Martial Peak Chapter 4992

“Bullshit.” The bell stares like Regiments Command, the Western Army, always words of enormous weight, how can it be cheating! “

“so good.” Yang, come on, nodded.

Chung Yuan said, “But when this is unhurried, why don’t you stay in custody for a few more days, and I’ll tell you what’s going on with the Mexican?”

“Regiments Commander, despite countless years of bloody war at the battlefield of Mexico, I also lived in the abdomen of the Mexican people for two years, knowing very well about the Mexican community and not working with Regiments Commander.”

It says, “Step forward.”

The arm was captured, Yang looked at each other, and Chung bited his teeth: “Well, you’re going to turn out and this seat is not stopping you, but I won’t let you go if you don’t answer.”

Yang swing his eyebrows: “You said.“

Chung Yuan stretched his hand and said, “Give me your candle.”

Yang Xiaoqing has no idea what he’s going to do, but he has taken out his tip. This is a dry map or was given to him by Monkey when it was a dry map of the battlefield of Mexico.

Chung Yuan took over or did not know what to do, and threw it back to Yang: “This first article, you cannot exceed the boundaries that you have set for you in this house, is now barely safe, outside the boundaries, or the Mexican powerhouse, so that you may not be able to resist the force of your team today.”

Yang Cailing hearthis explores Spiritual Mind in a dry Kwan map, and it turns out that this dry Kung Tube was painted with a boundaries, and that I would certainly love it more than anyone else.

And see him say, “This second article, no less than ever before, is absolutely unthinkable in dealing with the Mexican people, and if it works, it is also necessary to kill to the last one!”

Yang’s wrinkle: “Why?”


light of purification can disperse the purification of ink, the only way to save Muslims and martial artist, eroded by the power of ink, but in addition to that, it is a major instrument against the Mexican powerhouse!

When Yang first arrived at Bi Luo, a Mexican landlord was rebuilt with the light of purification, and von Yin killed him as he had the opportunity.

JANG: “Since ancient times, before you arrive, I human race has no means to effectively disperse the erosion of the power to dissolve ink, and this is the biggest reason why until now I human race can only adhere to the narrow and unprovoked attacks. If the Mexican side knew that you had such a method, it would certainly have attracted the attention of the Mexican powerhouse, even if the King was to be involved in the attack himself, how would you resist it then? So you don’t do it, thats the end of it, once it’s done, you have to kill to the last one, and you don’t have to leak the news.”

Yang Ganton said, “I understand, but Regiments Commander, last time I’ve done it on the battlefield, the Mexican side should be paying attention.”

Zhong Yuan’s hand was like, “One time, the Mexican would not be too interested even if powerhouse noticed, but if you were to use the light of purification frequently, it would be trouble if you were known by the Mexican side. This article is particularly important, and if it is revealed, you can’t turn it off any further.”

“What about article 3?” Yang asked.

“If this third article is in danger, I will allow you to flee alone and to flee alone! You have Space Principle, cultivation level to 7-Rank, in Void, as long as it’s not the king’s own hands, and as long as it’s not in a trap, the Mexicans should have taken you any way, you hear me?”

Yang is silent.

Zhong Yuan looked at him and said, “If you cannot promise these three, I will not let you go today.”


good moment, Yang left faintly sighed: “I promised it was.”

Zhong Jong-pats, his shoulder: “Remember, your presence is vital to human race, and don’t be in danger.”

Yang Gang Nodded, cup one fist in the other hand channel: “Regiments Commander, if he has no other instructions, disciple then go.”

Zhong Zheng opened his mouth and seemed to want to crawl something, but finally did it: “Go ahead.”

Yang Kai again cup one fist in the other hand, coming up in the sky.


moment later, in Von Ying’s yard, Yang left silhouette and Feng Yin was waiting to see Yang come back and ask, “What?”

Yang laughed, “Convener, get ready to turn off.”

Feng astonished to the extreme: “Regiments Commander lost?”

As long as Yang was in Bi Luo’s mood, the Bi Luo Customers who were gambling with two people knew that Feng Yin was not expecting anything, and after all Chung Zheng’s small Universe was laid down, Yang was caught as long as Bi Luo was locked up, where there was a hiding place, and was caught as early as possible, but now it seems that Chung was lost.

“Luckily.” Yang came back with a word.

Feng Yin did not ask too much, and even sent a busy message to a large number of members.

Less than one 5 minutes of time, in the yard, members of the morning squad have been assembled, including Yang, 35 people, not a lot, not a lot.

