Martial Peak Chapter 4990

Before the Western Military Division, the deputy officer swallowed the swallow water, and there was room to answer the flattering questions that had just been raised.

Know that Yang has such a gambling appointment with Zheng Yuan, and look back at the big smell that’s comin ‘around, and it’s Didnt Knowwhether to cry or laugh.

If you want to burn, at least half a time, even more, Bi Luo is closed, but only so, Yang opens up a new 7-Rank with a new space, divine ability, and does not have to escape clock control.

I’m afraid it’s hard to refuse.

It would also be possible not to promise nature, but Yang would surely be distracted by his heart and would then have a wave, and it would have been better if he had the opportunity to die of that heart in order not to suffer from it.

But it’s not easy to keep quiet, and at this point Bi Luo has no idea what’s going on, Ding has sunk, and a path of command is conveyed immediately.

Soon, Bi Luo switched down silhouette, just looking at it.

For General Guannet, as long as it is not a Mexican invasion, it is not a major event.

At the same time, Bi Luo was on the west side, and Yang was running away, and Space Principle almost pushed out of the floor ripple at a time when his body was shaking.

However, no matter how far he escaped, an internal Qi could lock him away.

Naturally, it’s Yuan’s Internal Qi!

If you don’t cut off this internal Qi, how good does he have to save his space divine ability to get rid of the clock tracks, but the power gap is here, and you want to cut this path off? Yang was unable to do so on many occasions, and let him move away, and behind the clock was like a miracle.

Yang was happy to know that he was disturbed by two raids, and Regiments Commander was a real lesson.

But silhouette was becoming more invisible in his heart, and teleportation technique was supposed to be the source of the report methods, the world’s reporting methods were tens of millions, and none of it could be with teleportation technique mention on equal terms.

for a moment, Bi Luo is close to north-east and south-west, and appears to be available at any time, Yang Kais silhouette, but he will never stay anywhere for more than three cents, just because of behind the clock as good as a bone.

One after one escape, time goes away.

Prior to the Western Military Department, that big perfume had burned more than 30 per cent.

Ting Ying and the others are finally touched!


was supposed to be nothing to take Yang out of his own hands, but now it seems not that easy, and they also know how wonderful space Principle is, but until this moment they really realize how difficult space Principle is.

The time frame is long overdue because of the unusual heating of this great perfume, or else for normal combustion.

Even at this moment, Yang was really caught, and he failed.

On the other hand, Chung Yuan can’t take it long, and he’s pissed at his heart, and he’s going to do it quickly, and it’s going to take so long, not just to be able to do it, but to lose, that’s a big game if he loses.

All of a sudden, the clock is stuck in the middle of the air.

There are differences in detective action, and Yang is busy hiding, but the one that is locked up in his body remains unattainable to escape.

He did not know what the clock was doing, but it was estimated that Regiments Commander would have to do something big and be vigilant.

If not, the fluctuations in the gloomy of the heavens and the earth quickly passed by Zhong Yuan’s side, then, a ripple’s typical wave, centred on clock, was spreading towards all around, and that ripple spread was not fast, but slow, ripple passed, space banned, Heaven-Sealing Earth-Lock.

Far away, Yang opened up to see this scene, complexion greatly changed, and grieved to say, “Regiments Commander, you’re leather!”

Chung Yuan Hui is going to lay down his own Small Universe, covering the whole Bi Luo switch.

Yang Xiaoqing has no doubt that he has this capacity, after all 8-Rank Peak-Stage, Small Universe, which, once it really starts, has nothing to do with Bi Luo.

If that were true, the entire Bi Luo border would be in his small Universe, and the clock would be the Lord in it! Then the Yang will surely have no access to the earth, become fish on the board, and let it be cut off.

This method is solid, but it is a little tricky for gambling, but it is also clear that Chung is determined to take Yang Kais.

When you hear Yang shouting, your face is red, it’s just hum sneered: “At the time of the enemy, there’s nothing to do with it, and in the face of the Mexican, you call a Lapi test, see if people will bypass you!”

too long to speak, Small Universe’s boundaries are covered, and Yang Cao retreat is still in Bi Luo’s lockdown, where to hide.

You can only watch at that ripple, and you can see it in.

Yang opens time complexion ashen.

The clock is laughed heartily. Flash and look at Yang with your hands, unperturbed: “Are you willing to lose, or are you in this room to get you? First of all, it is clear that the loss of flesh will be free from the pain of skin, and if it is for this seat to take your hand, it is now emotional and I’m afraid it will not be lighter.”

When Yang Ganton opened up, gnashing teeth said, “As Regiments Commander is so thick, shameless, I spelled it out with you!”

