Martial Peak Chapter 5494


Like Zhuge Xing Wei, there are many people who can see the original face of the beads, and all of them are shocked at this moment.

Zhuge Xing Wei withdrew his mind and was about to thank Yang Kai, but when he saw Yang Kai throw it away, he threw the Heaven and Earth bead that Xuan Yijie had transformed.

Zhuge Xing Wei’s whole person is not good.

Ruo is that he has the cultivation level of 5-Rank Open Heaven, and he is in a hurry.

Holding the Heaven and Earth beads that Xuan Yijie transformed into in both hands, the smile on Zhuge Xing Wei’s face is even more ugly than crying, and he looked at Yang Kai and said: “Senior, this…this…”

How can this be good?

Although it is a good thing for the entire Xuan Yi Realm to be refining to become a World Bead, how can this thing be kept? He was afraid that a slight movement of his own would affect the heaven falls and earth rends of the Xuanyi Realm.

Yang Kai casually waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t have to be so cautiously, I have also refining the Void outside of the Xuanyi Realm. There is no danger.”

Zhuge Xing Wei suddenly realized that it was only then that he understood why the outer layer of the beads in his hand was so grey that it was the Void around the Xuan Yi Realm.

The real world of Xuan Yi is embedded in the beads of this world.

Understanding this point, Zhuge Xing Wei relaxed. According to Yang Kai’s words, he put the that world bead next to his chest in a kit, and he stretched out his hand and patted it uneasy.

Yang Kai bowed again: “Senior great grace, Xuan Yijie is unforgettable.”

Yang Kai slightly nodded, stretched out his hand, and a portal immediately appeared in front of him, but he used the Space Spirit Bead he gave to Wang Xuanyi to hook up the Void. “Go in and join the Sea Swallowing Sect.”

Zhuge Xing Wei thanked him again, and led more than two hundred people through the door, and he arrived at Tunhai Inner Sect, met Wang Xuanyi, talked with Wang Xuanyi and Yang Qing and the others before Yang Kai refining Xuanyi The matter of the world shocked everyone.

Refining one world is one pearl, this kind of thing is that Wang Xuanyi, a powerhouse from Cave Heaven Paradise, has never heard of it.

Besides shock, it is more joy.

Originally, their evacuation and migration at this time can only guarantee that they will bring most of the martial artists of the major Sect forces. The spiritual roots of many universes cannot control it. Now Yang Kai has such a method to swallow the Sea. Everyone in the Territory can evacuate.

Not only swallowing the Sea Territory, as long as there is enough time, it will be the same for other large territories.

Wang Xuanyi can’t help but think of the question Yang Kai asked him before, what about those mortals?

His answer at the time was powerless.

However, only a few days later, Yang Kai gave a solution and couldn’t help but admire him greatly.

On the other side, Yang Kai has rushed to another universe with the Space Spirit Bead. Before, he asked Zhuge Xing Wei to order 13 people and each took a Space Spirit Bead to the thirteen universes in this domain. , Now it saves a lot of time on the road.

Here Qiankun is the closest place to Xuanyi Realm, and there is also a Sect seated here. Compared with Xuanyi Sect, the strength seems to be different, and it is normally close to Xuanyi Sect.

Previously, when many Open Heaven Stages of Xuan Yimen fought against the Mo people, Zhuge Xing Wei sent two Elders out to ask for help. One Pang Elder went to the Sea-Tunner Sect. From a distance, it was seen that the Sea-Tunner Sect was besieged by the Mo army. How dare you come forward to courting death and return without success? Another Elder came from this Sect, and there is no news yet.

Xuan Yimen experienced great changes, Zhuge Xing Wei felt ill at ease, and forgot to tell Yang Kai about it.

It is the martial artist of Xuan Yimen who is responsible for bringing the Space Spirit Bead to this world. He has a long mind. When he reaches the Void outside this world, he dare not enter the interior rashly. He only hides aura in the outer space and waits for Yang Kai.

In a few days, Yang Kai suddenly appeared next to him, shocking him.

Seeing that it was Yang Kai, he relaxed and quickly reported what had happened before.

After listening to frowned, Yang Kai raised his eyes to look at the universe in front of him, and he saw that there were silhouettes of Mo people and Mo disciples in it.

The Sect of this world has been completely occupied by the Mo people, and almost all of the martial artists of the Inner Sect have also been transformed into Mo disciple.

Fortunately, the strength of these Mo races is not high. Just like the Mo race team that went to attack the Xuanyi Realm, the leader is just a high-ranking Mo race, and they are not eligible to own the ink nest of their own.

If a lord is here to drop the ink nest, then the whole universe will probably be flooded with the power of ink. If this kind of situation occurs, it is powerless.

Although the situation is not good right now, it’s a snap for Yang Kai.

The martial artist of Xuan Yimen stood beside Yang Kai, only to see him probing his hand and grabbing a handful of Qian Kun in front of him. When he closed his hand, dozens of weird Mo people appeared in front of him.

Before these Mo people realized what was happening, they were suddenly captured from the lower realm Sect into the Void, naturally confused.

