Martial Peak Chapter 5215

But soon, Human Race realized that the 8-Rank of the falls may not be one of the general towns, because at the moment the 8-Rank Open Heaven fighting on the battlefield, there are many 8-Rank inks. only.

Maybe the fall is not the head town of the North and South Army, but the 8-Rank among the enemies!

It is impossible to confirm that the message transmission efficiency is very slow on a chaotic battlefield. Even in this situation, no one will deliberately deliver such messages.

What the Human Race army can do is to believe that the 8-Ranks of the own, they believe that they can gain an advantage in high-level battle strength, and then drive the trend of the entire battlefield.

The next moment, another 8-Rank Open Heaven falls news is coming out, and then the vitality of the Mo family is dying.

The fall of high-level battle strength means that the war has reached its peak.

Yang Kai’s Divine Ability Manifestation is still in the prestige and crosses the battlefield. With its own strength, it is possible to cut a huge number of Mo people, making it more convenient for Human Race soldiers To kill.

Almost every moment, there are countless Secret Technique howling wind and torrential rain. He generally attacks him, and walks between the subtle sense of life and death, making his spirit unprecedentedly focused and afraid to have Not slack.

It seems to be a long, long time.

The Mo people who fought endlessly with Human Race suddenly had some unusual movements.

Yang Kai keenly felt the change, which was a sign that the morale of the Mo people was collapsing.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the Mo people’s army to begin to gather in a certain direction.

And that direction is the direction where Da Yanguan is.

The strength and brutality of the Human Race made it difficult for many Mo people to fight. The war showed that they had far exceeded the expectations of the Human Race, but from the very beginning of the war, the Mo Did not take any advantage.

Since the fierce battle, the Mo’s army has suffered heavy losses. The domain owners and 8-Rank Motu also suffered great losses. Although the Human Race also has losses, if they continue to fight, the situation on the Mo’s side will only It is getting worse, or there is a possibility that the entire army will be wiped out.

So the Mo peoples ca n’t stand it.

Being in this position, they can only resist the retreat of Dayan Pass, which is a few days away, and merge with the Mo ethnic domain masters left by Dayan Pass. With the power of Dayan Pass, they can resist Live the human race’s frenzy.

Withdrawing to Dayan is also the only choice for the Mo people today. As for the order of the lord, they can no longer take care of that many.

If your life is gone, how can you execute the command of the Lord? Leaving his life, there will be opportunities to serve the king in the future.

In the Chinese destroyer ink tanker, Mi Jinglun has always stood by the side of the ship, closely watching the changes in the entire battlefield. When the Mo army retreats, the Regiment’s Commander keeps raising his heart. Finally let go.

If the Mo nationality continues to die, judging by the current performance of both sides, the North and South Army can win, but the price paid is definitely unimaginable, and it is likely to be beaten.

This is only the first time the North and South Army have confronted the Mo national army. If they are maimed at this time, what else can they do in the future?

The recovery of Da Yan is the ultimate goal of their trip.

Now that the Mo people have the intention of withdrawing troops, the situation will be very beneficial to the North and South Army.

The North and South Army can completely chase after each other, creating the greatest results with minimal losses.

When the Mo side had the intention to withdraw troops, the one after another command was conveyed from the Chinese destroyer.

All Human Race soldiers who are entangled with the Mo nationality are taking action, intentionally or unintentionally creating opportunities for the Mo nationality to retreat.

About an hour later, Mo’s army finally gathered, and under the leadership of many domain masters, they marched towards Dayanguan.

But they didn’t just fled, they just fought.

If the Human Race forces are severely persecuted, they will fight back and wait to contain the Human Race’s offensive before proceeding towards the direction of Dayanguan.

Although the entire team is huge, under the strict orders of many domain owners, this set of tactics has been adhered to.

Mi Jinglun can’t help but have a toothache. I encountered my opponent this time!

He does n’t know which domain master is under the command of the Mo nationality, but from the initial encounter between the two armies, the Mo army ’s reaction shows that this Mo domain master is extremely outstanding in marching. Natural talent and judgment.

Maybe … it ’s also a lot of defeats. The experience of dealing with Human Race summarized on the battlefield. Every domain owner who has lived long enough can almost be said to have experienced countless times Failed in the Human Race clash.

In this way, Human Race ’s pursuit is effective, but the effect is not at all as imagined. Mi Jinglun originally intended to wipe out this Mo army in the pursuit. It now appears that this expected goal has not been achieved, and now we can only do our best to weaken the strength of this Mo national army.

