Martial Peak Chapter 5493


I was worried, I didn’t dare to stop, I didn’t dare to ask more, it was a bit tormented.

Yang Kai suddenly asked again: “How many human race worlds are there in this domain?”

Zhuge Xing Wei hurriedly replied: “If you count Xuan Yijie, there are a total of 14 seats.”

Yang Kai nodded: “Let’s find thirteen people, go to the thirteen worlds, take this thing, and wait for my news.”

Speaking like this, waved 13 Space Spirit Bead.

What he thinks is that nowadays the Mo people are aggressively invading, and time is pressing. If they can save some time on the road, they may be able to save more people.

Let these Open Heaven Stages of Xuan Yimen bring the Space Spirit Bead, and go one step to the world to wait. When he is finished, he can move to the next place at any time.

Zhuge Xing Wei took the Space Spirit Beads, ordered 13 people, each got one, and let them go.

Yang Kai kept busy outside the sky, but there were waves of The earth shook and the mountain quivered in the world of Xuan Yi. I don’t know how many creatures were panicking.

After all, this is his first attempt to refine the entire universe world to become a World bead, which is rather jerky. Although he repeatedly cautiously, he still inevitably brings some Heaven and Earth mutations to the Xuanyi world.

In the sea, there are occasional tsunamis, the waves are high with thousands feet, and there are even high mountains and cracks, and the state and land are moving horizontally.

Fortunately, Yang Kai has been tensed all the time. Once he finds something wrong, he will immediately remedy it. This way, it has not caused much turmoil in the Xuanyi Realm, nor has it caused any death or injury to the creatures in the Xuanyi Realm.

But panic is inevitable.

gradually, the huge Xuan Yi Realm has become more and more distorted. Zhuge Xing Wei and the others are standing by and watching. They only feel that the Xuan Yi Realm seems to have entered another time and space. It is clearly in front of you, but it is so impressive. An extremely unreal feeling.

Suddenly over ten days of hard work, Yang Kai has reached a critical juncture.

When this matter was reached, he faintly felt that only one step was left. Own could train the Xuanyi Realm Sacrifice into a Heaven and Earth Bead, and achieve the purpose previously envisioned by Owner.

When he reached this step, he found that he could no longer do anything. The entire Xuan Yi Realm actually had a resisting force that was resisting his refining.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment, faintly insightful.

The power of resistance is nothing but the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this world!

Each Universe World has its own Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, Star Boundary has it, and Xuanyi World also has it. This is also the fundamental reason for the different levels of Martial Dao in many Universe worlds.

The stronger the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, the higher the Martial Dao level will be.

Thousands of years ago, Star Boundary’s Heaven and Earth Grand Dao could be said to be very weak, so it could only give birth to the Great Emperor, not even an Open Heaven Stage.

However, now with the back-feeding of the World Tree subtree, Star Boundary’s Heaven and Earth Grand Dao is no less inferior to any world in this world.

And the Xuanyi world can have a Xuanyi gate, the Open Heaven Stage inside the gate is two or three hundred, the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this world can be said to be very good.

Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, extremely mysterious and abstruse, can almost be counted as the self-consciousness of the world. This kind of consciousness is not felt by ordinary people. Only those who are shocking and stunning talents can interact with Heaven and Earth Grand. Dao resonance is recognized as the Great Emperor.

Now that Yang Kai wants to refining Xuan Yi Realm, Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this realm has instinctive resistance. After all, Yang Kai is a foreigner, how can Xuan Yi Realm recognize his refining.

With Yang Kai’s current ability, it is possible to refining it forcibly, but in this way, the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of the Xuanyi Realm will inevitably be defective. Yang Kai doesn’t know the consequences of doing so, the only way is To be sure, this is not a good thing for the entire Xuan Yi world.

Perhaps in the future, the cultivation of martial artists in the Xuanyi world will become more difficult, and the probability of birth of a powerhouse will be smaller.

This is not in line with his original intention.

Yang Kai frowned and Spiritual Mind surging, passed the scenes of the universe occupied by the ink nests that owner had seen in the battlefield of ink.

Heaven and Earth Grand Dao is a consciousness of the universe, but it is not a living thing, but a very special existence.

He doesn’t know if this is effective, but if he wants to smoothly refining the Xuanyi Realm, he can only let Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this world actively cooperate and no longer fight against own refining.

The so-called providence in the dark, I hope this providence can understand his painstaking efforts.

Yang Kai’s original intention is to let the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of the Xuanyi world realize that if it is occupied by the Mo clan, it will be destined to become like the universe of the battlefield of Mo, Heaven and Earth’s mighty power Was swallowed up, turned into a dead universe.

But I didn’t want to receive a miraculous effect.

After the scenes that he had seen in the battlefield of Mo passed through, the confrontation between Heaven and Earth Grand Dao in the Xuanyi world became much weaker.

