Langya Territory I don’t know how many years have been so lively. In the Spirit Province above, there are the silhouettes of the Open Heaven Stage tour. These Open Heaven Stages are in groups, and the Spiritual Mind is scattered, as if they are looking for something, and they Even in the patrol, always maintain a vigilant expression, all the world’s great powers linger around, ready to guard against sneak attacks.

The uninformed underlying disciples looked up and looked curious.

“What are we doing in Open Heaven Stage, has Langya Territory invaded by foreign enemies?” someone asked.

Some informed sources sighed: “It is not a foreign enemy, just a special guest.”

“Guest? What kind of guests have let so many Open Heaven Stages go out together, I have seen Zhou Master Uncle, and Master Uncle, they are all in a hurry, expression is dignified.”

“Void Land’s Lord, Yang Kai, have you heard of it?”

“Some familiar, as if I have heard it.”

“Nature is familiar, Star Boundary, who is born in his own, now has a World Tree. Didn’t we select a group of high aptitude low cultivation levels for cultivation decades ago?”

“It turned out to be him!”

“This visitor is not simple. It seems that we have defeated many of our Master Heavens in Open Heaven Stage. We are going to teach the order and use this as a goal. All 6-Rank will be tested, but anyone who can take it will be rewarded. !”

“Is this not to say that Yang Kai wants to face the entire 6-Rank Open Heaven with one’s own strength?”


“Then he is afraid that bode ill is rather than well.”

“So it’s not easy to say that this person has been around. The trial has been around for more than ten days. The Void Land’s Lord is so far away, but our Open Heaven Stage has lost more than 100 people!”

“Oh… really fake!”

“I also hope that it is a fake, but it is true, ah… is the ancient Master Uncle!” The speech of the disguise suddenly looked up into the sky, looking at the silhouette of the leader flying above, screaming: “Ancient Master Uncle !”

Many underlying disciplines also shouted, and the ancient Master Uncle three words suddenly set off a wave of the sky.

At the top, a beautiful female led a few Open Heaven Stages to swiftly pass, and heard the sound looking down, then a soft smile.

The group of disciplines at the bottom suddenly went crazy: “The ancient Master Uncle smiled at me! ha ha ha Ha, the ancient Master Uncle smiled at me, it is no regrets today!”

“Fart, the ancient Master Uncle is clearly laughing at me!”

“This Junior Brother, your eyes are gone!”

“fellow apprentice, your eyes are gone!”

Many underlying disciplines with enthusiasm can be seen, and it is not surprising that the ancient Master Uncle is so popular. The Master Uncle, which is called the ancient Ling’er, is not only very beautiful, but also very gentle and extremely happy. Help, Inner Sect Many of the underlying disciplines have received her favor, and her popularity is not only high in the underlying discipline, even in the Open Heaven Stage.

I don’t know how many fellow apprentice brothers are fascinated by it, but they dare not go to confession, lest the Tang Dynasty be a beautiful woman.

When the underlying discies are crazy, the Open Heaven Stage tycoons are crazy!

Since the 5th, Yang Kai suddenly changed the normal state, no longer hidden hidden, and after a proactive attack, the Open Heaven Stage that was eliminated in this trial instantly surged.

No one knows what he thinks, but now the entire Langya Territory has almost become a hunting ground. The identity of hunters and prey between Yang Kai and the Open Heaven Stage is not inversion.

Traces of fighting remnants are everywhere in Spirit Province.

After breaking dozens of Open Heaven Stages, Yang Kai’s all kinds of things finally spread. Everyone knows that after defeating his fellow fellow apprentice, he will forcibly sell Healing Pill from Void Land, a asking price. A set of 6-Rank resources!

If you don’t buy it, you can’t. There was a 6-Rank Junior Brother who didn’t buy his Healing Pill. The result was that he was hung on the trunk and sacrificed to the sky. He was placed in the Spirit Province above where the bottom discrimes lived.

I heard that the Junior Brother now has a big shadow in his heart, only that he has no face in this life.

Therefore, the music Eldest Senior Brother passed down, if it was defeated by this kid, would rather break the bankruptcy, and do not save the cultivation resources, the lost face can not come back.

As a result, the 4-Rank 5-Ranks who participated in this experience with a cheap mindset also lost their fears.

No way, a set of 6-Rank resources is too expensive for them. Even if they are born in Langya Paradise, they can’t even get it. From the experience of the wild side of Yang Kai’s, Yang Kaike It will be because you are 5-Rank 4-Rank, and all the 5-Rank 4-Rank that he defeated did not buy his Spirit Pill?

Yang Kai’s approach makes all 琅琊6-Rank grievous and angry.

This guy not only abandoned Gu Pan Junior Sister, but also made a fortune in this experience, can’t bear it!

But it is undeniable that this person is strong and powerful. Even if two or three 6-Ranks go hand in hand, there is nothing to stop with.

