Martial Peak Chapter 5495


Thinking of this, Yang Kai had a care, looked around, and suddenly shouted: “Everyone leave this place!”

Wang Xuanyi didn’t know what he was going to do, but everything was ready here before and could be set out at any time, so after listening to Yang Kai’s call, he immediately ordered everyone to lift off.

The Open Heaven Stage of all Sects in the entire Sea Territory is gathered here. The number is not much, and the total number is only about a thousand. The Rank is also uneven.

There are thousands of disciplines in My Sect of Swallow Sea Sect, but this number includes everyone.

The parties took out to fly the Secret Treasure, for a moment, there are hundreds of grotesquely shaped Secret Treasures moored in every big and small Void.

On the largest ship, Wang Xuanyi stood on the deck and looked down. Yang Qing stood beside him, wanting to see what Yang Kai was going to do.

When I saw it, the two people were all shocked. The Sea Swallowing Sect, which should have been close at hand, was now distorted and blurred like Mirror Flowers Water Moon. It was clearly close at hand, but it seemed to be far away. In the horizon, unpredictable.

Yang Qing suddenly realized: “This Chief Yang Town wants to refine the floating land where I Swallow Haizong to become a World Pearl!”

Although he had never seen Yang Kai refining Heaven and Earth beads, he had heard Zhuge Xing Wei mentioned before, and combined the scene before him. No one knew Yang Kai’s intention.

He was happy in his heart. Originally, he was a little bit reluctant to abandon the inheritance of Sea-Swallowing Sect for generations, but he couldn’t take it away. Now Yang Kai has made the Heaven and Earth beads, and all his troubles have been solved.

Wang Xuanyi hearing this was only slightly nodded, and I also felt that Yang Kai was refining the floating land of the Sea Swallowing Sect to become a World bead, but he didn’t understand what Yang Kai meant.

The discipline of the Sea-Swallowing Sect is already preparing to evacuate, leaving such an empty floating land, the Mo people are not interested in it, there is no need for refining, right?

“Kya!” Yang Qing called out suddenly, pumping distressedly.

Without him, the splendid floating land in front of me suddenly disintegrated, and the vast floating land turned into at least hundreds of parts.

The size of each one is almost the same, obviously Yang Kai did it deliberately, demonstrating his powerful control.

Yang Qing wanted to cry without tears.

If this floating land is not taken away, it’s all. If the Mo Clan is defeated in the future, Sea Swallowing Sect may have a chance to come back again and continue to be here to establish School, but now it’s been made like this by Yang Kai, how can I find it? Gotta come back.

The original euphoria turned into nothing, but I really don’t understand why Yang Kai did this.

But he didn’t dare to ask more, only to comfort own Yang Kai’s move must be meaningful.

Soon, Yang Kai grabbed the twisted Void towards the probing hand, and every time there was a piece of floating land disappeared, after Yang Kai grabbed it hundreds of times, the hundreds of fragments were completely gone.

He worked secretly for a while, and then he came to the ship on the floor where Wang Xuanyi was, and first handed over a hundred newly refined Heaven and Earth beads to him, and said: “Every Heaven and Earth Thousands of small Stone Race troops are sealed in the beads. If you encounter the Mo people, you can take out to defend against the enemy.”

Wang Xuanyi’s eyes lit up when he heard it: “Little Stone Race are the creatures who have surrounded the Mo people before?”

The previous two small Stone Race armies encircled and suppressed the Mo people outside the Sea Swallowing Sect. He was also watching them. Although those strange creatures looked silly, they were really good at dealing with the Mo people, because they It seems to be able to ignore the erosion of Mo’s power.

So when Yang Kai mentioned it at the moment, Wang Xuanyi understood it.

Yang Kai nodded.

He himself can’t escort these people all the way to the Demon Race, but it’s okay to send some small Stone Races. Even if the Wang Xuan First Grade people can’t control the small Stone Races, if they really encounter the Mo people, they will If the little Stone Race is released, they will naturally kill the enemy.

The reason why the army of millions is divided into hundreds, Yang Kai also considers that it is difficult for the little Stone Race to recover. Wang Xuanyi and others do not have the sun and lunar notes. The little Stone Race does not listen to the orders. If it is really released, the probability is… Gone.

The army of millions of little Stone Races is enough to protect their safety, and even to the martial artists assembled on the Demon Realm, it is also a huge help.

There are millions of small Stone Race guarantee and protect, this way to Star Boundary can also be much safer.

“many thanks Yang Zongzhen!” Wang Xuanyi bowed and thanked him, secretly amazed Yang Kai’s great generosity.

He has never seen these little Stone Races, and has never heard of them before, but Yang Kai now counts in the millions, how generous.

Their battleship has been blown up before. Without battleship guards, the strength of their squad will be greatly reduced, but now there are a million more Stone Races. The lack of strength is enough to make up for it, and there is more.

Yang Kai said: “I just started with these little Stone Races a while ago, and I didn’t figure out how to control them, but they are characterized by spiritual wisdom and low, almost relying on instinct. If you are proficient in the magic arts, Yes, you can try to control them by controlling the beast.”

