Martial Peak Chapter 5744


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Already clansman sneaked out of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?

Thousands of thoughts in Monaya’s heart turned in an instant, and she was also delighted: “This is really a great event!”

paused, then asked: “My lord, is there a Royal Lord among the clansman that sneak out?”

Mo Yu shook the head: “You can also be clear about the situation in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Now, the Human Race powerhouse is in control. The clansman inside has spent thousands of years and it’s not easy to catch a weak spot. If it comes out, there will be too much movement, and it may be noticed by the Human Race powerhouse, so all those who come out are Innate Territory Lord.”

Monaya knows, so sneaking out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, naturally, it can’t be exposed, otherwise the human race powerhouse with great restriction may make the clansman’s thousands of years of hard work. Nothing.

Nowadays, the number of Black Ink Clan a side powerhouses is quite large, but the number of Innate Territory Lords is far from what it was back then. After years of battle, countless powerful Innate Territory Lords have died in battle. Innate is alive today Territory Lord is less than 10% of Peak’s time!

Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction does not lack the Innate Territory Lord. Their ability to dive out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction will be a great help to the Black Ink Clan.

“There are not many clansman coming out right now, but more and more clansman will leave Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in the future.” Mo Yu said again.

Monaya was a little curious: “My lord, there is Human Race powerhouse in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. How did the clansman avoid his investigation and find the weak spot?” He didn’t doubt those in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. The clansman’s ability, I’m just afraid that this is another crafty plots and machinations of Human Race. If the Human Race side knows that there is a Black Ink Clan powerhouse in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, maybe there will be another beating somebody at their own game. and so on.

Competing with Human Race for so many years, he has become accustomed to taking all possible situations into consideration.

Mo Yu glanced at him approvingly, and he clearly understood what Monaya was worried about, and explained: “I told you before that the strength of this Human Race powerhouse is far less than that of a human race. It is probably a Human Race ordinary 9-Rank. The level of this kind of strength, the strength control of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is naturally far inferior to Cang. He also cleverly opened a gap back then and cooperated with the Human Race army and the Dragon Clan Holy Dragon to intercept and kill from the great. The clansman of charge ahead in restriction, the war there has never stopped for thousands of years. The clansman in great restriction has also deliberately maintained this kind of situation. Although the death and injury are not small, it can affect his mind and even ruin several people. The life of the Royal Lord, these many sacrifices, are just to prevent him from being distracted.”

Monaya knows, if the Human Race powerhouse that sits in Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is all involved in the gap opened by Dao Lord, then the control of other positions will be greatly weakened. In this way, clansman naturally have the opportunity to act secretly, and after thousands of years of hard work, clansman in great restriction finally succeeded.

This is definitely a big handiwork. After all, in order to contain the mind of the Human Race powerhouse, even the Royal Lord has sacrificed a few…

In this way, Human Race’s control over Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is indeed far less than it was in the past, and these clansman and Human Race that have emerged are also ignorant.

Monaya immediately felt relieved.

Meng Que listened for a while, and then opened the mouth and said: “My lord, those clansman have never left Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction and are not familiar with the outside world. Do you need me to pick them up?”


Since he was promoted to the pseudo-Royal Lord, he has been in the No-Return Pass. He is really depressed. The Lord Royal Lord will not let him go to the battlefield to kill the enemy. There is always no problem with the clansman.

Mo Yu did not reply, Monaya resolute and decisive: “No!”

Meng Que immediately glared at him: “Why not?”

Monaya glanced at him faintly: “Yang Kai is now outside the No-Return Pass. If you leave, he will be able to find your whereabouts immediately. If so, what meaning is there to hide you until now?”

Meng Que opened his mouth, and was speechless at once. The suffocation in his heart made him want to find Monaya in a fight.

Mo Yu nodded and said: “Yes, Mengque, you are not suitable for showing up, those clansman are not even suitable for No-Return Pass…”

Monaya bowed and said: “My lord is wise. If Yang Kai is asked to get a glimpse of the whereabouts of these clansman, it is easy to think of whether there is something wrong with Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. When the time comes, only the Human Race powerhouse moved a little bit and repaired the weak spot of great restriction, and the clansman’s thousands of years of hard work will come to naught. Please send us a message, let those clansman find a place to repair, wait for a good opportunity, and don’t expose it!”

Mo Yu said: “Yes! But the No-Return Pass needs to send some supplies over. Those clansman who sneaked out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction are basically injured. They need supplies to heal. This matter… …It will be handled by you.”

“Yes!” Monaya took the order, and randomly picked up a Xiao Xiao Black Ink Nest from Mo Yu Royal Lord to communicate with the clansman who were living outside.

Monaya is extremely safe. Considering that Yang Kai hides somewhere outside the No-Return Pass, he is monitoring the movement here at any time. If you want to transport materials, you can only rely on the teams that mine materials to avoid Yang Kai is suspicious.

