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Martial Peak Chapter 5799


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A pseudo Royal Lord with only four to five percent of the power left, even if he actually encounters other Human Race 8-Rank, he may not have the guts to do it. It can be said that although the Mongolian fault is not dead, it is in the Universe Furnace itself. The threat to Human Race in China has also been greatly reduced.

Ouyang Lie hearing this can’t help raising his brows: “So, let’s not lose money?”

“I am not at a loss.” Yang Kai nodded.

The worst situation he initially envisioned was nothing more than to force him to join forces with Thunder Shadow and have a fight with Mengque. Although the deity plus the demon body is not an opponent of the pseudo Royal Lord, but as long as you dare to work hard, nothing Mengque won’t get better, as long as Mengque realizes that he has to pay a huge price to continue fighting with own, he will retreat.

Fortunately, this situation did not happen at all. He also borrowed the power of Ouyang Lie and the others and formed a six-team formation.

The other 8-Rank listened to Yang Kai’s words, and the mood that was still a little depressed suddenly became much easier. They fought against the two pseudo Royal Lords before and after, especially the battle against Mengque, which was far more intense. All their previous experiences are also of great benefit to their perception of their own avenues.

Human Race The martial artists born over the past thousands of years have grown up rapidly in the battle of life and death. It can be said that the experience of fighting against two such pseudo Royal Lords can become They are extremely precious wealth.

Before the situation was urgent, everyone didn’t have time to greet and so on. At this moment, they were free, and the other three 8-Ranks reported themselves to their homes, and respectfully said they had met Senior Brother Yang.

Three 8-Ranks, two men and one woman, among the two men, one of them is called Zhan Tianhe, and he is also considered orthodox. He is the discipline of Cave Heaven Paradise, but he was sent to Star Boundary practice very early. The power of Star Boundary World Tree was back fed, and he went straight to 6-Rank Open Heaven that year.

Zhan Tianhesheng’s clear eyebrows, red lips and white teeth, seem to be just a Little Azure in his early twenties. This look is obviously because the aptitude is high enough and the practice speed is fast enough, so when he is young With strong strength, this can make the young appearance permanent.

The other man was relatively rough, tough, broad and sturdy build, and he was also unusually tall. He stood up, like an Iron Pagoda.

This robust man named Xiong Ji was also born in Cave Heaven Paradise, and was born in Bright King Cave Heaven. The martial artist flesh body of Bright King Heaven is extremely powerful. Yang Kai has also come into contact with many powerhouses of Bright King Heaven. But it is still rare to have a physique like Xiong Ji.

The female Liu Feifei did not come from Cave Heaven Paradise, but came from a small power, said to be a small power, in fact, compared with Cave Heaven Paradise, her own power also dominated a domain in the early years, and Void Land back then The level is about the same, it is considered a second-class force, but not at all, high-rank Open Heaven was born.

After the great migration of the Human Race martial artist, this force also migrated to the High Heaven Territory. As an Elite disciple in the door, Feifei Liu was sent to the Star Boundary practice by the middle and high level of the door, and this can only be achieved today.

The Sect from Feifei Liu has now migrated to Myriad Monsters World, where there are an endless stream of rising stars in the door. Looking to the future, there will be a lot of good seedlings that can shine.

Everyone paid respect. Originally facing a legendary figure like Yang Kai, the three rookies were somewhat cautious about 8-Rank. They all grew up in Star Boundary practice, and naturally they knew Yang Kai’s name and great achievements. This time, being able to join forces with such legends to fend off the enemy will be great.

However, after a few conversations, they discovered that this legend is not at all as majestic as they imagined. On the contrary, it is very approachable. With the previous friendship, they can’t help but feel some intimacy.

Yang Kai asked Ouyang Lie and the others a little bit about the situation, and only then learned that it was an accident that the four of them could get together.

Originally, Ouyang Lie came from Azure Sun Territory, alone. In this furnace, he was groping around the world, and accidentally felt the movement of the fight. He rushed over and found that it was Zhan Tianhe and the others. Talent Array was contending with a pseudo Royal Lord, and Ouyang Lie immediately stepped forward to help out. This was the scene that Thunder Shadow saw later.

If Ouyang Lie hadn’t arrived in time, Zhan Tianhe and the others would be worried about their lives, and the Three Talent Array would probably not be able to stop a fake Royal Lord. As long as the fake Royal Lord is cruel, he is willing to pay some price and be forced to kill. With one person, the Three Talent Array can be easily broken.

Although the three of Zhan Tianhe and others have different backgrounds, they all grew up in Star Boundary, and they have joined hands many times in battlefield somewhere, so they have known each other for a long time and have a deep friendship. This time is also entering this place from the entrance of the Universe Furnace somewhere, not at all scattered.

Ouyang Lie was afraid that Yang Kai didn’t know all the weirdness in this Universe Furnace, so he quickly handed over the information collected by Human Race before, and learned that Yang Kai had already met with other Human Race 8-Rank and knew about it. All sorts of things, just let it go.

He exhilarated and said: “This is all right, with Junior Brother Yang and Thunder Shadow joining, we will form a six-team formation, and the world in this furnace is free to break through.”

