Martial Peak Chapter 469

Sitting for a while, Yang Kai waved: “Because you, take it away!”

Wu Kuang laughed and yelled at Yang and gave a thumbs up: “Boy!”

In this way, Wu Kuang reminded him of the power to wrap up the Xin Xinzhao five people and turn them into a group of demon clouds.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and said: “Clean hands and feet, don’t leave any hidden dangers!”

Wu Kuang’s voice is far from coming: “I don’t worry!”

“This old ghost turned out to be 6-Rank!” Hongchen Great Emperor looked at Wu Kuang’s leaving, his eyes complex.

In the Star Fragments Sea, he killed Wu Kuang, but he was almost defeated by Wu Kuang. As a result, the two people lived together for several years, but they lost a lot of hostility and barely had some experiences. .

After killing Great Demon God Mo Sheng, Wu Kuang left alone, and there was no news.

I don’t want to meet him again here today.

Even if Wu Kuang makes a face-lift, how can Hongchen Great Emperor not recognize it? Over the years, these Great Emperors have been retired in Void Land, backed by Void Land, and resources are not lacking, but it is only recently that they have been promoted to 6-Rank. See Wu Kuang, it seems that the promotion time is earlier than them.

To know that Wu Kuang is working alone, there is still this amazing achievement. At this point, Duan Hongchen is not as good as himself!

Star Boundary since ancient times The strongest Great Emperor, well-deserved.

“That is Wu Kuang?” Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen suddenly exclaimed, and some later knew.

Duan Hongchen slightly daggers.

Zhan Wuhen couldn’t help but jump in the corner of his eyes: “No wonder this guy is inexplicably dissatisfied!”

“Junior Brother Yang!” Qingkui quickly walked to Yang Kai, “Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wenxuan can’t die!”

I just saw Wu Kuang urging Heavens Devourer Battle Law. At this moment, I will look at Wu Kuang and take Yin Xinzhao and others away. Can you not know what will be waiting for Yin Xinzhao and others?

Secretly horrified, Yang Kaidan is too big.

Yang Kaike coughed and looked up at Qingkui. He smiled slightly: “I know what Qingfellow apprentice is worried about.”

“You don’t know!” Qingkui’s face was condensed. “You kill Zhao Xing. Only Zuo Quanhui jumped out to take revenge. It was because of the mediation and interference of Yin-Yang Heaven, which withstood most of the pressure for you. Now, these nominal traitors of Zuo Quanhui are dead, and Qianhe Paradise is sure to take revenge in the heart. It will not be like you on the bright side, otherwise it will not be able to go with my Yin-Yang Heaven. But Yin Xinzhao is different from Pei Wenxuan. If you really kill people, Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Cave Heaven will be good to stop. When you come to find your trouble, there is more than one 7-Rank!”

Yang opened his eyes and looked innocent: “I Void Land can kill no one, who saw it?”

Wu Kuang is not a Void Land man. Strictly speaking, it is just a traitor to Myriad Demons Heaven.

Yang Kai originally thought to bring those people back to the big domain where Star Boundary is located, so as to add some nutrients to World Tree, but whether it is Yin Xinzhao or Pei Wenxuan, if it is really dead there, there may be some undetectable. The clues left behind.

Coupled with the previous battle, World Tree has received a lot of nourishment, no need to add flowers to the brocade, it will give up.

Qing Kui looked at him silently: “Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao help Heavenly Sword Union to make it difficult for you Void Land. It is no secret, Heavenly Sword Union is destroyed, Zuo Quanhui is killed, Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao die, and fools know Related to your Void Land, why do you need to see it? Do you think that the two big Cave Heaven will sit down and talk to you reasonably? They usually use their fists to reason!”

Yang Kai Hehe smiled: “Blue fellow apprentice said the truth, but Pei Wenxuan and Yin Xinzhao, the two people, have been in trouble with me several times. Last time on the sin star, I wanted to use the hand of the sin to stop the trouble, who knows that Underworld Heavenly Monarch and others are too unreliable to let them live fortunes. Now that the opportunity is rare, if they let them go, wait for them to come back to disgust me?”

Qing Kui’s awkward footsteps: “Junior Brother Yang, how do you still don’t understand? The two of them can’t kill! Void Land is of good strength now…”

Yang Kai raised his hand and interrupted him: “Blue fellow apprentice, that two people, even if I am willing to let go, some people will not let them live, you tell me, it is better to think about whether you can persuade that person!”

“That man…” Qing Kui stunned, and then he realized that the person in Yang’s mouth should be the Wu Kuang.

Yes, Wu Kuang, as the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple, sneaked behind Zuo Quanhui and cultivated the evil Cultural Technique. If these things are exposed, the 3000 Worlds are big and there is Wu Kuang.

Standing on the position of Wu Kuang, it is necessary to scribble the roots.

Therefore, even if he can persuade Yang Kai, it will not help!

After a while, Qingkui sighed and said: “This is really a smashing day!”

Yang Kaiqiang got up and laughed at Hehe and patted him on the shoulder: “Only the hand and tail of the hand, no traces left, Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuantian can only guess that their discipline is dead in my hands, there is no evidence What can I do?”

Qing Kui can only smile and feel that Yang Kai is too embarrassed. What are the real reasons for the two big Cave Heavens to avenge their respective Lower Base Disciple? A little suspicion is enough to shoot.