Soon, a large amount of materials were sent out quietly, and from the base where the materials were mined, Black Ink Clan quietly left, scattered in all directions of the black ink battlefield.

In Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, there is continuously Black Ink Clan Territory Lord sneaking out. Wu Kuang is not strong enough and his mind is restrained, which is hard to detect.

The Territory Lords who sneaked out did not intend to attack the retreat. At this moment, it is meaningless to attack the retreat. It will only beat the grass to scare the snake, but immediately hide aura and go around. Turn away from Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, follow Monaya’s guidance, and gather in the direction of each and everyone.

In order to guard against the detection of the Human Race powerhouse with great restriction, Black Ink Clan will not have too many Territory Lords sneaking out at one time, so as to avoid too much movement, it basically maintains that there are two or three Territory Lords sneaking out every month. Frequency of.

These Territory Lords also need to pay some price to sneak out the great restriction. Just as Wu Kuang’s initiative to open the gap can only allow the Territory Lords to come out, the Royal Lord will be injured if it is forced through, all from Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction The Territory Lord who sneaked out were all injured in varying degrees.

For this reason, Mo Yu asked Monaya to deliver a large amount of supplies to them. These Innate Territory Lords brought a lot of Black Ink Nest from Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. Black Ink Nest needs supplies to incubate. After the Black Ink Nest is successfully hatched, they can enter the Black Ink Nest to sleep and healing, waiting for the summon of Monaya to gather into a huge force and give Human Race a head-on blow!

Everything is going on in the dark, and the number of Territory Lords that sneak out is increasing, and the Human Race side really didn’t notice it.


Besides the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai and a Black Ink Clan lord handed over 30% of the supplies in the last five years. After some investigation, he couldn’t help frowning: “Go back and tell Monaya, I will dare to deduct my share like this next time. , This King owns and takes it.”

In recent years, Monaya has become more and more excessive, the materials handed to owner are getting less and less, and the quality is somewhat worse than before. This makes Yang Kai a little wary. What the hell is Black Ink Clan? is happening?

Monaya is a smart person, and he should know what consequences would be caused by the deduction of own materials. Although until now and Black Ink Clan were not satisfied with the agreed 30%, at the beginning, the amount of materials delivered was The quality is still impressive, but in recent years it has been less than once.

The lord replied anxiously: “Yes, I will definitely bring the words of your lord!”

“Go away!” Yang Kai waved his hand, and the lord immediately turned into a black ink cloud and quickly escaped.

Looking at the direction of the No-Return Pass for a moment, Yang Kai is slightly frowned. What is the significance of Monaya’s move? He doesn’t believe that the total amount of materials mined by Black Ink Clan will decrease over the years. The vast Heaven and Earth of black ink battlefield is a huge treasure house. As long as Black Ink Clan mines carefully, there is absolutely no shortage of materials.

If this happens again next time, he will own his share and grab back his share!

Turning around, Yang Kai swept toward the depths of the Void, and it was time for the hundred years agreed with Ouyang Lie and the others.

For thousands of years, tens of thousands of soldiers in the Human Race have been mining materials in the depths of the black ink battlefield. It is also smooth. Thanks to their efforts, the soldiers on the frontline battlefield can have sufficient materials to practice healing. Clan fights.

Yang Kai sent back the materials obtained from Black Ink Clan and the materials mined by the Human Race martial artist time and time again. Although he was a little tired from the rush, he was still happy.

Looking at the current Human Race, only he has this ability.

Go all the way to the place where Ouyang Lie and the others stayed a hundred years ago, continuously sensing the location of the Space Spirit Bead, and within a few days, Yang Kai noticed that Ouyang Lie and the others had left the place they were 100 years ago. .

Yang Kai is not surprised. Mining materials cannot stay in one place all the time. Once the materials in a certain area have been mined, they will naturally move to find another place with abundant materials.

Over the past thousand years, tens of thousands of martial artists have been transferred several times under the leadership of Ouyang Lie and the others.

For Yang Kai, as long as Ouyang Lie and the others carry his Space Spirit Bead with him, he can easily locate them, so he can’t find them.

Space Principle urged, Yang Kai took a step forward, and the silhouette quickly faded. When the universe turned upside down, people appeared beside Ouyang Lie.

Too late to exchange greetings with Ouyang Lie, I heard a voice in my ears: “Shhh…”

Yang Kai instinctively converges to his aura, turns his head and glances at all around, suddenly more confused.

No other people were seen, and there was no lively scene where tens of thousands of martial artists were scattered all over the Void trying to mine supplies. This place seems to be Ouyang Lie alone.

And he appeared extremely cautious, as if he was on guard.

His location is a piece of floating land fragment, the fragment is not big, it occupies a few acres of space, this kind of fragment, look at the black ink battlefield, can be seen everywhere, he sticks it to the location of a pit , I completely sink myself into the pit, and after converging aura, if I don’t investigate carefully, I really can’t find it.

What is this doing?

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