Martial Peak Chapter 466

“Left Master Uncle is so hospitable, then Martial Nephew is not polite to you!” Wu Kuang snorted and sat down, and the Heavens Devourer Battle Law spurred himself to become a bottomless pit. Weili madly rushed toward him.

In a very short period of time, Wu Kuang has pushed the Heavens Devourer Battle Law to the limit, and the power of the heavens and the earth is full of whales! Feeling the constant power of the source, Wu Kuang’s face could not help but reveal a pleasant look.

As if the hungry ghost in the color is holding a warm and soft jade body, it is a soul-breaking!

Others were left by Zuo Quanhui to earn Small Universe’s means of destruction. It is as strong as Yang Kai. Unlike Wu Kuang, he can swallow the essence of Small Universe here and grow himself.

This is what Zuo Quanhui did not expect, and it is also his biggest failure this time!

He thought that Wu Kuang was a breakthrough in the previous fierce battle, and he promoted 6-Rank from 5-Rank, but I don’t know if this guy is 6-Rank, but he has been carefully hidden, and exposed his 6-Rank at the last minute. Cultivation level, it is to track the traces of Zuo Quanhui, so that Yang Kai ventilation letter.

There was no deliberation between the two people, but Wu Kuang knew that Yang Kai understood the intention of own, and Yang Kai knew Wu Jin’s intention. In a way, it is also a heart consonance.

Destruction and engulfing are completely different. Yang Kai and others will destroy the Small Universe here, which will cause unbearable damage to Zuo Quanhui and reduce the foundation of his Small Universe, but the efficiency is difficult to achieve with Wu Kuang.

Under the swallow, the Small Universe is crazy! On the contrary, Wu Kuang’s imposing manner is gradually enhanced.

Yang Kai obviously felt that Zuo Quanhui’s obstruction to own was suddenly reduced. While continuing to bombard everything around him, he laughed loudly: “I’m finally aware of it? It’s late!”

A figure suddenly appeared not far from Yang Kai, but it was left to be hidden by Zuo Quanhui. At this moment, the high-rank Open Heaven face was slightly white, angered and crowned, carrying a long sword, and squinting: “You know it?”

Yang opened a shot at him, and the long guns shook into the shadows of the sky. The eyebrows danced: “You guess!”

Zuo Quanhui did not move, but there was a sky-sword glow to meet, shattered to the gun screen, and directly attacked Yang Kai.

Yang Kai pulled back and slammed down, blocking the sky of the word glow, but his heart suddenly jumped, taking care of the image and directly hitting the ground.

Behind the stunned thorns, rubbed his scalp and flew out, taking a few breaks.

When he got up again, Yang opened a cold sweat and struggled with people in the Small Universe. It was a lot of inconvenience, not to mention, it was still a high-rank. Although Zuo Quanhui was hit hard, the dead camel was also better than the horse. Big.

This battle, have to fight!

“What the hell are you, you are not Myriad Demons Heaven disciple !”

On the other hand, Wu Kuang couldn’t sit back and sit in peace. In fact, his Heavens Devourer Battle Law reminded him that Zuo Quanhui suddenly appeared in his field of vision, and a sword fell on him.

Wu Kuang hurriedly fled and fled, but after a fight, Wu Kuang discovered that Zuo Quanhui was not normal. It seemed to be not a physical entity. It was like a projection, and it did not have the 7-Rank strength.

He is certainly awkward under the pursuit of the other side, but it is not without any effort.

The heart knows that Zuo Quanhui can’t be distracted too much on the own side, so it is so weak and weak. After seeing this, Wu Kuang is relaxed, and while he is constantly urging the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, he is eagerly swallowed. While grinning: “Of course I am Myriad Demons Heaven disciple, what the left Master Uncle said.”

Zuo Quanhui did not see the action, but ghostly appeared in front of Wu Kuang, and fluttered with a sword. If Wu Kuang had been constantly changing his position, this sword might not be able to escape.

“Myriad Demons Heaven has no such Evil Art. What is the Culture Technique?” Zuo Quanhui gnawed his teeth and drank it. There was a hint of fear in his eyes. He had never seen this Evil Art, and he could swallow others. The scope of Small Universe has been turned into its own use. These Culture Techniques are simply against the sky. If everyone can be repaired, will the promotion of Open Heaven Stage be so difficult?

Among the more than a dozen 6-Ranks he earned in Small Universe, Yang Kai’s strength is undoubtedly the strongest, but if the player who threatens him the most, it is undoubtedly the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple!

He still hasn’t figured out why the people of Myriad Demons Heaven will attack himself!

At the same time, in front of Void Land’s other 6-Rank, there is also a projection of Zuo Quanhui, but the strength of these projections is not too strong, at most it can only be equal to everyone, some even slightly worse, occasionally The power of the shot is also intermittent, the turnover is not working, obviously Zuo Quanhui is too distracted, and the control is not comfortable.

The people were initially shocked by the sudden appearance of Zuo Quanhui, and the sick tiger also had fierceness. For such a 7-Rank, no one knows.

However, after I had a fight, I discovered the truth and I was not confused.

More than a dozen battlefields are in full swing. The collision of each strike has a certain degree of damage to the Small Universe here. Wu Kuang is even more than ever playing the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, engulfing the essence of Zuo Quanhui.

