Martial Peak Chapter 5491

Unless he urges Sun Ji and Tai Yin Ji, there is no way to order these little Stone Races.

Facing the Mo Clan, these guys went up and hacked and slashed, without any rules.

The only advantage is that the little Stone Race seems to be extremely keen on Mo Zhili, and almost regards Mo Zhili as a deadly enemy.

Yang Kai suspects that their brains are probably only the size of mung beans, otherwise how could they be so stupid.

Tens of thousands of Mo people army was killed completely, and the two small Stone Race army started to kill each other again.

Hurrying to activate the Taiyin Sign and Taiyin Sign Order, they put them away.

They will be like this, and it is also related to the power of Burning Shine Nether Glimmer. The power of these two Great Experts is innately opposed. Even the Sun Little Stone Race and the Lunar Little Stone Race also treat each other as enemies.

After such an experience, Yang Kai secretly decided that next time, we must not release the Sun Little Stone Race and the Taiyin Little Stone Race together, only one of them.

Here Wang Xuanyi invited him, and he showed up. As for the Sect Protecting Formation of Sea Swallowing Sect… What can be considered with Yang Kai’s current principles of Space?

When Wang Xuanyi reported his family, Yang Kai knew that this team was from the Mosha Army, and nodded: “Dayan Yang Kai!”

Wang Xuanyi was startled first, then his eyes lit up: “It turned out to be Chief Yang!”

This one has obviously heard of Yang Kai’s name.

It’s just that Yang Kai has been promoted to 8-Rank, and I can’t help but marvel at how fast his cultivation is. In comparison, own has almost lived on a dog these years.

Yang Kai didn’t have the time to greet him, and asked bluntly: “Why are you here? How is the situation on the airspace battlefield?”

In the wind and haze domain, he was chased and killed by the king, so he had to escape to the chaotic dead domain for help. At that time, the boundary wall between the wind and haze domain and the air domain battlefield had been opened.

Although Yang Kai knew that the Mo family’s massive invasion could not be stopped, he really didn’t clear what the situation is now.

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, Wang Xuanyi’s expression suddenly became sad: “The battlefield of the air domain has been abandoned. The final battle, the thirty two Human Race 9-Rank, under the leadership of Pure Yang Old Ancestor, slashed the Mo Clan 40. The four kings severely damaged the ink-colored Giant Spiritual God, but their own…falls, and the Dragon Emperor Phoenix Empress died together. After that, the Human Race army withdrew from the air realm and headed to various realms separately to assist many major realms. The artist relocated and signaled that I was responsible for the swallowing of the Sea Territory. I was ordered to lead the swallowing of the Sea Territory martial artist to the Universe Temple of the Mosa Territory, and to join the martial artists from other territories to rush to Star Boundary!”

Yang Kai’s brain was buzzing. As if struck by lightning, Wang Xuanyi could only hear Wang Xuanyi saying three 12 Human Race 9-Rank and Dragon Emperor Phoenix Empress falls, but he didn’t hear a word afterwards.

After the first day of the Great Forbidden Battle, without returning to the first battle, the more than a hundred 9-Ranks of Human Race are already running out. On the battlefield of the sky, the three 12 9-Rank falls, this is almost already It is the last Peak battle strength of Human Race.

Human Race, is there any 9-Rank?

In an instant, Yang Kai’s face was pale and his figure was shaking.

Yang Qing on the side and the others also have complex expressions.

For these 6-Ranks, Wang Xuanyi’s this kind of 7-Rank is an unattainable existence, and Yang Kai has never even seen this kind of 8-Rank.

However, three 12 Human Race 9-Ranks fell together on the battlefield of the Skyland, and even the Dragon Emperor Phoenix Empress was killed!

The Dragon Emperor Phoenix Empress, but the legendary existence, is stronger than Human Race 9-Rank.

When they heard about this from the 6-Rank Elder who had evacuated from the battlefield of the Skyland in Inner Sect, their performance was worse than Yang Kai.

“Zhong Yang, Zong Yang!” Wang Xuanyi shouted several times before Yang Kai looked at him and slowly focused.

Yang Kai’s loses self-control He sees in his eyes, and he feels his heart and emotions for Yang Kai at the moment.

The death of 9-Ranks is the death of Human Race! Every soldier who is still alive remembers the shame of withdrawing from the battlefield of the airspace.

He wanted to comfort Yang Kai with a few words, but he didn’t know how to say it, and his words turned into heavy sighs.

Yang Kai suddenly asked: “How many people are there now, the Mo clan king?”

Wang Xuanyi said: “On the battlefield of the Skyland, the Mo clan lord will be wiped out. If there are any other places, I will not understood.”

Yang Kai instantly understood the meaning of Old Ancestor. Old Ancestors are clearing obstacles for the growth of younger generations!

On the battlefield of the Skyland, the lord who was killed thoroughly, the lord who chased Yang Kai to the chaotic dead region was also destroyed by Burning Shine Nether Glimmer.

In this calculation, there is only one Mo clan’s king lord left, and that is the one who sits in the gate and does not return. Yang Kai had seen him before and forced to use the body of Azure Ox Old Ancestor and The deal.

Nowadays, these kings of the Mo clan are all innate kings, and even the domain masters are also innate domain masters.

Innate domain masters cannot be promoted to kings.

In other words, if the Mo people want to give birth to a new king, they need to start from scratch.

From the day of birth, it takes a long time for a Mo people to grow up to be a king.

In this way, Human Race has a lot of time to grow.

The Old Ancestors knew that this generation of them could not solve the problems of the Mo people, so they left their hope to the next generation, the next generation. For this reason, they did not hesitate to pay their own lives and put everything on the battlefield of the sky The Mo clan king to catch everything in one net.

Is there any hope for the future of Human Race?


Star Boundary is hope!

Yang Kai can even say that he owns hope!

Because both Star Boundary and his own Small Universe have World Tree subtrees to feed back, a large number of talents can be born, especially his own Small Universe. Time Flow Speed ​​is seven times that of the outside world. To some extent, it is more powerful than Star Boundary.

Of course, the size of Star Boundary is stronger than that of Small Universe, and the base of population is also larger, which is incomparable by Small Universe.

In general, Star Boundary and Small Universe have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Combined with what Wang Xuanyi said earlier, the goal of the evacuation and migration is Star Boundary, and the planning of Human Race 9-Rank has been obvious at a glance.

The future Human Race shoulders the burden of revitalizing the race. It is pressure and motivation. Only by clearing the world can it live up to the sacrifices of many 9-Ranks.

Yang Kai is not stupid either. On the first day of the new year, he learned that the 9-Ranks had died in battle.

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