Martial Peak Chapter 5743


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Looking at the hundreds of thousands of years, if you talk about killing the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord with the largest number, it is definitely Fu Guang.

In the black ink battlefield back then, although there was a precedent for Human Race 9-Rank Old Ancestor to successfully kill the Royal Lord, there is really no 9-Rank who has killed so many Royal Lords.

Fu Guang’s amazing record is created by a special situation and cannot be repeated.

Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction Under the full control of Wu Kuang, the opening of the gap allowed the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord to pass safely, but the Royal Lord failed. The only result of forced passage was the injury of the great restriction.

Of those Royal Lords who rushed out from Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, none of them are intact, most of them only have 70% or 80% of the strength left. Facing Fu Guang this kind of powerhouse, it is fortunate to be reasonable.

Wu Kuang has paid a lot for this. Although he has 9-Rank now, he must spare no effort to control Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. For this reason, even his own practice has been delayed. Yang Kai came to him to inquire When the situation happened, with only a few sentences, the contact was quickly cut off, just for fear that there would be some mistakes and mistakes.

Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is temporarily stable. Yang Kai doesn’t need to worry about it. In fact, he can’t get involved.

He also took the time to go to Chaotic Dead Territory and sent Ruoxi a generous resource of five elements. Although he left Ruoxi some practice materials last time, it was only enough to maintain a thousand-year practice. A hundred years have passed, and Ruoxi’s materials are almost consumed.

Not seen for many years, Ruoxi’s strength has improved very obviously. Compared to when she was promoted to 8-Rank, Aura is undoubtedly thicker by several times.

All of this is due to her own constant improvement of Heaven Punishment bloodline, and also to the increase of the Small Universe background.

Especially the latter, the common martial artist practice refining resources requires seven types of refining Yin-Yang Five Elements, but Ruoxi has Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to help, Yin-Yang Attribute only needs to swallow the sun Power of the Moon is enough. You don’t have to bother to refining resources of Yin-Yang Attribute. Practice time is shortened by two to three percent compared with ordinary people.

Whether it is Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan, they attach great importance to Ruoxi’s practice. Over the years, they have been urging her to refining five elements resources, and there has been almost no relaxation.

Ruoxi itself is also the kind of temperament that can endure loneliness and misery, and knows that only his own strength can bloom the rays of light belonging to his own in the future wars, so these years have also been more diligent.

In this way, the improvement of strength is naturally extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, it has been thousands of years since reaching an agreement with Monaya to obtain 30% of the resources from Black Ink Clan. In the past thousand years, Yang Kai has been in addition to the Chaotic Dead Territory and Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. The No-Return Pass, the resource base of Human Race and even the Human Race Head Office Division, are used as a human-shaped transportation tool to provide the best protection for the practice of Human Race officers.

When the strength was weak, it took a hundred years and a thousand years, and a long time, but after it was really strong, especially in the current environment where the two races fought for thousands of years, the millennium time can’t be considered.

In recent years, Yang Kai has not actively practiced at all. In his spare time, he comprehend his own space-time approach.

In spite of this, he has also reached the 8-Rank peak realm, and the expansion of Small Universe has reached its limit. He can clearly perceive that the invisible barriers outside the boundaries of his Small Universe restrict his own strength.

This is the Innate shackle created by the method of Open Heaven. Since ancient times, apart from Zhang Ruoxi, who was able to ignore the shackle with Heaven Punishment bloodline, no one has ever been able to break it.

No-Return Pass, in the great hall, Monaya is checking all kinds of information transmitted from the battlefield on the front line. Which battlefield suffered a strong attack from Human Race and suffered heavy losses and needed additional troops. The Territory Lord of the battlefield was beheaded, and the powerhouse needs to be transferred to sit…

In recent years, he can clearly feel that the war between the two races is more intense than ever. This is not only caused by the continuous development of the situation, but also because of the increasing number of powerhouses between the two races.

After so many years, whether Human Race 8-Rank or Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, the number is no longer comparable to that of the year.

With more powerhouses, the battle will naturally become more intense.

Monaya has a faint feeling in her heart. The current situation of the two groups of people and ink may not last long. Once the number of powerhouses of the two groups breaks through a critical point, or if there are other reasons to stimulate, then the two groups will fight The tide may sweep the world in an instant.

He has been dealing with Black Ink Clan’s issues on behalf of Mo Yu Royal Lord for many years, and how to deal with this information is naturally very easy.

The only thing that made him feel headache was another pseudo Royal Lord of Black Ink Clan, Meng Que.

Since he was promoted to the pseudo-Royal Lord, this guy has been a little restless. He wanted to go out and kill the Human Race powerhouse to prove his own strength. Fortunately, Lord Royal Lord not at all allowed him to do this, not to mention his Yang Kai had an agreement that the pseudo Royal Lord was inconvenient to show up on battlefield, but without this agreement, Mengque was also the hidden trump card of Black Ink Clan. How could it be exposed so easily?

