Martial Peak Chapter 5496


Suddenly 20 years passed in a flash.

In the past 20 years, Yang Kai has traveled hundreds of domains, and the Heaven and Earth beads in his hands have exceeded two thousand. Each Heaven and Earth beads is a whole Yin-Yang Five Elements. Heaven and Earth Grand Dao perfect world refining.

The Human Race he saved is difficult to plot against.

But this is already the limit.

There are more big areas he hasn’t set foot in, but now that it has been 20 years since the full invasion of the Mo clan, it is difficult for him to find a world that has not been eroded by the power of Mo.

There are traces of the Mo Clan in every large area, and every universe where creatures live has almost been occupied by the Mo Clan’s Falling Ink Nest.

Countless mortals and martial artists with low cultivation level have become Mo disciples. The Heaven and Earth power accumulated over countless years in the world has turned into the nutrients for the growth of Mo people.

The tens of millions of small Stone Race army, Yang Kai now has less than 10,000,000 left in his hand, and all the others have been distributed.

In the past 20 years, the same huge number of Mo people who died under his hands was the domain master, and he also killed more than a dozen people.

Nowadays, in the situation where the Mo King is not coming out and the two ink giant Spiritual Gods are constrained, the domain master is almost the power of the Mo cream of the crop, but these innate domain masters alone meet Yang Kai also There are only two or three to die, and Yang Kai is sure to kill them after paying some price.

In 20 years, all those who should be evacuated and migrated have already evacuated, and those who cannot leave can only stay and bear the fate of being inked.

Yang Kai estimated that the martial artists who had evacuated from various regions should almost gather Star Boundary at this moment.

He is clear in his heart that this journey to save Human Race should end here, and if it continues, there will be no more results.

Looking at the dim stars in the sky, the universe that was eroded by the power of ink and lost its vitality, Yang Kai sighed leisurely, suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Old Tree, do you still want to hide it? Time to see you!”

When the words fell, there seemed to be some changes in the vast realm here. Then, on the far horizon, a dark tide appeared out of thin air and swept towards Yang Kai.

Seeing this dark tide, Yang Kai knew that his own until now conjecture was correct!

20 years ago, when he refining the entire Xuanyi Realm for the first time, he had a faint suspicion in his heart, but at that time there were not enough refining universes. This kind of suspicion was owner’s cranky, or It is true and remains to be verified.

In the past 20 years, he has refining more than two thousand universes one after another, which is enough to confirm the conjecture back then.

Because every time he refining a universe, he has an invisible connection with that unknown place.

The close ties built by more than two thousand universes are now the one who does not respond, and Yang Kai has a way to forcibly break into that unknown place.

The dark tide swept over quickly, and Yang Kai let the dark tide wrap his own and conceal his figure.

When the black tide dissipated, Yang Kai was also gone.

When he reappeared, he had appeared in a Mysterious Land that was difficult for ordinary people to reach. This mysterious land between Heaven and Earth is faintly suppressed by some laws. If you are a few Open Heaven, it is difficult to play The cultivation level of Open Heaven Stage.

Great Ruins Boundary!

When Yang Kai was only Emperor Senior, he was swept by the mysterious dark tide and entered this Secret Boundary. It was also in this Secret Boundary that he got the subtree of World Tree and was about to be rescued. The fragmented Star Boundary.

From here, he took Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Zhu Jiuyin out.

Cang said that World Tree is also one of the oldest existences in this vast universe. With the help of World Tree, the ten of them were able to comprehend the way of Open Heaven, teach Human Race, and let Human Race run rampant in Monster Beast. There is the capital of standing in the world.

And those who can be favored by World Tree are the means of self-saving by God’s will in the dark. This means originally selected ten people such as Cang, who sealed Mo in the Great Forbidden of the First Heaven. Million years are like a day. Otherwise, there is no 3000 Worlds today, I am afraid the whole world has become a paradise for the Mo people.

After Cang waited for ten people, there should be more candidates one after another. Yang Kai’s Small Universe now suppresses and seals the subtree, which is left over after the death of one of the candidates.

And Yang Kai himself should be the one chosen recently.

This means of self-rescue is performed through World Tree, so in any case, World Tree is an indispensable link, and I am afraid it is also the most important link.

Mo also said that Old Tree has been avoiding it, afraid of it.

Yang Kai didn’t know what Mo’s words meant before. They are the oldest existence in the world. Mo’s power is unimaginable, but World Tree could it be that? Why would you avoid it, be afraid of it.

Now, Yang Kai finally understands.

