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Martial Peak Chapter 5853

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and regardless of Chaos Spirit King Bad Luck, not Bad Luck, at this moment, its anger is obvious, the last spirit pill is lost, it is chasing the 枭, You KE is a good strength to take it To get rid of it, it can be seen that this chaotic Spirit King is the perseverance of Spirit Pill.

For Yang Kai, Best Quality Open Heaven Pill has been started, I want to get rid of this chaotic spirit king. It is not difficult, and he can’t do it. Space Divine Ability is just Multiple mobility a few times, keep this chaotic spirit king can’t find his traces.

However, he didn’t do this, just hang the chaos spirit king in Behind, and occasionally mounted a space Divine Ability after pulling the distance, he also took the initiative to expose its own AURA, letting the other party recover.

thunder shadow some can’t understand: “Boss, what this is to make a hand of chaotic Spirit King?”

If this is not this, why is you hanging? It’s just not to get rid.

yang kai has not answered yet, Fang Tianci is to understand, explain: “It is only to prevent other Human Race to encounter this chaotic Spirit King, and it is unpredictable.”

The previous battle, the fire in the fire, the Black Ink Clan Powerhouse is huge, and the Two Royal Lord is a heavy injury, which is the fake royal lord that escapes, is not a good body.

Human Race Powerhouse diverted, as long as it is enough, even if you encounter other Black Ink Clan Powerhouse, it will not be too dangerous.

The only thing that can threate enough to Human Race, is the chaotic spirit king, especially chasing this in Yang Kai Behind, it is Lei Ting’s angry, at this moment, if YANG KAI is Open it out, once there are other Human Race Powerhouse encounter, no happiness!

So Yang Kai will hang it so that it is not allowed to take off the control of OWN, which is also a protection for other Human Race.

The ability to force, yang kai naturally, it does not hinder him to do anything else.

listened to Fang Tianci, Thunder Shadow realized: “BOSS considers well.” I couldn’t help but said: “You human Race is more …”

, such as Myriad Monsters World, Monster Race, mostly bloody people, only one principle, life and death, do not accept, don’t consider too much curved around.

No wonder it will not fall in the ancient Monster Race, and Human Race has gradually risen.

ingredient ingredient, Fang Tianci suddenly Opened the mouth and said: “BOSS, have you found a strange thing?”

Yang Kai asked: “What?”

“This universe furnace has a bit wrong.”

“You also perceived?” Yang Kai browed, this question he had noticed before, but he didn’t think about it.

“What is the number of chaos spirit king?” Thunder Shadow asked, a foggy water.

fang tianci did not explain what, but said, “According to the information that boss master, this Universe Furnace is opened, and nine Best Quality Open Heaven Pill, counting the one in the hands of BOSS, among which Six, it has been settled, the remaining three whereabouts unknown. “

“is right.” Mild Soul Lotus, Thunder Shadow’s Divine Soul Spirit Body a depression look.

“Universe Furnagether has undergone eight avenues evolution, estimated that the ninth time is coming, after the evolution of nine avenues, this Universe Furnace is turned off.” Fang Tianci continued.

thunder shadow again Nodded.

“Universe FurnAce once closed, the three WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN’s Spirit Pill is destined to fall into the hands of the people, only fall in chaos spirit race, and even say that the three spirit piers In the hand of chaotic spirit race, just do not know which position. ”

thunder shadow frowns him, a face is awkward: “What do you want to say?”

yang kai Hehe smiled: “Old Second is said that these three Spirit Pill is now in the chaotic spirit race, is it the birth of three chaotic Spirit King?”

“could it be there … isn’t it?” Thunder Shadow is getting low.

fang tianci: “If this is true, then this time universe furnace is opened, there is a three chaotic spirit king birth, what is the birth of some chaotic spirit king, but you will enter the universes Furnace, Several chaotic spirit king? “

is only a BEHIND chasing one!

However, if it is calculated according to FANG TIANCI, the chaotic spirit king in this universe furnace is not darent, and dozens of points should be there.

But from the current situation, this furnace is never there is no That Many Chaos Spirit King, otherwise it will not encounter such a one.

may have other chaotic spirit king, we have never discovered, but this furnace’s chaotic Spirit King quantity is not too much. “Fang TianCI made a summary.

thunder shadow thinks half of it, only Opened the mouth and said: “What is the relationship with the situation below?”

fang tianci Said with a smile: “There is no relationship, just discusses discussions.”

