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Martial Peak Chapter 5893


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It has been thousands of years since Black Ink Clan invaded 3000 Worlds. Before the emergence of Universe Furnace, Human Race had been trapped in more than a dozen battlefields, except for those battlefields, High Heaven Territory, and the new battlefield. Almost all Big domains are reduced to the hands of Black Ink Clan.

So until now, Human Race is facing a big problem.

That is the problem of practice materials. Too few domains are occupied, and there are few ways to obtain materials. The supply of a new domain alone cannot meet the needs of all Human Races.

During the great migration that year, the major Sect families and even Cave Heaven Paradise brought out a lot of good things, especially the major Cave Heaven Paradise. Countless years of accumulation, each family has rich possessions.

But after thousands of years, sitting in the sky, the materials brought out in the early years are almost consumed.

Especially with the rise of the rising stars of Human Race, Star Boundary, and the birth of a large number of Open Heaven Stages in Myriad Monsters World, the demand for materials is rising almost every year.

In the past, Human Race had many forces entrenched in different areas of 3000 Worlds and was self-sufficient, but it is not working now.

So many years ago, Human Race was trying to resolve this potential crisis.

The matter of materials is nothing more than cutting expenditure and increasing income.

Throttling is simple. Try to save what you can save to avoid unnecessary waste. Now even the previous rules that allowed squad to transform Battleship have been cancelled.

However, open source has caused a headache for Human Race. In the early years, many Huntsman looted the Black Ink Clan team that transported supplies. Some gains, but the risks are also high. Once they are targeted by the Black Ink Clan powerhouse, It must be bode ill rather than well.

The black ink disciple that Black Ink Clan currently controls are mostly Huntsman back then.

Yang Kai also came to the No-Return Pass to knock on the bamboo sticks of Black Ink Clan, plentiful harvest, but this is not a long-term way after all.

So after discussing with Mi Jinglun that year, he organized a team of mining materials inside Human Race, led by a number of veteran 8-Rank, secretly sent to the depths of the black ink battlefield to mine materials.

This team has a total of tens of thousands of people. The overall cultivation level is not too high, and it does not play a big role in battlefield, but it does not matter if it is just mining materials.

The entire black ink battlefield is deadly, with countless worlds and rich materials, which is suitable for them to play.

The selected old brand 8-Ranks were all too old, or with internal injury, no longer Peak. Ouyang Lie was among them back then, but was later sent back by Yang Kai to report.

Yang Kai agreed with this team to hand over with them once every 100 years to receive the mined materials. For more than a thousand years, everything is stable as usual, but since the last appearance 700 years ago, Yang Kai has not been until today. Come again.

Many veteran 8-Ranks are naturally waiting for their eyes. Seven hundred years is not a long time for them, but they can be left alone. Not clear 3000 Worlds is what makes them feel tormented. There are some desperate thoughts.

So after the message from the old man in Mai, the 8-Rank scattered around immediately appeared. It was a surprise to see that Yang Kai was promoted to 9-Rank.

“Junior Brother hasn’t shown up for so many years, is it in a closed-door breakthrough?” The old man Mai asked, which is also a very reasonable guess.

“That’s not the case.” Yang Kai shook the head, “This matter is a long story.”

“No hurry, say something slowly.” On the side, another 8-Rank hurriedly took a futon and threw it to Yang Kai.

They are now eager to know the changes in Human Race during the seven hundred years. Yang Kai has finally come here again, so naturally they want to inquire about clear.

After a while, everyone was seated, Yang Kai said the changes in Human Race over the years one after another.

Hearing that the Universe Furnace is now present, the deadlock between the people and the ink has been broken, and the war has broken out, and everyone’s faces are horrified.

I was overjoyed to learn that Human Race had four 9-Ranks in that furnace world at once.

After hearing that there is Ouyang Lie among the four 9-Ranks, a group of people suddenly became calm.

“That dog was actually promoted to 9-Rank?” A hair grey-white 8-Rank almost stared out, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

“Can he still have this dogshit luck?” The other 8-Rank was also envious.

Well, at the 8-Rank level, everyone is an elderly person. For countless years, he fought with the Black Ink Clan powerhouse, made great contributions, and accumulated internal injury. There is no hope of 9-Rank in this life, even if it is a battlefield. , Also can’t play Peak strength, unless desperately fight.

The team arranged here to guard the mining materials can be regarded as sweet.

Something happened that year. Ouyang Lie was sent back to 3000 Worlds by Yang Kai to report. As a result, he made a chance for him by mistake.

The mood of a group of elderly people suddenly became complicated, feeling that own missed a lot…

“Hey, stupid people have silly blessings, 9-Rank is 9-Rank, Human Race has an additional 9-Rank, which is a good thing.” Mai Yi old man lightly coughed.

Everyone nodded echoed: “Not bad.”

Regardless of envy or envy, in general, Ouyang Lie’s promotion to 9-Rank is indeed a great help to Human Race. What everyone is puzzled is that Ouyang Lie is also very good for luck. Originally everyone stayed here and played the remaining heat together. He just fish leaping over the dragon gate.