“Junior Brother Yang, there is one more thing you need to know. If Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wenxuan really die, Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuantian will immediately have an insight. They are both Core Disciple and soul lights. The dead soul lights are gone, and the two big Cave Heavens will immediately send people to follow.”

Yang Kai turned his head and frowned: “Can you catch up with this place?”

Qingkui is a dagger: “With the means of two great Cave Heaven, although it takes a lot of effort, it is not difficult!”

Yang Kai raised his eyebrows: “This time is a bit nervous!”

Paused, Yang Kaidao: “Blue fellow apprentice, there is something to bother you!”

Qing Kui Road: “You said. Honored Master sent me and Junior Sister to help out, I heard you sent.”

Yang Kai is also nonsense, bluntly said: “I need you to go back to Yin-Yang Heaven, please Xu Gong out of the mountain, come to Star Boundary!”

Qing Kui heard a brow and heard what it meant, and was surprised: “Junior Brother Yang, you are…”

Yang Kai smiled leisurely: “I am the grandfather of Yin-Yang Heaven. I was also favored by Yin-Yang Heaven. Xu Gong treated me not thin. Even the Divine Weapon world made me enter once. Now there is a good thing. Naturally can not be exclusive, Qingfel apprentice back to Yin-Yang Heaven, please tell Xu Gong, I said that Yang Kai wants to send him a big gift!”

Su Yingxue, who has always come to the complexion, is also not exposed to the astonished color.

Qing Kui hearted the gods and cheered: “If this is the case, then Star Boundary, I will not have any concealment!”

Yang Kai Hehe smiled: “If you can’t hide it, Star Boundary will leak out sooner or later! If possible, let Xu Gong invite a few good friends to make Heaven Heaven Paradise, and come to Star Boundary! ”

Qing Kui looked up and down and opened his eyes. He was very impressed: “Junior Brother is so angry!”

Yang Kai’s face is bitter and smiley: “With such a huge piece of fat meat, I can’t swallow the Void Land. Instead of waiting for others to compete, I might as well take the initiative to open the door and take the initiative!”

The change of Star Boundary, World Tree is crazy, back-feeding, and the underworld is so strong that Star Boundary martial artist can better understand Tiandi Martial Dao. Even the aptitude of the old lady is condensed with its own Principle Seal, which can easily achieve 4- Rank Open Heaven, is expected to hit 5-Rank, if you have aptitude top martial artist, from Star Boundary cultivation, you may not be able to directly achieve 6-Rank, or even 7-Rank!

It can be said that today’s Star Boundary is the best cradle of Open Heaven Stage! Looking at 3000 Worlds, there is nowhere to compare.

Such a respect land, if it can be swallowed, Yang Kai will be cheaper next to others? However, life is not good, nine out of ten.

In the past, Star Boundary was located on the sidelines, no one cares, now World Tree is shaped, and Wind and Cloud is touched, so the secret of the big one is unstoppable.

Coupled with the death of Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wenxuan, Xuanyuan Cave Heaven and Myriad Demons Heaven came to the wind, and Yang Kai must be planning early.

Void Land is now a strong horse, and there are two more Holy Spirits on the rudder. It is the big Cave Heaven Paradise that dare not despise.

However, that is the total rudder. Star Boundary doesn’t have much power here. Thousands of Open Heaven Stages and more than 20 6-Ranks are said to be a huge force, but which Cave Heaven Paradise does not. Out of this kind of people?

For any one of them, Void Land has no chance of winning! Not to mention that Xuanyuantian and Myriad Demons Heaven are likely to come together!

Void Land wants to survive in the cracks, you can only use the force!

To fight against these two Heaven Heaven Paradise, there will always be other Cave Heaven Paradise! But if there is not enough interest, how can other Cave Heaven Paradise help?

Xu Linggong can wear a pair of pants with Yang, but he can’t represent the whole Yin-Yang Heaven.

Time is urgent, Qingkui rushes away, and the journey to Yin-Yang Heaven is not short. Fortunately, he is alone on the road, and can use the Universe Temple to transfer. This is one time, at least three or four months.

For three or four months, people at Myriad Demons Heaven and Xuanyuan Cave Heaven may not be able to find Star Boundary!

Su Yingxue didn’t leave, she was hung with the identity of a Yin-Yang Heaven disciple, and it might be useful to stay.

Put away the thought of the twin sinking in my mind, Yang opened his head and looked at it, raising his hand: “Let him come over!”

I noticed that the battle was over, and I came to investigate the situation, but Lu Boyang, who was stopped at the periphery, rushed in, looking at the bloody pale youth, and then looking at other people standing next to him. .

He is already the strongest person in this continent, but he can’t see the cultivation level of any one in the area. At first glance, every aura here is a deep abyss, and then Lenovo is Destroying Heavens Exterminating Earth. The movement, I do not know that these people’s cultivation level is far from being able to reach.

Respectful and respectful, with a fist: “Biyun mainland Lu Boyang, met adults!”

Yang Kai looked at him and bowed slightly: “You are good!”

In the face of strong enemies, there is still a heart that guards the homeland. At the juncture of life and death, it is recognized by Heaven, and the Great Emperor is achieved. The Principle Seal is condensed. It can be seen that although the cultivation level is worse, the heart is extremely determined.

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