Martial Peak Chapter 468

The vastness of Qiankun, the endless promise, 3000 Worlds are numerous, there are countless mysterious tricks, but which one can refine the world’s great power for others?

This is definitely the anti-day Evil Art that is not allowed for the heavens!

So when everyone looked at Wu Kuang and spurred Heavens Devourer Battle Law, when the refining and devouring, the inner shock could not be added.

It is only the cultivation technique, which is detrimental to the heavens, and it is absolutely endless, and it will die sooner or later.

Therefore, the shock is shocking, but there is not much envy.

But half an hour, Wu Kuang took it.

Yang Kai is almost vomiting blood. Although this battle killed Zuo Quanhui, his losses are not small. More than a dozen 6-Rank battled in his Small Universe, causing tremendous damage to the foundation of the Small Universe. Plus Wu Kuang swallowed before and after, the loss is big, it is difficult for outsiders.

He used the power of Star Boundary to gain a lot of money, and he was able to greatly enhance his own heritage and save at least five hundred years of hard work.

However, today, the benefits obtained before have basically vanished. If the two World Fruits are not temporarily taken, the situation will only be worse.

Such a loss can only be repaired by painstaking repairs!

However, he did determine one thing. Although he could not share the 6-Rank Open Heaven Stage in the Small Universe, he would not be limited if he spread his Small Universe.

After all, Zuo Quanhui, who was a 7-Rank at the time, was among them.

The fierce battle in Small Universe has been settled, and it ended up with Zuo Quanhui. The battle outside is almost coming to an end. After all, Void Land has two enemies, how can Yin Xinzhao and other people be opponent?

When Yang opened up the Small Universe and everyone returned to Biyun, he looked up and saw that Heavenly Sword Union was in jeopardy.

Yin Xinzhao Pei Wenxuan is particularly reluctant to deal with them. They are only promoted to 6-Rank not long after, although they are earlier than the Great Emperor, but they are not a few years old, and they are not strong enough.

While the crowd is fighting, we are always paying attention to the situation here.

At this moment, see Yang Kai led the Void Land 6-Rank simultaneous appearance, the Great Emperor are relieved, and the Heavenly Sword Union is a face!

Zuo Quanhui has disappeared, and it is obviously fierce.

Yin Xinzhao Pei Wenxuan and others even dared to hesitate to see the divine ability to shake off the opponent, they want to escape! Yang Kai and Yan will give them the opportunity. Under the big hand, more than a dozen people turned into flowing light and rushed out to the battlefields.

In a few moments, Heavenly Sword Union has five surviving sounds! A section of restrictions was laid down and several people were cultivated.

Yang started sitting on a stone, holding Azure Dragon Spear with one hand, coughing from time to time, aura slightly wilting, Yue He Mo Mei standing on his behind, like a guardian.

Pushing the day, Ziyan, Yin Xinzhao, Pei Wenxuan, Huang Mao and Danyang Heavenly Monarch no one was brought to the front of Yang Kai, among the five, Ziyan Chong Yang opened the glare, Huang Mao and Danyang eyes Dodging, looking regret and fear, Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wenxuan are straight and straight, and they have no sense of prison.

In particular, Pei Wenxuan, and even the mood to look at Wu Kuang, he has not figured out why the original Junior Brother suddenly turned around.

Just as Wu Kuang also looked at him with great interest, his eyes were blue, especially the color ghosts saw the beauty, and Pei Wenxuan looked pale and inexplicably cold.

“What about my Honored Master? What happened to you?” Ziyan gritted his teeth and glared at Yang Kai. Although he had faintly speculated, he still deceived himself and refused to believe.

Yang Kai looked up and sneered: “I am here, how is your Honored Master coming down, can’t you guess?”

“Impossible!” Purple smoke binoculars fire, but the next moment the eyes suddenly shrink, looking at a dead body thrown out by Yang Kai.

Zuo Quanhui was bombarded by a dozen divine abilities before he died. Although he ended up succumbing to death, his body was still ruined, his flesh and blood were blurred, and he could hardly see the human form.

“Honored Master ……” Purple smoke tears, whispered, looking at the remains of Honored Master, can not help but recall the original Thousand Crane Paradise, then there are Honored Master’s teachings, there is fellow apprentice’s love and pity, more There is a respect for the Junior Brother.

No worries!

However, today, the Junior Brother is dead, fellow apprentice is dead, and even the Honored Master is dead! All died in the hands of this young man.

“I killed you!” The purple smoke rushed forward and was banned from the cultivation level. A force could not be turned around, but her sharp teeth could bite Yang Kai’s flesh.

Yang opened his hand with Azure Dragon Spear and the gun was poked on her soft belly.

The purple smoke suddenly fell to the ground, and the body was stunned. For a long time, he could not breathe.

Yang Kai provoked her chin with a gunpoint, and said coldly: “Zhao Xing is dead. He is provocative. If you want to kill me, you will take it by yourself. If you die, you will be the same door. You must avenge him. I am self-sacrificing.” There is nothing to say, but if you want to take revenge, then you must be prepared to be killed by me, nothing more than winner is the king, loser is the villain!”

Purple smoke looked at him with tears in his eyes, his eyes were sluggish and desperate, and his body suddenly suddenly went forward.

Yang Kai took the gun at the right time, and the sharp Azure Dragon Spear left only a little red in her throat.