Killing a few Human Race powerhouses will not change the general trend. Meng Que needs to show up on more important occasions. It is best to reverse the strength of the two races in one fell swoop and lay the foundation for Black Ink Clan’s victory.

Furthermore, Monaya suspects that Human Race has newly born 9-Rank Open Heaven, such as Xiang Shan. He has not been seen for many years. If Mengque is exposed, Human Race may not be there. Coping method.

He considered for Black Ink Clan, for Meng Que, but Meng Que did not appreciate it. Over the years, he became more and more impudent in front of him. Lord Royal Lord did not allow him to leave the No-Return Pass. He actually gave birth to a decentralized one. idea.

This made Monaya hate in her heart. Back then, more than a dozen Innate Territory Lords used the technique of fusion. How could this guy be successful?

Monaya pays for himself and is not the one who is in power. All he does is for Black Ink Clan to unify the heavens. However, Meng Que wants to decentralize power and cannot agree. He has been in charge of Black Ink Clan for so many years. More clear than anyone else, the difference between ordering from one person and ordering from two.

Fortunately, Lord Royal Lord still believed him. Facing Mengque’s many requests, he only focused on comforting him, and never really promised him anything.

It’s just that this guy stays by the side all the time, and the nonsense is a bit upsetting.

Monaya tried not to listen to Mengque’s noise, and conveyed the one after another command…

Suddenly there was laughter coming from somewhere, mixed with boundless joy. In the great hall, Monaya, who was processing intelligence, and even the noisy Meng Que couldn’t help but glance at each other, and they all saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.

If you heard it right, the laugh… is from Lord Royal Lord.

And the direction of the sound source is indeed the Black Ink Nest where Lord Royal Lord is.

Monaya quickly got up and swept away. Unwilling to be left behind, Monaya hurriedly followed.

The laughter was very hearty. It lasted for a while. After the two pseudo Royal Lords arrived in front of the Royal Lord Black Ink Nest, the laughter of Mo Yu Royal Lord gradually converged, and the voice came from inside: “Come in. !”

Monaya has to go inside when he steps, but Meng Que deliberately takes a step ahead and walks ahead of him.

Monaya didn’t care too much, just followed him behind him silently.

Soon, in the depths of Black Ink Nest, the two pseudo Royal Lords met Black Ink Clan, who is now the real Royal Lord.

Meng Que was the first to ask: “My lord, what’s the happy event?”

Mo Yu nodded with a cheerful expression: “Yes, there is a happy event.” He also didn’t say clearly that people are refreshed at happy events, and Black Ink Clan is no exception. On the contrary, he has tested the thoughts of the two right arms of own, opened the mouth and said: “Tell me, where does this joy come from?”

Meng Que startedled, and he was a little bit of ears and cheeks. He is a fake Royal Lord. He is known for his short temper and straightforward temperament. Using his mind, this kind of thing, exactly his strengths, frowning and thinking for a while, he smiled: “My lord, humble officer can’t think of it!”

“Keep thinking, just say anything!” Royal Lord said lightly.

Meng Que tentatively said: “On the front line battlefield, my Black Ink Clan has a big victory, killing the Human Race powerhouse countless?”

If this is the case, Lord Royal Lord is so happy, understandable.

Mo Yu glanced at him lightly, indifferent expression, and looked at Monaya who was silent: “What do you think of Monaya?”

Monaya thought for a while and said: “Could it be Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, what progress has been made?”

Mo Yuhan said with a smile: “Yes, Monaya is still so smart, it is the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction that has made progress!”

Monaya smiled to herself, neither showing intention nor excessive humility.

Meng Que suddenly became a little unconvinced: “How can you think of it?”

Monaya didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and said that this was not an obvious thing. Even a fool like you could not see through, but listened to Lord Royal Lord: “Explain to him.”

Master Royal Lord said, Monaya can only obey, opened the mouth and said: “Over the years, Master Royal Lord sits firmly in the Black Ink Nest and has never left Half-, Black Ink Clan, big and small things are handled by me. The matter of frontline battlefield will not disturb the adults. Even if the frontline battlefield really wins and kills countless Human Race powerhouses, the news will come to me first. I have not received it, so naturally it is not a frontline battlefield. Things.”

“For these years, Lord Royal Lord has been communicating with clansman in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Thousands of years ago, adults once said that clansman in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is trying to crack the great restriction and look for weak spots. Today, the adults are so happy, it must be some good news from the great restriction.”

Meng Que frowned. Although Monaya could explain clearly, he was still a bit unconvinced.

Mo Yu said: “Meng Que, learn more from Monaya, and deal with Human Race. Strong strength does not necessarily work. You need to use your brain. You also know about Diwu back then. Look down on Human Race, nothing is good. The end.”

Meng Que then became honest: “Follow the orders of the adults, Meng Que will remember.”

Monaya said: “My lord, what news is coming from Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Mo Yu smiled: “There are a group of clansman who have successfully sneaked out of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction!”

Such confidential information, if it is a general Black Ink Clan, is naturally not qualified to know, but standing here are two pseudo Royal Lords, and Mo Yu did not hide it.

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