“Everyone, I have been allowed by Regiments Commander to turn off this morning, and I hope everyone will be able to stick to my heart, kill the charm, extinguish the mouth and say:” Everyone, I have given the permission of Regiments Commander. “

Although there are speculations in the heart, it can be heard that Yang has said that people are still very pleased.

Everyone here has been a Mexican, followed by a certain Mexican, living in the abdomen for many years, seeing the tragedies of other Mexicans with the Mexican side, talking about hate for the Mexican people, and no one is strong.

After being classified as a member of the morning team, all aspired to be able to kill the Mexican abdomen one day, save more clansman and avenge the dead robe.

Regiments commanders are reluctant to release only because of Yang Kais’ special identity.

Now we’re finally waiting for this day, and all boxes wipe up and scream, “Kill the enemy, kill the enemy, kill the enemy!”

Voice waves, morale!

Yang is very satisfied, and he runs the line: “Setout!”

Time, more than 30 silhouette, translated into a flowing light, heading towards Bi Luo, closing off the city, checking out identity, allowing for release and entering Void.

Yang looked towards Von, von slightly nodded, stretched his hand at Void’s point, hidden about aura, opened by the Small Universe portal, and then came to the forefront of Void with Secret Treasure, an architectural shipmaker.

Xiao Xiaozhou!

The breaking battleship is a team battleship, but after von has spent the sea battle, and after the alteration of the item Refining Temple, it is clear that battleship is more than doubling than the general battleship, and that the members of the morning team, both quantitative and qualitative, are not typical teams.

With the exception of Captain 7-Rank Open Heaven, there are only a second 7-Rank in the general team, or even a Captain 7-Rank in the team.

But the morning team, under Yang Yang, has more than five of them, and the kind of battleship is admirable, supported by a battle that breaks up the battleship, even if the Mexican landlord is not necessarily able to fight.

This is also the biggest reason for Choi Yuan’s eventual consent to Yang’s opening, and only strong guarantees are the greatest security.

The members of the team are on battleship and, with the exception of five 7-Rank, thirty others will soon be on duty and will not panic.

Obviously, the morning crews have been trained between Yang Yang and those days around Zheng Yuan, knowing where he should be and where he would be in charge of Formation.

However, the early construction of the morning, which is not familiar with each other, is not too tacit to cooperate, so the team will need some time to familiarize themselves with the function of breaking the battleship.

This familiarity, however, is most likely to escalate in the fight.

For this kind of consideration, Yang Kai, while willing to kill the Mexican abdomen as soon as possible, has ordered the members of the team who control the Xiaoqing to move forward without being too anxious to give them some time to join battleship.

In the cabinet, Feng Ying-jin’s tummy is translated into a photo that is now in the eyes of the public, and five 7-Rank are gathered around all of this photo.

Von Yin pointed to a way: “Captain, this is Bi Luo, which is the source of Bi Luo, and radiation from the outside. This vast area, which is Bi Luo War Zone, is the King of the Mexican people who sat in this war zone, the head of the Gate Evil King, who was last hit by you, was the one who was in the war with Old Ancestor. The ancient system, we only have to be responsible for Bi Luo War Zone, the war zone on both sides, and the Mexicans on both sides of the War Zone will not easily come to Bi Luo War Zone, and they have own opponents.”

Yang’s hearing this nodded, these things are basic information, and he naturally knows. On this battlefield, every human race’s narrow tie corresponds to a huge war zone.

Von Yin went on to say, “The door Evil King was hit by you last time at the critical juncture of healing and injured by Old Ancestor. We can ignore it for at least 100 years. In the last fight, the Mexican landlords also died, according to the information they had previously received, the door Evil King, the remaining regional owners should be less than 50, and many regional owners might be in healing, looking at this huge war zone, and dispersing the forest that they distributed, so we should be careful enough not to touch the powerhouse at the regional level. And the Muslims under their Lord eat with the strength of the morning.”

“Good.” Yang is happy.

Feng Yin reached several locations: “These three positions, close to Bi Luo, are hardly the margins of the Mexican abdomen, have a forward base in each of these three areas, eight Rank Open Heaven, each of which is located in the town of 8-Rank Open Heaven, which can provide me with supplies to General Human race, and many items of Refining Expert and Formation Law Expert, can be repaired to Secret Treasure and are also sites for war preparedness.”

Yang Gang hearing this astonished: “Is there a front base in these three locations?”

This is the first time he heard of some astonished.

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