggar thank you.

The long road that hides the shape of aura over there, smiled, pulled back, and returned to High Heaven Palace to tease the baby named Shi Dazhuang.

Shi Dazhuang is too small to be born for only a few months. Naturally, it cannot be cultivation. However, the long road will replace his warm and nourish meridians with his own cultivation level every day, once every three hours, four times a day, once and without interruption.

However, the old man not only did not have the slightest trouble, but he was as sweet as it was, so that the mother of the stone, Liu Caixia, was very unwilling.

Although it didn’t take long to live in High Heaven Palace, she also knew that this old man was an incompetent person, a tall man who was even taller than Void.

Despicable characters, born children have to be so valued by others, Liu Caixia always has a feeling of unreality, always feel that something went wrong. If the child can’t reach the expectations of the old man when he grows up, how can he be cultivated like this?

However, the old man is extremely satisfied with Shi Dazhuang.

The only dissatisfaction is the child’s name. The stone is strong and strong, and there is a countryman aura. If you listen, you will not be tempted. Think about the future cultivation of the child. When you go out and experience the name, you will have some for him. Feeling embarrassed.

It was proposed to change the name of the child and was strongly rejected by Liu Caixia. It is said that the name is from the time the child is dying, and it must not be changed. Otherwise, it is a big filial piety!

The old man counts the censorship of this woman, and immediately makes a name, but it does not change. When you turn back and make a name for the enemy, you will definitely weaken the imposing manner, and perhaps it will be taken lightly.

What makes Liu Caixia a little gratified is that Da Zhuang’s child seems to be extremely involved with the old Mister. In the past few days, even the old mother’s family didn’t want much. As long as the old Mister appeared, he rushed into his arms. Only when I am hungry will I remember the mother of own.

This makes the road longer and more gratifying!

High Heaven Palace deliberately cleaned up a Spirit Peak and let the mother and son of Liu Caixia stay, and their own disciples send fresh food to the mountains every day. They don’t have to worry about anything in life, but look at the long road. Probably to stay in High Heaven Palace, he will teach him cultivation at High Heaven Palace before Shida Zhuang is promoted to Open Heaven.

Once I flew to the branches and turned into phoenixes, I said that this child is a big child. High Heaven Palace has a lot of disciples to hear about this, and they are envious.

Among the Star Boundary, within the Spiritual Mountain big river, it is also a lively place in the mountains and forests that have never been seen before.

As time went by, the rudders and dojos of the major Cave Heaven Paradise gradually formed.

After more information, Cave Heaven Paradise sent his own foreign affairs to Star Boundary.

High Heaven Palace specially arranged a place to receive these strong people from Cave Heaven Paradise, but when someone comes, they will tell the agreement of the high-rank Open Heaven, and then explain the situation of Star Boundary.

For a Sect in a world of hustle and bustle, even if it is the Sect in charge of the world, these Cave Heaven Paradise people will not be in the eye, naturally will not believe in High Heaven Palace.

But with a little more exploration, you can learn that High Heaven Palace is true.

I went to find an old friend who knew me and asked about the situation. After investigating the more than 30 forces that had built the rudder field in Star Boundary, the people could not sit still.

Although the size of the Star Boundary is not small, if it is a good place for the others to take up, there is less room for choice.

Immediately explore the Star Boundary four fields and find the right venue.

Hua Qingsi had some concerns, and those who later would not agree with the outcome of the deliberation. If they did not agree, there might be some disputes.

No matter how many Crawford Paradise Chibi has come, no one has any objections. This is what I believe before Yang Kai said that the 30 or so representatives who participated in the proceedings first represented not only their respective Sects, but also representatives. All of Cave Heaven Paradise, the things that they negotiated together, naturally won’t have any problems.

Next to the World Tree, there are always people waiting to see, even if it is the high-rank Open Heaven high-ranking people who come and go like the wind, they have only seen the records of World Tree in the Ancient Book, they have never seen it with their own eyes. Very.

And the star of the Star Boundary is also amazing for everyone.

Yang opened up the Great Emperor for this world, and it is no longer a secret to take advantage of the power to raise his strength to the peak of 7-Rank. As a result, no matter which high-rank recognizes Yang Kai has the qualification to be on an equal footing with them. .

At the very least, within Star Boundary!



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