“It seems that in the Universe Furnace, Black Ink Clan has suffered a lot.”

Yang Kai nodded: “Several false Royal Lords died, and there is also a Royal Lord. Then Monaya was promoted to the Royal Lord and escaped. In addition, in addition to the four 9-Ranks promoted in Universe Furnace, Wei Junyang Senior Brother and Luo Tinghe Senior Sister had successfully broken through before, and now Xiaoxiao and Wu Qing have also got rid of the constraints and united their troops.”

Someone silently calculated, “So, Human Race has 8 ranks in 9-Rank?”

“Nine!” Yang Kai looked at the speaker, “There is another person who is not familiar with him. Now he is in charge of Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, which is the reincarnation of Chuan.”

He is naturally referring to Wu Kuang, but this guy Wu Kuang doesn’t have much dealings with the powerhouses of Cave Heaven Paradise. He has not been famous before, and no one may know his existence.

When Yang Kai sent him to Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he was only 8-Rank. With the help of Heavens Devourer Battle Law, he could practice to 9-Rank in such a short time.

Everyone is excited.

Thinking of the battle in the Skyland that year, the 9-Rank accumulated by Human Race for countless years was almost wiped out. Even the contemporary Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress were killed in battle. Only Xiaoxiao and Wu Qing were left. They still have to clamp down on the black Giant Spiritual God, unable to get out.

After thousands of years, Human Race finally gave birth to a new 9-Rank, and the number is not small.

After so many years of struggle and persistence, finally ushered in a glimmer of dawn.

Afterwards, Yang Kai talked to them about the current situation of Human Race. The 8-Rank listeners were gearing up, wishing to go to battlefield on the front line now and kill him Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

At any rate, they also knew that own was shouldering other tasks, and they finally endured it.

However, at the time of 700 years, the situation of the two races has changed so much, but they didn’t expect it, but it is reasonable.

Previously, the confrontation and conflict between the two races were restrained. One was that Black Ink Clan was jealous of Yang Kai’s, and the other was that both Human Race and Black Ink Clan were accumulating their own strength.

The emergence of Universe Furnace broke this situation that has been maintained for thousands of years, and a full-scale war will naturally be triggered.

“The reason why it has been delayed for so many years is really an accident. I have been waiting for a long time.” Yang Kai just mentioned why the owner did not show up for such a long time, and did not say in detail that the owner was Universe Furnace brought to the end of Heaven and Earth, this kind of thing doesn’t need too many people to know.

The old man in Mai waved his hand and said: “It’s only seven hundred years, so why not, the soldiers are fighting on the front line, we are not in any danger here.”

Yang Kai looked solemnly: “Here today, one is to hand over the materials that have been mined over the years with you. Second, I want to ask you if you have any plans to go back. If so, I can send you all. Go back.”

Everyone hearing this is a joy. They have been mining materials on the black ink battlefield for more than a thousand years. Normally, they have basically nothing to do. The cultivation level has reached their level, and there is no need for practice anymore, and no practice. There are no enemies in conflict with them, and the days are boring and dull. I naturally miss the life in battlefield that year.

So when Yang Kai said that, many people immediately turned their heads into chicken pecking rice, indicating that the words were great.

On the contrary, the old man in Mai pondered for a while and said: “The Human Race supplies are very tight right now?”

Yang Kai nodded: “Material matters have always been difficult to solve. Now, although Human Race has regained a lot of large areas, it has not gained much. Before Black Ink Clan evacuated, almost everything was shattered. “

Among the many regained domains, there is almost an empty shell. Black Ink Clan obviously will not leave the hidden materials to Human Race, and it has been occupied by Black Ink Clan for so many years, a valuable universe. It’s almost mined.

As for the materials carried by the Black Ink Clan army itself, they were also swept away with their evacuation. How could they stay to nourish the enemy?

hearing this, everyone’s excited expression stagnated, and they all calmed down.

Yang Kai said again: “You don’t need to worry too much about the materials, I will find a way.”

“Do you have any good ideas?” The old man Mai asked.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “Human Race is in short supply of materials, Black Ink Clan is not lacking, they have never had a headache for materials, since they have, then borrow some.” [19459002 ]

The serene he said was as if Black Ink Clan would really borrow it, but I didn’t understand which 8-Rank was present. Even though Yang Kai is now 9-Rank, the idea of ​​playing Black Ink Clan is not easy. Now Black The background of Ink Clan is exactly comparable that year. Human Race is growing stronger, but Black Ink Clan has not become stronger.

The old man in Mai pondered for a moment, and said: “Human Race up and down, we share honor and disgrace, the matter of materials is a major event, although our efficiency in mining materials is not too high, but there are some gains, and for so many years, we have been The hiding is very good. Black Ink Clan has never found us, so stay and continue to mine supplies. As for the battlefield matters, leave it to the young people. What do you think?”

This is for other 8-Rank, after all, he can’t represent everyone alone.

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