As an Eldest Senior Brother, Le Sheng shoulders the responsibility of scheduling and coordinating!

At this moment, the number of 琅琊6-Rank’s identity Token flashes from time to time, and a path of Spiritual Mind shuttles through it.

“The team of Ning fellow apprentice was destroyed. It is located in the Spirit Province of Ziyun. Looking at the traces of the battle, it should be something happening in a scent. Repeat, the team of Ning fellow apprentice is destroyed. Located in the Purple Cloud Spirit Province, nearby fellow apprentice Brother is alert!”

“Ning fellow apprentice, but they have four 6-Rank peers, but they are also destroyed? fellow apprentice How are they injured?”

“It’s not a fatal injury, but it’s not light. It needs to be recuperated for ten days and a half. Well, Ning fellow apprentice. Their style is not bad. fellow apprentice said that let us work hard and must avenge their hatred.”

“The surnamed Yang’s bastard is too embarrassing to start? Just to sell his Healing Pill, every fellow apprentice who touched him is not hurt, it’s awful!”

“李fellow apprentice, you have to be careful, surnamed Yang, the bastard likes to kill a carbine. It was before several teams ate this loss.”

“Tiger Spirit Province found Yang Kai trace, asked for support, requested support, ah…”

“Zhou Junior Brother! Week Junior Brother!”


After a moment of silence, someone started talking: “The week of Junior Brother’s team is afraid that it has already suffered. The fellow apprentice brothers don’t panic, they must be steady, we have many people, and victory belongs to us.”

“This bastard is too horrible? Ziyun Spirit Province is in the northeast, Tiger Spirit Province is in the southwest corner, can he rush in the short time?”

“The Space Principle, Secretive is unparalleled, and it’s amazing!”

Suddenly, a Spiritual Mind rose up in everyone’s identity Token, and everyone found out that it was a happy apprentice. “All teams are close together. Make sure that there are no fewer than five 6-Rank in each team.” Each team is responsible for their respective areas, and they are not allowed to leave without permission. They found that Yang Kai’s tracker, the first for a moment, the other teams nearby immediately supported!”

“Don’t follow the orders of Eldest Senior Brother!”

Everyone has returned.

Over the past ten days, many Open Heaven Stages have deeply realized that Yang Kai’s strength is strong. The two three-digit 6-Rank are not his opponents at all, and the four are all embarrassing. Only five parties have the power to fight. It is because of this kind of consideration that Le Hao will make this adjustment.

Each team has five 6-Rank teamed up, each responsible for a region, so that Yang is invincible, and as long as he reveals his whereabouts, he can take the initiative.

The entire 6-Rank is coming out. If you can’t take him, then this face is really lost.

Before the main Spirit Province great hall, Li Yuanwang’s face was black as the bottom of the pot.

The high court stood by and yelled at him from time to time.

“If you want to say something, say what you are doing?” Li Yuan looked at the corner of his eyes.

Gao Ting grinned: “This kid is too noisy, how can I end it now?”

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Li Yuanwang’s practice. With this trial, the water was confusing, and it was really convenient for Yang Kai to act. There may be some unexpected discoveries.

However, the situation has now completely exceeded the expectations of Li Yuanwang and Gao Ting.

Yang Kai has eliminated dozens of hundreds of Open Heaven Stages in more than ten days, but his life has been alive and kicking. Not only that, he also bought strong sales and got a large amount of cultivation materials from his own discipline.

Li Yuanwang also knows that Yang Kai’s is powerful. After all, he has killed 7-Rank, and his 6-Rank disciple is an opponent. But one is not an opponent, two are not opponents, ten eight could it be that still not an opponent?

In Li Yuanwang’s thoughts, this trial Yang Kai will eventually be captured by the 琅琊disciple, which can be successfully concluded. However, it seems that the situation is not good.

Not to mention anything else, the cultivation materials lost by the disciples alone are enough to make Li Yuanwang feel sad!

I can’t help but scream in my heart. Are you coming to the Mo people or robbing them?

Before Gao Ting also laughed at the foot of his moving stone 砸own, now look, really!

Yang Kai also felt the change here.

The team he met before was only three or four 6-Rank. He can handle it with his current strength. However, at least five 6-Rank and even even more in each team. There are seven or eight!

Yang Kai has some toothache, so many 6-Rank, if he does not become a giant dragon, it is difficult to solve it all at once! And if it is not all solved, there is no way to safely sell the own Healing Pill.

However, this situation is now in his expectation. These 6-Rank are a bit embarrassing because of Li Yuanwang’s unreasonable reason, but after all, it’s 6-Rank, not a fool, so much loss, total The upside is a lesson.

Therefore, Yang Kai thinks that own should also change the strategy.

Since there is no way to solve one team at a time, it will be twice or three times!

Big deal, let them credit! After the trial is over, each and everyone will go to the door to collect debts.

Well, this idea is good! Yang Kai is not proud of the wit of own.

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