Martial Peak Chapter 467

“Then you have to look at the clear eyes of the big dog!” Yang opened a long gun and pointed to Zuo Quanhui. He spoke a cold word in the mouth: “Kill!”

The people around them are not moving.

Yue He looked at him nervously: “Young Master!”

If everyone did not understand when it happened, and clearly spread out each other, why suddenly reunited, then after listening to the words of Zuo Quanhui, would you not understand?

Yang Kai actually ventured to sacrifice his own Small Universe and superimposed on Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe world. Acting like this is obviously a reckless means. And as Zuo Quanhui said, now two people’s Small Universe if one suffers, all suffers, once they are really hands-on, the destruction is not only the essence of Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe, but the foundation of Yang Kai Small Universe will also be destroyed. .

Unless there is no place for two people Small Universe, there is a chance to only affect Zuo Quanhui. However, how can Zuo Quanhui allow everyone to do this? Yang Kai is willing to tie him to a rope, he likes to hear.

At the moment, who dares to shoot easily?

“Hands!” Yang Kaiwei sternly drank. “Tianci good opportunity, don’t do it at this time, no chance in the future!”

Yue He’s eyelids are red, biting his teeth, and sighing: “You must hold on!”

When the words fall, the first to go to Zuo Quanhui, behind many 6-Rank closely follow!

Zuo Quanhui’s expression is extremely stunned: “You are crazy!”

When I was too late to roar, I was embarrassed by a series of violent divine abilities. My heart was quite astonished at Yang Kai’s.

The popping sound of the thunder, the small Universe Wind and Cloud superimposed in one place, the world is cracked.

Yang opened his mouth and vomited blood. He only felt that Divine Soul was frustrated. In front of him, he was hurting one thousand people and he suffered from a loss of 800. It depends on who he and Zuo Quanhui could not support.

Suddenly, Yang Kai turned and shouted: “Wu Kuang, your uncle!”

Wu Kuang didn’t attack Zuo Quanhui, so he sat at his feet with his knees, and he was eager to spur the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, swallowing the power between heaven and earth!

Yang Kaiqi’s vomiting blood, Wu Kuang is now swallowed up, not only Zuo Quanhui suffered, but even his own is not spared, but this guy is still so blatant, sitting next to his own, a pair of own to shelter him.

Yang Kai can’t wait to take out Azure Dragon Spear and shoot this guy!

Wu Kuang is shameless and looks up seriously: “When life and death are decisive, don’t be distracted!”

Yang opened the blood of his heart, and quickly took out a low-rank World Fruit, put it in the entrance and pressed it down.

Turning your head, don’t look at it, your eyes are not seen.

Not waiting for the effect of that World Fruit, Yang Kai stuffs towards the mouth.

With two World Fruits at the end, Yang Kai finally had some suffocating power to drag Zuo Quanhui. He looked up and saw that the battle was in full swing. Zuo Quanhui was left and right, and he was embarrassed.

He didn’t want to go up to help out, but now two people Small Universe is superimposed in one place, he needs to fully force the power of Small Universe, and interfere with Zuo Quanhui’s move to heaven and earth.

If there is no such suppression, how can Zuo Quanhui be so unhelpful? This old guy has to be distracted to deal with more than a dozen 6-Rank Open Heaven attacks, but also to bear the impact of his own Small Universe turbulence, but also to resist Yang Kai’s interference, distracted, can not fall into the wind?

As time goes by, Yang Kai clearly feels that the foundation of his own Small Universe is also mad! Fortunately, there are two low-rank World Fruits, and the passage of the passage can be slowly added, but it is still not enough.

Zuo Quanhui is even more uncomfortable. At this moment, a piece of fresh blood is dripping, and the head is scattered. It is already a dead end, and the divine ability will come out, completely no longer the 7-Rank.

Suddenly, Yang opened his brow and showed a touch of joy. He felt that the boundary of Zuo Quanhui’s Small Universe was rapidly shrinking. He was originally a 7-Rank Open Heaven, and the Small Universe was much larger than the owner. Nowadays it has gradually become smaller than own.

In this way, it is more convenient for him to suppress Zuo Quanhui.

Sure enough, when the size of two people Small Universe broke through that tipping point, Zuo Quanhui’s performance became more and more unsatisfactory.

This old guy seems to know that his own fierce and fierce, the shot is getting more and more fierce, quite a mortal plan to pull a few people back!

Yang Kai and Yan can make him feel good? Mindfulness, evolution of the divine ability, with the crowds indiscriminate bombing.

At a certain moment, Zuo Quanhui’s body shape suddenly fell, and the imposing manner that originally felt unattainable suddenly fell a lot. He was a skeleton and sprinkled fresh blood.

At the same time, a dozen divine forces were bombarded on him, and he hit him like a paper basket and flew high on the ground.

I can’t afford it! Panting hairspring.

The people did not dare to take a moment to take it lightly, and gathered around him, waiting for it.

Yang Kai’s foot will sit still next to his own, but Wu Kuang, who is swallowed by madness, slams to the ground: “Don’t eat! It’s ugly to eat!”

The roar screamed at the heart of the heart, Yang opened his mouth and coughed, and a golden fresh blood in his hand.

Wu Kuang got a big bargain, too lazy to care about Yang Kai’s rude behavior, got up and patted his butt, and his face was still unrecognizable.

