Martial Peak Chapter 5497


After a lot of work, he threw out more than two thousand Heaven and Earth beads, which could be considered as being kept by World Tree.

What surprised Yang Kai was that after two thousand Heaven and Earth beads, the state of World Tree seemed to have improved, and I wonder if it was an illusion of own.

Another thing that Yang Kai cares a little about is the number of World Fruits that are intact on World Tree.

The World Fruits that he refining correspond to, because they are well preserved and not corroded by the power of ink, they are all intact.

However, in addition to the World Fruit corresponding to the more than two thousand universes, there are dozens of other fruits that are intact.

These fruits did not appear to have characteristics similar to other bad fruits, and no ink power escaped. Yang Kai even had a very special feeling for one of the fruits, which seemed to be very close.

This feeling surprised him a lot, just a World Fruit, how can the owner feel close.

He checked a little, raised his brows, and suddenly said: “This is Star Boundary’s World Fruit?”

He is the Great Emperor recognized by Star Boundary Heaven and Earth Grand Dao. Facing such a World Fruit corresponding to Star Boundary, he will naturally feel different.

This World Fruit is a middle-rank World Fruit. In other words, if you take it off, you can make an Open Heaven Stage of 3-Rank to 5-Rank go straight to 1-Rank cultivation level. Even the future will be even greater.

But correspondingly, Star Boundary will inevitably pay a huge price. Perhaps the Martial Dao level will be greatly degraded, and Heaven and Earth Law will be incomplete.

Yang is happy and weary, recalling the low-rank World Fruit and middle-rank World Fruit that own had obtained.

He got more than a dozen fruits from Old Tree in the past, and he doesn’t know which world is the scourge.

As if he was aware of what he was thinking, the World Tree tree shook again. It was clear that World Tree didn’t have any words or Spiritual Mind, but Yang Kai had a clear insight into what it wanted to express.

The World Fruit that he took away that year, the corresponding universe world did not have high spiritual wisdom, so it’s too much to do not at all. At most, the development and evolution of those universe worlds took a few more years. month.

Knowing this, Yang Xingli is not so guilty.

But soon, he has another feeling. With this World Fruit corresponding to Star Boundary, he can open up a channel to Star Boundary here and return to Star Boundary!

Yang Kai moved his head slightly, and quickly checked the other intact World Fruits. Under his mind, he found that it was exactly what the owner thought. With the help of these World Fruits, he can open the Void channel and go to the world corresponding to these fruits. Where.

He can even detect the big domain where these worlds are located.

Yang Kai changed his expression and couldn’t help but said: “Old Tree, you can be regarded as a transit point for 3000 Worlds.”

World Tree shook its body again, as it should be.

This is not surprising, World Tree is the manifestation of the power of all the worlds of 3000 Worlds, and each fruit of it corresponds to a world of the world, and it is inseparable from all the big domains and all the worlds.

No wonder the Great Ruins Boundary is elusive. The Kuroshio that can enter the Great Ruins Boundary will also appear in different domains, because theoretically speaking, from any large domain, you can enter the Great Ruins Boundary. Just look at Old Tree if you want to let it go!

With such a discovery, Yang Kai immediately became interested and carefully investigated the intact World Fruit.

These fruits correspond to the universe world, one of which is Star Boundary, and there are more than a dozen of the universe world in the new big domain adjacent to Star Boundary.

The new big domain was discovered by accident when Yang Kai and Zuo Quanhui of Qianhe Paradise broke the boundary when they fought, and they have never been set foot before.

The little Stone Race is also brought out in the new big domain.

Apart from this, there are about 30 intact World Fruits, which means that in 3000 Worlds, there are still the same number of worlds that are not occupied by the Mo people, they are scattered in different regions .

Aware of this, Yang Kai hurriedly said: “Old Tree, help me!”

Speaking like this, he shook his figure and pierced toward one of the intact World Fruits. It was clear that a fruit with only baby fist sized was suddenly enlarged in Yang Kai’s field of vision, making his whole person Submerge.

Entering this World Fruit, Yang Kai immediately felt that Space Principle was ups and downs, and another force from World Tree helped directly open a Void Tunnel leading to a faraway region.

In an instant, Yang Kai stepped through the Void and appeared on the periphery of a universe world.

Looking forward, this one has beautiful scenery and a not small size, but it may not have a long time of birth and the environment is not good, so although it is suitable for living beings, the laws of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao are relatively thin. In other words, if Martial Dao is born here, then Martial Dao level should be very low.

Spiritual Mind scanned, Yang Kai not at all found the silhouette of Human Race in this realm, but there are some other creatures with low spiritual wisdom.

