Martial Peak Chapter 465

What’s more, in the battle with people, once the world of Small Universe is turbulent, it is very likely that it will cause natural disasters and man-made disasters, and let the souls living in it die and suffer.

So 7-Rank Open Heaven is cautious about keeping alive in its own Small Universe. It’s one thing to be qualified to do this. It’s another thing to do it.

Zuo Quanhui does not have any living creatures in the world of own Small Universe. He is also self-aware. 7-Rank Open Heaven is not equal to invincible. Instead of wasting time and energy, it is better to honestly refine Open Heaven Pill.

However, as a 7-Rank, Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe world is indeed virtualized.

At this moment, Yang Kai is in the world of the Small Universe of Zuo Quanhui!

Before Yang Kai, thousands of Void Land’s Open Heaven Stages were brought from Void Territory to the big domain where Star Boundary was located, and they were collected into the own Small Universe.

However, the method of storage requires the cooperation of others. The recipients cannot have the idea of ​​being too resistant. Otherwise, even if Yang Kai can accommodate it, he will have to spend more power.

Zuo Quanhui used obviously not the same method, because Yang Kai did not feel any power of ingestion.

He directly sacrificed the world of the Small Universe of his own, spread it down, and the world of Small Universe was covered, and everything was accommodated.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall what Proprietress had told him before he retired, including the 7-Rank Open Heaven offering his own Small Universe!

Proprietress said that once high-rank Open Heaven did this against the enemy, it meant that he really had to fight hard, which is also the most powerful means of high-rank Open Heaven, and each high -rank Open Heaven’s trump card.

Because in their own Small Universe world, they dominate everything, just as Yang Kai dominated Mysterious Small Boundary.

Therefore, after seeing that Zuo Quanhui actually sacrificed his own Small Universe, Yang Kai was surprised and happy.

The shock is that Zuo Quanhui is a bit big to play. I am afraid that it is really going to be with the owner. I am happy that if I can crack this game, Zuo Quanhui will die!

This is a crisis and an opportunity!

Yang Kai took a deep breath, immersed in the mind, carefully recalling every sentence that Proprietress had said before retreating.

More than a dozen 6-Rank Open Heaven besieged a reinvented Zuo Quanhui, he knew that he couldn’t help, so he did not hesitate to sacrifice his own Small Universe. He didn’t know the risk of doing so. No choice.

In this way, by arranging the people in their own Small Universe, he can control the battle more easily, and at the very least, let the Void Land disperse and let them fight for each other.

Just like Yang Kai was alone at the moment, the other people were still in the side of their own, but now they have disappeared.

But there are huge risks in doing so.

In the end, he sacrificed the Small Universe and dropped it. He could only work on the small Inner Universe and could not interfere with the outside world. In other words, the world of Small Universe he had made became a fixed one. Targets, if someone attacks from outside, he can’t even resist, and can only bear passively.

Secondly, the inclusion of more than a dozen 6-Rank Open Heaven in the Small Universe of the owner is a huge risk. All the damage caused by Yang Kai and others in the Small Universe will damage the foundation and foundation of Zuo Quanhui. Damage damage from within the Small Universe is extremely threatening.

If it is not forced, which high-rank Open Heaven is willing to use this means?

Therefore, Zuo Quanhui is obviously poor!

Yang Kai is also sure that he not only has his own income, but Void Land’s more than a dozen 6-Rank Open Heaven have never let go. After all, everyone has not stood too far before, and Zuo Quanhui has to guard against them. Will launch an attack from the outside world!

At this point, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laughed and laughed: “Zuo Quanhui, you can really be the next stinking chess! You are not dead today, who is dead?”

No longer hesitate, when the words fall, they will drink a low voice. In the roar of the dragon, the body suddenly expands. The little man directly turns into three thousand feet, and the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand also becomes a giant gun.

Pushing the power of his own world, Yang Kai shot a bang, the power of violent venting, and the sky was broken.

Since this place is Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe world, there is no need to worry too much, just to display the most powerful means of own, and to destroy it.

You don’t have to find Zuo Quanhui’s figure. In this world, he comes and goes freely, that is, Yang Kai is proficient in the Space Principle, and may not be able to grasp his trace.

Zuo Quanhui is not in any place, but he is omnipresent. Any damage caused to the world here can cause him a certain degree of damage.

What he can do at the moment is to do his best to involve Zuo Quanhui’s energy. If Zuo Quanhui has 10% strength, he has to involve at least 60%, so Zuo Quanhui has no more energy to deal with Void Land’s other 6-Rank Open Heaven.

After all, not everyone is as strong as him. If Zuo Quanhui is trying his best to deal with one of them, others will be hard to resist.

The earth cracked, and a huge gully spread like a spider web, and even a small Void crack cracked in the air that day.