Yang Kai dragged Azure Dragon Spear and stepped forward. The mouth was low: “Zuo Quanhui, can you still have a last word?”

As the wheezing sounds like a dilapidated bellows, Zuo Quanhui looks up at Void with no eyes.

Yang Kai stood still not far from him and looked at him faintly: “There is no unrealistic fantasies. You have fallen to 6-Rank at this moment, and even your own Small Universe is hard to maintain. There is no further hope in this life, it is better to obediently die, is it good?”

Around the crowd, it was discovered that the omnipresent aura of Zuo Quanhui seemed to be rapidly diminishing, and the surrounding scenery was also distorted. It is obvious that Zuo Quanhui’s cultivation level fell to 6-Rank, and the Small Universe could no longer be blurred. The real reason.

Everyone is relieved!

7-Rank Open Heaven They are very jealous. Zuo Quanhui is a veteran strongman. Who knows that he still hides the trump card? If you really pull the back of the bed before he dies, you will lose more than you.

But now that he has fallen to 6-Rank, the threat is greatly reduced, it is like a tiger with a tooth.

Under the public gaze, Zuo Quanhui suddenly moved, slowly sitting up straight on the upper body, legs overlapping, faintly looking at Yang Kai: “3000 Worlds out of your enchanting, I am afraid it will be very exciting.”

“Over the prize!” Yang Kai complexion calm.

“Unfortunately, the old man can’t see it.” Zuo Quanhui sighed, “I will not escape after the death of my discipline!”

Yang Kai picked and picked the chin: “Reassured, I will let her reunite with you as soon as possible, um, maybe she is waiting for you on the Underworld road at the moment.”

Zuo Quanhui beheaded: “Because you, winner is the king, loser is the villain, if you lose, the end will not be better than this Monarch.”

Yang Kaifu said: “Your heart is open-minded!”

Zuo Quanhui gave him a slight smile: “You always have such a day.”

With that said, he suddenly looked at him with a single hand and looked at Yang Kaidao: “We can see why high-rank Open Heaven is not willing to easily spread its own Small Universe to kill the enemy, even if it is for every high-rank Open Heaven. The trump card.”

Yang opened his brow and wrinkled: “I hope to enlighten me!”

Zuo Quanhui said: “Because of this, even if you kill a strong enemy, you will endlessly suffer, like this!”

When the words fall, Zou Quanhui’s body shape is shocked. Yang Kai clearly feels that the Aura of the Small Universe collapses, and the world’s great powers are scattered!

Everyone was moved, and Zuo Quanhui’s move undoubtedly disintegrated the Small Universe. The Small Universe world is fundamental to the Open Heaven Stage, and once the Small Universe collapses, the Open Heaven Stage is not far from dead.

Zuo Quanhui fell 6-Rank, even though he still has the strength to fight again, but he only took his own insults. Instead of being killed in an adversary, it is better to break off!

So powerful, exactly everyone has it.

Zuo Quanhui, who disintegrated his own Small Universe, laughed: “This Monarch gives you a lesson with your own life, and the kid cherishes it!”

In the laughter, Zuo Quanhui’s head is low and vitality is cut off!

The elders of the inner gate of the Thousand Cranes Paradise, hey!

Yang Kai’s face changed a lot, and he jumped his feet and said: “The old dog is dead and dead!”

After a shock, the heavens and the earth are in turmoil, Heaven-Sealing Earth-Lock! Centered on the people, the land is completely blocked, and Internal Qi does not vent.

Yang Kai also finally understood what Zuo Quanhui said about the endless troubles.

The old guy disintegrated his own Small Universe, and the world’s great power poured into Yang Kai’s Little Inner Universe. These forces are not only good for Yang Kai, but an impurity, and they are not tolerant and destroy the purity of their own strength.

If Yang Yang sees the machine fast and blocks the Wanli boundary, these forces are accommodated in the entire Small Universe. It is difficult to eliminate it, and it takes a lot of time and effort to close the cultivation.

In this way, high-rank Open Heaven can spread its own Small Universe to kill the enemy, which is their most powerful trump card, but it is not easy to use.

Regardless of whether the enemy is committing suicide or being killed, the world’s great powers will disappear after death, and it will become a kind of pollution.

The cost of this class on Zuo Quanhui is not small, and the cost of Yang Kai’s lecture is not small!

Turning head and looking at Wu Kuang, Wu Kuang ill-humored saying: “Do it!”

He also remembers that Yang Kai’s foot has turned him into a hatred. Heaven’s Devourer Great Emperor has never been a broad-minded person, otherwise it will not cause so much killing!

Yang Kai snorted: “If you want to shoot, you will shoot. If you don’t want me, don’t force it. If you don’t want to let this 10,000-mile boundary go out, it will damage some of the foundations. Is there any less loss of this war?”

Wu Kuang pretends to be a post-aware look. He screamed: “You said this, I will help you!”

The Heavens Devourer Battle Law is urging, and the world’s great powers within a million miles are pouring into him.

A group of 6-Rank Open Heaven has a look at the side.

Although I saw Wu Kuang cast the Heavens Devourer Battle Law before, everyone was fighting with Zuo Quanhui at the time, and I didn’t pay much attention to it. At this moment, I was shocked to see the past.

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