Martial Peak Chapter 5800


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Martial artists have practiced for many years and pursued hard. Isn’t they the higher peak of Martial Dao?

It can be said that any 8-Rank Open Heaven who sees the best quality Open Heaven Pill is impossible and indifferent. This is such is human nature, not greed or selfish desire.

However, Zhan Tianhe and the others quickly put away the thoughts in their minds, because they knew that Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie were there, and this best quality Open Heaven Pill would never have their turn to refining.

even more how, this is not theirs.

Ouyang Lie would reject the best quality Open Heaven Pill. Yang Kai had expected it, but didn’t expect this Senior Brother to reject it so simply and resolutely.

On the contrary, this made Yang Kai feel that the decision of own to give him the Open Heaven Pill was not wrong. He was able to make a decision as soon as he recognized this pill, which is also very courageous.

Taking the back of Ouyang Lie’s hand, Yang Kai said: “Senior Brother, listen to me…”

Ouyang Lie shook his head into a rattle: “I don’t listen, you are refining this thing now, and we will give you Protector. Waiting for you to be promoted to 9-Rank, go and get all the puppies of Black Ink Clan. Kill it, without Black Ink Clan messing up, aren’t all the remaining goodies ours?”

Zhan Tianhe and the others also nodded on the side to echo: “Ouyang Senior Brother makes sense.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, so he had to say: “If this thing is useful to me, I have already found a place to refining, how can I keep it until now.”

Ouyang Lie startled, puzzled: “What do you mean? This thing is useless to you…Isn’t this the thing I thought?” Ouyang Lie startled, it should be the best quality Open Heaven Pill. No doubt, could it be that own wrong?

Yang Kai said: “It’s what Senior Brother thought, but it’s really useless to me.”

Ouyang Lie frowned: “It’s that thing, how can it be useless to you, you don’t come here to fool me, I will not believe what you say.”

Yang Kai doesn’t know what to say, helplessly said: “So Senior Brother, listen to me and finish…” So far, I’ll turn it into sound transmission, and take the owner from Wu Kuang’s Three Parts Normalizing Arts. As the story was told, Ouyang Lie’s expression couldn’t help changing as he glanced back and forth between Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow.

This Thunder Shadow Great Emperor from Myriad Monsters World is a clone created by Yang Kai with the help of Secret Technique? There is also a human body. The three body unites can break their shackles, repair the shortcomings of the Open Heaven law, and step into the 9-Rank realm?

This kind of thing, how weird it sounds, but Yang Kai said it seriously, Ouyang Lie didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

He didn’t see a bit of Yang Kai’s shadow from Thunder Shadow. Is this a clone?

After a while, Yang Kai continued: “Senior Brother, what is the situation of Human Race? I am more clear than Senior Brother. If I can use this pill to break through 9-Rank, I won’t have any hesitates, say a boasting shamelessly. On the Human Race side, if I break through 9-Rank, it is more valuable than any 8-Rank breakthrough. With this general trend, if I have a chance, how can I give in. But Senior Brother, this pill is really useless to me , Let’s say nothing else, when Senior Brother saw this, did the Small Universe barriers feel unusual?”

Ouyang Lie nodded gently.

At the moment when the glowing glow came out, the barriers of Small Universe that had fettered him for many years did show signs of looseness. It was precisely because of this that he could conclude that it was the best quality Open Heaven Pill.

In this world, only the best quality Open Heaven Pill has such a magical effect.

Yang Kai said: “But I don’t have one, so this thing is useless to me.”

Ouyang Lie had a complex expression, and he was silent for a long time before saying: “Don’t lie to me?”

Yang Kai laughed: “This is the end of the story. How can I deceive Senior Brother even a little bit? Please also Senior Brother refining this thing as soon as possible and promote it to 9-Rank. Only in this way can I strengthen my Human Race reputation and kill Black Ink Clan is a powerful enemy.”

As Yang Kai said, if this thing is really useful for him, whether it is for personal considerations or the general situation of Human Race, he will not give this opportunity to others.

But in fact, this thing is really useless to him.

Two people pushed around here, but it was the dumbstruck that Zhan Tianhe and the three were watching.

Although they don’t know what Yang Kai said to Ouyang Lie sound transmission, no matter what they say, it is a best quality Open Heaven Pill, and any 8-Rank is impossible indifferent to this thing.

The opportunity to climb 9-Rank is in front of us, but the two are humility to each other. Zhan Tianhe and the three can only praise the two Senior Brother in the heart. Their character is high and clean…

The wooden box that blocked the best quality Open Heaven Pill was held by Ouyang Lie. Although it was only Xiao Xiao, Ouyang Lie felt extremely heavy.

After a moment of silence, he began to say: “Junior Brother, I don’t know if this can be used to break through 9-Rank. You probably know the situation of Senior Brother. After years of fighting, internal injury has accumulated and the Small Universe is messy. Is it a pity to refining this thing but failed to advance to 9-Rank?”

Yang Kai said solemnly: “Universe Furnace was born, Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth, and its magic can not be estimated by humans, Senior Brother, it is worth a try!”

Ouyang Lie shook his head and said: “There are still some risks. This is an opportunity to create a 9-Rank. I don’t want to waste it, even if there is a slight possibility.”

Speaking like this, hand the wooden box to Zhan Tianhe who is aside: “Tianhe, you come!”

Zhan Tianhe was dumbfounded: “I…I’m coming?”