Thunder Shadow Can’t help Relaxed, I thought this Two was saying what OWN didn’t intend to, it always thought that OWN is not a stupid …

yang kai: “Perhaps Best Quality Open Heaven Pill’s role of chaos doesn’t seem to be as big as we think, those who have no wise chaotics, it is to refining Spirit Pill, and may not be able to grow up. Spirit king, perhaps only becomes a powerful chaos! “

The strength of the chaotic spirit is also strong, strong than Human Race 8-Rank, weak perhaps only the extent of two 3-RANK, gap is huge.

is also because of this, Since Ancient Times, That Many Best Quality Open Heaven Pill falls into Chaos Spirit Race, nor is it too many chaos spirit king!

What is the specific truth, Yang Kai did not dare to set up, but this speculation is very likely to be close to the truth.

thunder shadow: “Then the chaotic Spirit King is in order to make the chaos of the chaotic to chaos spirit king spirit pill, chasing us now?”

yang kai laughd: “General is, we are grabbing, it is going to chase, then follow it.”

This is said that suddenly turned to a direction, Behind, the chaotic Spirit King is also like a shadow.

In that direction, a Black Ink Clan pseudo-Royal Lord that is being flip in void suddenly tightly, the heart is gave birth, this moment, a powerful and exhaust INTERNAL QI suddenly locks him.

This pseudo-Royal Lord Suddenly turns, and only the Flowing Light in Void is rushing toward Own. The flowing light twinkling is not necessarily, and the whisper VOID is swaying.

Feeling some familiar Aura, this pseudo-Royal Lord died, frightened: “Yang Kai!”

is really pouring the Eight Lifetime’s Bloody Bad Luck!

This pseudo-Royal Lord wants to break your head, I don’t understand, how can I encounter this killing star in this place!

The previous battle, Monaya fled, Black Ink Clan defeated, four-sized escape.

is good in the Human Race, there is no way to stop, his luck is not bad, did not be stared by Yang Xue, finally escaping a robbery in advance, this Time has been escaped, I don’t dare to stay at all, It is the road to some Human Race, and try to conceal the body and except for exposure.

The information you get from several Black INK Disciple has turned off for a while. Universe Furnace is turned off. He entered the furnace from the empty domain, so as long as you wait until Universe Furnace is closed, it can be safe Return to the empty domain, when the time comes human race is more than the number of 9-RANKs, and how do you take him?

All the way is safe, this thought it was so long, and that a storm has been spent.

Clinker is here. It is the hardest guy who is the most difficult here in Human Race, but also the most tiered guy in Black Ink Clanu.

before the war, he also hurts the body, but the injury is not heavy, this moment will not affect the strength of strength, after a moment of palpitations, this pseudo-Royal Lord is desirable, and the wrath shouted: “How do you stay!”

In this case, in front of such a proficiency space, the escape is unrealistic. This pseudo-Royal Lord has made the most correct response, put the posture, let Yang Kai know, even killed him Also pay great price!

Pseudo Royal Lord, it is also a Royal Lord level, just a slight weakness than the real Royal Lord, will you be slaughtered?

Seeing the pseudoal Lord in front of it, Yang Kai is slightly unexpected, not too much, in the anger of the other party, quickly closer to each other, stay to a certain degree, raise hand, whisper The power of the avenue shock.

In the water flow of Hua La la, the Space-Time has a long river, and the long river is whipped by Yang Kai in Palm, and he took the false Royal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan PowerHouses of this Space-Time, which was previously involved in the Memory, and a false Royal Lord was involved in the river. The Yang Kai that has not yet promoted is also following it. The false Royal Lord was smashed.

Despite the suspicion of Sneak Attack at that time, it also explains the wealth of this long river.

Monaya also has a big loss in this strange river.

At this moment, I saw Yang Kai again to TOOK OUT, this pseudo-Royal Lord suddenly went well, an angry, the body of the ink, SIMPLE Ordinary Punch bombarded the past.

The big river shocks, waves swept, the river is almost interrupted.

Pseudo Royal Lord Complexion, the next Moment’s face suddenly changed, only because the big river seems to be broken, it is not the case, the long river is like a whip, bent a few times, Fiercely a whip smashed on him.

The power of the avenue is fierce, DAO Realm interpretation, this pseudo Royal Lord is slut steering, only the moment of chance, such as the whip of the river, is entangled in him.

is not too late to prevent, this pseudo-Royal Lord is covered by the Space-Time long river. The big river water seems to have an extremely quirky power, and his heart is unstable, and the mood is not unstable.

He immediately understood why OWN’s companion will be smashed in Yang Kai, falling into such a big river, and a strength is subject to great interference suppression, and it is difficult to fully play.

He wants to break free, but there is Pei Ran’s power to sweep and drag him.

“Take you!” Yang Kai Shouted in a low voice, Hand Wrist, a pseudo-Royal Lord, which was shaked by the long river, was flying out, but his head did not return to the front. The speed is extremely fast.

rear, pseudo Royal Lord is awkward, completely did not react, this is what happened, this Yang Kai came, just to humiliate him? If you don’t have this, what is it or not?

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