Martial Peak Chapter 4902

Yang Cao sat down on his own.

the next moment, Yang, turn pale with fright, grab home’s clothes: “What are you doing?”

Nor does he blame him for reacting so hard, mainly when he just landed, and several women came straight to pick up his clothes.

A high-rank smile, charming eyes are like silk, apparently with Yin-Yang Heaven’s marks.

“What Senior, for no reason to call people old.” Another high-rank Open Heaven pointing his head on Yang Kais’s head and pointing him out.

Yang Kai Didnt know whether you’re going to cry or laugh, and heart says you look at a few looks like a corn, a young beauty, but cultivation level can go to high-rank, which isn’t the old demon who lived for thousands of years, shouting a Senior Sheng, but it’s a pride to say that elder sister can’t always be called.

In this hesitates room, several of them have managed to rip Yang off his coat in a clean and profitable manner, to be very familiar, and then to find out where to touch a big red clothed robe, one with Yang’s back up, two people grabbing Yang’s arm to make him feel comfortable and wearing his robe quickly.

A couple of women traveled around the corner, cleaned up, stabbed belts, and packed him up soon.

Yang Keung is in a state of perpetuation and has no idea what’s going on.

He was re-pressed, a high-rank surrounded to the behind, dispersed his hair and rehabilitated his hair with skill.

In front of a mirror of the human being, Yang looked forward to home and was very pleased to wear a red robe.


was busy with the female, and I took the fat powder or something to wipe it on my face.

Yang, get up and resist and suddenly get dressed like this, and that’s all. Why do you paint daughter’s stuff on your face? He’s a little sick: “How many Senior, what the hell is this?”

“Don’t move!” The high-rank female who came out of Yin-Yang Heaven shot Yang Kais’s arm and knocked his hands off.

“Happy?” Yang, “What’s the big pleasure?”

Then Yin-Yang Heaven high-rank smile, “What do you say?”

Yang Gang is busy looking to the little sister, asking for permission. Yang Xue laughed and said, “Big brother, you leave nothing behind, you can work with it.”

When Yangton was opened, didnt know whether to cry or laugh, concealment understood what was going on, hesitated, abandoned struggle, sat there honestly, left him dressed up by several women.


heart is a little bit touched.

Less than a perfume of time, it’s all right, and a couple of women look around Yang, and they’re all over nodded: “Almost!”

Then Yin-Yang Heaven high-rank female picked up another bunch of big red flowers, tied up in front of Yang’s chest, stuck in it, hit the way: “Okay!”

“Come on, come on, come on.” Yang Xue, when she cheers, she pushes Yang out and goes out with great hall.

There was a group of people waiting outside, and Yang looked up, all of them high Heaven Palace. Great Emperor and Hyogo Yue he and the others were split up to see Yang in a celebration, and cup one fist in the other hand: “Congratulations, sect master, congratulations sect master!”

Yang opens his mouth and says, “Happy and happy!”

It’s embarrassing to say what you’re talking about.

It was mainly a surprise attack, and he was just thinking about how to apologize to Yu Rumeng for the blink.

And look at this situation, it seems that all of us know it, and put him in the drum, and who did not know who it was.

“sect master, please!”

There was a luxury building waiting ahead, and that building was also red, and there were even a lot of people waiting and apparently ready for more time.

Yang, take a deep breath, push your heart down and nerve, wave up: “Go!”

There’s no way to get married, and he’s been through it for the first time, saying that it’s fake, and it’s not that much of a hundred years in that cage with the Royal Family of Murphy.

High Heaven Palace, a crowd of people, with Yang on board, swept their eyes and saw two open Heaven Stage of Cave Heaven Paradise, even a few 7-Rank Open Heaven.

Everyone has the same instrument in his hand, and they don’t know where they came from.

Congratulations cannot be ignored, and with Iron Blood Great Emperor’s order, Guan Yue on board the building immediately screamed, knocked up and aroused.


ship of the building, Xu Xu Xu, is going to the front of a Spirit Province, all along the road is the music of joy.

The band is complex and has at least a dozen 20 Open Heaven Stage members, of which there are a number of 7-Rank Open Heaven. A single parent can get so many Cave Heaven Stage from Cave Heaven Paradise to do it only for the sake of joy, and I’m afraid since ancient times are only one.

Little hectares, up to a Spirit Province, Guan Yue’s voice continued, and the family team landed in the building, heading straight to a great hall.

Before that great hall, a group of people stopped the road, the first of them was Gold Antelope Paradise’s six wood Divine Monarch!

The six-woo face smiled at the expression of six-Rank 7-Rank Open Heaven, and a group of people at least had hundreds of people who kept great hall entrance.

