Martial Peak Chapter 4991

Bi Luo Closed Center, with a Lonely Peak, up to a thousand blades, Lonely Peak above, a great hall.

For the tens of thousands of General Bi Luo, this Lonely Peak was established as both a barrier and a living, and this is Old Ancestor’s closed-up place, without summon, and no one dares to be disturbed.

A flowing light was plundered from the bottom, soon before going to great hall, landed in silhouette, precisely in Regiments Commander Chung of the West Army.

Just a few of the guards in front of great hall were familiar with silhouette, and no trace was seen of Yang.

Not here? Chung Yuan is a little rude.

He almost turned the whole Bi Luo off, and still couldn’t find Yang Kais. Only this Lonely Peak was here because he was too involved, and he was afraid to spy.

If Yang Cao had anything else to hide, that would be it.

Anyone who knows that has come to see it today still has not found it.

That makes him immortal, and now Yang is not hiding here, so where else can he go?

The grandson, fellow fellow apprentice, who took care of great hall for a week, left the clock.

Sun fellow apprentice suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Junior Brother is here to find Yang Kais?”

Zhong Yuan is in the head: “Exactly!”

Sunfellow apprentice One said with a smile: “If so, Junior Brother may wait here.”

Chung Yuan didn’t understand: “Why?”

Sun fellow apprentice said, “The Yang was summoned by Old Ancestor, in the middle of the day, when he thought he’d come out.”

The clock is not open to mouth wide, full of silence.

Yang Gang was summoned into great hall by Old Ancestor, and this is bullshit. He’s never gonna go into great hall and get Yang out, in other words, as long as Yang leaves within the specified time frame, he loses the bet.

This kid’s leather!

But think about the way Small Universe was laid down, and it was a little bit of a leather, and it was a newspaper.

“Why did Old Ancestor suddenly summon him?”

Sunfellow apprentice said with a smile: “Nor do I know that the lad came here suddenly, in a rush, like anything urgent, and Old Ancestor called him in to talk.”

Zhong Lington hated the teeth, secretly said in a ‘S heart boy’s fraud, and I’m afraid to come this way immediately after he cut off the internal Qi of his lockdown.

He himself, however, was afraid that Didnt expect Old Ancestor would meet at this time and that his original intention should only be to use the special obstruction on the part of the home.

As for the colour of Sun fellow apprentice, there seems to be some rush, some kind of rush, and the talent is very quiet, and grandson fellow apprentice, while sitting in town guarding Old Ancestor’s closures, must have known the original committee of the matter, or would not laugh so much.

Chung Yuan remembered another thing and asked, “Old Ancestor’s wounds healed?”

It’s been eight years since the last time the Mexican had returned, and Old Ancestor closed healing so long as it was possible to heal.

Sunfellow apprentice shakes his head: “I don’t know, but this is the last time in these years, Old Ancestor’s first external newsletter.”

It’s not that easy to hear this time when Old Ancestor is afraid of being cured. After all, 9-Rank Open Heaven is injured, but there should be some improvement, or Yang will not be brought in.

I looked back at the great smell before the Western Military Department, and there were still about 20-30 per cent left, and some time left.

It’s just gone, and since there’s still some time, it’s just to stay here, and see if Yang won’t come out before the time limit comes.

great hall was silent.

good hall, Yang’s knees are sitting in front of an old man with white hair.

The old man was skinny, wearing a black robe, a silver hair like snow, and even a beard was white, and he was full, with no 9-Rank Open Heaven’s power.

Yang Gang has not even felt any force fluctuations from him, and if he meets in unknown circumstances, Yang will definitely treat this person as an unusual old man, rather than holding level to 9-Rank Old Ancestor in Peak-Stage.

Old Ancestor’s cultivation level is afraid to have arrived at Return to the realm of the Natural State, otherwise it would never have given Yang this kind of view.

It was also extremely unexpected to ignore Old Ancestor’s call. But on the first day he came to Bi Luo, he wanted to meet Old Ancestor, but Old Ancestor was in healing for no reason.

At this juncture, Yang is showing the birth of a clean light in front of Old Ancestor, which is also the requirement of Old Ancestor.

Old Ancestor looked very seriously, and when that light was formed, it was even more stretched to take the rays out of light into his hands.

Yang is afraid to speak and wait.

After a moment, Old Ancestor slightly nodded, he also indicated that Yang was stretching his hands and searching for the prints on his hands.

Yang Yang has no idea what he sees, but Old Ancestor’s search is very difficult, as does expression.

A good moment later, Old Ancestor Onnodded, suddenly smiled: “This clean light is really good, and Burning Shine Nether Glimmer is not ashamed to be the oldest Great Expert, not my eldest generation.”