Yang Kai was overjoyed, struck while the iron was hot, and continued to use Spiritual Mind to instill the sights he had seen in the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this world.

The resistance became weaker and weaker, and eventually became almost non-existent.

At this moment, a heavy sigh suddenly rang in Yang Kai’s mind, like Hong Zhong Dalu, Yang Kaixin was in a trance, faintly, he actually gave birth to a kind of fuse together with Xuan Yi Realm, No longer separate the illusion of each other.

Another incomprehensible feeling appeared in my heart. Yang Kai’s mind instantly crossed the endless distance to an unknown place.

all around is endless darkness, he is stiff and unable to move even a little bit, he can’t even perceive his own existence.

This surprised Yang Kai. I don’t know how the owner was just refining a Xuanyi Realm, so he encountered this kind of change.

He held his mind and didn’t dare to panic.

The ebbing of time he didn’t feel at all, and he didn’t know how long it took before that a little light appeared in the endless darkness. The chaos opened up, Heaven and Earth broke apart, terrifying enough to destroy the power of the entire universe in one The point exploded, this kind of power is the ink Giant Spiritual God, and even the ink deity can’t match.

That is the power of the vast universe.

The cramps that bound him disappeared in an instant, and Heaven and Earth expanded infinitely, turning into one big domain after another. In that big domain, one primordial world was born, and many worlds were being bred.

Xuan Yijie is one of them!

I don’t know how long it has been. The world of Xuanyi gradually has five elements, Yin-Yang converges, Heavenly Dao interprets, many rules are perfected, and it turns into a real universe. The dead world has a little more vitality, that vitality is rapid Diffusion and gradually evolve into a colorful world!

Yang is happy to have a clear comprehension. This is the process of the formation of the Xuan Yi Realm. Under the fusion with the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao of this world, he has personally experienced all this.

This kind of feels that he once had it once, when he was admitted by Star Boundary Heaven and Earth Grand Dao and was promoted to the Great Emperor.

It’s just that this time is a little different from that time, the feeling of this time is more real and clear, and the history of backtracking is even longer!

Yang Kai suddenly had some insights and some guesses.

It’s just that he can’t dig out those feelings temporarily, and his strength is too low.

He can’t confirm that conjecture, it needs time to verify!

For this change, Yang Kai himself did not know how much time he experienced, but in the eyes of Zhuge Xing Wei and the others, it was just a short half day.

In this short half-day, Yang Kai’s whole person is like Xuan Yi Realm, becoming distorted and illusory, as if not in reality.

Zhuge Xing Wei and the others don’t know what happened to Yang Kai. The strength gap between each other is too big, the layout is different, and they don’t dare to bother easily.

It wasn’t until then that Yang Kai’s silhouette suddenly solidified, and it made them feel his presence again.

Xuan Yijie is still the same, twisted in the Void, as if not in the same space with them.

Yang Kai let out a long laugh, got up and said: “It’s done!”

Speaking like this, Tanshou grabbed Xuan Yijie in front of him.

A scene that made Zhuge Xing Wei and the others unacceptable appeared, Yang Kai’s big hand penetrated the Void, as if through a layer of water, and lightly fished out of the water.

When Yang Kai closed his hand, the illusory Void suddenly collapsed, and the Xuan Yi Realm was also gone!

Zhuge Xing Dawei was shocked and lost his voice: “Where is Xuan Yijie?”

More than two hundred Open Heaven Stages are also in a panic. The Xuan Yi world that gave birth to them has disappeared under their noses.

How can they accept this? In the Xuan Yi Realm, they are still their relatives and friends, as well as their descendants!

“Don’t panic!” Yang Kai smiled and stretched out his hands at everyone, “Let’s see what this is?”

Zhuge Xing Wei and the others fixed their eyes and saw a round bead on the palm of Yang Kai’s palm. The outer surface was gray, but the inside was a blue sapphire.

The sapphire inlaid in it looks so familiar in terms of shape and color distribution. It looks like the normally Xuan Yi Realm, except for its size.

After all, there is an entire universe in Xuan Yi Realm, so huge, what Yang Kai holds, but a bead the size of an eyeball.

Zhuge Xing Weiyun looked at it with all his eyes, penetrated the outer mist, and saw the true face of the sapphire embedded in the bead.

That is Xuan Yi Realm!

He even saw the Xuanyi Gate, where tens of thousands of disciplines were like dust, crowding the gate of the mountain, and many of the disciplines looked around, and the expression was at a loss.

He also saw in the own Cave Mansion, his wife and concubine, who had been ordered by him, were hurriedly packing up their things and preparing to flee with them.

He even saw a scene of vendors shouting and selling in a city near Xuan Yimen…

Zhuge Xing Wei was shocked and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Xuan Yijie, was refining into a bead?

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