Immediately afterwards, terrifying power swept from all directions from the west, and dozens of Mo tribes had each one, and they were instantly clean.

Yang Kai rubbed his hands again, and a beam of light of purification hit the Sect below, covering the entire Sect’s black disciples, dispelling the light of purification within the body.

Easily solve the problem of Mozu and Motu. After the martial artist of the Sect below has recovered, Yang Kai only said sound transmission.

In a short time, the Inner Sect below, headed by a 5-Rank Open Heaven, many Open Heaven Stage simultaneous come to see you.

Yang Kai didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, and the Space Spirit Bead, which directly connected to Hai Tun Hai Zong, opened the door and told them to roll to Hai Tun Hai Zong to join others.

The leading 5-Rank saw Yang Kai’s 8-Rank power, and suffered a major change in Sect before, and there was no extra word, so he simply led the own hanger-on disciple into the door.

After the martial artist of Xuan Yimen who was responsible for bringing the Space Spirit Bead here also left, Yang Kai started to refining the world before him.

With previous experience, this time refining has become smoother, and even the resistance of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao has not appeared again.

This second universe gives Yang Kai’s the feeling that he is actively cooperating.

This made the guess in his heart even more conclusive.

In this way, Yang Kai walked across the universe one by one. Everywhere he went, he opened the portal to the Sea-Swallowing Sect, and let the Open Heaven Stage in the universe go to the Sea-Swallowing Sect without the interference of Open Heaven Stage. , He can refining Heaven and Earth beads smoothly.

Not every Universe has an Open Heaven Stage.

Swallowing Sea Territory These fourteen worlds where Human Race survives, Heaven and Earth Grand Dao have different levels. The higher the level, the easier it is for Martial Dao to cultivation, and the Open Heaven Stage will naturally be born. The most powerful martial artist in the universe is Emperor Senior, and there is no Open Heaven Stage powerhouse. Refining is easier and easier.

For more than a month, Yang Kai has completed the refining of all the fourteen universes of the Sea-Swallowing Sect. Except for the original Xuanyi Realm to Zhuge Xingwei, the remaining 13 are all on his body.

This matter has happened, Yang Kai took a step forward and has arrived at Inner Sect in Tunhai.

At this moment, Hai Tun Haizong and the other martial artists who rushed here, under the auspices of Wang Xuan First Grade, are ready to leave at any time.

Seeing Yang Kai’s return, Wang Xuanyi hurriedly came to pay respect.

Two people greeted a few words, and Yang Kai learned that this side was ready, and immediately said: “It’s not too late, you can set out now.”

The evacuation of Sea Tun Haizong is to first rush to the Universe Temple in the Mosha Territory, and meet the martial artists who have evacuated from other neighboring regions, and then everyone will rush to the Star Boundary under the escort of the Mosha Tian powerhouse.

Although this approach has a big goal, there are 8-Rank Open Heaven guards from Mosha Tian and Mosha Army, and the security is also higher. It is better than martial artists in each and everyone big domain to fight alone.

The evacuation plan of all major Cave Heaven Paradise is the same.

For example, the dozens of large domains under the jurisdiction of Pure Yang Cave Heaven need to rush to the Universe Temple in the Pure Yang domain within a predetermined time. There is the powerhouse of the Pure Yang army to respond, and more Pure Yang army squads, They are all like Wang Xuan First Grade people, rushing to various areas to help the local Sect evacuate.

This is a great migration that swept the entire 3000 Worlds, and no Sect can avoid it.

As Wang Xuanyi said before, even Cave Heaven Paradise, this kind of huge monster, has to abandon the inheritance of the countless years of Sect’s foundation during this time of migration.

As long as people are alive, those Sect foundations will be regained someday sooner or later. If people die, there will be nothing.

It’s already not far from the set time now. If the people of Sea-Tuning Sect can’t arrive in time, the people on the Mosha Domain will not wait.

This is something that has already been said hello.

So in any case, I arrived at the Universe Temple in the Mosha domain before the time limit.

“Zongzhen Yang is not with us?” Wang Xuanyi asked.

Yang Kai shook his head: “I’m going to see other big domains.”

Wang Xuanyi understands that Yang Kai wants to refining more worlds and save more Human Races!

With awe, cup one fist in the other hand said: “Zongzhen Yang takes care. Although the Mo family is now exhausting ink and the two ink-colored Giant Spiritual Gods are also restrained, there are still many Mo family masters. Today’s domain owners are all innate domain masters, which is not worse than the 8-Rank of Human Race cream of the crop.”

He also thought that Yang Kai had just been promoted to 8-Rank not long ago, and his strength should not be too strong, so he reminded him.

How did he know that the domain lord hadn’t seen enough in front of Yang Kai’s today, not to mention that the domain lord was the king lord, and Yang Kai had also cut one!

If you know, I’m afraid I will start Yang Kai as a heavenly man.

Yang Kai nodded: “You have to be careful when you wait. You might encounter the Mo people on the way…”

At this point, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly moved.

It’s a pity that the spiritual wisdom of the Little Stone Race is too low and difficult to control. If this problem can be solved, the Little Stone Race will surely be a big help for the Human Race to evacuate.

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