This thought was just finished, and Yang Kai, who was hiding in the dark, suddenly saw a flowing light swiftly passing through the sky. The silhouette of the flowing light fell out of the 6-Rank Open Heaven’s aura.

Yang Kai eyes shined, is this not a set of 6-Rank resources?

The figure swayed and instantly stopped the other side from going.

The man was shocked and quickly stopped his body. After seeing Yang’s face, he couldn’t help but turn pale with fright: “Yang…Senior Brother Yang!”

If the words are not lost, a fist suddenly zooms in on the eye.

He rushed to urge the world to fight, but where can it be? The same as 6-Rank, alone to meet Yang Kai is simply the fish on the cutting board.

In a short three-time effort, this person was shot down by the ground and was squatting in a forest.

Yang Kai followed and looked at him with a smile: “This Junior Brother, courage is not small!”

He originally saw this person acting alone. He thought that he was using this person as a bait and cited himself. However, until now, no other 6-Rank has been found. It is certain that this person is indeed alone.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but praise him. Now, in this situation, 6-Rank is in danger, and which one is not a team, but he is art daring.

Suddenly Yang Kai was frowned: “How is this Junior Brother’s face familiar? You hurt this…”

That 6-Rank Open Heaven is crying: “Senior Brother Yang, we only saw it three days ago, I hurt you!”

“Hmm?” Yang Kai expression is weird: “That is, you are out?”

“Right!” The 6-Rank grievance nodded, own. This is who provokes who, obviously out of the game three days ago, today is only going to other Spirit Province to do things, not to participate in this trial, actually again Yang Kai hit the catch and stopped.

Where is this reasonable?

Yang Kai is also somewhat speechless.

The 6-Rank carefully said: “Senior Brother Yang If nothing happens, Junior Brother I will take a step first.”

“Wait!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand and stopped.

The 6-Rank was shaking in the heart, and suddenly there was some uncomfortable feeling: “What advice does Senior Brother Yang have?”

Yang Kai looked at him seriously: “The Junior Brother can’t hold it anymore. It seems that I have to start with a little heavy weight, mainly because I am alone, so I have to be able to maintain combat effectiveness.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s all skinny, it doesn’t hinder the major event, it’s good to cultivate some days.”

“Yeah!” Yang Kai nodded, the words turned a bit, worried: “Healing Pill comes one?”

The 6-Rank grabbed the own Space Ring: “Senior Brother Yang, I bought it before…”

Yang Kai thought about it, guest angry saying: “The second half price?”

琅琊6-Rank: “…”

In a few moments, Yang Kai took a picture of the 6-Rank’s shoulder. He said: “It’s not safe outside recently. If you’re fine, don’t run away. Don’t take care of yourself in Cave Mansion.”

The 6-Rank looked like a gray heart and was powerless: “many thanks Senior Brother Yang care, I will go back!”

I have worked hard for many years of wealth. When I met Yang Kai, it took only ten days of work to be exhausted. The 6-Rank vowed that it will never reappear before the end of this trial!

When he came across Yang Kai’s, he couldn’t afford the half-price Healing Pill.

Turned away with Yang, and went to the sky, tears spilled into the sky!

After an hour, Evil Earth Spirit Province sky, a group of six people each other for a corner, rapid passing, six people are 6-Rank Open Heaven, the first one is a very popular ancient Ling’er in the bottom of the hierarchy.

Her team originally had only three 6-Ranks, but after the release of the fellow apprentice, they merged another team so that they could have six.

The six people responsible for the search are the boundaries of the Evil Earth Spirit Province and the Void of the Spirit Province all around. The six people barely make any stops. The powerful Spiritual Mind penetrates every corner of the Evil Earth Spirit Province. But if there is any wind and grass, they will not be able to perceive their perception.

Suddenly, the six people simulated and turned their heads in one direction.

There was a layer of ripple on the space, as if the calm lake was left with a stone, and then a silhouette of ghosts appeared.

Someone in the team exclaimed: “Yes Yang Kai! Yang Kai appeared!”

“Speed ​​communication!”

“Evil Earth Spirit Province found the trace of Yang Kai, the fellow fellow apprentice nearby, please come to support!”

Between the electric and the flint, the message has been transmitted, and the six people, under the leadership of the ancient Ling’er, rushed toward Yang, and the world’s great powers surged, and did not give him the opportunity to escape!

Everyone thought that Yang Kai was definitely going to run. Who knows that Yang Kai was not only not running, but instead he greeted him with a look of joy, as if he had seen a long-lost old friend.

Everyone is a little embarrassed!

When they are separated by three miles, the Secret Technique divine ability is ready to go.

As long as Yang Kai dared to get closer, he told him to know what is coming and going!

Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand, and the low voice sounded: “咫尺…Horizon!”

The space between each other, infinite stretch!

At the same time, the ancient Ling’er that is not right is also tenderly shouted: “Start!”

a path of divine ability Secret Technique, blooming ray of light, wrapped in terrifying power, bombarded with Yang.

