Martial Peak Chapter 5214

On the chaotic battlefield, there was a big day of rampage, supplemented by the strength of two Elite squads, and forcibly hit a huge channel on the battlefield.

In the passage, all the Mo people are extinct.

The two teams 7-Rank behind Yang Kai behind, kill the enemy to the point of weakness.

The Da Riqian rushed forward. Although there were a large number of Mo falls, many Mo were lucky enough to escape. The instinctive counterattacks of these Mo people, such as howling wind and torrential rain, generally attacked the source of Da Ri. Yang Kai hit Heaven and Earth with great power and turbulence, torn skin and gaping flesh, gold blood spilled.

If these Mo clan are left unattended, it will definitely cause huge trouble to Yang Kai. It won’t be long before his offensive will be contained.

To solve these Mo people is what the two Elite teams need to do now. Only by solving them can Yang Kai’s momentum be maintained.

The two Elite squads that have followed behind Yang Kai have killed countless enemies, not to mention Yang Kai who rushed to the front.

With a single shot of 10,000,000 li, the day of rays of light gradually fades.

When the rays of light on that bright day are completely annihilated, the two Elite squads who fought bravely and killed the enemy suddenly discovered that all around was empty.

They actually passed through the entire battlefield and rushed into the Void outside the battlefield. Not far from their behind was the place where tens of thousands of Human Race armies and 100,000 Moz armies met.

The 7-Rank Open Heaven who walked outside the battleship was almost injured.

Crossing the battlefield of tens of millions of li in such a short period of time, all directions are all enemies, and you can imagine how many attacks have been encountered. Even if they are all 7-Rank Open Heaven, the strength is arrogant and difficult Keep yourself safe and sound.

But it is a full of energy.

Even if they are the Elite team, they have made great achievements in the battles with the Mos, and they have never done such crazy things.

With only two Elite squadrons and Yang Kai’s leading them, the entire battlefield was cut out.

How sensational.

The long-lost blood in rise in the mind makes one can’t help but want to scream in the sky, then rush into the battlefield and kill him.

Yang Kai didn’t let them down.

The moment he rushed out of the battlefield, he turned his direction, facing the battlefield, one-armed capture gun, pointing at that extravagant Slaughter Land, and drank in his mouth: “Serve Dan! Come again!”

Under startled, all 7-Ranks understood Yang Kai’s intentions, no one hesitated, and quickly took out a large number of Spirit Pills, those with resilience, those with healing, those with enhanced strength, and all brains. Into the mouth, chew with a big mouth, sip.

Even the battleship Lord ’s May 6-Rank Open Heaven with Formation and Secret Treasure is the same.

Although this is the first time to meet, despite the first cooperation, Yang Kai’s fierceness has made them remember in the heart. At this moment, the young people who are surrounded by golden blood like a beacon for them. Guiding the direction of the slaughter, they don’t need to think much about it, they just need to keep up to clear the demons and monsters in front of them.

Golden Crow’s cries sounded again, dazzling and leaping into the sky, just like a genius, Yang Kai long spear picked Da-ri, and his mouth was loudly shouted: “Kill!” , And rushed towards the battlefield.

The two Elite teams follow closely from behind.

They can’t fight anymore.

Yang Kai knew this and knew that they had reached the limit, so he opened the mouth and said, “Please return to the Chinese destroyer.”

Snow Wolf Captain immediately heard Yang Kai’s out-of-word meaning: “What about you?”

Yang Kai grinned at him: “I won’t break, I will continue.”

Xuan Wind Captain frowns saying: “Is it too dangerous to be alone?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “After receiving the military order, it will continue to be dangerous, and the situation is no longer comparable The Mo army has shown signs of decline, so even if I am alone, I may not be too risky. “

Everyone has a long-standing experience. Everyone has his own judgment and persistence, yes To hear Yang Kai say so, the two Captains didn’t plan to persuade anything.

Snow Wolf Captain said: “I ca n’t fight with Brother Yang to the end. I’m really sorry that when Brother Yang returns, I invite Brother Yang to drink!”

Yang Kai smiled for the first time : “I’m waiting.”

Xuanfeng Captain didn’t say a word, but just saluted Yang Kai.

It doesn’t take much to return to the destroyer from this position, because without the Mo clan’s interception, the battleship of the two squadrons deflected away, and Yang Kai faced the battlefield again.

The Divine Ability Manifestation, which urged Golden Crow Casting Sun a dozen times in a row, his Small Universe power has almost dried up.

But it doesn’t matter, he also has World Fruit to add strength.

Remove a low-rank World Fruit plug from the mouth, the medicinal effect of the fruit quickly dissipates, and the heavenly and powerful Heaven and Earth power fills the Small Universe quickly.

Yang Kai tore off a piece of own blood-stained clothes from his own, bundled his own scattered hair, raised Azure Dragon Spear, took a deep breath, pointed his gun forward, and blasted his mouth like Lei Ting. Ming: “Kill!”

The annihilation of the light of the great sun again shines on Void and crashes into the battlefield.

The members of the two squadrons who are returning to the destroyer are standing on the side of the ship, watching and watching, deep in one’s heart throbbing.

As Yang Kai and the two Captains have said before, the situation on the battlefield at this moment is different from the original. The Human Race army relies on battleships, is brave and tenacious, and works together. The Mos In the battlefield, the army of a dozen domain owners rarely cooperated.

Although there is a huge gap in the number of people, the scene is dominated by Human Race.

In addition, Yang Kai led the two Elite squads unreasonably dressed on the battlefield, and the Mo ethnic group was struggling.

A dozen times interspersed the battlefield, Yang Kai successfully divided the battlefield of Puppet Battlefield, often allowing the Human Race army in a certain area to wipe out the nearby Mo people in the most effective way.

One or two times can’t see any effect, but the more the number, the accumulated advantages will be obvious.

When Yang Kai was alone on the battlefield again, the resistance he encountered was much smaller than before, but because at this time he did not have two Elite squads behind, all the attacks required one person. Commitment, compared to just now, the pressure is a lot greater.

This is so. Yang Kai has no fear. With his strong background and the power of World Fruit recovery, he cuts through the battlefield again and again.

A certain moment, aura of 8-Rank Open Heaven falls suddenly came from somewhere on the battlefield.