It’s generally said, “Double boxing is a romantic shadow, and it’s going to blow up the clock.”

钟良面含微笑,杨开实力虽然不俗,但this kind of 攻击他还真没放在眼中,倒是最初偷袭own 那一道日月神轮让他看重,杨开真要施展出那一道Secret Technique ,他肯定会重视,但眼下这攻击,不啻与他挠痒痒。

“Young people proud and arrogant, without tears or tears in coffins, let you die.” It’s like Chung Yuan said, “Hands ahead and hands turn around.”

But the next moment, he was complexion significantly changed.

Just because he saw no threat, it was like a hammer, and strikes on his heart, and the shock that all small Universe was bombarding.

“en?” Ah, ”the power of Small Universe was instantaneously disorded at a time when the clock was silent.

Open Heaven Stage martial artist will not pave down Small Universe at the time of the fight, because for Open Heaven Stage, Small Universe is fundamental to itself, and while paving down and fighting itself in Small Universe is greatly enhanced, it is also highly likely that the enemy will be taken away, once Small Universe is damaged, it will never be repeated.

The Open Heaven Stage martial artist will choose this way only when he is struggling.

When Yang was surrounded by left-hand rights in the new area, the last battle left was paved down by Small Universe.

Chung Yuan was pushed out by Yang, and there was no way to go.

However, he also had the own test, so that he had a new promotion of 7-Rank at the bottom of his small Universe, and there was no way that Yang could take his own in any event, so long as it took him off in a timely manner, there should be no danger.

Whoever knows how Yang swings out of a few boxes that seem to be ordinary, let his small Universe shake, small Universe is shaken, and the Earth’s mighty power naturally turns around.

The clock, which had been halfway in the air, was planted on the ground.

Although only one moment, he stabilized his body, while urgently shrinking his own small Universe, if powerhouse had done so, the delay would suffice to judge Life and Death.

The golden star was in the eye, and the eyes were dizzy, and the ears came out of Yang’s ridiculous laugh: “No accident, no surprise?”

When the clock looks dark and looks up, and even Yang Kais tracks, he’s been cut off while he’s been locked away from the beginning to the moment.


钟良心里一个咯噔,他之所以能一直追着杨开不放,就是依靠那一丝锁住他的Internal Qi ,如今连这Internal Qi 都被斩断,让他去哪找杨开?

Turn around to the Western Military Division, and half the furnace in front of the door has been flashed.

And before the furnace, Ding Ying and the others were looking at his face was also patient, making the clock look red.

In fact, until this moment, he wondered how Yang was shaking his own Small Universe, which seemed to be a simple few boxes, absolutely not as simple as appearance, should be some kind of Secret Technique, and it was a Secret Technique, directly targeting Small Universe!

He did have a good idea, and Yang Gang did have a Secret Technique against Small Universe.

Since the time when comprehend hit the cattle, the Secret Technique has repeatedly built the magic trick, and has also given Yang jump over the ranks to fight, and he can search for a source of retroactive origin to beat Secret Technique’s little Universe, a rival.

He did not have this opportunity, and the gap between him today and Chung was that he could not support the clock for too long, not at all enough to drive the bull Secret Technique.

For Yang Yang’s sake, however, Chung Xiaoqing had taken the initiative to open his own Small Universe, which was a good opportunity, and there was no hesitation, when he was pushing the bull Secret Technique, and he took golden star straight to his eye, while he had the opportunity to get rid of his chase, and even to cut off that internal Qi.

As soon as Yang leaves like the sea, the tiger goes back to the mountains, it’s hard to find him again.

Little heck, Bi Luo closed a bunch of chicken dogs jumping.

Zheng Yuan Yu Yu Yi Mind swept the entire Bi Luo customs, but was unable to find Yang Kais, even more so that he was searching himself on a sailor who ran to the military sites to prevent Yang from hiding it.

Same thing to gain.

In a moment, Secret Treasure, a palace in Bi Luo’s closures, was searched by him all over.

The less glamour looks at at that big smell, the less it’s expected to burn in the near future, and the clock’s good head will infiltrate cold sweat, which would be a big shame if Yang wins a bet.

But the whole Bi Luo switched almost all the way down to the bottom, looking everywhere, still missing Yang, where can this kid hide?

Unless Yang switches! But then, why would Yang do that?

In the middle of the thought, the clock suddenly remembered what it was, looking towards a direction.

“This fool finally starts to know!” Before the Western Military Department, Ding shined his hand.

The clock Small Universe was a shock, unstable heart, and Yang escaped at a time, so she didn’t know where Yang was going, but Ting Ying and the others were watching it, but they were not a good reminder, let alone a reminder.

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