There is nothing wrong with this. They were all injured before, and they repelled a blind fault. Now the injury is almost recovered. If you form a six-team, you don’t have to be afraid of the Black Ink Clan pseudo Royal Lord, in this furnace, the world that can pose a threat to them is probably only the Spirit King of Chaos that may exist.

Zhan Tianhe and the others also looked excited. Originally, the three of them joined forces, and some were cautiously anxious, for fear that they would accidentally encounter the pseudo Royal Lord, but they encountered it. Fortunately, the danger was finally reduced. Now the lineup has greatly increased. What do you need to worry about.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t wait to get up and said: “Junior Brother Yang, shall we go?”

Although the injury has not been completely recovered, it is no longer a major problem. You can search for opportunities and healing.

He can’t wait to find the best quality Open Heaven Pill.

“No hurry.” Yang Kai slightly smiled, looking at him and said: “Ouyang Senior Brother, I have something for you.”

Ouyang Lie was surprised: “What are you going to give me?”

It’s this time, what does Yang Kai give to owner?

Yang Kai didn’t explain, he just took out a wooden box and threw it at Ouyang Lie. Ouyang Lie took it and chuckled: “Junior Brother, let me order the extraordinary product, and let me see it.”

Speaking like this, open the many restrictions on the wooden box, and Zhan Tianhe and the others are also curiously watching.

In the next instant, a dazzling glow suddenly entered four pairs of eyes. With an indescribable charm permeating, the smile on Ouyang Lie’s face became serious, and he was stunned for a moment, and quickly covered the wooden box. I re-arranged one after another restriction, raises the head glared at Yang Kai, and assumed an old-fashioned posture: “smelly brat, how can these things be littered, don’t hurry up.”

Speaking like this, he walked quickly to Yang Kai, grabbed Yang Kai’s hand, and patted the wooden box in his hand again, his face was extremely serious.

He wanted to pull his hand, but didn’t pull it out, but was held tightly by Yang Kai. Ouyang Lie’s expression became more serious, and he yelled: “Smelly brat still doesn’t let go. How proper is the pulling and pulling! “

He really didn’t expect, Yang Kai said he was going to give him something, but it was that kind of thing!

Although he had never seen it before, he knew what it was when he opened the wooden box and saw what was shrouded in haze.

It can help the martial artist to break through his own shackles. The biggest opportunity here is the culprit that triggered the tide of the two races this time.

best quality Open Heaven Pill!

I had to sigh fortune plays with people. He originally planned to win a best quality Open Heaven Pill if the owner had a chance, and then he would go out and give it to Yang Kai to promote him to 9-Rank. Lead the Human Race to victory and dispel the darkness shrouded in 3000 Worlds.

But although he searched for it, he didn’t even see the shadow of the best quality Open Heaven Pill, and only got some ordinary ordinary Open Heaven Pill.

Never thought that Yang Kai actually wanted to give him one.

What is this?

The moment Ouyang Lie saw the best quality Open Heaven Pill, Ouyang Lie felt quite complicated, moved and annoyed.

I was touched that such a precious thing Yang Kai gave to the owner. This is an exact decision that he can make casually. In the final analysis, he and Yang Kai are only acquainted with each other, some personal relationships, but this The personal relationship has not yet reached the level of giving the best quality Open Heaven Pill casually.

He has the idea of ​​giving Yang Kai the best quality Open Heaven Pill. It is based on the overall consideration of Human Race. Even more how, whether or not you can get the best quality Open Heaven Pill are two things.

What is Yang Kai thinking about?

Annoyed is that this kid himself needs this thing, why should it be given to own? own have what skills and abilities can you accept the best quality Open Heaven Pill he sent? The smelly brat is too stressful and you want to quit?

Otherwise, why not own the Spirit Pill?

That’s absolutely not possible. The name Yang Kai is now not only his first name, but also a spiritual pillar of Human Race. If he doesn’t do anything, Human Race morale can drop by half.

When many thoughts in Ouyang Lie’s mind turned, on the other side, Zhan Tianhe and the others from the best quality Open Heaven Pill were stunned. Although they are not as old as Ouyang Lie, they don’t know much, but they are best quality. Open Heaven Pill this thing can also be recognized at a glance.

Excited, shocked, heart-moved, admired…Many emotions rolled and entangled instantly.

The three of them entered into the furnace world together. Apart from encountering a pseudo Royal Lord before, it went smoothly, but on this journey, they didn’t even see the shadow of the best quality Open Heaven Pill.

This Senior Brother Yang has already bought one! It is indeed the legendary character that the Elders have been talking about since they were young. This speed of hunting for treasures and looking for opportunities really makes them admire.

With such a best quality Open Heaven Pill, it means that Human Race can have one more 9-Rank Open Heaven. This must be extremely useful for the battle between the world Human Demon powerhouses in the furnace. Big shock.

A 9-Rank Open Heaven can give the Human Race side a great help.

Of course, they all need this Spirit Pill, otherwise they will not break into this world. They will enter this place. One is the general trend of Human Race, and the other is their own needs.

Now that the opportunity is in person, who can’t be tempted?

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