I took out the universe map to investigate and determined the location of this realm. No wonder the secret payment has not been occupied by the Mo family for so long. The location of this realm in this realm is relatively remote. It is estimated that the Mo family did not find its existence. Only let this realm survive.

Otherwise, with the characteristics of the Mo people, they would definitely not let go of such a world.

Without delay, Yang Kai hastily embarked on refining. He had the experience of refining more than two thousand universes before, and Yang Kai shouldn’t be too familiar with this kind of thing now.

Suddenly within a few days, this realm has turned into a Heaven and Earth bead, which was put away by Yang Kai.

This time he didn’t let Old Tree meet the owner anymore, but just shook his body, and reopened the Void Tunnel with the help of the mysterious connection between the Heaven and Earth beads in his hand and World Tree, and stepped in.

When he reappears, the person has appeared under the World Tree.

Yang Kai didn’t stop, only handed the refining Heaven and Earth bead to World Tree for safekeeping again, recognized another intact World Fruit, and set it out again.

He can’t help but feel a little upset at this time. Knowing that World Tree has the function of connecting various large areas, he has already contacted Old Tree.

With the help of World Tree as a transit, he can easily travel to and from various regions and save a lot of time on the road. If he does this early, he may be able to save more of the world.

It’s just that he didn’t know what the attitude of World Tree was before, and didn’t dare to rush into it. It wasn’t until he refining more than two thousand universes that he was closely connected with World Tree, and then he called Old Tree.

There are more than 30 world fruits corresponding to the universe world. The number is not too much. Yang Kai can refining one in a few days. These universe worlds are basically very remote, so the Mo people have not found it. Let them avoid the poison of Mo’s power.

Most Qiankun worlds do not have Human Race to survive, only seven or eight of the universe has Human Race, but the Martial Dao level is not too high, Yang Kai will refining the entire universe, and the Human Race that survives in it even has nothing. Not aware.

On this day, he once again used the power of World Tree to come to an Outer Universe. He did the same. Refining was at a critical juncture when he suddenly noticed that there was a fight in the distant Void.

Yang Kai was very surprised, wondering why there is still a fight in such a place.

According to the truth, Human Race is now fully evacuated, and everything that should go is gone, and those who didn’t go have nothing to end.

It shouldn’t be any movement in this kind of place, but the movement of the fight is very obvious, and the player’s strength is not weak, it is estimated that there is at least a 7-Rank Open Heaven cultivation level.

Who is so alive?

Yang Xinxin is suspicious. Although he is alone, he is not worried that his own will be disturbed. After all, he still has tens of millions of small Stone Race army in his hand. If there is anything short-sighted, he will not be able to Clone. , You can take out the small Stone Race army to keep the owner from being disturbed.

I didn’t pay attention to the fight over there, I just prepared to wait for the refining of the world in front of me to look at it, but I didn’t want to. The fighting over there was getting closer and closer, and it seemed that the two sides of the fight were getting closer to him.

Yang Kai didn’t care. The other side’s approach here shouldn’t be intentional, but it’s just right for him. The people who can fight at this time must be the Human Race and the Mo race. If you get close to him, maybe he You can also give that Human Race some help.

After one hour passed, the turmoil of the struggle was getting closer, but Yang Kai’s expression became weird, because he noticed one of the auras, which seemed to be familiar!

He immediately became happy. It was a coincidence. He had planned to look for this person after dealing with the matter in his hands, but didn’t want to meet him in such a place.

The old saying is really good, good person doesn’t live long, bad person lasts for a thousand years! This person should be Indestructible forever!

Spiritual Mind moved slightly and sent a message over there.

The Human Race who was battling with the Mo clan was slightly startled. He was overjoyed and hurriedly approached Yang Kai. From a distance, he could see that Yang Kai was using inexplicable means, and the world in front of him was distorted and changed, like Mirror Flowers Water Moon, suddenly surprised. : “What are you doing!”

Yang Kai didn’t let out angrily: “What do you care about me! What are you doing?”

Wu Kuang is covered in blood, looks battered and exhausted, and smiles freely after hearing the words: “Being chased by a group of Mo people!”

It seems to be something very honorable.

Yang Kai also admired his cheeky, glanced at him behind, browse slightly wrinkle: “A domain owner?”

Wu Kuang, this guy is now 7-Rank Open Heaven, and with his treacherous Heavens Devourer Battle Law, ordinary lords can only be killed when encountering him. Now he is chased and killed in such a miserable way, obviously The domain master shot.

Wu Kuang silently urged his momentum, ready to flee at any time: “If you lose, run quickly, no one will collect your body when it is too late.”

He also saw that Yang Kai was doing something important at the moment, lest he couldn’t get it out.

Yang Kai smiled proudly: “Trifling domain master that’s all, you can recover with peace of mind and see what I do!”

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