“Divine Monarch!” Yang, get up front paid, watch out. It’s about six wood Divine Monarch looking at his face and making Yang feel wrong.

And while he was hastening to cooperate with his relatives, the specific situation is not yet fully understood, nor is he able to understand how to meet his family’s presence in Gold Antelope Paradise.

Although he has not been here, six wood Divine Monarch is clearly the Gold Antelope Paradise’s location since he is here.

And High Heaven Palace’s arrangement, nobody told him.

“Boy, people are having a good time, and this is a wonderful dress.”

Yang Kai cup one fist in the other hand: “Divine Monarch overpraised, Junior is here to greet his family, and Divine Monarch is also asked to melt one or two.”

“All right,” Six Times Divine Monarch Carefree to wave his hand, around Gu Pan down, loudly shouted: “Someone wants to marry my Gold Antelope Paradise disciple, boys, tell him who’s qualified?”

Yang’s hearing this startled, how does he come to marry Gold Antelope Paradise’s disciple? The ladies and Gold Antelope Paradise have nothing to do with it.

Six-wood Divine Monarch smiled and said, “Xue Yue has entered the Monarch door and passed the disciple under the Monarch seat!”

Yang Yang’s eyebrows. What else is this? When does it happen, it doesn’t even know.

But it’s a good thing, Cave Heaven Paradise, to be harsh, and basically not to accept the disciple with orchids, not to mention the Ancestor Elder, a six-wood Divine Monarch.

It is a great honor for anyone to be able to enter a 8-Rank Ancestor door and look at 3000 Worlds. Ancestor collector precisely said that the six-wood Divine Monarch said that it represented Xue Yue, who was really Gold Antelope Paradise disciple, and that the teacher from the six-wood 8-Rank Ancestor, whether born or status, was not common.

It was Gold Antelope Paradise who met Xue Yue later, and Junior Sister.

Cave Heaven Paradise’s general Open Heaven Stage does not have this right, but six wood is Ancestor, who wants to be a prisoner, but it’s just a word.

Yang was so excited: “Many thanks, Senior!”

The six-wood mouth smiled: “Thank you first. I want to marry this Monarch disciple, precisely easy.”

Yang’s happy.

Without giving him the opportunity to react, the six-wood opened again: “Come on, tell this kid who’s qualified to marry Gold Antelope Paradise’s disciple!”

Right now, open Heaven Stage kills, and everyone holds a huge bar, across the front, ranking the human wall!

Yang is looking at the head feeling numb, which is as big as the water tank, enough for more than 20, and since it’s the time to extract the wine, it’s definitely not the same.

This is the rhythm to drink dead people!

Suddenly, six wood started talking: “Drink these, man, you can’t get married, you can’t finish it!”

Yang Xue Dayton said, “Six Wood Senior, that’s what we said before.”

Six-wood Divine Monarch laughed: “Small girl, this Monarch is teaching you the evil of the world, not to believe in it!”

Yang Xue’s breathing mouth is stuck.

“Never mind!” Yang opened his hand, stretched his hand, photographed a bar in front of him, tore it off and put it under his head.

Six-wood Divine Monarch smiled and woke up, and said, “Boy, you can be careful. My Gold Antelope Paradise’s homemade alcoholic precision is so easy.

There is no need for him to remind him that Yang at the bartender entrance found it.

The alcohol at the entrance, like a knife, goes through the throat, swallows into the abdomen, throws over the river in the abdomen, explodes from the abdomen, spreads around, and Yang leaves groaned.

It’s obviously not just ordinary drinking water, but it’s made out of a lot of genius babies, but it’s not just a lot of alcohol, but it’s also a kind of help.

the kind of stuff is absolutely not low, and Gold Antelope Paradise took over 20 steps out.

Yang Xue was worried about the loud voice, and Yang was drinking a glass of wine only for a dozen rest.

all around the house rings a sound called good.

Yang erased his mouth and shot another one, like artillery!

And then, under five steps, Yang has a slight shape, and the whole man is the imposing way, biting his teeth and saying, “Enough!”

He usually doesn’t drink much, but there’s still some wine, mainly Gold Antelope Paradise, and there’s a lot of energy, and some can’t afford it.

But he could not show weakness and continue to hold on to his head.

Ten, fifteen, twenty…

Yang Xue is worried.

Well, soon after Yang opened up, all drinks of alcohol are drinkin ‘thoroughly.

Throw down the bar, Yang was mad: “Senior, is that all right?”

Six wood smiled at him and waved: “Let go!”

A large number of Open Heaven Stage blocked the road, leaving Yang with Luan Baifeng, Yue He, Chow, Mo Mei and others into great hall.

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