This looks at looks at on the side, why did the great thing of the day suddenly hit the owner? Is something wrong? That’s the best quality Open Heaven Pill. It’s the greatest opportunity in this world. It’s the goal that Human Race has entered this time. Why this is not refining, and that is not refining…

Ouyang Lie looked serious and said: “Come on, I am not sure, Xiong Ji is born in Bright King Heaven, even if he is promoted to 9-Rank, he is just a savage man, and the help he can bring to Human Race is limited. Liu Junior Sister’s accumulation is still a bit short, you are the most suitable, you come!”

On the side, Feifei Liu was lightly nodded. Among the three, her breakthrough 8-Rank time was the shortest, and her accumulation was indeed a bit worse. The demand for this best quality Open Heaven Pill was not so urgent.

Although Xiong Ji was rated as a meat barbarian by Ouyang Lie, he just scratched his head and smiled silly.

“Senior Brother, you…I…” Zhan Tianhe was suddenly at a loss.

“Don’t you, you, me or mine.” Ouyang Lie slapped the wooden box on Zhan Tianhe’s hand, “refining quickly, I’ll wait for you Protector.”

Zhan Tianhe grabbed the wooden box, as if he had been casted on the body, his body was stiff, he had faced the pseudo Royal Lord before, and he had never lost self-control like this…

Opening the wooden box instinctively, the glowing glow bloomed again, making him feel heartbroken, binding the barriers to the expansion of his Small Universe, and shaking gently because of the blooming glow of the glow and the circulation of the salve.

The biggest opportunity is in your hands, you just need to incorporate it into the Small Universe, refining and absorb, and you can break the barriers and advance to the 9-Rank realm!

However, Zhan Tianhe hasn’t moved for a long time…

“Not refining yet, what are you waiting for? Waiting for Black Ink Clan powerhouse to come over?” Ouyang Lie couldn’t help but scolded.

The struggling expression on Zhan Tianhe’s face suddenly calmed down, as if he had made a decision, with a wry smile, he closed the wooden box again and handed it back to Ouyang Lie.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help but stared: “What are you doing?”

Zhan Tianhe smiled bitterly: “Senior Brother, don’t embarrass me.”

Ouyang Lie shouted: “Embarrassed? I give you a chance, do you call it embarrassing?”

Zhan Tianhe stepped back and respectfully rushed to Ouyang Lie and gave a salute: “Senior Brother forgive me, I can’t accept this, and I am not qualified to accept it! Please also Senior Brother refining by myself.”

On the side, Yang Kai, who has never spoken, raised his eyebrows slightly. He gave the Spirit Pill to Ouyang Lie. Ouyang Lie was not sure about it, lest he would let down his expectations, he changed hands and gave the Spirit Pill again. Zhan Tianhe, this is not because Ouyang Lie lacks responsibility, but the matter is big. Now in this world, with one more Human Race 9-Rank and one less 9-Rank, the situation may be completely different.

If you give it to Zhan Tianhe, a 9-Rank will definitely be born.

So Yang Kai didn’t stop it either. This is from the standpoint of the overall situation of Human Race. After he won this Spirit Pill, he planned to find a Human Race 8-Rank to refining. Before this decision, I didn’t expect to meet Ouyang Lie.

However, people are still a little selfish after all. Compared with the rookies like Zhan Tianhe and other rookies who have never met before, 8-Rank, Yang Kai and Ouyang Lie still have some friendship, so he is naturally more willing to give the Spirit Pill to Ouyang Lie. So his first choice is Ouyang Lie.

As for whether Zhan Tianhe and the others will have any idea, Yang Kai can’t control that many. Spirit Pill is owned by him. It is his freedom to give it to anyone, and no one can control it.

But he did not expect that Zhan Tianhe could hold back such an opportunity to face him, and his character was indeed dazzling.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that after so many years of fighting for Human Race, it was finally worth it.

Zhan Tianhe’s deep voice came into his ears: “Since the Junior Brother getting started practice, Elder in the door has been chanting the names of the Senior Brothers. Human Race can now occupy a corner of land in these 3000 Worlds and can continue the bloodline. Being able to survive under the general pressure of the Black Ink Clan, those of us who are newcomers can grow up in Star Boundary with steady practice. There is no shortage of practice resources and no shortage of teachers’ teaching. It’s all Senior Brothers and ancestors who will die in the front. Killed in exchange.”

“It can be said that everything of our ancestors was bestowed by our ancestors with our lives and fresh blood. Entering this furnace to explore treasures in the world, looking for opportunities for breakthroughs, is also due to the hard work of our ancestors for many years. If I wait for the harvest on my own, then it’s all. The opportunity lies with me. Tianhe will not be polite. My martial artist, I should be determined and enterprising. If I have such an opportunity, I still coveer in person, so what should I do? But this thing is Senior Brother Yang brought it, compared to what the two Senior Brother has done to Human Race. I wait for these up-and-comers to be unqualified, and I really don’t dare to.”

Speaking, he gave a deep salute: “Tianhe many thanks Ouyang Senior Brother kindness, but… Ouyang Senior Brother, you have been fighting for Human Race in black ink battlefield for many years, and you have been in battlefield and Black Ink Clan powerhouse everywhere. Fighting for blood, this internal injury of silt is not the result of this. I and the younger generation can’t do anything for you, but at the very least…I can’t take your chance, otherwise I will be ashamed.

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