Yang’s hearing this startled: “Why is Old Ancestor so humble?”

Listen to Old Ancestor, there are some self-perceptions that Burning Shine Nether Glimmer means. It’s not surprising to him that 9-Rank Old Ancestor is already the peak-Stage of the human race force, and Yang Kien thought that this kind of person and Burning Shine Nether Glimmer could be confronted by the Chamber.

Old Ancestor shaked his head: “It is not modest, but it is true that, when old man was promoted to 9-Rank, he went to chaos and consulted with those two, particularly new memories.”

He did not say what the outcome of the consultations had been, but Yang was cognizant of what Old Ancestor feared to eat.

“As far as the matter is concerned, I understand that the light of purification is the method of restraining the ink, and you have to be both this opportunity, and that’s how Clansman works.”

Yang Zheng congratulated: “I wish to comply with the principles of Old Ancestor.”

paused, Yang Gang said, “Old Ancestor, disciple has one more thing to report.”

“You said.” Old Ancestor slightly nodded.

“Disciple is not through the battlefield of ink that does not return to it. It’s through a Void Tunnel!”

As soon as this is clear, Old Ancestor’s curtain: “Be careful.”

Yang Xiang will be killed and will come along with one after another in Black Prison to talk about the Royal Family after his death, Void Tunnel, in which he was alone, sealed by Space Principle, Void Tunnel until he was present in a little Secret Boundary.

“The Secret Boundary is in the abdomen of the Mexican, where the disciple arrived and the Mexican community was exploring the export, although the export was sealed by disciple in Secret Technique, and the little Secret Boundary is now afraid to collapse, but Void Tunnel must still exist.”

“How many people know about this?” Old Ancestor solemnly asked.

Yang opens: “I didn’t reveal to anyone else that disciple met a Mexican named Monge Boundary in that little Secret Boundary to save him from the light of purification, and he told me it was important, not Old Ancestor, so disciple never told anyone about it.”

“What about Monkey?” Old Ancestor asked.

Yang Xiaoqing said, “Disciple would have taken him away, and he did not agree that he died of meteorology after disciple left.”

Old Ancestor slightly startled, the swing understood the key to it, and lamented: “The gentleman of human race’s loyalty, I deserve his name on the Bi Luo monument.”

The monuments are well known, and every human race has a narrow name in every disciple who died in a war with the Mexican people.

Bi Luo switched the monuments, up to 1,000 feet, with a number of names left behind. Every name represents a life.

“Void Tunnel, to that end, has not been mentioned to anyone else.” Old Ancestor warned repeatedly.

“disciple understands.”

Old Ancestor points nodded, and suddenly looks deep at him: “You have a great deal in human race by sealing Void Tunnel alone, defusing 3,000 Worlds.”

Yang Kwok’s head: “Clansman and the Mexican people fought for blood, and countless forefathers paid to calm the 3000 Worlds, which, compared to them, was worth mentioning, at least, that disciple was alive at the very best, and that all of his ancestors were the real ones.”

“The deceased have the power and the survivors have the power.” Old Ancestor said, “Suddenly, the extended hand points to the head of Yang.”

His actions were slow, but in Yang’s eyes he didn’t have half the time to react, and that finger was on the forehead.

When you take it, Old Ancestor said with a slight smile: “outside that an incense stick of time is combusted, you can go out.”

Yang Xiaoqing, it is only clear that Old Ancestor, although not closed here, has nothing to hide from Bi Luo, and he will surely know that he will not talk about it.

Even so, Old Ancestor called, maybe there’s a point to help him.

“Many thanks Old Ancestor.”

Old Ancestor closed pupil, Yang left.

great hall opens, Yang touches his head in the sink.

After the old and Ancestor pointing, he did not realize any anomalies, knowing what Old Ancestor meant, but, as Old Ancestor, doing nothing could not be targeted, which made Yang uncomfortable.

Your Highness, Yuan Yuan looks forward to coming out of Yang. In fact, the great perfume before the Western Military Department was completely combusted, and he lost it according to his contract with Yang Kais.

He would not have lost if Old Ancestor hadn’t pulled Yang in. But he was afraid to complain about it, and Old Ancestor was allowed to do it.

Yang Gang was with that surname Sun Senior Payrespect, and that’s what looks like to be on the clock, nose to the sky, and face to the end: “Regiments Commander, disciple, that’s what’s going on. Regiments Commander, is it okay?”

The clock’s skin is constantly pumping and hates to leave Yang alone and to keep him in custody.

If you

want to think about it, it’s impossible to do it.

“Yang Boy, if we can sit down and talk about anything, don’t move out. What’s good out there?

Yang opened his neck and said, “No, I’m going to turn off. Regiments Commander, if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, don’t you?”

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