Martial Peak Chapter 5745


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“Look over there!” Next to him, Ouyang Lie pointed out a direction to Yang Kai when he sounded the transmission.

Yang Kai turned his head to look, and at a glance, he saw a dead universe. The universe did not know how long it had been dead. The mighty power of Heaven and Earth ceased to exist, and Heaven and Earth Grand Dao had long since collapsed and died.

Like this kind of universe, it is everywhere on the black ink battlefield. In the long past, they may have been prosperous, or they may have lived in millions and millions of creatures, but today, some are just dead silence. Whether it is for Human Race or Black Ink Clan, the final value of this kind of universe is used to mine all kinds of materials remaining inside.

What Ouyang Lie wants Yang Kai to see is not this universe, but something in that universe.

It is a tower as high as several thousand feet, as towering as a hill, all around a peculiar existence filled with the power of strong ink, it is deeply rooted in this universe above, as if fuse together with this universe.

Black Ink Nest! Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.

There is Black Ink Nest here! And looking at the scale of the Black Ink Nest and the power of ink surging from the periphery, the lowest is a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest, and it is most likely a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

Why is there such a Black Ink Nest here? Yang Kai couldn’t help but have a huge question in his mind.

Ouyang Lie’s voice once again rang in my ears: “Ten years ago, when I and several other 8-Ranks led the tens of thousands of martial artists to transfer mining sites to nearby, when they came here to investigate the situation. , I found this thing accidentally.”

Because it is inconvenient to expose, and I don’t know how many Black Ink Clan powerhouses are there. Ouyang Lie and the others decided to watch the changes. Ouyang Lie is here to wait for the arrival of Yang Kai’s, while others are leading the tens of thousands of martial The artist moved away from this area and went to other places to continue mining supplies.

This First Grade is ten years. After all, Yang Kai has always taken the initiative to find them. Ouyang Lie and the others have no way to get in touch with Yang Kai.

Ouyang Lie has also been plotting against the day, but fortunately Yang Kai showed up on time.

Yang Kai observes attentively and finds that the Black Ink Nest is likely to be a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest. The reason why it does not have the scale that the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest should have is that it has not been fully incubated, and it was born in Black Ink Nest. The power of ink is not at all radiating the Quartet, but as much as possible in the Black Ink Nest, so that some unnecessary waste can be avoided.

Sound transmission asked: “Is it like this when Senior Brother discovered this Black Ink Nest?”

Ouyang Lie nodded gently: “There has been no change.”

“Can you see Black Ink Clan coming in and out?”

Ouyang Lie shook his head: “I didn’t see it.”

This is a bit weird. There is a high probability that a Royal Lord-class Black Ink Nest stands in a place where birds do not shit, and there is no trace of Black Ink Clan entering or exiting. Is it possible that it is Black Ink Clan Abandoned long ago?

This is also not right. Black Ink Nest is a very peculiar existence and has a very strong connection with each other. If there is a Royal Lord-class Black Ink Nest abandoned here, Black Ink Clan is easy to find.

In the past ten years, Ouyang Lie has not seen any Black Ink Clan enter or leave this Black Ink Nest. In other words, Black Ink Clan knows the existence of this Black Ink Nest, but has never paid attention to it.

There is no Black Ink Clan in such a Black Ink Nest. At least there will be some Black Ink Clan soldiers to guard and mine supplies. But the Black Ink Nest in front of me seems to have no other soldiers.

“Junior Brother, should I go to explore?” Ouyang Lie asked. He wanted to do this a long time ago, but he didn’t know the internal situation of the Black Ink Nest. He didn’t dare to act rashly, and finally waited. After Yang Kai, if Yang Kai swept the battlefield, there would be no problem for him to check the situation.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head: “I will go!”

Now that the situation is unknown, the worst response must be made. In case there is a Royal Lord powerhouse in the Black Ink Nest, Ouyang Lie rushes over and is courting death.

On the contrary, he owns, even if he really provokes the Royal Lord, he is sure to escape.

Ouyang Lie hearing this nodded: “Then I will give Junior Brother a sweep!”

“Senior Brother own, be careful!” Yang Kai exclaimed, looking at the direction of the Black Ink Nest, and stepping forward, the silhouette has been submerged in the Void.

In any case, the situation in the Black Ink Nest is to be clear. Since there is a decision, there is no need to hesitate.

In the next moment, under Ouyang Lie’s gaze, above the Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai’s silhouette suddenly appeared. A round of dazzling great sun suddenly rose up, illuminating the Void in all directions, even if it was far away from the million li, Ouyang Lie also Can feel the power of this blow.

Huanghuang great sun, Golden Crow screamed, and went straight to the Black Ink Nest. The rays of light that burst out in a flash almost made the Void shine like day.

The Black Ink Nest with several thousand feet high is like snowflakes under the scorching sun, which melts instantly. At the same time, Ouyang Lie noticed that from the Black Ink Nest, dozens of powerful auras are rising one after another.

Feeling the strength of that one after another aura, Ouyang Lie felt relieved. Although the situation was terrible, it was not too bad to deal with.

In the Black Ink Nest, there are a dozen Territory Lords hidden, but they are not at all Royal Lord level. For Yang Kai, as long as there is no Royal Lord, he is invincible!

