Martial Peak Chapter 4993

In his imagination, Bi Luo’s team was fighting each other after closing off, but now it seems clear that the benefits of the installation of such three front-line bases are clear. On this vast Void battlefield, it is far from Bi Luo’s place, and that human race can provide security when it is necessary to repair and repair.

There are also 8-Rank Open Heaven in town, and if they meet the owner of the Mexican region, they can also flee to the base and seek asylum.

“They are all temporary front-line bases, which will be operational only after each time the Mexican army has been withdrawn, and once the rest of the Mexican family is over, they will have to be abandoned and then occupied by the Mexican side.” Von explained.

Nor can it be difficult to understand that the Mexican army has lost its strength and that human race has the opportunity to occupy these bases. When the Mexican cultivated almost, it was natural to rejuvenate the militias, then had to abandon the bases, return to Bi Luo and remain in custody, and be swallowed only by the Mexican army.

“These three bases, which correspond to three resource-producing areas, do not have a shortage of cultivation resources in the battlefield of ink, and you have lived in the abdomen of the Mexican community, and it should be known that, only for most of the time, my human race has not had the opportunity to exploit it, which has led to a shortage of relevant resources.”

Yang Cailing hearthis head, living in the abdomen of the Mexican people for two years, naturally knows this more clearly than anyone else.

For human race, the plantation resources on the battlefield of Mexico are extremely rich, without saying that the odd Secret Boundary is in Void, one after another dead star, and one of the dry Gong continent, which lost its vitality as a result of the swallowing of the strengths of the heavens and the earth, conceals all Rank’s cultivation resources and precious minerals.

But human race has no way to go to the harvest at pleasure, and only every time the Mexican army retreats it will be forced to do it for some time, and this time will not be the same, depending on Yuan Qi, over the Mexican side, for more than a decade or decades.

When the Mexican people spent the cloudless slotting period and restored Yuan Qi, human race had to go back.

The resources of these plantations are also of great use to the Mexican community, and Yang’s tattoos that he has seen require the devotion of substantial resources, resulting in the creation of new Mexicans and the provision of energy for the promotion of the Mexican people.

So when human race withdraws, the Mexican side will also send personnel to exploit resources in these resource areas.

since ancient times, human race and the Mexican are so rotating that you take over the resource production area, and you get back to me.

Many resource production areas have been abandoned by the depletion of resources, and the most recent area of resource production, now occupied by human race, is 600,000 miles away from Bi Luo, and even the most far-reaching one has reached millions li.

Feng Youngqing: “But even if human race occupies the resource area, the Mexican side is not watching. Although Yuan Qi is badly injured and unable to prevent the military from attacking Bi Luo, there are many brave men who can use this opportunity to capture Muslims and, secondly, interfere with my clansman’s exploitation, we must be ready to fight with the Mexican people at any time, regardless of where we go.”

Yang hears this little nodded, and he knows more than von, and the time is naturally better to listen to people, and when he says, “That’s what Master Uncle wants, let’s go to that place.”

Feng Yin looked at Yang and said, “That depends on whether you want to exploit resources or fight with the Mexican.”

“What’s the difference?” Yang asked.

Von Yin explained, “These three positions are basically occupied, and even if there are Mexicans operating in them, they will not be too many, so if they go to these three areas, the exploitation of resources will be safer, and the fighting should be relatively low. However, both the exploitation of resources and the struggle against the Mexican people are warranted, without distinction, but only the division of labour.”

“Listen to Master Uncle’s words, it seems there are other places than these three?”

Von slightly smiled, stretched his hand at another point of direction in the dry Gontu: “Before closing, I listened to it, half a year ago, where a fourth base was opened and ready to occupy the resource area, but because of short time, it has not yet been fully occupied, where the Mexican resistance is particularly intense, and in the first half of the month before we set out, there was just an additional batch of hands, including two 8-Rank!”

Yang’s hearing this morning, stretch your hand in that spot and say, “Let’s go here.”

Feng Ying looked in his face a long time ago, and he said, “You’re Captain, you said you’re counting.”

Yang laughed said, “I mean, since we’re a special team in the morning, we should do something the special team needs to do, and there’s nothing else in the team, which naturally should kill the musicians and exploit resources for the rest of us to do.”

Shen ‘an and the others are all over and have some boxing masks.