Yang Kaisan thousand feet The dragon’s bloody fleshy wounds, Dragon Scales broken, shocking, Zuo Quanhui put most of his energy on his side, he is really difficult to deal with, although there is no life worry, but the feeling of being crushed is always uncomfortable .

However, if the situation has continued like this, it is also popular with Yang Kaixi. The longer the time delays, the more unfavorable the situation is for Zuo Quanhui. Once he reaches the critical point he bears, Zuo Quanhui will lose!

Zuo Quanhui 7-Rank Open Heaven, how can you not realize this? He wanted to smash the thief, and then smashed Yang Kai, and then went to solve other people one by one. As long as Yang Kai died, the number of other 6-Ranks in Void Land would not help.

However, after some rounds of circumstance, he found out that he thought it was too simple. Even if Yang Kai was beaten by him, he would not be defeated for a while.

This is the end of the matter, and it can only change the strategy.

Between heaven and earth, when the two figures were interlaced, Yang opened a shot and shot Zuo Quanhui. Without seeing fresh blood, Yang Kai was not surprised. Before he realized that Zuo Quanhui was not an entity, it was a lifelike projection.

With the help of the guns, but no longer see the figure of Zuo Quanhui, even the attacks that have not stopped from the beginning no longer exist.

Yang happy head jumped!

Such a situation undoubtedly shows that Zuo Quanhui did not want to pay attention to own, but turned his energy to other people, and Void Land only had Wu Kuang’s greatest threat to Zuo Quanhui.

Wu Kuang is dangerous!

Own, of course, can take the opportunity to continue to destroy Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe, but I am afraid that it will take ten minutes, Wu Kuang will be killed by Zuo Quanhui.

Yang Kai suddenly expanded the perception of Spiritual Mind, but did not notice any one of the aura, let alone find where Wu Kuang is, in all directions, all of which are Zuo Quanhui’s Internal Qi interference.

How to break the game? Yang Kaixuan asked himself, could not find Wu Kuang, there is no way to rescue.

Once Zuo Quanhui killed Wu Kuang and then killed other people, it could not be stopped.

Before that, he certainly couldn’t have completely destroyed Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe.

For a moment of consideration, Yang Kai took Azure Dragon Spear to the ground and gave a glimpse of his hands. He folded his hands together and suddenly went to the sides. It seemed that he had to separate the whole shackles and drink it in a word: “The world is open!”

The world of Small Universe is running fast and crashing!

Zuo Quanhui can spread the world of Small Universe because his Small Universe has been falsified. This is a trump card that can be used by high-rank Open Heaven. It can’t be done by 6-Rank.

Yang Kai can do it, because his Small Universe has long been virtualized!

He didn’t know what the consequences would be. After all, he had never had this kind of experience, but only knew that if he didn’t do it, Wu Kuang would die, and then others would be fierce.

The moment of self-inflicted and unfolding, Yang Kai’s perception suddenly seems to have entered another layer of heaven and earth.

He clearly felt that his own Small Universe was placed in the small Inner Universe of Zuo Quanhui, and the Small Universe of the two people was superimposed, as if a big circle was set in a small circle.

The big one is Zuo Quanhui, the small one is own!

The feeling of being extremely uncomfortable filled the whole body, as if he was trapped in a cage, and there was a sense of squeezing in all directions. Yang Kai could not help but sigh.

However, the next moment, Yang Kai felt the aura and position of other people.

The place where your own Small Universe covers, everything is well known!

Wu Kuang is really dangerous, with one arm softly squatting beside him, only the flesh and blood are connected, the fresh blood is covered, and the wolf is escaping from the attack of Zuo Quanhui!

At the time of his death and death, he also refused to urge the Heavens Devourer Battle Law to swallow power, and only one heart!

Zuo Quanhui is omnipresent, the long sword is like a shadow, and when the eyes look at Wu Kuang, the action of Zuo Quanhui suddenly suddenly stagnate.

Spreading his own Small Universe, Yang Kai is uncomfortable. Just like being trapped in a cage, Zuo Quanhui is equally uncomfortable. Contrary to Yang Kai, he feels that his Small Universe is inflated, as if he is eating a stomach, even the world’s great power turnover. It is a little inconvenient to get up.

Otherwise, there will be no slight stagnation.

With this opportunity, Wu Kuang finally managed to escape from the tiger’s mouth and looked horrified.

Zuo Quanhui did not pursue it again, but looked at the Quartet with a shocked look.

Yang Kai’s figure was revealed, and even a dozen other 6-Rank Open Heavens with Void Land were moved by him.

The crowds gathered together! Others apparently haven’t reacted to what happened, but since they can get together again, it’s better than fighting each other.

I looked at each other and saw that there was a lot of people, and there was no danger to my life. I was relieved.

“You are only 6-Rank, how can you sacrifice?” Zuo Quanhui looked at Yang Kai incredulously.

“mind your own business!” Yang Kai raised his gun at him, his face stunned, pressing down his heart and blood.

“With the 6-Rank situation, you can’t be a genius in the world!” Zuo Quanhui looked awkward.

Yang Kai sneered three times: “I don’t think you can save your life by smashing the horse. Today you want to die too, don’t want to die!”

Zuo Quanhui suddenly smiled: “Now you and me are superimposed, if one suffers, all suffers, if one prospers, all prospers, this Monarch, you have to see, how do you let me die!”

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