As soon as my thoughts turned, there was a Territory Lord-level aura annihilated…

So fast!

In the blink of an eye, a Territory Lord died under Yang Kai’s hands. At this speed, he was beyond the reach of the dust. Before he could finish his emotions, another Territory Lord’s aura was annihilated.

Ouyang Lie suddenly felt powerless, and I don’t know if Yang Kai is too strong, or these Territory Lords are too weak.

Because he is too far away, he doesn’t feel clear, but Yang Kai, who is in the center of battlefield, sees more than him.

While a Golden Crow Casting Sun destroys the Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai is also secretly wary of the possible Royal Lord. Fortunately, this Black Ink Nest is not at all Royal Lord’s silhouette, only the Territory Lord , And all are Innate Territory Lord.

Golden Crow Casting Sun was only a test, and I never wanted to make a big contribution. Under the cover of the Divine Ability Manifestation, not only the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest was destroyed, but the more than ten Territory Lords hidden in it were all injured. Up…

But soon, Yang Kai knew that the situation was not right. The injuries of these Territory Lords were not all the credit of Golden Crow Casting Sun. After all, they were all Innate Territory Lords. They were so powerful. Even if they were injured, their injuries should not be so obvious.

In a flash, Yang Kai reacted. These Innate Territory Lords… were originally injured. They were hiding in the Black Ink Nest, and they were all sleeping with the power of Black Ink Nest. Healing, so he is defenseless against his attacks.

I was already injured, but I ate another Golden Crow Casting Sun, which made my injury worse.

More than a thousand years ago, Yang Kai went to Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and faced an Innate Territory Lord of the peak state. He was also able to kill with three tricks. Although he used some tricks at that time, he didn’t play any tricks. Strategies, there is no problem to behead an Innate Territory Lord within ten moves.

Now, whether he is in his own cultivation level, Small Universe background, or Dao insight, he is more diligent than he went to Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, even if he really has a Peak State Innate Territory Lord station In front of him, there is no need for ten moves, no tricks, he is confident to kill any Innate Territory Lord within three moves.

These territory Lords who were injured, no longer peak realm, and were panicked under the sneak attack, and then they met Yang Kai, this kind of killer star, how can there be any good fruit?

In a flash, there are already two Innate Territory Lord falls. The dying movement of aura makes other Territory Lords turn pale with fright, subconsciously thinking that their sneak attack is Human Race 9-Rank!

Under careful perception, I found that it was just a Human Race 8-Rank!

How dangerous is the outside world? When did Human Race 8-Rank become so powerful, you know, they are all powerful Innate Territory Lords!

If the Territory Lords of the No-Return Pass face this situation, they must have rushed to fight against the strong enemy at this moment. However, these Innate Territory Lords have never drilled any battles against the enemy. There is no idea about the matter, there is no suitable way to deal with it in a hurry, but instinctively began to besie Yang Kai.

The power of ink is surging, the black ink cloud is floating, the power of Heaven and Earth is also surging, and the tranquil Void instantly becomes a battlefield of killing.

Yang Kai took a long spear back and forth in his hand, one after another great sun rises and bursts, unscrupulously swaying his own powerful force, time space avenue, and many Dao Realm perform in long spear above, centering on himself , Intertwined into an airtight net of killing, in that big invisible net, each and everyone Innate Territory Lord struggles and roars like prey caught in the net, but it is inevitable to be killed.

The Ouyang Lie in the distance has been stunned. As the one after another powerful aura quickly withers, he is deep in one’s heart and only a single thought is surging.

This kid… how can he be so fierce?

The owner of this 8-Rank veteran is in front of him, and he feels that he doesn’t even deserve to carry his shoes. Everyone has practiced the method of Open Heaven, and they are all 8-Rank Peak. Why is the gap so big?

I can’t figure it out…

Innate Territory Lords are injured, but they are not all soft persimmons that can be easily pinched. In the face of Yang Kai’s ruthless attack, the instinctive counterattack still cannot be underestimated.

For any Human Race 8-Rank, even if it has a strong offensive and insufficient self-protection, it will not last in this all-enemy environment.

But Yang Kai is different. It only takes one step to break through the Dragon Body of the Holy Dragon Bloodline. Is it a cracking a joke? The attacks of the Territory Lords fell on him. He is completely able to bear it, so as long as it doesn’t endure too long The attack of time, he basically has no life worry, and the erosion of Mo Zhili has no effect on him.

Don’t be afraid of the erosion of Mo’s power and protect yourself. What Yang Kai has to do is to blast his strongest killing strike as much as possible. In many cases, he is against the Territory Lords. Attack, but after accepting each other’s attack, the result is completely different.

Yang Kai suffered most body shaking and some minor injuries. The Territory Lords were mostly killed on the spot.

More than ten Territory Lords, but one after another, but hundreds of breaths, have already fallen nearly ten, and the remaining five finally noticed that they were not good, and ran away under the anger of one of the Territory Lords.

Human Race 8-Rank, which was suddenly killed, is too terrifying. It is no longer what they can handle. Right now they can only hope to run one is one…

If you can survive, you must pass this person’s message to the No-Return Pass as soon as possible!

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