The agreement has been finalized that Batleship Xu Tsui will move towards the fourth base, leaving behind those responsible for managing battleship and monitoring the Quartet, while others will return to the chamber to shut down cultivation, conserve strength and store up energy.

The fourth base is far from Bi Luo, where it takes at least seven or eight days to go, and the members of the morning team are familiar with the process of breaking the battleship, so speed is not very fast, and it takes more time.

Void is silent and can be seen everywhere in pieces of dry cocaine fragments, which are small, floating in Void with little purpose and eventually unknown where they will float.

After so far seven or eight days, Batleship was slowly approaching the fourth base and should be able to reach the base on the first two or three days.

Yang Gang, while in closed custody, will come out every day to look into the situation, but until now it’s all safe.

On the same day, he was visiting battleship everywhere and was ready to return to cultivation in the cabin, suddenly observing that a violent wave of power was coming from the side, and then, the whole known restriction earthquake and the alarm was transmitted everywhere.

“Hostile attack!” Always drank the entire bunker, and it was sent by members who had been responsible for checking all around.

At the time of the sound, martial artist, responsible for defending Formation, immediately pushed the Formation protection, and in the next minute, a milky White rays of light packed the entire battleship.

However, because the attacks were too sudden, this layer of protection had not been able to play its rightful role, and the initial attack had been fiercely bombarded in breaking the battleship above.

In the midst of the intense shock, the members of the morning squad have turned around and Yang has been built on the ground, remains in shape and is looking forward immediately to the source of the attack.

There’s a fragmented dry Gon continent left behind, and a vessel with apparently Mexican styles, Xu Xu Xu, has made it clear that every building ship is huge, and every one has more than twice the size of the battleship.

that kind of ship has more than three, deck above, a path of Quebec silhouette, which is certainly Mexican.

Even the endless shock continues to spread, but the post-mortal attacks of the Mexican people arrive, and the protection of the battleship, known as battleship, finally works, will stop the attack when milky White’s light barrier runs out of layer on layer ripple.

However, no matter how strong protection can be, it is impossible to resist an immense attack, and it is necessary to motivate it to consume resources.

The doors of the cabin are open, a path of silhouette coming out of the equation.

Von Wong: “What’s going on?”

Yang opens his eyes and says, “There are the Mexicans to stop the road!”

“Stop the road here?” Von astonished, looking forward, seeing three Mexican buildings stopped in the front, knowing that the Mexican community should have surrounded the fourth base, with the intention of waiting for the Corps in the back.

at the time of the two people’s conversation, the breaking battleship had fought with the ships of the three buildings.


Mexican building ship is just a pure flight Secret Treasure, all of which comes from the hands of the Mexicans on those ships, while breaking the battleship is the Secret Treasure of the Palace, with its own strength.

The members of the team responsible for the attack inspired Formation to move the authority of Secret Treasure, which was placed in formation eye with time, a lance attack, an astonishing sword glow, and a flashlight in three directions, hitting the boats of those three buildings in the face.

Those Mexicans apparently have such a rich offensive method for a moment.

One of these buildings can’t escape, directly under that lightning, Void alarm, where the vessel is split, lightning twinkling, such as snakes dancing, and many hard-efficient Mexicans die under the threat of lightning and become cardiovasculars.

Only this strike can be seen in the horror of breaking the battleship.

The remaining two Mexican boats, while avoiding the attack in a timely manner, were clearly scary when retreat pulled off the distance and prevented their companions from going back to the dust.

The breaking battleship is a tight chase, the lance, the sword glow and the lightning.

Those two battleship were no longer able to escape, and simultaneous was bombed and fragmented.

a The way of the silhouette wolf of the Mexican people escaped, all covered in dirt, and, under such attacks, the Mexican side was also killed and injured, survived, mostly by the upper Mexican above.

They went not to retreat, but to break the battleship, when the ink on the first three Mexicans was particularly depressed, apparently at the lead level.

“No landlord!” At the time of the hostile attack, she was most concerned about the presence of a dominant here, although it was unlikely that the situation would happen, and that the doorman Evil King was under the umbrella of a limited number of domain owners, and why she was not here to intercept General human race.

But if everything is done, until this moment three building boats are destroyed, the Mexicans are all present, and she only relaxed.

For the morning team, as long as there is no master of the Mexican community, it can not be placed in the eye.

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