Martial Peak Chapter 5492


Yang Kai silently plots against the peak battle strength of the enemy and us. There are two ink Giant Spiritual Gods on the Mo tribe, a king.

Human Race also has a Giant Spiritual God with two 9-Ranks. If Dragon Clan and Fu Guang are not dead, then there is a Holy Dragon on Dragon Clan.

There is also Giant Spiritual God A Da that hasn’t been seen yet.

Calculated in this way, Human Race has the advantage in comparison with Peak battle strength.

But the air defense line was broken, and the Mo people aggressively invaded 3000 Worlds. These few Peak powerhouses alone were unable to stop them. The power of Mo was treacherous and difficult to turn into a large area in a very short time. The territory of the Mo people.

In addition to the battles over the years, the Human Race army has suffered heavy losses. At present, I do not know how many large areas are being poisoned by the Mo people, and I do not know how many Human Races have been converted into ink people. Therefore, the evacuation and migration of 3000 Worlds is a must .

Yang Kai suddenly thought of a question: “What about those mortals? What about many martial artists who are unable to cross the Void?”

For example, this kind of force of Sea Swallowing Sect has the ability to evacuate the sect. After all, there are only a few thousand disciplines. You only need to use some flying Secret Treasure and naturally you can take away all the disciplines.

But what about Xuan Yimen?

Where is Xuan Yijie?

It’s like Star Boundary, where hundreds of millions of Human Race survived. Xuan Yimen was unable to take them all away, and Hai Swallowing Sect did not have this ability.

If you leave them behind, the only result is that they will be turned into a Mozu, enslaved and driven by the Mo people, and they will be killed.

Yang Kai didn’t think too much before. Under this kind of situation, evacuation and migration to Star Boundary are the only options. Now he suddenly realized this problem.

Wang Xuanyi expression sadly, pursed his mouth and said: “I can do nothing.”

He and another 7-Rank Small Universe can hold some creatures, but they also have limits. Once they exceed this limit, it will affect their strength.

The entire Sea Territory is swallowed. There are no less than a dozen universes where Human Race survives. Each universe is not small in size. Among them, it is difficult to plot against Human Race.

The Small Universe with two 7-ranks can’t fit anyhow.

The evacuation of 3000 Worlds this time is a dilemma task. Every team responsible for this task has already considered this issue.

They can only take away as many people as possible! But the overwhelming majority is destined to be abandoned.

This is an extremely cruel decision, but it is also a very realistic decision.

Yang Kai said in silence for a moment: “King Captain, assist Sea Swallowing Sect to prepare to evacuate, I will go to Xuan Yi Realm.”

Wang Xuanyi sighed and said with comfort: “General Yang, the manpower is sometimes poor, so you can do your best.”

He obviously had some misunderstandings. He felt that Yang Kai couldn’t bear it in the heart. He wanted to go to Xuan Yi Realm to take advantage of his Small Universe and take away as many Human Races as possible.

Yang Kai nodded and left a Space Spirit Bead to Wang Xuanyi, and ordered him to wear it close to his body. Then the body flashed and disappeared.

The figure moved, it was useless for one hour, Yang Kai rushed to the world of Xuanyi Realm, and looked at it. The scenery of this realm is truly magnificent, and the vast universe is dotted in Starry Sky, like a colorful and colorful sapphire.

Once such a beautiful world is occupied by the Mo people, the only result will be the dust.

Swallowing Sea Territory has more than a dozen of this kind of world.

There are countless this kind of Qiankun worlds in the entire 3000 Worlds.

Should you give up all?

Yang Kai couldn’t bear it, and couldn’t bear it. He had to think of a solution.

He stared for a while, and suddenly sat cross-legged down, and then, Spiritual Mind poured out like a tide, covering the vast world in front of him.

Although Xuan Yijie is not small, the Spiritual Mind of 8-Rank Open Heaven is so powerful.

Don’t say that Yang Kai’s this kind of 8-Rank is just an ordinary 8-Rank. With a single thought, Spiritual Mind can also cover the entire Xuanyi world.

Space Principle suddenly urged, squeezing the Void in all directions, Yang Kai’s hands changed magic arts, one after another flowing light hit the Xuanyi Realm, immersed in the universe, and turned into a colorful glow.

He wants to refine this entire Xuan Yi Realm to become a World Bead!

Heaven and Earth beads were refined by Yang Kai in Star Boundary very early.

At that time, he was not strong, only the cultivation level of the Emperor Senior Stage, his attainments in Principle of Space were not too high, and he still produced many Heaven and Earth beads.

It is a Secret Treasure that mimics Mysterious Small Boundary, which can hold living things.

When Star Boundary fought against the Mo army, all the Star Boundary armies, with the help of Heaven and Earth beads, were extremely mobile, and even females close to Yang Kai, such as Su Yan, gained a lot of Heaven and Earth. Beads, but their Heaven and Earth beads are not used to hold the army, but to kill the enemy.

Although the Heaven and Earth bead is only the size of a bead, it is actually made from pieces of star fragments. It does not need any special technique. Even if it is thrown out, it can kill a lot.

