Martial Peak Chapter 5852

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fang tianci sounds: “If there is one day, the awareness of BOSS will be silent again. Do you think you take over Flesh body or I will take over?”

thunder shadow suddenly does not speak …

Practice’s avenue inherited Yang Kai is also good. One day Yang Kai’s awareness is once again silent, naturally by FLANCICI, because he played a greater strength of Yang Kai itself. .

The front of Thunder Shadow Immedierately is also an accident. At that time, Yang Kai was suddenly silent.

until it chased Monaya’s unregistered, the consciousness of Fang Tianci was awakened. If the Fang Tianci woke up, Monaya did not have to have a chance to escape.

So Yang Kai will feel that Monaya, this guy, Bad Persick Lasts for a Thousand Years, the number of colors should not be absolutely.

“Old Second, you don’t have a crow!” Bulp half, thunder shadow, “” Be careful later, there is no one will still appear again. “

“There are always things that have occurred before, before, this matter has to be prevented!”

“What is That Many …”

Two Clone in the mind is noisy, yang kai laughs, there will be no irritability, but there is a novel experience.

For many years, whether it is facing a strong enemy or exploring a strange land, many times he is alone in action, alone, no one to rely, now has personal and demon, always not too lonely.

I am arguing, Yang Kai is quietly feeling all arrone.

In this furnace world, here is full of strong chaos disorderly crushing PrinciPle Mark, breaking PrinciPle Mark Condense’s various places, and even gathered into endless rivers, and even Derived Out chaotic spirit race is extremely Special local creature.

But after the evolution of a secondary road, the Broken PrinciPle Mark has become extremely weak. Instead, the order and stability are in order, and the experience in this moment, the world’s environment and 3000 worlds are slightly Different, there is not much difference.

Will there be a THIS KIND OF avenue in the universe furnace? What does this Kind Of Avenue mean?

When you get the information from Human Race Martial Artist, Yang Kai began to think about this problem. When each avenue evolved, he had a fine love change, in order to find some rules, but unfortunately There is no great harvest.

until he went deep into his endless river, Comprehend was gathered, and there were only some guess, but it was difficult to affirm it.

Universe Furnace Name of the Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure, Single is the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill in which it is pregnant, is a great opportunity. This furnace is a Side World, and the chaotic Spirit Race is It is an extremely HUGE complicated group, the chaotic Spirit King is more asperced in Human Race 9-Rank and Black Ink Clan Royal Lord’s strength.

yang kai faint feelings, Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, is not the largest machine in Universe Furnace. This universe furnace itself is a heavy treasure. If you can find the universe furnace, it is true gain.

can be since now, Universe Furnace has now lived so many times, and never have seen the body of Universe Furnace, let alone look for it.

Yang Kai wants to find the body of Universe Furnace, if you can achieve this, you must have great help to Human Race, at least, in the future, Best Quality Open Heaven Pill does not need to fight.

Of course, he knows that this is difficult, Since Ancient Times That Many Great Expert is unable to achieve things, he may not be able to achieve it.

do your behalf, listen to God!

As far as the intelligence of the currently master, the endless river is a clue, which is very closely related to the Universe Furnace on the entire furnace.

and the evolution of the Universe Furnace Avenue is nothing more than chaotic evolution as the process of Wan Dao, just divided into nine processes by the universes furnace’s mysterious, which can make people feel more clear!

yang kai faintly felt that the nature of this universe furnace, perhaps the evolution of chaos is Mysterious, as in the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, which is born, derived chaotic Spirit Race, is only included.

“BOSS, OLD Second, the heart is tested, always think about your Flesh body!” Thunder Shadow did not quarreate Fang Tianci, and the skeleton reported a wave.

yang kai laughs, I want to talk, suddenly express move, I will see it in a direction, and I have some surprises on the face: “I found it!”

This is said that the Natural Talent Divine Ability of Thunder Shadow is brushing over there.

In the brain, two clones are still in the lip guns, after a while, the unusual Fang Tianci is obedient: “When you shut up, you will do it.”

“Oh.” Thunder Shadow suddenly silently, after a moment, I didn’t get into the air: “Look, still Natural Talent Divine Ability!”

fang tianci is too lazy to care.

How high, Thunder Shadow sounds again: “This chaotic Spirit King, the brain is something is not very spiritual, how can this race back, I am afraid that others can’t find it.”

See you in front of you, let Thunder Shadow feel unusually familiar, and it is a gathering place for Chaos Spirit Race with him before Yang Kai.

At that time, the attention of this chaotic Spirit King, the idea of ​​letting a false Royal Lord win the Dan, resulting in Yang Kai and Thunder Shadow the Early Bird Catches the Worm, thus triggered a game Chasing, Yang Kai was injured, and he was forced to hide in the endless river with Thunder Shadow.

YANG KAI appeared, in order to explain the Human Race Difficulties, throw the Spirit Pill to lead the chaos spirit king, and the people in the group of Powerhouse have a bloody battle, no one has paid attention to the go of chaos spirit king, the result yang Kai found it here.

BOSSDo you knowlinkedin of this guy? “Thunder Shadow asked.

Yang Kai is like a shadow, quietly close, while free replied: “You also said that its brain is not beautiful, right and try That’s all.”

Communicate with each other has no trace, and the external natural cannot be explored.

Although this answer, YANG KAI is actually a little grasped, otherwise it will not go straight to this direction.

The Spiritual Wisdom of Chaos Spirit Race is really worrying, and it is the same strength, the powerful chaotic Spirit King is also the same.

Only looks at it, and the gathering place of chaotic Spirit Race has gathered a lot of chaotic, and a few chaotic spirit race that has already been cultivated.

Chaotic Spirit Race of these existing entities gathers a large circle at this moment, surrounded by a group of flow-like chaotics in the center, STRENGTH OF PRIMAL CHAOS, and vividly visible to the trail of the Best Quality Open Heaven Pill.

Chaos Spirit King standside.

is like a cause of a loss, this chaotic spirit king is extremely vigilant, and powerful Spiritual Mind Continuously sweeps the Quartet VOID, but all abnormalities will cause it.

Honestly, if it is not a way to use Thunder Shadow’s Natural Talent Divine Ability, YANG KAI has really no way to latenate, at this moment, “Yang Kai is also extremely careful at this moment.

is close to the side, try not to disclose a little AURA.

Now he has become 9-rank, he is not afraid of a chaotic spirit king, but Yang Kai is unintentionally fighting with it. The other party is not Black Ink Clan, winning, there is a worse, you can Say it once, it is always yang kai.

So he set up an idea, grab the spirit pill!

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