The armies of the two races are drifting away. On the original chaotic battlefield, thick Mo Yun condenses, flooding the grand Void.

The Mo cloud is full of broken limbs and meat left behind by the Mo and Human Race generals, and the wreckage of the Human Race battleship after it was detonated.

In this battle, the Mos suffered huge losses. The Human Race also suffered losses, and the number of losses was not small.

Besides Mo Yun, there are several broken battleships moored, and some members of the squadron have gathered on the battleship, all of them have suffered heavy damage and look pale.

These teams are all teams that suffered huge losses in the first game.

The normal full team is 10 to 15 people. However, the number of each of these teams is almost less than half of the normal team.

The battleship was destroyed during the battle. Without the protection provided by the battleship, it was almost dangerous on such a battlefield.

Although they survived, they were also seriously injured in the battle of Fang Cai, and now they have no strength to fight again.

When Mi Jinglun issued a chase order, he also issued another order. The soldiers who had lost their battle strength were left behind and trimmed. They would merge with the army when they returned to action.

This is also a helpless thing. The Human Race army is anxious to chase the Mos. It is impossible to delay too much time in place. If the severely damaged soldiers can ride the battleship of other small family teams in time to keep up with the army That’s all, if you miss the opportunity, you can only stay trimmed.

After you recover a certain amount of power, you can urge Qiankun Jue, and naturally you can easily return to the Chinese destroyer without any delay.

Also ordered to stay, and Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s previous amazing performance. Mi Jinglun stood on the destroyer of the Chinese Army and saw the tail from the beginning. It can be said that in this battle, he could defeat the Mo army and force them to go to Dayanguan. Running away, Yang Kai’s move played a huge role.

At the high-level battle strength, the 8-Rank Open Heavens have gained an advantage, and the Mo national domain masters and 8-Rank Motu are disappointed.

Above the battlefield, Yang Kai led the two Elite squads to constantly drill the battlefield and cut the Mo national army, so that Human Race avoided a lot of losses, and to a certain extent expanded the results of Human Race and suppressed it. Mo morale.

The simultaneous morale of the top and bottom levels has been sluggish, which has led to the disadvantage of the Mo’s army. They naturally have to retreat.

The repeatingly rising daylight on the battlefield is almost the most dazzling rays of light that Mi Jinglun has seen in his life.

People may not know how many times Divine Ability Manifestation was urged by Yang Kai, but Mi Jingrong is clear.

Fully nineteen times!

The exact ordinary divide ability Secret Technique, that is the Divine Ability Manifestation of the high-rank Open Heaven that they refer to as the trump card. Every time it is performed, it is huge.

A 7-Rank Open Heaven spurred Divine Ability Manifestation nineteen times in a battle to dispel the evil of side rape for the Human Race army. In the past, Mi Jinglun would never believe it. Manpower is sometimes poor. Which 7-Rank can have such a huge heritage?

But today he saw it with his own eyes.

Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai had taken to supplement his own consumption, the performance of the Divine Ability Manifestation nineteen times had a huge load on the Small Universe.

So Mi Jinglun ordered Yang Kai to stay.

The first one is for him to take a chance to recover, and the second one is for him to look after other soldiers who failed to keep up with the army for various reasons.

Yang Kai follows the good.

In fact, he really needs to recover. Although he has taken a World Fruit to supplement his own consumption, the Golden Crow Casting Sun that has been performed successively has dried up his Small Universe again.

If it was not for the withdrawal of the Mo people, he would probably take another World Fruit to supplement consumption and maintain his own strength.

With the help of World Fruit to supplement the power of the Small Universe, although there are no hidden dangers, it is also convenient and quick, but this thing is used for emergency, if it can reply normally is the best.

And after this time of war, he was hurt all over and was extremely tired mentally.

The Human Race army is now chasing the Mo national army. The victory has been determined. Now what we want to see is how much human race the Mo race can take in the pursuit of the Mo army. There is not much more than he, less a lot.

So when Mi Jinglun’s order was given, he answered quickly.

At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged not far from the rotten battleships, quietly adjusting his breath.

The surviving members of those battleships are also adjusting their breath. They don’t have much sadness on their faces, and some are just fortitude.

Therefore, although some players died in battle, no one will be sad because this is the best place to go to the battlefield of Mo. People who survive need not remember, just kill Mo Dayan took back from the Mo people, this is the best tribute to those who died in battle.

The situation of these teams is not the worst. Although their battleship is severely damaged and the players are almost half injured, some teams have already died in the battle.

War is always cruel.