Because World Tree is the manifestation of the entire 3000 Worlds, the relationship between World Tree and 3000 Worlds is if one suffers, all suffers, if one prospers, all prospers.

The existence of Mo has seriously affected the survival of 3000 Worlds. If Mo is really called to rule 3000 Worlds, then the power of Mo will be everywhere, every universe will be annihilated, and World Tree will also be completely gone by then.

In the Great Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai was swept by the black tide, looking up, in front of him was a towering tree of unknown height.

Compared with what Yang Kai had seen back then, it was even bigger and bigger.

The tree is covered with World Fruit.

It’s just different from what I saw back then. Today’s World Tree seems to be seriously ill, and there is a smell of sickness all over the body.

The World Tree hanging on the tree has many grayish colors, as if broken, Yang Kai even felt a trace of aura from a few fruits!

He has seen this scene.

Outside the Celestial Phenomenon of the sea, he urged the sun and moon god wheel, and at that moment the time and space were chaotic, and he foresaw some pictures.

In one of the scenes, he held the head of the Mo clan king in his hand.

The other scene is what I saw before my eyes. A sickly tree was full of broken fruits!

Yang Kai waited for a long time, only then sighed: “Old Tree, you are a bit miserable!”

World Tree shook its body, and the huge leaves made a crash-bang sound, which seemed to be protesting Yang Kai’s ridicule.

Yang Kai hurriedly said: “Don’t mess around, each of your fruits corresponds to a world, if you shake it down exactly what a good thing.”

When I came here for the first time, Yang Kai didn’t have enough knowledge. He only knew that World Fruit could help people to advance to the Open Heaven Stage Rank. He didn’t know the mysterious of World Fruit.

Now he has refining more than two thousand worlds scattered in different domains, and he has the cultivation level of 8-Rank Open Heaven himself, and he has also been exposed to Mo, Cang, etc. this kind of ancient supreme, where I can’t see it. The mysterious of these fruits.

As he said, each of these World Fruits corresponds to a universe in a certain place, and is the manifestation of the foundation of that universe.

It can be said that World Tree is connected to all the worlds in this world, and it is the power of these worlds that gather to create World Tree.

Now that the worlds are eroded by the power of Mo and occupied by the Mo people, the feedback on World Tree is that it appears sick and sick, and the World Fruits are also a little sick.

If a certain universe is completely destroyed or destroyed, the corresponding World Fruit will also disappear.

On the contrary, if a new world is born, then World Tree will bear a new fruit.

Yang Kai finally understood why World Fruit has such a powerful effect.

Because these World Fruits contain mysterious and essence of the universe.

The low-rank World Fruit corresponds to the world with a low level of Martial Dao, the middle-rank World Fruit corresponds to the world with a slightly higher level of Martial Dao, and the high-rank corresponds to the highest world, which may be A dojo that only the major Cave Heaven Paradise are eligible to occupy.

If someone picks a World Fruit and swallows it, it is not the fruit itself, but the essence of the corresponding world.

In this way, it is natural to quickly improve the strength and even rank promotion.

However, the Martial Dao level of the corresponding Qiankun world, and even the perfection of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, will be greatly degraded, and it may take a very long time to recover.

Martial Dao has enough levels of the universe world, own Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, own World’s Will.

These wills can be said to come from the world itself, or the Wisp of Spirit of World Tree.

The Great Emperors of the worlds have been recognized by their respective Heaven and Earth. In the final analysis, World Tree is acknowledging them.

So every time Yang Kai refining a universe world, he will be recognized by World Tree by an extra layer. The result of more than two thousand universe refinings allows him to perceive the existence of World Tree.

These many profound mystery, Yang Kai did not know before, but now they are fully understood.

If 3000 Worlds are completely occupied by the Mo people, World Tree will die!

Nowadays, only about 20% of its tree-filled fruits are intact, because most of the worlds corresponding to these fruits have been taken away by Yang Kai’s refining to become a World beads.

With a thoughtful thought, Yang Kai waved his big hand, and hundreds of Heaven and Earth beads refining from the universe world flew out, just like colorful beads.

Yang Kai did it at will. After all, he has so many Heaven and Earth beads on his body. It’s not very good. These Heaven and Earth beads are made by one world. Although they are not big, they can be huge. , So there is no way to store them in Small Universe or Space Ring. Yang Kai can only sew a backpack to fit them in.

Since those days, Yang Kai has been carrying the full to the brim rucksack, which is very inconvenient.

Now that those World Fruits can accommodate the corresponding world, it will naturally save much trouble.

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