Then everyone saw a scene that made them difficult to understand. The divine ability Secret Technique, which was bombarded by them, became slow as a turtle crawled at this moment, moving forward a little bit, and Void seemed to be at this moment. Freeze.

If it’s just that, it’s all, what’s even more amazing is that a Liu Junior Brother on the right side of the ancient Ling’er came to Yang Kai inexplicably, but the other person’s distance from Yang Kai’s The farther you come!

Void produced a very serious disorder at this moment, and everyone could not clear the difference between distinguishing distance.

Although this disorder only lasted for a short while, it was broken by the divine ability that they joined together, and Void returned to the order. However, when looking up, there was Yang Kai’s in front of it.

This guy suddenly appeared, and then suddenly disappeared, and the end is a ghost.

“Liu Junior Brother is gone!” Someone noticed that it was wrong and screamed.

They were originally six people, but now there are only five left, and they only saw Liu Junior Brother inexplicably rushed to the front of Yang Kai, and he was punched in the abdomen.

Someone’s face is ugly: “Liu Junior Brother is supposed to be taken away by him!”

In the Spirit Province where Gu Pan is located, Yang Kai and the Liu Junior Brother show up together, and they are aware of the movements. The healing of the healing has been busy in the area. After seeing the face of the people, they turned and walked, and they slammed into the ground. I closed the door.

Avoid Yang open as a flood of beasts!

Liu Junior Brother shouted: “Gongsun fellow apprentice save me!”

Yang Kai quietly stared at him: “Gongsun fellow apprentice has already been out, afraid that it will not save you!”

Liu Junior Brother looked desperate and said: “Come a Healing Pill.”

Yang Kai patted his shoulder: “I know the time person is Junjie!”

Evil Earth Spirit Province, the two teams in the vicinity of the hearing rushed to rush, but when they arrived, they knew that Yang Kai had disappeared. With him disappearing, there was a Liu Junior Brother. Don’t think, that surnamed Yang’s bastard must be hiding somewhere to sell Healing Pill to Liu Junior Brother.

Silence for Liu Junior Brother!

Suddenly, the message in the Token suddenly came to ask for help. It was full of one’s head out of fear: “Come on, he came, Wu’an Spirit Province, we are entangled with him, please come to the nearby fellow apprentice brother to come over and support! Ah, Huafellow apprentice is gone!”

Silence for Chinafellow apprentice!

Liu Junior Brother has not recovered from the huge loss, and the silhouette is flashing, and then Yang Kai reappears.

Liu Junior Brother was scared, and fixed his eyes. I saw that there was one more person next to Yang Kai.

The Fellow apprentice, who was smashed here, struggled from rebellion and saw Liu Junior Brother beside him. He was overjoyed: “Liu Junior Brother also asked me to help me with this thief!”

Liu Junior Brother looks awkward: “Huafellow apprentice, I am out!”

Huafellow apprentice mouth opened wide, stupidly stood in place, left and right, and a teammate is gone.

Yang opened his fist and pi li pa la rang, and walked toward him, his face smirked: “Huafellow apprentice is it? You just said who you want to marry?”

Huafellow apprentice is busy with his world’s great power, trying to squeeze out a smile of harmless to human and animals: “Junior Brother Yang listened, I don’t care who, I always wanted to find Junior Brother to buy a Healing Pill from Void Land. Come…”

The siblings of the house turned a blind eye, and Gu Pan couldn’t help but laugh.

After Huafellow apprentice bought Healing Pill, Yang Kai disappeared again. Huafellow apprentice and Liu Junior Brother looked at each other with a tearful tear.

Evil Earth Spirit Province, the two teams that came to support quickly left. After all, they also had their own patrol sites and could not stay here.

However, their forefoot did not go away for a while, and the ancient Ling’er team sent out a message for help.

When they arrived, the ancient Ling’er team was one less!

In the next half day, the whole chaos was chaotic, and Yang Kai’s silhouette was gone. Every time you show up, someone will suffer.

The strategy that Elxter Senior Brother had to deal with before could not be said to be incorrect. Since Yang Kai is strong, three or four 6-Ranks are not his opponents. It is natural to merge the teams.

In fact, it also played some effects. At the very least, Yang Kai could not be as unscrupulous as before, but all the teams that met him were completely annihilated.

However, Yang Kai also became oily, and did not confront them at all. The whole person did not appear to be a ghost. It seemed that Clone could be countless. It is clear that the previous moment is still here, and the next moment has already appeared on the other side. And every time you show up, you won’t return empty-handed.

Each and everyone 6-Rank was smashed, the message was passed out, and a team was heartbroken.

Many 6-Ranks have never thought before, and one person can play them in the palm of their hands. I have always heard that the Space Principle is unpredictable, and today I have seen it with my own eyes.

The Space Principle is played by Yang Kai, and they can’t admire it.

Ancient Ling’er led the only two people in the team and fled to nearby Spirit Province.

Just now, Yang Kai once again appeared in Evil Earth Spirit Province, taking away one of their team.

Now they have only three people left. Where is Yang Kai’s opponent?

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