“Kill me! You killed me!” Purple smoke screamed madly, but also wanted to rush to the front, but Luan Baifeng fell to the ground, choked.

Yang Kai faintly said: “Reassured, it will make you die, but not now, leaving you with a life!”

Talk, look to Huang Mao and Danyang Heavenly Monarch.

Two people don’t hesitate, on one knee, simultaneous, clenching fist: “I wish to pay Yang Heavenly Monarch, and go to the fire in the future, never die!”

Yang Kai Hehe smiled: “The female next to you is still arrogant, rather than jade is not full, but your two big men are so mean and knee-high, really… disappointing! You are not blushing, I am blushing.”

Heavenly Sword Union The two remaining veterans really have a red face, but their lives are critical, and what is the name of the bones? It’s hard to say that it’s more humiliating and can bear it.

Huang Mao bowed his head: “Heavenly Sword Union has never been able to compete with Yang Heavenly Monarch. It is also a matter of self-sufficiency. However, I am forced to do so. Zuo Quanhui and 7-Rank Open Heaven’s prestige, Heavenly Sword Union can’t resist, please Heavenly Monarch bright view !”

Danyang also said: “Old man is old, but he can also kill the Heavenly Monarch. Heavenly Sword Union is now only me and Huang Mao. If Heavenly Monarch can ignore the previous situation, Heavenly Sword Union will be Void Land in the future. At the rudder, only the Void Land is the leader!”

Heavenly Sword Union Although the wounded bones and bones, Open Heaven Stage died in full, only two of them are 6-Rank, but after all, the inheritance has been for many years, and the foundation still exists. Such huge interests are in front of us, and anyone will be tempted.

Yang Kai is indifferent, just blinking and looking at Void: “I have been fighting for a few hundred in the Void Land Open Heaven Stage. Most of them have family and daughters. They have never missed anything, but they have to suffer this innocent disaster. You two old people are alive, my void team, Void Land, how to pay attention?”

Yang Kai clearly is determined to ridicule the roots, with the future of Void Land, no Heavenly Sword Union in the future!

Although his words are light, they fall in the ears of Huangmao and Danyang’s Heavenly Monarch two people. The thunder and thunder are deafening, and the two people are sitting in the ground in an instant.

Yang Kai looked at Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wenxuan again and smiled a little: “Do you want to die, or beg for mercy?”

Yin Xinzhao said helplessly: “As you said, winner is the king, loser is the villain, what do you say?”

Pei Wenxuan is cold and swearing: “Do you have the courage to kill us? You only mentioned Zhao Xing, but now I forgot?”

Yang Kai faintly at him, Pei Wenxuan looked at him with fear.

Flowing light flashed, Yang opened the gun, his expression was indifferent.

With a bang, the sound of something falling to the ground came out. Pei Wenxuan looked down at the sound and saw a broken arm on the ground! The fracture is smooth and smooth, such as knife cutting.

The screams of screams rang out, Pei Wenxuan stretched out another hand and slammed the broken arm, but couldn’t stop the fresh blood rushing. He said: “How dare you do this? I am Core Disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven!”

Yang Kaitou, the cloud is light and windy: “Myriad Demons Heaven Core Disciple is also called the funeral dog.”

On the side of Yin Xinzhao, he swallowed his mouth. Although he looked at Pei Wenxuan with a sympathetic look, he did not dare to say anything. He secretly thanked the owner for his lack of words.

Yang Kai may not dare to kill them, but it is still no problem to torture them. Pei Wenxuan was cut off, and unless he found a counter-God drug that could give birth to a broken arm, the strength would be greatly reduced.

When the thoughts turned, I listened to Yang Kai’s voice and said: “Zhao Xing, I naturally didn’t forget, Zuo Quanhui took revenge for the discipline, and he did not hesitate to renegade the Thousand Cranes Paradise. It’s not guaranteed in the evening, but unfortunately it’s finally dead. !”

In this way, Yang Kai also kicked the body that was thrown out by him. He smiled slightly: “When you die, who will give you revenge on Myriad Demons Heaven? Do you want him to come over? Try it, I can marry Zuo Quanhui today, and I will be able to marry him tomorrow!”

Yin Xinzhao’s face suddenly turned pale: “Do you really want to kill us?”

Yang opened and squinted: “What do you think?”

Yin Xinzhao is not a word, but I am afraid that many words will be lost. Yang Kai is not old enough. Blood energy is just the most impulsive.

“I didn’t have any deep hatred with me, but it was not pleasing to each other. Yin Xinzhao, you are chasing me in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If Qu Huachang is running away from me, what is your life? Pei Wenxuan You and me are just a little enmity, young people are fighting for the ordinary things, why do you have to make a big life and death? To mix Heavenly Sword Union and my Void Land’s drowning! You want me to die, I naturally can’t Let you live!”

Yin Xinzhao’s blood on his face has finally faded!

Wu Kuang licked his lips: “Kid, I will discuss with you.”

As soon as he opened his ass, Yang Kai knew what he was pulling! Can’t help but turn a blind eye: “Pei Wenxuan ?”

Wu Kuang Dagger: “Other people leave me the best together!”

“Isn’t I still eating enough?”

Wu Kuang patted the belly: “The appetite is big, no way!”

A group of 6-Rank couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

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