Using the method of controlling the beast to control the small Stone Race may not be impossible, but Yang Kai is not very proficient in the method of controlling the beast, so he can’t try it.

Wang Xuanyi’s eyes lit up when he heard it, and he couldn’t help but nod: “Yang Zongzhen said that.”

Many martial artists are more or less familiar with the method of controlling the beast. If this method is really feasible, then there is a lot of room for manipulating the small Stone Race.

“Wait.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Wang Xuanyi cup one fist in the other hand said: “Zongzhen Yang, take care!”

After saying that, loudly shouted, hundreds of flying Secret Treasures full of martial artists, led by the largest ship of Tunhaizong, grandiose headed towards the Domain Portal and rushed to the Mosha domain.

On the boat upstairs, Wang Xuanyi turned around again, and Yang Kai was gone.

Slightly set his mind, he summoned a group of 6-Rank to Upper Open Heaven and the main Sect of the main Sect, and each of them distributed a Heaven and Earth bead containing tens of thousands of small Stone Races. Yang Kai has been warned repeatedly, asking them to find martial artists who are proficient in the magic arts of controlling beasts to try to domesticate and control the little Stone Race.

Everyone got the Heaven and Earth beads and the tens of thousands of small Stone Race army, and they were all happy.

Wang Xuanyi arranged for them to go to different positions of the fleet and escort them. In this way, the martial artist who swallowed the Sea Territory finally began to evacuate.

At this moment, each and everyone big domain, a fleet, are all rushing towards the big domain where Cave Heaven Paradise is located.

The evacuation of some martial artists from the big domain went smoothly. After all, it takes some time for the Mos to invade. These martial artists have already assembled before the Mos arrived. For a moment, they rushed to the big domain where Cave Heaven Paradise is located. Wait at the Universe Temple.

Some large areas were unlucky and were invaded by the Mo army early, many Sects were occupied by the Mo people, and all the Sect martial artists were inked.

Moreover, the Mo tribe army is chasing the fleets of martial artist who have fled in various areas, and battles of every big and small are being staged in many areas.

3000 Worlds, it’s messed up!

Separated from Wang Xuan First Grade, Yang Kai immediately rushed to the next big domain. This big domain is still under the jurisdiction of Mosha Cave Heaven. The situation here is almost the same as the Sea Territory. Clan invasion, but the martial artists of each Sect desperately resisted.

This domain also has a Human Race team presiding over the evacuation. When Yang Kai arrived, he killed all the invading Mo tribes with no difficulty, and then sent the assembled fleet away, and also sent a hundred pieces of equipment. There are Heaven and Earth beads from the small Stone Race army.

Refining the worlds where Human Race survives.

He knows that own can’t save everyone. Mo’s invasion is all-encompassing. He can save the next big domain, the Human Race of two big domains, but the entire 3000 Worlds has thousands of big domains, he alone How is Zhili busy?

He can only do his best to do that’s all.

In the beginning, the situation in the big domain he arrived was pretty good. For example, on the Sea Territory, there were a total of 13 universes, all of which had been taken away by his refining.

But with the ebbing of time, the situation in the big domain he rushed to got worse and worse.

The order of evacuation and migration was issued. The martial artists from all regions have been evacuated, and those who remain are martial artists and mortals who cannot get rid of the shackles of the universe. These people face the invasion of the Mo people. Inability to resist.

The farther Yang Kai goes, the more heartbreaking the scene he sees.

There are some universe worlds, and ink nests have already fallen. That ink nest has extracted the heaven and earth power of the entire universe world. The rich ink power envelops the universe, and all the living creatures in it have been absorbed by the ink power. erosion.

Faced with such a situation, what can Yang Kai do?

His cultivation level of 8-Rank Open Heaven, if he really wants to, can completely destroy the entire universe, but in this way, the Mo people in that universe will be killed and clean, but that Millions and millions of creatures are the same as violent death.

Although they are already Mo disciples, there is always hope that they can be saved. How can Yang Kai be so cruel?

The only thing that can be done is to rush over, destroy the ink nest, and kill all the Mo people in it!

The rest, nothing can be done.

He also experienced Wang Xuanyi’s strong in will but weak in power when he answered his question.

Such a universe completely eroded by the power of Mo is living with hundreds of millions of Motists. Even if he does not lack topaz and aquamarine, he can’t do it for purification. It consumes too much and takes too long. He doesn’t have that. many time to waste.

He moves faster, maybe he can save more people!

Along the way, he also encountered many epic stories.

Under such a situation, evacuation is the general trend, not necessarily timid. Those who are left behind are not necessarily heroes, they are dead after all.

Who is right and who is wrong, and who can say clear? It’s about a single-minded choice. Everyone is paying the price for own’s choice. Just like Yang Kai, he chooses to travel around the world and save more Human Races with the help of refining the universe into pearls. Therefore, he has seen too much Too many tragedies.

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