Yang Kai swayed his own strength. Regardless of whether or not he asked, the Space Principle was surging, and every shot was stabbed. There was a huge black ball on the tip of the gun, which turned into a black hole and swallowed everything.

This trick collapses Secret Technique, which is used to destroy other Small Universe, is the best fit.

Cooperating with his huge dragon body today, after dozens of guns down, the vast space has been fragmented. Unexpectedly, Zuo Quanhui did not have a counterattack.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth coldly: “Dare to ignore me? Zuo Quanhui, you are so bold!”

So far, no obstacles have been encountered. Obviously, Zuo Quanhui did not pay attention to him. Zuo Quanhui also knows that among the many 6-Ranks of Void Land, Yang Kai has the strongest strength, and surpass has a large 6-Rank. He wants to kill him with three strokes and two strokes.

Therefore, his intentions are obvious. First, solve other people, and then slowly call Yang Kai this hard bone.

Can Yang Kai be as he wishes? Here he is doing the most damage possible, that is, to involve Zuo Quanhui’s attention. The more Zuo Quanhui pays attention to him, the safer others will be.

Golden Crow humming, golden day jumped out, followed by a round of silver color cold moon, alternating sun and moon, gold and silver two-color flow, Time Principle pervasive.

The sun and the moon are coming out again!

Don’t worry about being dragged or shunned by Zuo Quanhui. Here is the inside of his Small Universe. He is omnipresent, so he can’t hide!

Yang Kai was originally expensive, and the surplus was not enough to display the Sun and Moon. However, after serving the next low-rank World Fruit, he immediately became alive and well, and this was successfully implemented.

The strange power of time and space permeates, wherever the gods pass, everything is crystallized, not only the physical earth, but also the empty sky, and the power of the air is frantically Spreading around, where it spreads, where it becomes a crystallized world, it looks beautiful, but it contains infinite murderous intention.

The power of the surrounding world suddenly surged, turning into a divine force attack, and the face of the skull was intercepted by the moon.

Zuo Quanhui not only took Void Land to everyone’s Small Universe, but he wouldn’t sit still. Yang Kai Riyue was out of the wheel. He even reluctantly tried to intercept.

He was poisoned by the power of the air at that time, and he knew the horror of this strange power. He let Yang Kai Shi, and this time, even if he was lucky enough to escape from birth, he would have to lose a lot.

The endless divine ability Secret Technique, overwhelming, Zuo Quanhui has such a power between the thoughts, the Small Universe dominates this place, has its own convenience.

It took a lot of effort to completely stop the Moon Wheel, but it was already a mess in the battlefield. The strange forces of time and space pervaded and eroded the Small Universe.

Zuo Quanhui had to mobilize more power to block the suppression of this time and space, and then slowly eliminate the hidden dangers after the end of the war.

On the other side, the gray bone is a cool sweat in the stood in place, the forehead is a little red, and the fresh blood slides down the nose.

At that moment, he thought that he was going to die, but he didn’t know why the murderous intention of the murderous intention was greatly reduced, which allowed him to live his life.

The faint guess is that other people have involved the energy of Zuo Quanhui, and they have inadvertently saved the life.

Do not dare to delay, quickly urging the amount of power, destroying everything visible around.

Since Yang Kai knows that this place is Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe world, other people will naturally not be clear, especially the gray bones and other people this kind of old 6-Rank, even if they have not competed with 7-Rank Open Heaven, their unique means It is also familiar.

Like the gray bones, Luan Baifeng swims like a snake, never staying in one place, lest it be stared at by Zuo Quanhui.

She held a Forming Plate in her hand and kept going out. After the Formation Plate was fired, each and everyone Killing Formation broke out and vandalized everything.

Not much longer, the Forming Plate, which has accumulated for a thousand years, is exhausted and can’t be distressed.

Since she was included in the Loyalty List by Yang Kai, her accumulated Forming Plate has been consumed almost one after another. Previously, the large area of ​​Star Boundary used a number of Imagination Formation Confusing Formation’s Formation Plate, and now the Formation Plate of Killing Formation. Also close to none.

The accumulated family’s eyes are empty.

Darkly worried, after waiting to go out alive this time, Yang will be ten times more than 100 times to compensate for own.

Mao Zhe, Yan Qing, Zhou Ya, Hua Yong, Shu Mudan, Qing Kui, Su Yingxue, Mo Mei, Yue He, each of them are scattered, but they are all in the same powerful way of attacking their own.

Small Universe The world is in turmoil, the world is in turmoil, and it is the cultivation level of 7-Rank Open Heaven. It is also tired of coping with distraction.

A magical tumbling figure stands on top of a mountain. After entering this Small Universe, Wu Kuang perceives everything with his eyes.

Surrounded by awe-inspiring world power, it is like a delicious meal, with a tempting aroma!

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