Su Yan and the others used the Heaven and Earth beads sent by Yang Kai to kill many powerful enemies and resolve some crises.

However, since then, Yang Kai hasn’t refined Heaven and Earth beads anymore, because this thing is just a semifinished product made out of his own intention, which is not perfect.

Out of the shackles of the universe, after leaving Star Boundary, Yang Kai focused on cultivation, but he didn’t have the heart to engage in these crooked ways.

Nowadays, the Mo ethnic group is aggressively invading, millions and millions of creatures no one to rely on, since there is no way to take them all away, then pack the entire universe!

In this world, it is estimated that only Yang Kai can give birth to such a bold and crazy idea, and only he can do it.

During the Emperor Senior Stage, Yang Kai made Heaven and Earth beads with the help of pieces of star fragments. Now 8-Rank Open Heaven is more than a thousand times stronger than the Emperor Senior Stage. The accomplishments on Principle of Space It is also not comparable.

So Yang Kai didn’t think it was wishful thinking to refine the entire Xuan Yi Realm to become a World bead.

Even more how, now his accomplishments in Item Refining and Dao of Formation are also very good.

As long as this Xuan Yi world is regarded as a piece of Item Refining material, supplemented by Formation Principle, Item Refining Way and Principle of Space, it is completely possible to do it.

There is only one difficult to handle.

Yang Kai needs to be extremely careful when refining. If it is careless, it is very likely to trigger the heaven falls and earth rends of the Xuanyi Realm. When the time comes, under natural disasters and man-made disasters, the creatures of the Xuanyi Realm are doomed There is nothing to be killed or injured.

But this is no way. He can’t remove all the creatures in this world before refining.

Xuan Yimen, headed by the sect master Zhuge Xing Wei, was rescued and ordered by Yang Kai’s before, and is now urgently preparing for evacuation.

Xuan Yimen’s strength is not as good as Sea Swallowing Sect, but the number of disciplines is more than ten times, there are tens of thousands of people, and the strength is becoming more and more uneven.

After all, it occupies an entire world, and it is easier and more convenient to select a discipline.

Xuan Yimen has its own flying Secret Treasure, which are several ships of different sizes. Normally, they can only be used by the Sect high-levels when they go out. Now they have become a tool for escape.

However, these few boats can only take away 5,000 people, tens of thousands of disciplines, and who will leave and who will stay is a very realistic question.

Everyone has their own relatives and friends, and everyone wants to take away. In just half a day, after consultation with Elders, the quota of five thousand people is full, but there are still many people who need to be taken away. Selected.

For a moment, in the great hall, the Elders are so noisy, Zhuge Xing Wei has a headache, he is a generation master, how could he have thought of encountering this kind of life-or-death related to Xuan Yimen during his tenure major event.

Just when everyone was arguing, Heaven and Earth suddenly vibrated slightly, faintly, something seemed to have been changed in this universe.

Everyone was shocked, and they hurriedly came out to investigate and looked up, only to see that one after another flowing light all around flew over and fell into the Xuanyi Realm, disappeared.

And every time a flowing light falls, Xuan Yijie seems to vibrate slightly.

Zhuge Xingwei complexion changed, and he quickly connected with Xuan Yijie, wanting to find out.

He can do this, not because of his superior strength. The cultivation level of 5-Rank Open Heaven is not weak, but not too strong. It is because he himself has gained profound knowledge in the Emperor Senior Stage. The Heaven and Earth Grand Dao recognizes it as the Great Emperor of the Xuan Yi world.

His identity is like Yang Kai’s position in Star Boundary.

This realm Heaven and Earth Grand Dao admits that Zhuge Xingwei is naturally more sensitive to the changes in the Xuan Yi world than others.

After some investigation, he couldn’t help showing surprise.

The entire Xuanyi world seems to be being practiced by who! The profound mystery of the practitioners has left the mark of restriction throughout the Xuan Yi world. Zhuge Xing Wei completely figured out what the purpose of the practice was.

He didn’t dare to neglect. Just as he was about to get a closer look, the sky was above, and a big hand pushed aside the clouds, revealing a big face covering the sky.

Zhuge Xing Wei fixed his eyes, and suddenly bowed solemnly: “I have seen Senior!”

He recognized this person as the young powerhouse who had solved their entire group crisis before.

Yang Kai charged him slightly nodded, not nonsense, instructed: “All Open Heaven Stage martial artists, come out!”

How dare Zhuge Xing Wei resist, he hurriedly greeted the Open Heaven Stage at the door and rose into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Open Heaven Stage of the Xuan Yi Realm walked thoroughly, and when it was out of the sky, Zhuge Xing Wei really saw Yang Kai sitting on the Void, his magic arts changing.

I was very nervous, and asked, “What’s the command of Senior?”

Zhuge Xingwei complexion is miserable, and I don’t know how his own and the others are hindering others, but he dare not ask any more. A group of more than two hundred Open Heaven Stages can only stand silently on the side, looks at Yang Kai Shiwei.

Slowly, they found that the Void in the Xuanyi Realm in front of them was a little distorted, and they were horrified, knowing that this senior expert was afraid to do something to the Xuanyi Realm.

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